Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 224

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Cool, cool.

Feeling the surging Star qi within the body, Luo Feng pinched his thigh. This rapid progress is unrealistically like a dream.

“A drop of Saint blood will allow me to be advanced by leaps and bounds. When I find the bones of the saint, the heart of the saint, and the spirit of the saint, should there also be a surge?”

Luo Feng’s eyes are full of anticipation.

He took out Saint Xuan and gave it to his Nine Heavens. He played with a moment of interest, lightly sighed: “I don’t know when I can see the little Rose elder sister.”

This is the woman who met Flame Sovereign.

Luo Feng clarified, his next task is very clear:

First, win the Holy Land League title, enter the 4th cabinet, and become the total Pavilion Lord by the end of next year.

Secondly, look for 3 other relics left by Saint Xuan and synthesize Saint Physique.

Of course, these two tasks are complementary.

As for Nine Heavens, when you meet Rose, just give it to her.

He wouldn’t take the initiative to find it himself, the ghost knew where the big brother was.

“Right now, the most important task is the half-final half a month.”

Luo Feng slouched lazily, found a dress and put on a cup of tea, and walked to the small courtyard with the cup.


He saw it,

Zhuo Ying sat down on the bamboo chair, his long, slim legs protruded, and lightly swayed.

“Do you like the feeling of Saint blood?”

Zhuo Ying stared slightly and looked at him with interest.

Luo Feng froze for a moment and said, “Flame Sovereign, it turns out that you are all understood.”

Zhuo Ying looked a little bit and gave him a blank look and said, “Otherwise, what if you want to be possessed by someone?”

Luo Feng laughed, said: “Flame Sovereign you still care about me.”

“Don’t think too much.” Zhuo Ying beautiful eyes drooped, her beautiful hands entwined, said: “I’m just afraid that you are dead, nobody will go to the next game.”

Luo Feng’s lips flicked, and muttered: “It’s a bad idea.”

“What are you talking about?” Zhuo Ying pretty face lifted slightly, a faint chill lingered in her eyes, and her lip corner faint smile: “When you step into Card Master realm, your courage is a lot fatter.”

“Come, let the emperor see how hard this Saint blood’s tempered body is.”

Not waiting for Luo Feng to speak, a small fist flicked gently, and serene landed on his chest.

“It hurts, lightly…” Luo Feng’s eyes widened, his face suddenly twisted, and this small punch, a few more strokes, fearing that he would hammer the body tempered by Saint blood.

“Don’t move.” Zhuo Ying coldly said.

Luo Feng heard this, closed his eyes, and said in a tone of death, “Okay, whatever you want!”

A faint Star qi rose from Flame Sovereign’s fingertips, following Luo Feng’s body, pouring into within the body.

That silk Star qi was walking among the 4 limbs of Luo Feng’s limbs, seemingly detecting something.

After continuing for about one hour in this way, Zhuo Ying withdrew Star qi, his eyes flickered, and said: “After detection, this drop of Saint blood is indeed extremely pure, not at all leaving unknown means.”

“It can be seen that Saint Xuan is not malicious to you at all.”

Luo Feng nodded his head, with awe in his eyes, saying: “The beginning of the refugees, ten years of sanctification, and finally in order to save the world, he did not hesitate to fall. Such a leader of Peak powerhouse and Human Race should not be left on me. What a fortune.”

Zhuo Ying nodded should be.

“Flame Sovereign, when the Holy Land League ends, will I be the total Pavilion Lord?” Luo Feng looked at her with a distracted look.

“What do you want?” Zhuo Ying stretched out her slender jade fingers and lightly tapped his forehead, saying: “After the Holy Land League ends, you will enter the 4th Pavilion.”

“The results of the Holy Land League determine your initial status in the 4th cabinet. If you can win the championship, you will get a very good start.”

“So, in the current Holy Land League, it is to prepare for entering the 4th Pavilion.”

Luo Feng knew, the Long March of 10000 miles, this was just 1st Step, and when it reached the 4th Pavilion, that was the real beginning.

Zhuo Ying’s voice was paused and continued: “Entering the 4th Pavilion means the end of your apprenticeship and the real beginning of your career. I have planned a promotion route for you.”

“However, don’t think about me taking advantage of my identity to promote you.”

“A fair and reasonable promotion mechanism was originally set up by me personally to obtain the support of the poor.”

“So, where can we go in the future, and whether we can eventually become the total Pavilion Lord, depends on whether you can deliver impeccable results.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded. Under the situation of tension with King Jiang, Flame Sovereign was stared at every move. Once there was something wrong and left a handle, he would be used to make a fuss.

“In the next 2 games, I will spare no effort.”

His voice was firm.

Zhuo Ying: “Saint blood is just perfecting your foundation, increasing your Star qi quality and improving your cultivation speed, but it is far from reaching the point where you can completely crush your same realm opponent.”

“Even more how, as the second son of King Jiang, Jiang Chen is not an ordinary Star Card master.”

Luo Feng nodded, cold glow surfaced in his heart, said: “Jiang Chen repeatedly found trouble in Tian Yuan, and I will settle the accounts with him when the game starts.”

Seeing the fierceness and self-confidence revealed by Luo Feng’s eyebrows, Zhuo Ying’s smooth and jade-like face also showed a little appreciation.

The boy in the past was empty of Brain zero, but the cultivation was a short board, and now he has Saint blood quenching body to make up for the short board, just like Phoenix Nirvana, Hidden Dragon goes out of the Sea.

In the future, no one can stop its edge.

Luo Feng overwhelmed by emotions, he is very clear that this on the surface is a simple game, but behind it, it is related to the game between Flame Sovereign and King Jiang.

In the past, he 6-star Card Apprentice, really did not get that Jiang Chen, but now, he is already a Star Card master, if Jiang Chen still wants to take away the league champion, then he has to ask him if he disagrees.

The time of ten or so days is over in a blink of an eye.

When the semi-finals came, the morning light swayed, and Holy Land, which had been silent for a night, woke up suddenly, like a cold water dripping into the oil pan, and a sudden boiling burst.

The long-awaited semifinals and finals finally arrived as scheduled.

Today’s semifinals.

The final tomorrow.

There is no delay.

Xiu xiu xiu!

The sound of the wind breaking sounded one after another, the Star Card master hiding the sky and covering the earth, all heard the wind and went straight to the Holy Land square.

Admittedly, not only the apprentices of Holy Land’s star card, the dean’s mentor, but also the quite prominent figures from all parts of the Royal Flame Dynasty, there are also a lot of people at this moment.

As the highest level of contest in Holy Land this year, if such a game cannot be watched on the spot, it must be a pity.

Moreover, this year’s Holy Land League Finals is more interesting than in previous years.

Because there is a dark horse this year, he is too dark to run the coffin.

A newcomer, cross-level participation in the league, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood all the way into the semi-finals, dare you believe it?

This undoubtedly made the next game full of suspense and anticipation.

No one cares who the champion is, because if nothing goes wrong, the champion must be something in Jiang Chen’s pocket.

What they are more concerned about is whether this newcomer black horse can really take a step.

Is it the top 4 stop or the final?

Shell Courtyard.

When Luo Feng stepped into the Shell Courtyard again, he heard crash-bang applause, densely packed silhouette, and cast his attention on him.

He was a little bit stunned, because here is not only the Star Card master of Shell Courtyard, there seems to be many silhouettes of other courtyards.

“What are you doing?” Luo Feng was a little dazed by this battle.

The rest smiled at him, staring at the stars, as if watching an idol, saying: “Of course to cheer our heroes.”

“Promise me, the dog is rich, don’t you want to be okay?”

“It’s worth it, come here less.” Luo Feng waved his hand and teased: “I have something to lick, is it okay to lick Qi Muxue?”

For the rest of the sighed, his eyes flickered and said, “When it comes to this, I think of the scratch I had when I was a kid. I caught a dog.”

“Daddy thought I might be a veterinarian or an animal trainer when I grew up. Didn’t expect turned out to be a dog lick.”

“Of course, now that I have figured it out, I no longer do dog licking. I decided to learn from Ji Wuqing and become a ruthless war wolf.”

He smiled at Luo Feng and said, “Do you know how ruthless I am now?”

Luo Feng: “How ruthless?”

“This is for me.” Mo Yu laughed and said, “It wasn’t 520 a few days ago. A little Sister who had fallen in love with him gave him 1000 pounds of onion, and there was a note on it.”

“What is written on the note?” Luo Feng wondered.

Mo Yu: “I cried so many times for you, I also want you to cry for me once.”

“It’s a very affectionate little girl.” Luo Feng felt slightly astonished and said, “Then, didn’t you cry for the rest?”

Mo Yu looked at him strangely and said, “Then I sold these onions for the rest of my hands and exchanged them for a few thousand stars.”

Luo Feng: “.”

“Luo Feng, how are you preparing?” At this moment, Su Yang came over and smiled authentically.

Luo Feng thought for a while and said, “If you are not too lucky, you should be able to reach the final.”

Su Yang ordered nodded and wanted to probe Luo Feng’s realm, but found that he didn’t have Star qi fluctuations around him. The imposing manner was all restrained, so he asked curiously, “What realm are you now?”

Luo Feng smiled at his mysterious and said, “You will understood in a while.”

Holy Land Square!

The huge square is here. It is located in the middle of the 4 holy areas. Around the square, it is already a vast crowd. Almost the entire Star Card master of Holy Land has been gathered here.

The deafening voice resounded between between Heaven and Earth.

Miss today and wait another year.

In front of Holy Land Square, there is a high platform. On top of the high platform, there is a golden light trophy endlessly. That is the championship cup.

“Our Shell Courtyard, it should be said that the entire holy area, has never won a cup.” Su Yang stared at the trophy, secretly sighed.

This is not only the Shell Courtyard, but almost the pain of the Star Card master in the entire East Saint District.

“Flame Sovereign, King Qi, Lord Burning Valley arrive!”

Suddenly, there was a loud drink, and the crowd faded away like a tide. I saw the entire group such as Zhuo Ying, Qi Jin, etc. entering the square.

Luo Feng’s eyes turned to see today’s Flame Sovereign, clothes whiter than snow, the hair was pulled up, just like the Fairy of the Moon Palace, the temperament was indifferent.

That’s a beauty that star cards can’t match.

Her starry eyes are ethereal and her expression is cold. The coldness is not pretended to avoid trouble, but more like in the bones, indifferent to 10000 things and 10000 things.

Luo Feng’s eyes turned to Flame Sovereign behind him, Qi Jin on the left, he knew it naturally, and a red-haired man on the right saw it for the first time.

“This should be the owner of Blazing Valley-Huang Yichu?”

He muttered.

“King Jiang, King Qi, Qingluan patriarch arrived!”

Shortly after the appearance of Flame Sovereign entire group, only another direction was seen, and the entire group came out and appeared in many sights.

Luo Feng’s eyes turned to stay at a palace-dressed woman. Her beautiful eyes were long and narrow, and she looked forward to Shenfei. It looked similar to Mu Qingluan has several points of.

“Is this Qingluan’s mother? I’m so mad.”

He stopped quietly to appreciate it, but it was quite amazing.

On that high platform, King Jiang performed a courteous gift to the Flame Sovereign cup hand to hold fist, but it was only ordered to the end.

Zhuo Ying pretty face is indifferent, and it is only slightly nodded, not at all.

People with a discerning eye can see this scene and sigh, because it can be seen how much the relationship between King Jiang and Flame Sovereign has reached with swords drawn and bows bent.

2 Everyone, everyone, sit down on the stage.

And at this moment, a gray-haired old man took steps, he was the chief dean of Saint Academy-Chu Yang.

After giving a salute to Flame Sovereign, Su Yang turned to looked towards the uproar crowd and said, “Now, please invite the top 4 players to the stage.”

Therefore, before the 4 Great Saint District, there was a silhouette, accompanied by the cheering of hiding the sky and covering the earth, and walked to the middle of the square.

“Beisheng District, Jiang Chen.”

“Southern District, Ye Xiaomeng.”

“Dongsheng District, Luo Feng.”

“Western District, Xie Yang.”

After the debut of 4 people, Su Yang said: “Next, please resurrect the champion-Lu An debut.”

So, under the eyes of many eyes, a spiritual boy walked to the middle of the square.

Luo Feng looked towards Lu An, with admiration and appreciation in his eyes. After all, it was extremely difficult to kill all the way from the resurrection and win the championship.

At the same time, Chu Yang’s old and powerful voice resounded in everyone’s ears:

“According to the rules, the eliminated Star Card master can participate in the resurrection game, and the resurrection champion can choose one of the top 4 to challenge. If the challenge is successful, it can be replaced and become the new top 4.”

He looked towards Lu An and said, “Next, you choose a challenge.”

“Okay.” Lu An smiled, looking at the silhouette behind Su Yang.

Of course, he didn’t even look at Jiang Chen.

He glanced at Ye Xiaomeng, and then quickly withdrew his gaze.

As a 7 star card apprentice, my heart is still a little bit.

Lu An’s eyes were turning round and round, and now he was very entangled. Whether to choose Xie Yang or Luo Feng?

“It’s really hard to choose.”

After watching it for about 5 minutes.

“It was decided…”

After a long silence, he suddenly smiled at Xie Yang and said, “Xie Yang Senior Brother, offended.”

Xie Yang’s face is a little ugly. Isn’t this guy telling others that he is the weakest of the four?

Luo Feng eyes slightly narrowed, this guy, the road is wider.

If he chooses him, he will let Lu An understand what it means to punch a kid.

“Then next is the top 4 challenge.” Su Yang looked towards Lu An, saying: “You can choose 3v3 or 5v5.”

Lu An laughed and said: “In order not to waste everyone’s time, then 3v3, do it quickly.”

So, under the eyes of many eyes, Xie Yang and Lu An walked into the arena, and each of them summon out the star card, ready to fight.

On the field, Lu An looked at Xie Yang apologetically and said, “Xie Yang Senior Brother, it’s not that I look down on you, but I really have no choice.”

“I’m just a trifling 7 star card, so I don’t dare to think of Senior Sister and Senior Brother Jiang.”

“As for Luo Feng, I suspect that he is already a 7-star, and the routine is too saucy. I can’t stand it, so I have no choice but to offend Senior Brother…”

“After all, you are also 7 stars.”

“Oh?” Xie Yang glanced at the playful color and said, “Who told you that I’m just a 7 star card?”


As his voice fell, a fierce Star qi diffused away, grandiose, soaring into the sky.



Then the sound of exclamation sounded one after another, everyone was slightly astonished, this Xie Yang, actually broke through to 8-star quietly?

“Fuck, thank Senior Brother. Why didn’t you say it early, because… why didn’t you say it early?”

Lu An was startled, his voice trembling, his face ugly to the extreme, Card Apprentice 9-star, the stars are like mountains.

“Start!” Su Yang said at the moment.

call out!

So, under the watch of countless lines of sight, 6 star cards burst out, entangled together, Star qi entangled around the body, they did not leave their hands on each other, their skills were thrown away, expecting the other party to hit the key, it looked extremely Sinister.

3v3, there are no routines at all, the match force is with force.

“Give me a roll!”

About ten minutes later, Xie Yang’s warriors saw cold glow in the eyes of the soldiers, and a tiger’s heart was like a tiger coming out of the cage. Luan’s soldiers flew out of the cage and spit blood.

Then, Xie Yang’s other 2 star cards roared and started a wave of fire, which soon eliminated the soldiers.

And the next is 3 to 2 and the realm of Xie Yang is already very high, so this battle has no meaning to continue, so Lu An chose to surrender.

“Xie Yang Senior Brother is really powerful.” Lu An laughed bitterly and fought several times in the resurrection match before he got the chance to challenge.

I thought I would become a dark horse, but now, it is defeated by Xie Yang crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. It is not a taste in my heart.

“If I just chose Luo Feng, will the consequences be different?”

He murmured in his heart, and then left the court sadly, leaving the world with a silhouette of the street.

Chu Yang’s sleeve robe waved, and layers of green light exploded and enveloped Xie Yang’s body.

Xie Yang was suddenly in full condition, which meant that he could continue to the next game.

“Now, start the draw for the semi-finals.”

Chu Yang’s sleeve robe waved, 4 light groups appeared suddenly, one after another levitated in front of the strong 4.

“Inside, there is a token of A, B and D.”

“Pick A and B as a group, and C and D as another group, each in the semi-finals.”

Jiang Chen glanced at Luo Feng and said, “Is the Junior Brother nervous?”

“Nervous?” Luo Feng stunned slightly, whispering secretly in my heart, I am one Star Card master, what’s so nervous?

Look at Luo Feng’s expression without waves, Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Also, Luo Feng Junior Brother really does not need to be nervous.”

Anyone has a slim win rate, what’s so nervous about?

Soon, the draw was over.

Luo Feng spread his palms and saw a dazzling “A” written on top of the token.

Xie Yang glanced at Luo Feng’s token, and then impatient spread his hands to see. At the next moment, his expression suddenly froze, his body trembling slightly, and there was inexcusable joy on his face.

Because on the note, there was a large letter that made him happy:


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