Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 222

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“Saint Xuan …”

Hearing this word, Luo Feng swallowed. The original legend is true. There really is a powerhouse of this level.

This is a saint!

Although he doesn’t know the specific level of Ka Sheng, a drop of blood can suppress Tian Yuan, enough to see its strength.

He was a little excited, trembling with fear authentically: “Then you now…”

Saint Xuan smiled, his expression calm, and said: “Now I have fallen, and what you have seen is just the remaining remnant.”

“Senior is a man from the continent of Mingyang?” Luo Feng was curious, Flame Sovereign said, in the battle of Mingyang, the saints fell and blood was shed in the world.

“No.” Saint Xuan shook the head, gazing at Luo Feng, faint smile: “Actually, I am like you, from the same place.”

“Senior also comes from Heavenly Origin mainland?!” Luo Feng was horrified. He heard Flame Sovereign say that the time when the star card was fully popularized in the Royal Flame Dynasty was the latest in the entire Heavenly Origin mainland.

The time when the star card era on Heavenly Origin mainland was opened and popularized was relatively late compared to other continents. Therefore, the most obvious powerhouse on the mainland is Card Emperor.

Today, this legendary card Saint powerhouse, actually came out of Heavenly Origin mainland?

“It turned out to be a fellow.” Luo Feng sighed.

Saint Xuan hearing this, slightly startled, said: “Yes, I am indeed your’hometown’.”

“You came here for the sake of finding my fortune?”

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully, some sorry said: “Unintentionally offended, but I have something I want to protect, but because it is too late to start and there is no corresponding strength, so I can only let go and touch try one’s luck.”

“Didn’t expect, actually exists.”

Saint Xuan nodded and looked at Luo Feng with a smile, saying, “You should be able to guess, who am I?”

“Saint Xuan, from Heavenly Origin mainland, to the continent…” Luo Feng thought of these words, Luo Feng seemed to think of something, his eyes widened, said: “You should not be the legendary…Xiao Xuan big Guys?”

Saint Xuan expression is frank, with said with a smile: “Yes.”

“Ju… it’s really you!” Luo Feng’s big eyes, filled with thick worship, looked at Xiao Xuan with awe in his face, saying: “I heard that you have drawn countless lifelike star cards, and I was also forced to Heavenly Dao system was upgraded. I used to design my own star card skills, but later I needed materials?”

Saint Xuan smirked: “This is overpraised, the star card system is upgraded, this is the inevitable result of its development to a stage.”

“And I, it’s just the person who pushed it to update.”

“If I don’t push, there will be others, such as you.”

Luo Feng grinned and said, “Saint Xuan loves me. I’m just a little Card Apprentice. The ants are like ants. Even my own Star Body is opened by foreign object.”

“There is nothing impossible, and I didn’t have cultivation talent at the beginning. Star Body also got through foreign objects.” Saint Xuan laughed authentically.

Luo Feng froze for a moment, and said, “What a coincidence?”

“Want to hear my story?” Saint Xuan said.

Luo Feng chicks are nodded like rice.

Saint Xuan stood shoulder-to-hand, standing on a cliff, staring at the vast sea of ​​clouds in the distance, silent for a moment, and slowly said: “I used to be a first-class citizen, and I broke into the Nebula Legion border by mistake. -Yan forgets pity, so he joins Nebula Legion and becomes a glorious Nebula warrior.”

“The military master treated me well, helped me get through the Star Body, gave me the star card cultivation method, and at the same time accepted me as a disciple. I worked hard to cultivate it for the sake of gratitude, and finally helped him eliminate internal treachery, quell foreign enemies, and give Nebula Legion , Gain a foothold in Heavenly Origin mainland.”

“Later, in order to understand the mystery of Master’s life experience, our master and disciple 2 left Tianyuan and went to the continent of Mingyang.”

“In Mingyang, we have encountered new challenges. Fortunately, we have a chance to get Saint Physique. Therefore, we have risen all the way and become the card Saint. At the same time, we have helped Master to ascend to the Holy Lord Throne.

Luo Feng’s eyes are strange: “Then you married the Master?”

Saint Xuan twitched the corner of his mouth and gave him a white glance, saying, “I haven’t reached that point yet, will you?”

He sighed and said: “According to the normal development, it may really be the case in the end, but the fate is impermanent, the sky is catastrophic, at this time, Foreign Race Invasion.”

“Foreign Domain Evil Clan?” Luo Feng wondered.

Saint Xuan shook the head, said: “How can there be evil people who call themselves evil people?”

“These aliens are very diverse, but they come from the same place, there, called Sacred Domain.”

“In addition to Heavenly Origin mainland and Mingyang continent, we also have several continents in Human Race, collectively known as the Tianyuan domain.”

“Therefore, the Foreign Race Invasion is essentially a war between Sacred Domain and Tianyuan Domain.”

“Sacred Domain invaded the Mingyang and set off a terrifying catastrophe, and I was also in that battle, at the cost of the fall, annihilated the 3 aliens of the aliens, so as to obtain the short-term peace of the entire Tianyuan domain.”

Luo Feng listened staringly, dreamlike, maybe this is the big one?

Saint Xuan’s voice was paused, and continued: “The shortage you encounter is one of the Sacred Domain aliens.”

“Sacred Domain not only invaded the Mingyang, but other continents were more or less infiltrated by Sacred Domain, and the aliens on Heavenly Origin mainland slept in the abyss.”

“Because of this, when I fell, I felt something in my heart, so Saint blood fell into Tianyuan, suppressing the alien remnants that penetrated into Tianyuan.”

Luo Feng expression Yi Lin, cup hand to hold fist, said: “Saint Xuan Dayi.”

It is precisely because of such a powerhouse that they move forward under the weight, so that they can enjoy the beauty of the moment quietly and eat soft meals with peace of mind.

Saint Xuan nodded his head, waved his palm, and saw the rays of light converge in the palm of his hand. In the end, it turned into a drop of golden liquid.


At the same time it appeared, the surrounding space began to oscillate slightly, as if it could not bear its advent.

“Is this legendary Saint blood?” Luo Feng stared at the golden liquid with death, unable to bear licked his lips.

Just looking at it, he can feel the mystery of it. The magnificent Star qi inside is like the ocean.

Saint Xuan slightly smiled, said: “This is not a simple drop of blood, but blood essence. If it is ordinary blood, it won’t let me save it with great pains.”

“Saint blood improves your realm, only incidentally.”

“Its greatest role is to be able to refine bones with Body Tempering and rebuild its foundation.”

“I think your foundation is not stable, it should be due to cultivation too fast. If you refining this drop of Saint blood, you can use this to build a perfect foundation.”

“In addition, there are many magical functions in Saint blood, which will be of great benefit to your future cultivation.”

“Great.” Luo Feng raised his thumbs and asked with great interest: “Just don’t know what grade of material this Saint blood will be…”

Saint Xuan said angrily: “You guy, would you like to use my Saint blood as a material to make a star card?”

“Junior doesn’t dare, if it is made into a star card, would it not be reckless waste of natural resources?” Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully.

“Then absorb it quickly and refining it, or you will be out of the abyss with your strength, and may not be able to protect it.” Saint Xuan reminded.

Luo Feng ordered nodded. If it was out of the abyss, others felt that there was Saint blood on him. I don’t know how many people will have evil thoughts and come to him for trouble.

So he sat cross-legged and said, “I am ready.”

Saint Xuan flicks with the finger, Saint blood turned into a touch of golden light, poured into Luo Feng within the body.


In the next moment, Luo Feng’s mind buzzed like a volcanic eruption, and the vast and powerful blood mist, like a lava, furiously rushed to 4 limbs of 100 limbs, washing every inch of his skeleton and flesh.

However, in this state, how long not at all lasted, soon, within his body, he returned to peace.

“It’s done now?” Luo Feng’s eyes widened, and he felt like he was acting, unable to bear authentically: “Why hasn’t my realm improved yet?”

Saint Xuan said: “The energy of Saint blood is immense. It is not that you can refining in a moment and a half. When you are out of Tian Yuan, you can refining completely after retreating for half a month.”

“And then, your realm will naturally be advanced by leaps and bounds.”

Luo Feng knew it, his face was bright, and he said: “many thanks Saint Xuan.”

“It’s up to you to go all the way, this is what you deserve.” Saint Xuan ordered nodded, and then looked at Luo Feng with a smile smile, said: “The person you want to protect, should be Flame Sovereign?”

Luo Feng hearing this, startled, said: “Yes.”

Saint Xuan said: “Then why do you think you can protect the people you want to protect?”

Luo Feng thought for a while and said: “I am Brain zero clear, and the making card has outstanding ideas.”

Saint Xuan: “But you should be clear that no matter how high-quality star cards, Star Card master should be used as the carrier, its realm is particularly important.”

“At this time, you can rely on the blood of the Holy One to promote the realm, or you may be able to resolve your urgency, but next time?”

Luo Feng blinked his eyes and said, “Does Senior still have any items left elsewhere?”

Saint Xuan rubbed his lips and said, “I think you want to dig my grave?”

Luo Feng grinned inexplicably, his eyes inexplicable, silent for a while, and said: “Senior, frankly, I’m just an ordinary person. Under the chance, I got the opportunity to become a Star Card master.”

“However, its own innate talent can’t be considered too strong. Under the pressure of Empress’s resources, this has made rapid progress and barely caught up with peers.”

“It seems that cultivation is fast, but I know better than anyone in my heart. This is just the illusion that’s all caused by the accumulation of resources.”

Saint Xuan’s eyes narrowed, with a little admiration, saying: “You can think about this, it’s really good.”

“Then, I will show you a clear way, do you want to try it?”

“Hope to hear the details.” Luo Feng was curious and suddenly a strong interest filled his heart.

Saint Xuan walked slowly with his hands behind his back, and slowly said: “Some people can cultivate success, and some people, in their lifetime, may stop at Card Apprentice, you know, the root cause?”

Luo Feng thought about it and said, “innate talent?”

“Illusory, the word innate talent, let me ask you, what is innate talent?” Saint Xuan asked.

Luo Feng was asked to stay.

Saint Xuan’s eyes flickered and said, “Actually, each of us is a star card.”

“Parents helped us draw the star card pattern.”

“Our whole life is the process of star card background.”

“What determines the quality of the star card?”

Luo Feng thought about it and said, “It’s the material.”

“Yes, it is the material.” Saint Xuan nodded and said, “If you compare a person to a star card, the most important material is physique.”

“Everything we do is to perfect our physique.”

“Looking for heavenly materials earthly treasures is to perfect the basis and strengthen physique, and cultivation technique is to enhance the affinity of physique to Star qi.”

“In other words, the physique of a Star Card master determines its own cultivation limit.”

“If you have a super strong physique, you can cultivate the results for half the effort, cultivation grades to challenge, and it’s like a regular meal.”

Saint Xuan thought for a while and said, “The reason why I cultivate speed so fast is that it has been sanctified in less than ten years because of the chance to get Saint Physique.”

“If you want to be sanctified, you must have Saint Physique, if there is no Saint Physique, even if there are more heavenly materials earthly treasures piled up, it will also stop at a realm, it is difficult to advance.”

Luo Feng’s eyes suddenly became fiery, as if opening the door of New World, and asked to impossible to bear: “So, how can we transform the ordinary body into Saint Physique?”

He knew very clearly that although he was making card innate talent, he was crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood all the way, but in the end it was just a Card Apprentice. In the eyes of true powerhouse, he was proud of his achievements, maybe it was just a little child’s house. So.

Making card is his strength, but cultivation is a weakness, and the one that determines how much water a bucket can hold is often the shortest piece of wood.

If you are limited by your own physique and stop at Card King or even Card Master, what use is it even if you can produce more ingenious star cards?

Saint Xuan faint smile: “Why, my heart is moving?”

Luo Feng took a deep breath, looked up at Saint Xuan, and said: “Ashamed, Junior has no ambitions, no Senior like the ambition of taking the world as his own responsibility, but he likes the present life and does not want it to be Disturbed and destroyed.”

“So, I want to be stronger, and I hope to be able to guard the pure land around me when facing life choices.”

Saint Xuan faint smile: “Why so deep, isn’t it obediently and honestly to eat soft rice?”

Luo Feng’s eyes dropped slightly, and said, “If the people who fed me to eat soft rice were passed away, where would I go to eat soft rice?”

“Not bad.” Saint Xuan nodded and looked at Luo Feng admiringly, and said: “In the past, my Fleshy body was annihilated, and I couldn’t bear to fall there. I hope Good Fortune will be descended, so I used the secret technique and kept 4 things.”

“Blood of the Holy One.”

“Bone of the Holy One.”

“Heart of the Holy One.”

“Spirit of the Holy One.”

He smiled at Luo Feng and said, “What you get now is Saint blood.”

“If these 4 things are collected, you can really shedding body, exchanging bones, where the body is transformed into Saint Physique, and the barrier of the inside of the body is broken. From then on, the road of cultivation is no longer blocked.”

Luo Feng jumped excitedly with peng peng and said, “Senior wants me to look for the remaining 3 things to become Saint Physique?”

Saint Xuan nodded.

“Saint Xuan, you are from Nebula Legion, why not leave this legacy to Legion descendants?” Luo Feng unable to bear asked.

Saint Xuan was silent for a while, and said, “When I saw you for the first time, I knew that you were the one I was waiting for.”

Luo Feng puzzled: “Why?”

Saint Xuan not at all replied, but looked at the emperor Battle Armor of Luo Feng slightly and said, “Is this star card made by you?”

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