Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 225

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In order to be afraid of seeing it wrong, Xie Yang glanced at Luo Feng’s token again, looked back and forth, and looked repeatedly, almost seeing the cocoon in his eyes.

“Thank you Senior Brother, you don’t have to look at it. My opponent is you.” Luo Feng glanced at his token, with said with a smile.

“Perfect.” Took a deep breath, slowly calming his mind, Xie Yang overwhelmed by emotions, this lottery result, for him, is simply perfect.

Anyway, Jiang Chen will definitely not be able to win, nor can he win the championship, as long as he can enter the final and become the runner-up, for him, it is the best result, so there is no regret.

Luo Feng Even if he took Shiquan Dabu pills, he would be 7 stars if he died, and it would be a little unrealistic to beat himself across the stars.

“It seems that there is a fixed number in the midst.” Xie Yang looked towards Luo Feng, with a little playful meaning in his eyes, said: “Come out and get back sooner or later.”

“Luo Feng Junior Brother, Heaven Rising Vestige, what happened on the scene is still vivid today.”

“Is that so confident?” Luo Feng has no face, and a smile of faint smile: “Senior Brother is not afraid to give himself to milk.”

Xie Yang looked at him and said, “Don’t tell me, you have soared to 8-star now.”

“No.” Luo Feng shook the head, “How could it go up 2 stars?”

Xie Yang relaxed, with her eyes contemptuous, said: “What are you doing here? Can’t calm down?”

“Although you haven’t lost, but all stayed on the premise of the same realm, Junior Brother, it seems that you have not won in the case of realm difference, right?”

Luo Feng did not speak.

“It’s a pity.” Jiang Chen’s eyes dropped slightly, and he was slightly lost. As a result, he had no chance to fight Luo Feng.

Originally wanted to press him on the field, a violent meal.

Chu Yang looked at the tokens in the hands of 4 people and said, “The draw is over. In the next semi-final, Luo Feng against Xie Yang and Ye Xiaomeng against Jiang Chen.”

“First round competition, Ye Xiaomeng against Jiang Chen.”

When he was tone barely fell, Ye Xiaomeng raised his small hand and said, “I… I admit defeat!”

Audience: “…”

Qin Sheng corner of mouth twitching, can’t you go up and go through a program?

Chu Yang was startled, and said, “Are you serious? Think again?”

“Is there anything to consider?” Ye Xiaomeng tilted his head and said: “Don’t say 8-star Card Apprentice, even 9-star Card Apprentice, can’t break Card Master’s defense, and he simply Is it necessary to lose my star card in seconds?”

Chu Yang nodded his head, a little helplessly said: “Well, congratulations Jiang Chen entered the final.”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, it seems that if he directly reported to realm, then Xie Yang would be able to vote without the slightest hesitation?


This guy can’t be so cheap,

Let him remember this day forever.

“Since this is the case, then the second semifinal will begin.”

“East Saint District, Luo Feng, against, West Saint District, Xie Yang.”

2 people gave a salute to each other, then all moved towards the arena.

“Luo Feng Come on!”

“Xie Yang Come on!”

Outside the stadium, on the bench, the sound of violent cheering was resounded.

Ye Xiaomeng has voted, the champion has no suspense, then this game is undoubtedly the next most interesting game.

“This guy, the breakthrough is really timely.” Su Yang stared at Xie Yang’s silhouette, his eyes becoming dignified.

Chu Manliu frowned slightly, beautiful eyes looked towards Su Yang, said: “Director, what is Luo Feng realm now?”

“Not quite clear.” Su Yang said the head, “He had restrained the imposing manner earlier, and I didn’t deliberately detect it, so I don’t know, but it should be 7 stars?”

“Breakthrough to 7 stars in a month is already the best state, but even so, it is not good to line up with Xie Yang?” Yang Zai tutor brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Luo Feng has not been more realm with people Have you fought?”

All Star Card masters in Shell Courtyard are a little bit disturbed. Even if they can’t win the championship, they can stop the top four. They are also two completely different concepts from the final.

If they stop the finals, they can still play hard, saying Luo Feng is a loss.

If you stop at the top 4, you will really be surprised, and no one will ever mention it.

Dean Ye Ming of Xisheng District looked towards Su Yang and smiled and said: “You may not believe it, he can break through 8-star so quickly, which is also unexpected to me.”

“Moreover, Luo Feng is indispensable.”

“Everything is a foreshadowing. If it wasn’t for Luo Feng who forced me in the abyss, he wouldn’t break through to 8-star so quickly, hehe.”

The mockery under the words has no cover.

Su Yang coldly said: “The game hasn’t started yet, but don’t be too pretentious. Xie Yang leads the entire Xisheng District, but he has no choice but to get Luo Feng. Now that the realm is only 1-star higher, what can we do?”

“Hehe, Dean Su Yang, can’t say that.” Ye Ming smiled the head and said: “What happened to Tian Yuan only shows that Luo Feng played well outside the plate, but now here is the stadium, Pay attention to personal strength.”

Su Yang coldly snorted: “Then wait and see.”

Watch the game.

Qingluan patriarch-Mu Nanzhi, at the moment jade hand is holding a cheek, beautiful eyes are thrown at Luo Feng on the field, saying: “Qingluan, I heard that you are walking very close?”

“En!” On the side, Mu Qingluan first spotted slightly, the beautiful eyes appeared in the beautiful eyes, said: “He is a good friend.”

Mu Nanzhi’s eyes flashed, and he pondered for a moment, saying: “Qingluan, I hope you keep a little distance, after all…”

Hearing this, Mu Qingluan shook the head said, “Mother, if you have been with him for a long time, you will appreciate him too.”

“Oh?” Mu Nanzhi hearing this startled, looked at Luo Feng with great interest, and muttered in his mouth: “Let me take a look today, what is the ability of this person who has turned my daughter upside down on Divine Soul.”

Qi Wang and Blazing Valley owner Huang Yichu looked at each other in blank dismay, and both eyes expressed a little regret.

Right now, Luo Feng has a wolf in front and a tiger in the back, which can be described as the difficulty of hell. He can only hope for a miracle, expecting his desperate situation to turn over.

So, under the eyes of many different minds, the two entered the arena.

Chu Yang looked towards 2 people and said, “You can choose 3v3 or 5v5. If the opinions are not consistent, use star coin to determine the result.”

Luo Feng: “I am free.”

Xie Yang smiled and said: “Is the Junior Brother really random? I think this is still very important to you.”

“Oh?” Luo Feng was curious: “hope to hear the details.”

Xie Yang’s eyes revealed a cat-and-mouse-like joke, saying: “I think whether to choose 3v3 or 5v5 depends on how many star cards you want to lose.”

Luo Feng eyes slightly narrowed: “Is Senior Brother so fierce?”

“Card Apprentice 9-star, every star is like a mountain, you haven’t fought across the ranks, naturally you don’t know the difference.” Xie Yang both hands crossed near chest, a little lazy, faint smile: “Of course, immediately understood. “

On the arena, two people whispered, their eyes met, sparks and killing intent appeared at the same time.

“Okay, let’s show the cards.” Chu Yang said.


I saw the rays of light flashing in front of Xie Yang, and 5 star cards lined up:

Winged White Sky Tiger.

This is a white tiger with a pair of huge wings behind it.

Shadow mantis.

This is a praying mantis, pliers-like hands, showing off one’s ability, flashing the palpable rays of light.

Bear man.

As the name suggests, it is a bear walking upright, with muscles all over his body, and he should look like a warrior.

Demon fox.

This is a fox man with a long sword in his hand and a scroll behind him.

Star Cat.

Star Cat is a cute little kitty, cute and beautiful.

Luo Feng thought about it, divine sense moved, and five rays of light emerged;

Emperor’s Armor, Uzumaki Renwa, Uchiha Pikachu, Fahai, Luster Grass.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Luo Feng’s star card. However, when they saw the last Luster Grass, they were all started.

The next moment, there was a violent uproar suddenly burst out.

After another loud cry, everyone looked at this scene in disbelief, this Luo Feng, actually got a silver card?

“Is this…abandoning yourself?”

“I guess Luo Feng saw that he must have lost, and he didn’t want to give the gold card in vain, so I took out some silver cards. After all, the silver card is not valuable.”

“But if he really thinks so, why not just cast it?”


“What is he thinking?” Su Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly, and even when he had just entered Shell Courtyard’s top 4 challenger, Luo Feng had never taken out a silver card, but now, at the last semifinal, he actually took out one Silver card?

Qi Jin’s face is a little ugly, whispered: “Flame Sovereign, this Luo Feng, wouldn’t it actually be King Jiang’s person?”

Flame Sovereign expression is faint, like unheard.

Xie Yang saw this scene, and it was also started, his eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Luo Feng, what do you mean?”

Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “You are too strong to give up the gold card in vain.”

“Hehe, do you think I can believe?” Xie Yang stabilized and flashed quickly in his mind. This guy has a bad stomach. Since he doesn’t take the usual path, he definitely wants to play the routine.

Luster Grass looked at the long-lost battlefield, feeling a little excited and a little nervous, saying, “Me, can I really do it?”

Although she has always had a heart to fight the enemy and output, she knows that she is a silver card. She is very kind and does not want to drag her teammates.

“Relax, today, you, massacre.” Luo Feng smiled and reassured.

“I… can I really do it?” Luster Grass was a little nervous and timid.

“Yes,” Luo Feng nodded and said, “If someone will hit you later, you will wave a dandelion, and then, it may die.”

Luster Grass is unconscious.

At this moment, Chu Yang said: “Go ahead.”

Xie Yang’s eyes slightly condensed and said: “Shadow Mantis, you have to give that grass girl a second!”

“This is not only a silver card, but also a crispy nanny, isn’t it difficult to get rid of her in seconds?”

The shadow mantis nodded, and then the silhouette flashed, disappearing into the void.


And in the next moment, Luster Grass suddenly felt a cold back.

It turned around suddenly, and then the clear eyes saw it, the void waved a bit, and a huge shadow mantis appeared in sight.

The shadow mantis stared at Luster Grass, and said with a smile in the corner of his mouth: “Little Sister, this is not your trifling silver card, where you should come!”


In the next moment, the violent Star qi burst out, hiding the sky and covering the earth like Luster Grass.

When the rain is coming, the storm is coming. In front of this huge monster, Luster Grass is like a flat boat in the howling wind and torrential rain, which will be destroyed at any time.

“I, I’m so scared…” Luster Grass had been sparse in the battlefield for a long time, and his heart was trembling, and even his small hands were shaking.

Shadow Mantis pliers lifted up, with a light cyan ray awn emerging on it, the rays of light stretched indefinitely, faintly, there was a disturbing edge coming out.

The air was torn by the azure glow and cut open lazily, showing its amazing lethality.

“Let me take a blood first and make my first contribution!”

It laughed jié jié, and the sharp pliers stab at Luster Grass.


And at this moment, perhaps because of too much tension, Luster Grass shook his small hands undetectably, and a seed flew out of the dandelion and shot into the body of the shadow mantis.

The next moment, the body of the Shadow Mantis suddenly disappeared.

Other star card: “?????”

Bear man: “What about the praying mantis? How invisible?”

Star Cat: “It doesn’t make sense, and no one stops it. With a pair of pliers, Luster Grass will be gone!”

Winged White Sky Tiger: “Did it predict that the enemy would attack it? But no!”

“Shadow Praying Mantis is out of touch! It is not invisible.” The demon fox seemed to think of something, reaching out the fox’s palm and tremblingly pointing to the lingering light around Luster Grass.

“It’s really a second.” Xie Yang muttered, and his heart turned over.

“The trough?!”

4 Everyone was shocked and raised their seats in an uproar. Everyone was watching this scene in disbelief. The Shadow Mantis, was actually seconds?

Seconds? !

You dare to believe that a silver card is seconds?

“How is this possible?”

Xie Yang stared at Luster Grass with a sharp gaze. After a while, she suddenly realized that she looked towards Luo Feng, unable to bear cry out in surprise: “Does your grass have immortal skills?!”

“There is a certain probability that the mantis star card will be killed immediately.”

Luo Feng looked at him quietly and said, “If you think so, I can’t help it.”

As everyone knows, this is a reasonable explanation. After all, Luo Feng has an immortal skill. This is not the first time.

The last time Nezha hit the Flame Dragon warrior with a punch, it is still vivid.

“No wonder they dare to bring a silver card, but how does he know that I will get a praying mantis?” Xie Yang is a little messy.

“Do it quickly.” Luo Feng looked towards Luster Grass, said: “Come on [Green Leaf Harmonize].”

[Green Leaf Harmonize]: Limited skill, Luster Grass can let the skills that require precondition release, immediately release, and upgrade it.

“All right.” Luster Grass sweetly smiled, the dandelion in his hand, pointed to Huang Feng’s Huang Emperor’s Belt.


In the next moment, 4 star cards such as Luster Grass were transformed into a stream of streamer and integrated into Luo Feng within the body.

As a result, Luo Feng 5 card in one, wearing emperor armor, emperor emperor fighting dragon, Ling in the void, glance at the world.

“This is a big move, intending to make a rash wave?” Xie Yang’s eyes narrowed and a grinning smile, said: “However, is it useful?”

Luo Feng looked at the smiling Xie Yang with no expression, and said: “It seems that a praying mantis is dead, and you haven’t taught you anything…”

“You still can’t make it with all the players?” Xie Yang stared at the cold, looked towards the remaining 4 star cards and said, “Who are you going to explore his bottom?”

“Let me put an end to him.” At this moment, the demon fox came out, with the body’s powerful Star qi released like a storm, the Star qi torrent surrounded its body, with an amazing oppression diffused away.

[Demon Fox’s Shock wave]: The demon fox releases a huge shockwave with a formidable power to the target. After releasing the shockwave, there is a 50% chance of releasing the shockwave again.

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