Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 223

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“Yeah.” Luo Feng nodded, touching his hair, said with a bitter smile: “In order to avoid repetition, I racked my brain and lost my hair.”

“This star card is very original, quite mysterious, and very different from the Battle Armor in public perception.” Saint Xuan seemed interested in this star card and said, “Where did you get the inspiration?” “

Luo Feng thought for a while and said, “I love dreaming when I was young, and I went to many strange places in my dreams. Based on the inspiration I got, I made them into star cards.”

“Your dreams are so rich?” Saint Xuan teased.

“Yeah.” Luo Feng blushed old and said, “The dream still needs to be.”

Saint Xuan looked at Luo Feng with great interest and said, “Can you show me your other star card?”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, faded away the Emperor Battle Armor, and then came out the other star card, one after another summon:

Uzumaki Renwa, Uchiha Pikachu, Gattling Buddha, Iron Man, Fahai…

“Good, really good.” Saint Xuan’s eyes swept one after another on these star cards, and in his heart, beyond admiration, it seemed to show some inexplicable meaning.

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully and said, “It’s also a good luck. I originally thought Heavenly Origin mainland has so many Star Card masters, it’s easy to hit Brain Zero, but my star card patterns just happened to be drawn by no one, so I easily Approved by the star card system.”

Saint Xuan nodded and said, “It is true. When you draw a star card, you have the copyright of the star card. If the star card made by others is too similar to you, it will not pass the review.”

“Yes, if you die, all the copyrights of the star cards you draw will be cleared and dissipated.”

“At this time, if someone else makes a star card similar to your lifetime, you can also pass the star card system’s review.”

“So that’s how it is.” Luo Feng suddenly realized that the copyright was released after he died, which is a good thing.

Otherwise, so accumulated, the Star Card master of this World may have a day when Brain Zero is exhausted and a new star card cannot be made.

Saint Xuan was silent for a while, and said: “Of course, not just death, if you voluntarily give up all the rights to the star card, then others can make a star card similar to yours.”

“Under normal circumstances, no one should take the initiative to give up the copyright of their star card?” Luo Feng said.

Saint Xuan’s eyes flickered, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he said nothing.

“Senior, you said let me look for the next 3 relics, where are these things?” Luo Feng looked at him curiously.

Saint Xuan said: “The holy bones are in a place called Profound Dragon pool. As for the Sacred Heart and Holy Spirit, after you get the holy bones, you will naturally feel it and know their whereabouts.”

“However, that place, you should not be able to go now.”

“Then Senior can remember, a girl named Rose?” Luo Feng was curious.

“Rose?” Saint Xuan hearing this, also started, said: “How did you know her?”

Luo Feng: “She came to me on her own initiative.”

“Why did she come to you?” Saint Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “You will pass by that day and tell me carefully.”

Luo Feng scratched his head, and some sorry said: “That day, my dead rival Qi Xiao led dozens of people to suppress a Dragon Tortoise named boss, and then when Dragon Tortoise was dying, I shot and robbed the boss…”

“Then when I ran to the grove to prepare to count the spoils of war, she appeared and said that she wanted to take me as a disciple, and that my actions today reminded her of an old friend…”

Saint Xuan was stunned and fell into silence. At the end, he left a long sigh full of sigh.

Waving his sleeve robe, he saw another piece of jade pendant flying, blending with the jade pendant in Luo Feng’s hand, which just formed a complete jade pendant.

He looked at the jade pendant in front of him, and his heart came back from the past.

It was the old days, and the old Flame Sovereign sent Zhou Sheng to Nebula Legion, two months before the door challenge:

Shi Tingzhong.

The teenager is delicate and pretty, and the girl is beautiful and alluring.

Those are the young Xiao Xuan and Rose.

Rose smiled and said: “Brother Xiao Xuan wants to fight?”

“It is estimated that this matter has nothing to do with me. After all, it is of great significance. I am a 5 Star Card master. What can I blend?” Xiao Xuan sighed.

“It doesn’t have to be.” Rose said: “Although according to the rules, as long as it is 6 Star Card master, but people have sent juniors to play, we Legion hindered the face, I am afraid that we will not send old monsters to the war.”

“The greater possibility is to send juniors of the same age.”

Xiao Xuan rubbed his eyebrows and said: “Although, I am Nebula Legion, now the younger generation Number One Person, and it is me who should play the most.”

“There is only 2 months left for the battle between the masters. According to my cultivation speed, I want to break through 6-star during this time, which is basically impossible.”

He drank up a cup of tea and said: “Although I want to help the Master, although I want to win glory for Legion, but the strength is not allowed.”

Rose saw Xiao Xuan’s appearance, but also a little helpless, sitting quietly aside, trying to find a way for him.

After thinking about it for a while, Rose expression suddenly moved slightly, and jade hand stretched out to his neck to take out the Nine Heavens ring.

Xiao Xuan looked up and saw that the Nine Heavens ring was engraved with complex lines, and a bleak atmosphere spread out.

Rose played Nine Heavens and said, “Since I was born, this jade pendant has always been on me.”

She gently broke it with her hand, and the piece of Nine Heavens was worn into 2 pieces.

It wasn’t broken apart rigidly, but it seemed that the two jade pieces fit together perfectly.

“Nuo, this half is for you.” Rose held one of the small hands and smiled and handed it to Xiao Xuan.

Xiao Xuan said slightly, “This is?”

“Take a look first.” Rose beautiful eyes blinked.

So Xiao Xuan picked up the jade pendant, and at the moment he started, a cold touch suddenly came.

Xiu xiu xiu!

I saw Nine Heavens ringed on the rays of light, and a gentle power flowed out of it, moved towards his within the body.

At the same time, he can clearly feel that his within the body Star qi is accelerating and the cultivation speed is much faster.

He has a very peculiar feeling. With this Nine Heavens ring attached, he may really be able to break through 2-star within 6 months!

Taking a deep breath, smoothing the tumbling mood, Xiao Xuan sent the jade back and said, “Thank you, but this is too expensive.”

Rose did not pick it up, but leaned slightly towards her head, her long hair fell on the sides of her cheeks, lightly said with a smile: “My two pieces of jade are a pair, the two pieces of jade are similar in function, I have one piece and two pieces, not at all what’s the difference.”

“And, I lent it to you. When I need it someday, I still want to find you coming back!”

“After all, we are friends, and friends should help each other, right?”

The old lady’s words are still in the ear.

For a long time, Saint Xuan smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not that I forgot her. I just walked too quickly. Some words haven’t been clear enough before the story ends.”

He flicks with the finger and Nine Heavens flew out of the ring, slowly falling into Luo Feng’s hands.

“If you meet again, I hope you can wear this Nine Heavens ring and give it back to me.”

“If she asked me about it, you would say that there is a fixed number in the midst, if it is destined, it will be goodbye.”

He looked towards Luo Feng and said, “If you meet, Rose should look at this Nine Heavens ring for your help.”

“Rose’s back is Nebula Legion. With her there, the whole Legion will not embarrass you.”

“Saint Xuan rest assured that Junior will definitely hand jade pendant to her.” Luo Feng expression froze, cautiously put away Nine Heavens, said: “Saint Xuan, have you really fallen completely?”

Saint Xuan’s eyes flickered and he pondered for a while, saying: “My situation is more complicated, and I won’t be able to explain it to you at one and a half times, so you don’t have to struggle, when I have fallen.”

“However, when you gather 4 items and synthesize Saint Physique, we should see you again.”

“Many thanks Saint Xuan.” Luo Feng ordered nodded, seemingly incomprehensible, facing Saint Xuan cup hand to hold fist, said: “Junior will certainly live up to the trust of Saint Xuan, find the remains, get through Saint Physique, continue Senior’s legacy.”

Saint Xuan contains said with a smile: “You don’t have to thank me, the mediocre can’t come here, this character is made by you.”

Luo Feng looked at Saint Xuan, and after absorbing the golden liquid himself, the latter’s silhouette became a little more faint at the moment.

Obviously without Saint blood as a carrier, this remnant has not been able to persist for a long time.

Luo Feng stared at him staringly, with some inexplicable feelings and exclamations rising in his heart. Now, he is too small to know what Saint Xuan experienced in the first place.

However, in order to protect the Master, Saint Xuan protects the Tianyuan domain from peace, and does not hesitate to fall himself. This sense of justice is enough to make him awe.

“Okay, I have to explain to you, and then, it will be up to you.”

In the silent Heaven and Earth, the path is already a transparent silhouette, slightly fluctuating.

Saint Xuan slightly smiled, in his eyes, revealed a little regret.

“This world has you, I’m relieved, goodbye.”

Saint Xuan’s eyes closed slowly.

And his body is getting weaker and weaker.

Gradually, when the lamp is dry, he will eventually become a heavenly light, dissipating between between Heaven and Earth.

“Congratulations to Saint Xuan!”

Seeing Xiao Xuan’s figure slowly disappearing, Luo Feng’s heart seemed to be grabbed by fiercely, kneeling on his knees, facing the direction where the former disappeared, fiercely knocked three heads.

Although he had never lived with Saint Xuan, the latter gave him a natural sense of affinity.


At this moment, the ancient door opened slowly, and the silhouette and reappears of Mu Qingluan were in front of him.

“How is it?” Mu Qingluan beautiful eyes emerged, asking curiously.

Luo Feng did not say anything, but raised slightly at the corner of her mouth, leaving her with a meaningful smile.

Seeing this scene, Mu Qingluan’s lips and lips have a smile blooming, and at this moment, she understands.

She can clearly feel that Luo Feng now has a very different temperament than before.

Like a dormant dragon snaking, it is about to go out.

“The trip to Tianyuan is a worthwhile trip.” Luo Feng raised his head and recalled the relics in the ruins. He sighed inexplicably and immediately said with a smile: “Let’s go.”

“En.” Mu Qingluan ordered nodded.

As a result, the two took out the delivery stones and crushed them one after another.


At the next moment, 2 beams of light rose up into the sky, wrapped around their bodies, and teleported out of the sky.

But at this time, beyond Tianyuan, there was unusual excitement, and numerous silhouettes continuously flew out.

When Luo Feng and Mu Qingluan came out together, they immediately attracted countless lines of sight. These eyes were filled with awe and awe.

The famous scenes of the Star Card master in the Western Holy Zone of Luo Feng regiment and Fahai battle famine are still deeply in their minds.

Especially when Fahai was chanting a mantra, the thunderous roar made him brainwash.

Among the crowd, Xie Yang glanced at Luo Feng secretly, and his face looked a little ugly.

After this incident today, he was afraid that he would become a joke for Holy Land.

He clenched his fists tightly, and his face was dull. If he wanted to wash his face, the only chance was the next game.

If he could defeat Luo Feng on the field, who would question him?

At that time, I am afraid that everyone’s words will change, and they will say that Luo Feng will only use some outside moves that’s all.

Su Yang walked over, pats Luo Feng’s shoulder, with said with a smile: “Little Brat, the noise you made inside, I was understood.”

“I have to say that these news make people extremely comfortable.”

Luo Feng said bitterly, “I was terrified, and I was really forced to fight back.”

Su Yang twitched his lips and said, “Okay, after going back, take a good cultivation and prepare for the next semifinals and finals.”

“Of course, the mentality is flat, winning or losing is not important, the focus is on participation.”

Luo Feng nodded.

They waited outside for a while. After all the Star Card masters came out, the instructor led the way and sent them back to Holy Land.

Luo Feng headed into Cave Mansion, entered the cultivation room, and began to cultivate.

He sat cross-legged, looking down on his mind, only to see a drop of golden liquid, suspended in silence there.

“Whether Jackie Chan or the reptile depends on the effort at hand.”

Luo Feng took a deep breath, slowly smoothed his mind, and then clenched the teeth, injecting Star qi into it.


The next moment, Luo Feng’s complexion changed suddenly. He only felt an indescribable power of terror, which spread from within the body!

As if there was a flame burning within the body.

His Fleshy body, at a terrifying speed, began to disappear quickly.


The horrible pain spread far and wide, Luo Feng’s eyes were red, unable to bear roar towards the sky.

In just a few minutes of interest, his body melted quickly, and in the end, the whole person turned into a skeleton!

During his 4 weeks, the fluorescent light flashed, extinguishing 10000 points.

The next moment, the little bit of luster came from the roar and fell into the skull-like body, gradually integrating into it.


An extremely large Life Aura swept through, and wherever it happened, flesh and blood were reborn in an instant!

In just a few moments of interest, Luo Feng’s skeleton-like body was restored to its original state.

However, waiting for him to be happy, within the body has flames rising again, Luo Feng has just recovered flesh and blood, and was burned again!

Luo Feng’s face was twisted, his teeth clenched, his bones stubborn, his eyes full of firmness.

If he had just crossed, he would certainly not be able to bear such pain.

However, after more than half a year of cultivation, his temperament has long been transformed and tenacious.

“Come back!”

He growled.

So, the body was burned, and then the life Aura poured in, and the fleshy body was reshaped, then burned, and reshaped, infinite cycle…

Between that time of destruction and rebirth, his body became more and more perfect, and the fluctuation of Star qi within the body gradually became stronger.

time flies.

As the clamor caused by Heaven Rising Vestige gradually subsided, the upcoming Holy Land League semi-finals and finals also began to make a huge splash throughout the Royal Flame Dynasty.

Holy Land is the Holy Land of the Royal Flame Dynasty countless people yearn for something even in dreams.

The Holy Land League represents the contest of pinnacle in the Royal Flame Dynasty younger generation.

Therefore, everyone is looking forward to, who will become famous in the first war, who can rays of light ten thousand zhang, become a generation of Legendary?

“I guess a wave of irresponsible blind guessing. In the end, Jiang Chen and Luo Feng must participate in the final. Then Luo Shen lost the runner-up and tearfully won the championship.”

“Huh, it hasn’t been drawn yet, maybe Jiang Chen and Luo Feng will meet in the semi-finals.”

“Emmm tells the truth, I’m not too optimistic about Luo Feng. Although he performed amazingly in Tianyuan, he is only 6-star Card Apprentice. According to his 1-star rule in January, it is only 7 stars when the game starts. what.”

“In the case of 7 stars, the chance of encountering 7 stars is relatively high. I can barely fight against Ye Xiaomeng of 8-star, but put him in front of Jiang Chen of a Star Card master. Will he take the lead?”

“Yeah, Jiang Chen has stepped into the 1-star Card Apprentice, and the champion must be his no doubt. The highlight now is who the runner-up will be.”

“… “

After another round of discussion sounded, it is true that under the huge realm gap, almost everyone believes that the champion must be Jiang Chen.

Because, there is no suspense.

And in the sound of this discussion, half a moon has passed since Luo Feng closed down.

Cave Mansion.

Luo Feng sat cross-legged, his flames rising around him.


The flesh melts, and a chi chi sound is heard.

However, Luo Feng had no face, as if he had never felt such pain. Indeed, after half a month of cremation, he was numb.

Although half a month suffered from inhuman torture, his fleshy body strength has been promoted to a very strong point.


There seemed to be thunder, and it suddenly exploded from Luo Feng’s within the body.

A powerful Star qi fluctuated like a storm, and since his within the body broke out, compared with the previous, I do not know how much he forced.

“7 stars!”



His imposing manner climbed up and down like a billowing stream of water, rushing into the sea, out of control.

Soon, 9 star veins were all opened!

His body suddenly became transparent and ethereal.

However, after reaching 9-star, this imposing manner did not stop there, but moved forward!

“Now that the 9-pulse is already open, then, should we condense Star Mansion?”

Luo Feng murmured.

The so-called Star Mansion is where the body contains Star qi, just like a water container.

Card Master realm is to create 9 Star Mansion. The more Star Mansion, the more Star qi can be stored, the more natural it will be.

Earlier he cultivated Taiyi Zhenshu, and requested to open the Qihai within the body, and it was the same as the Star Mansion.

It can be said that Qihai is the little Star Mansion.

Now, he wants to develop a real Star Mansion. If the development is successful, he can really step into the Card Master realm.

“let’s start.”

Luo Feng took a deep breath, and suddenly 9 star veins spewed out Star qi, and then moved towards the lower abdomen to gather, as if forming a vortex, constantly rotating.

As soon as the vortex appeared, it began to rotate continuously, faster and faster, almost to a dazzling point.

Luo Feng looked down at his mind, staring at the cyclone, nervous peng peng jumping, he felt that the cyclone would be split at all times, but the cyclone was firm and could not stand.


Just when the vortex rotates to the extreme, a source point suddenly appears!

Xiu xiu xiu!

Almost at the same time as the source of his within the body appeared, the Star qi within the body seemed to be pulled, whistling away and pouring into it.

As Star qi kept pouring in, the black dots began to expand, and finally turned into a spherical space.

A touch of golden light blooms, and then it diffuses to the entire space, making it appear bright golden and magnificent atmosphere.

The first Star Mansion was successfully launched!

And at this moment, Luo Feng’s tightly closed eyes are also slowly opening at the moment, with Star qi rays of light bursting out of his heart, an amazing oppression, slowly emanating from its within the body Come.

A Star Card master!

Inside the Cave Mansion, Luo Feng felt the powerful Star qi inside the sea of ​​air. Above the face, there was an undisguised joy emerging.

A drop of Saint blood actually made him ascending to the skies with a single leap, saving almost a year of effort.

Moreover, Saint Xuan Senior said that the realm improvement brought by Saint blood is only incidental.

The most important thing is to wash the essence and improve the foundation.

Admittedly, my own cultivation speed is several times faster than before.

“A drop of Saint blood is so subtle, it’s really curious, what power will it have when it condenses into Saint Physique?”

Luo Feng has expectations in his eyes.

“Next, it’s time to prepare for the semifinals.”

In his eyes, fighting intent rose, this day, I really waited for a long time.

West Saint District.

A young man is sitting cross-legged, his whole body, Star qi rising, quite out of the ordinary.

Beside it, there is an old man named Ye Ming who is the dean of Vigour Courtyard.


At this moment, his imposing manner climbed up and soon broke through the 7-star barrier and stepped into 8-star!

“Disciple, congratulations on stepping into the 8-star Card Apprentice.” Ye Ming looked at him with a smile, and praised with his hands, “I thought it would take at least two months.”

On Xie Yang’s face, there was also indescribable joy, cold glow surging in his eyes, saying: “I would also like to thank Luo Feng, if not forcing me, I will not have sudden enlightenment these days, so Such a breakthrough to 8-star.”

Ye Ming nodded, showing appreciation in his eyes, saying: “You can be ashamed and brave, turning humiliation into motivation, I am very satisfied.”

“I used to be worried about whether you can make it to the finals. After all, your realm is only higher than Luo Feng in the top 4.”

“However, at present, as long as the luck is not too bad and Jiang Jiang is not encountered in the semifinals, then the problem is not big.”

“Ye Xiaomeng is also an 8-star, and you two, the same realm, can be described as 2 5 open.”

“If you encounter Luo Feng, you will be more stable in the final.”

Xie Yang hearing this, also started, said: “Master, didn’t you say that before? Didn’t you say that I would rather go to Ye Xiaomeng?”

Ye Ming shook the head and said, “That’s because you didn’t have a breakthrough. If you don’t have a breakthrough, then you are still 7 stars. But Luo Feng is a 6-star. It may go to 7 stars before the game. “

“In this case, you are not very hopeful, because Luo Feng is within the realm and has never lost.”

His voice was paused and said, “But it’s different now, you have broken through.”

“Although Luo Feng’s routine is amazing, it looks very fierce, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood all the way, it is unstoppable, but you must know that this premise is that every game he and his opponent are the same realm.”

“After he came out of Tian Yuan, I secretly probed, realm is still 6-star Early-Stage, not at all has an amazing improvement.”

“Even if he hits the luck, it will be full, and at most it will break through to 7 stars before the start of the game. You hit 8 stars on 7-star, isn’t it a problem?”

The corner of his mouth teased slightly, saying: “I’m afraid he thinks the same way now, and he most hopes to line up with you, and then use the same realm’s law of steady win to eliminate you.”

“Just, he It shouldn’t be thinking that his realm has improved, and your realm has also improved.”

Xie Yang heard this, and his confidence burst into excitement. There was inexcitable excitement in his eyes, saying: “Relax, Master, if I really meet him in the semi-finals, I will surely get back the humiliation in the Tian Yuan. Come.”

He pinched his fingers and waited until the game started to see him, it was almost 30 days.

“30 days Hexi, 30 days Hedong, you didn’t expect!”

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