Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 221

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Looking at the silhouette of the blue skirt, Luo Feng’s eyes widened. Is the Qingluan clan inheritance so fierce? Speaking of the imposing manner, is it actually not weaker than Jiang Chen?

“This soft meal is really just right.”

Luo Feng’s mind was relaxed and relieved, with Qingluan as a guarantee, Jiang Chen should be unable to help herself.

Looking down at the scorched Battle Armor on his body, Jiang Chen’s complexion is gloomy to the extreme, he stared at Mu Qingluan, black hair fluttering gently, a terrifying power, mixed with indescribable anger, and slowly within himself the body exudes.

“Mu Qingluan, what do you mean?”

Mu Qingluan beautiful eyes looked at Jiang Chen lightly and said, “I want to kill you.”

“You!” Jiang Chen exasperated, said: “You act like this, you mother understood?!”

Qingluan tribe and King Jiang mansion are in a camp, same qi, connected branch. Now, Mu Qingluan actually came out to protect Luo Feng by his own body. !

“One yard owned by a yard.”

Mu Qingluan lightly said: “I act today and represent myself, and I have no half relationship with the family.”

“Although I don’t want to be against you, if you still want to shoot, then I will teach you how to do it.”

“Then hit!” Jiang Chen’s eyes were cold and his eyes locked on Mu Qingluan, saying: “I will deal with Mu Qingluan, you killed Luo Feng!”

Xiu xiu xiu!

5 wind breaking sounds sounded, and many Star Card masters screamed out of the jungle behind them, heading straight to Luo Feng.

These silhouettes, imposing manners are all fierce, at least all are 6-star Card Apprentice, imposing manners are extremely good.

Mu Qingluan saw this scene, and a stream of light appeared in his eyes.


However, at this moment, the terrifying beast roar resounded, and then, the densely packed Star beast suddenly shot down from the jungle, a fierce offensive, against the 7 Star Card masters, hiding the sky and covering the Earth is shrouded down.

These Star beasts have a minimum of 5-star, which is fierce and unmatched. The most important thing is the number of terrifying, which makes people palpitate.

peng ~ peng ~!

The earth seemed to be cracking, and the faces of the five Star Card masters all changed suddenly at the moment, and they kept receding.

“Damn, why do these Star beasts listen to her?”

For a time, Jiang Chen had some scalp tingling, not knowing what to do.

In the eyes of Mu Qingluan, the killing intent surging, the fierce imposing manner suddenly burst out, and finally gathered, turned into a burning Qingluan, erupting with a huge flame.

Bang bang!

Qingluan fanned the wings, screamed out, and finally collided with Jiang Chen fiercely.

The smoke filled the crowd and everyone looked at it.

I saw the place where Jiang Chen was previously, there was a huge deep pit, dark on it.

At the moment, Jiang Chen’s face was gloomy, and his arm was blown torn skin and gaping flesh, revealing his bones, drenched with blood.

Seeing this scene, Luo Feng’s eyelids jumped slightly. Apparently didn’t expect a face-up, Jiang Chen was injured.

Mu Qingluan, who is angry, is too terrifying.

The earth is black.

Jiang Chen looked at his torn skin and gaping flesh’s right arm with a glare, and complexion is gloomy to the extreme. Obviously, he did not expect that Mu Qingluan today is so fierce.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and looked at the girl in blue skirt incredulously. When did this powerhouse appear in Holy Land?

They looked towards Jiang Chen and said: “If you have no other means, let’s go, otherwise, I’m afraid we won’t be able to escape.”

The current situation, for them, is extremely unfavorable, not to mention the deep and unmeasurable Mu Qingluan, just the large number of Star beast, it is enough to make their scalp numb.

Jiang Chen’s eyes flickered, and his heart was extremely angry. He wondered why he could kill the ants who could step on this foot. Why is it so hard to kill?

However, he also knows that today Luo Feng cannot be killed.

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned to Luo Feng, who had never spoken, and said, “I really don’t know where you are from such good luck.”

The corner of his mouth was slightly mocked: “Luo Feng, in the next game, will you also bring a woman up?”

“How can’t it?” Luo Feng raised his eyes and looked at him humbly, said: “Last time I invited Ji Wuqing’s grandma, did you give your whole mom not simple?”

“You!” Jiang Chen’s face was so ugly that he knew it was meaningless to continue to stand still, so he left with the entire group indignantly.

After Jiang Chen and the others left, Mu Qingluan, who had always been pretty face ice cold, suddenly smiled and smiled. A pair of bright eyes were like glazed glass, as if there was a limpid autumn water.

“It’s all me who is not good. I entered Heaven Rising Vestige and started to look for inheritance. Along the way, Jiang Chen might not have less trouble finding you?”

Luo Feng smiled and said: “Yes, when he first entered Tianyuan, he was chased and blocked by Jiang Chen, and he was miserable.”

“Ah?” Mu Qingluan beautiful eyes widened and said curiously: “Then how did you escape this robbery?”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered and said, “All this, we must start with a bottle gourd.”

So he spoke slowly, telling about what happened since he entered Tian Yuan.

From the beginning to kick Jiang Chen, to the middle group to destroy the Western Holy Zone, and finally use the power of the ancient spirit to fight the monster wasteland.

Mu Qingluan listened staringly. Although Luo Feng’s tone was plain, she could still imagine the danger.

“It’s all bad for Qingluan. If you come out later and make you suffer from Jiang Chen’s poisonous hands, then Qingluan will regret it for life.” Mu Qingluan’s tusks bit his red lips, and his voice was full of guilt.

“Relax, disaster always slows me down.” Luo Feng smiled at her and said, “Although I am only a trifling 6-star Card Apprentice, but if anyone really thinks that I can handle it at will, then I have to be careful to fill myself up. Body hole.”

He smiled softly, but with a sharp edge and confidence in his words.

Looking at Luo Feng’s calm and confident face as always, Mu Qingluan’s lips have a bright smile blooming, saying: “Well, Qingluan believes that as long as you want, the champions of the Holy Land League are all in your pocket. “

Luo Feng said, “Don’t, don’t milk, with my current strength, even the finals may not be able to enter.”

He is still on the spot, Jiang Chen has stepped into Card Master realm and took the lead.

“After all, you are too late to start, and trifling has soared to 6-star Card Apprentice for half a year. In this world, I am afraid that few people will be able to match you.” Mu Qingluan’s two pupils stared at Luo Feng and said: “Yeah, it would be nice if there was a drop of Saint blood. It is said that the legendary Saint blood can make people shedding body, exchanging bones, and mud pill remodeling.”

“It’s just a pity that I tried to find it, but it was silent.”

A little worry appeared on Luo Feng’s face, saying: “Will you openly antagonize Jiang Chen? Will it cause you some trouble?”

“after all…”

He wants to stop talking.

“You can rest assured.” Mu Qingluan smiled lightly and said, “I’m just me.”

“No matter when and where, I am only Mu Qingluan, Qingluan will never be your opponent, if you want anything, I can help you.”

“Even if I can’t help you in the name of Qingluan, but I can help you do anything in the name of Mu Qingluan.”

In the sunshine, Mu Qingluan said seriously, that bright face, like the sun in the sky, glorious.

Luo Feng looked at Mu Qingluan’s extremely serious clear eyes, unable to bear stunned, still remember, when she first saw her, she was in the small building next door, holding bottle gourd milk.

didn’t expect, in less than a year, 2 people were able to become very good friends.

“Oh, why did you come here?” Mu Qingluan Liu Mei frowned slightly and said incomprehensiblely: “Here Star Beast is vertical and horizontal, extremely dangerous, but not a good place.”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, hesitating for a moment, and finally decided to speak truthfully, saying: “Senior in Tianyuan tells me that if there is really Saint blood in Tianyuan, it must be here.”

His eyes turned to the clear lake in front of him, saying: “Maybe, just under this lake.”

“Really?” Mu Qingluan lighted up and said, “This lake is indeed a little weird, and there are high-level Star beasts.”

“But since there may be Saint blood, then I will accompany you to take a look.”

“Thank you.” Luo Feng was grateful.

So, two people Star qi surging, covering the body surface, and then, both moved towards the lake, and went straight to the bottom of the lake.

With the continuous dive, Luo Feng also began to feel that a strong pressure came from all directions. The pressure is so strong that it is far from the ordinary pool water.


Snorkeling, Luo Feng suddenly hair stands on end, that feeling, I feel that there is something terrifying in the endless darkness around me, staring at him in general…

Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and cautiously probed for 4 weeks.

However, at this moment, the space behind him suddenly brightened, Luo Feng heart startled, and quickly looked back.

When he saw what was behind him, his blood suddenly coagulated.

It was a 3-headed python, with a red body, covered with fiery scales, and a pair of wings extending slowly.

Lightning flashes around the body, and the lightning snake wanders.

The 3 pairs of 3 angled vertical pupils, as if burning flames, shining fierce light.

Of course, the most terrifying is its imposing manner, comparable to Card Master realm.

A touch of uneasy rise in the mind, somehow, Luo Feng faintly felt that this fierce three-headed python looked like a watchdog and seemed to be guarding something here.

3 pythons with cold 3 angle pupils opened, staring indifferently at Luo Feng bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, suddenly opened, 3 fierce Star qi torrents burst out and went straight to him.

“Be careful!”

Mu Qingluan stepped out, blocked Luo Feng behind, and began to line up with 3 pythons.

Her white and slender jade hand was gently held, and a crystal sword emerged, with a sharp blade, wrapped around Star qi, and relentlessly stabbed on the huge python body, and suddenly Star qi burst and snake scales flew.

Luo Feng watched from afar, watching the battle between the big brothers, weak and helpless, shiver coldly.

After a fierce wave of confrontation, 3 python torn skin and gaping flesh, blood flowing crosswise, it looked at Mu Qingluan horrifiedly, suddenly turned around, actually wanted to escape.

Mu Qingluan’s enchanting lines between the eyebrows, suddenly had a strange azure glow burst out, and soon the three-headed python was enveloped.

Seeing this scene, the previous three-headed python, the huge body suddenly stagnate, 3 pairs of 3 angle pupils, at the moment, there is endless fear of climbing out…

The next moment, the huge figure of the 3-headed python, was actually shrinking slowly. At the end, it turned into a stream of light and penetrated into Mu Qingluan’s eyebrows.

Mu Qingluan’s eyebrows flashed, and I saw the three pythons that had disappeared before. At the moment, reappears are in front of Luo Feng.

However, nowadays, the brutality and fierceness of the vertical pupil disappeared, and instead, it was a gentle touch.

“Is this the way to subdue?” Luo Feng exclaimed and looked at Mu Qingluan with admiration, saying: “It’s amazing.”

It must be said that in the wild, the most popular is the monster cultivator that focuses on improving its own strength.

Just like Mu Qingluan.

Mu Qingluan’s tone is quiet: “I don’t have high innate talent on the star card. If I don’t improve myself, it will drag you back and walk with Brother Luo Feng.”

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and felt a little flattered. In the stories I’ve seen before, the heroine kept the stumbling block behind and let the heroine come to the hero to save the beauty.

But to him, each and everyone is afraid to involve themselves.

“The three little snakes told me that there seemed to be something unusual at the bottom of the lake.” Mu Qingluan looked down at the heart of the lake.

Hearing this, Luo Feng’s eyes suddenly became hot, and his peng peng jumped, legendary Saint blood, were you?

“Since this is the case, let’s go on and see.”

The sound fell, and the two urged Star qi again, like two happy koi, moved towards underwater.

Xiu xiu xiu!

2 The speed of the two is urged to the extreme, but even so, it is far from reaching the end.

The depth of this lake is beyond their imagination, it is like a Sea Territory.

And as they entered deeper and deeper, the pressure around them became greater and greater, their skin was tight, like sinking into the deep sea, and their skeletons were squeezed and banged oh la la.

At the same time, Star qi within the body is rapidly consumed at an amazing speed.

This means that if they can’t find something before Star qi is exhausted, they must return.

This continued for about one hour.

Star qi within the body is gradually exhausted, Luo Feng’s eyes are red, clenching his teeth, and said: “I really don’t believe it, your lake is endless.”

Luo Feng gritted his teeth, stubbornly stuck his bones, and endured the pain of his whole body being squeezed by the deep sea.

Ka-cha !

At this moment, he could clearly feel that he seemed to have passed through a film, and then, the water around him suddenly disappeared.

2 people seem to have come to an independent space.

Luo Feng 4 swept the next time, and it was dark all around, but at this moment, there was light coming from behind.

2 The eyes of the two people cast their eyes, and they saw an ancient giant door appearing, with flames and thunder burning on it. From a distance, they looked like a headless ominous beast.

“this is?”

Luo Feng looked at the ancient door quietly, the expression was unprecedentedly dignified,


Mu Qingluan’s sleeve robe waved, and a fierce attack hit the ancient door heavily.

However, on the ancient door, even a trace did not fall.

“Really strong defense.” Mu Qingluan trembles in her heart, comparable to Card Master realm, she can’t leave any traces of a blow, where is the defense of this ancient door?

Who will do it again?

“It seems that you can’t attack hard.” Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, looking at the ancient door cautiously, with ancient and complex lines carved on it, as if from the ancient Great Desolate.

Luo Feng scrutinized, however, when his gaze was thrown in the middle of the ancient gate, his heart was unable to bear slightly condensed.

Because, there seems to be a groove, and the appearance of the groove looks somewhat familiar, faintly like a piece of jade.

“this is…”

Luo Feng’s eyes widened, and he suddenly thought of the piece of jade Empress had photographed himself!

“Can’t that jade be the key here?”

Taking a deep breath, slowly calming the excited mood, Luo Feng gently rubbed the star ring and took out the jade piece.

“God bless.”

Luo Feng secretly prayed, the heartbeat almost popped out of the chest, and his small hands trembled and moved it towards the groove.

Oh la la.

The jade piece is laid down as if it was made by Heaven and arranged by Earth, perfectly matched.

And in this brief moment, on the ancient giant door, suddenly the rays of light became grand, layers of golden light exploded and enveloped Luo Feng’s body.

The sudden change made Mu Qingluan startled, and looked towards Luo Feng hurriedly, but found out that the latter had been disappeared at the moment.

Where did he go? !

Pain, it hurts.

The intense rays of light flooded the eyes, making Luo Feng dizzy, follow closely from behind, and a strong tearing force, making him seem to fall into a vortex.

I don’t know how long this state lasts.


Luo Feng’s body hit the ground heavily, and a lazy donkey roll slowly stabilized his body.

“here is…?”

His eyes widened, his eyes cast four times, and he watched with interest, the previous lake bottom had disappeared, and replaced it with a new scene.

Here is an independent Heaven and Earth, with ancient trees standing, lush foliage, 100 flowers blooming, and the clear stream flowing next to it, with a crisp sound of water.

“Is this the place of legendary opportunity?”

Luo Feng looked at it with interest, his face gradually dignified, but when he came here, he was not afraid.

Look today, what is waiting for him.

So, Luo Feng went all the way forward, and soon, he passed through the secluded forest.

As far as the eye can see, it is a gravel trail.

Around the trail, there is a faint cloud of mist.

Luo Feng moved along the path all the way to the end. At the end, his vision gradually widened, and a cliff appeared in his vision.

On the cliff, there is one silhouette, that is a young man with long hair scattered, his face delicate and pretty handsome, especially the pair of double pupils, the vicissitudes of life.

At this moment, he is quietly looking at the vast sea of ​​clouds in the distance, looking at 1000 autumn.

Seemingly feeling, the young man turned slowly.

Luo Feng’s eyes met him, and he felt an indescribable oppression, which made his Divine Soul tremble slightly at the moment.

Luo Feng’s heart was horrified. The young man who seemed harmless to humans and animals in front of him should be an extremely terrifying existence.

Although it was only a residual image, he still gave him indescribable oppression.

“Senior.” The shock continued for a moment, Luo Feng cup one fist in the other hand, with a respectful face.

The young man in front of him is slightly smiled, and his deep eyes seem to be able to penetrate all the secrets in the world.

However, when he saw the bright golden emperor Battle Armor on Luo Feng’s body, deep in his heart, he glanced at a wave of undetectable waves.

“You finally came.”

Hearing this, Luo Feng is also started, does this person exist and have been waiting for himself?

With all the thoughts in his mind, Luo Feng was not aware of it, and Bi Gongbi respectfully said: “Fortunately, I got some guidance before I came here in a confused way. I don’t know how to call Senior Hu…”

“How to call it?” The young man thought for a while, with said with a smile: “I am the saint who fell in the legend.”

He looked down, playing with a star card in his hand, faint smile: “Well, you can call me…”

“Saint Xuan.”

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