Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 226

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Xie Yang eyes slightly narrowed, the demon fox is actually a star card that looks at the face. Every time the shock wave is released, there is a half probability of continuing to attack. Therefore, if good luck, dozens of shock waves may be released continuously, hitting the opponent to doubt life.

Of course, if you are black, you may only rush once, and there is no follow-up.

Luo Feng looked quietly.

“I will let you know what cruelty is.”

The demon fox held the long sword in his hands, the red light gradually thickened, and the Star qi between Heaven and Earth was crazy Assimilate, the terrifying power was rippling on the sharp sword edge.

An astonishing wave of Star qi began to burst suddenly from his within the body.

“Demon Fox’s Shock wave!”


Under the countless eyes, the thunderous screams, suddenly resounded, Star qi between Heaven and Earth, all gathered on the red long sword.

At the next moment, the demon fox held the long sword and slammed it.

call out!

A fierce shock wave burst from the Chihong long sword and went straight to Luo Feng.


However, the first shock wave has not yet fallen on Luo Feng, and the 2nd shock wave followed closely from behind and burst out.


third wave,

Fourth Wave,

Tú tú sudden!

So everyone saw that there was an unfinished wave and another wave, and shot crazy against Luo Feng.

“It’s okay, this wave is okay.” Xie Yang’s face showed ecstasy. Today is so European, it’s a god to help him win!

“Fuck, this 2 bald guy actually shot nearly 20 times today?” Star Card master in the Western Sanctuary saw it, and there was an outcry. He shot more than 20 times, even if it was 9-star Card Apprentice, I am afraid it might not be enough?

Shell Courtyard Star Card master is worried, especially Su Yang, the old face, is also tense at the moment.

As a result, 20 Demon Fox’s Shock waves landed on Luo Feng, Star qi burst and the smoke filled.

“What are you looking at? All shots together!” Xie Yang looked towards other star cards, said.


At the moment when his voice fell, the remaining 3 star cards were also split, and 3 magnificent Star qi torrents swept out suddenly, whistling from all directions, bombarding Luo Feng, killing him The retreat is blocked.

4 8-star star cards were shot in unison, with great momentum and terrifying.

However, what made everyone a little bit embarrassed is that in the face of this fierce blow that was even enough to hit the 9-star star card, Luo Feng not at all showed no signs of evasion, and still remained expression lightly in place.

“Are you scared stupid?” Xie Yang sneered, saying: “Since you don’t surrender and seek dead end, then you can’t blame others!”


Under that focal point of ten thousands, 4 fierce offensives are like angry dragons going to sea, strikes are in the area where Luo Feng is located.

However, Luo Feng does not have the slightest defensive posture.

“It’s too big!” Ye Xiaomeng’s heart sank, as steady as Xie Yang, without leaving her hand at all, this level of attack, even her, had to evade the edge!

Chu Man, the heart of Mu Qingluan and the others, was raised at the moment.

“Qingluan, this friend of yours, is also too arrogant.” Mu Nanzhi shook the head, eyes fainted, faintly lost.

“Brother Luo Feng is not a reckless person. He must have his intention to do so.” Mu Qingluan bit his silver teeth and defended.

Mu Nanzhi glanced at Qingluan, and his mood was a little complicated. When did his daughter’s elbow begin to turn out?


The smoke and dust dissipated,

The first thing that caught your eye was a deep hole in the earth.

Above that deep pit, Luo Feng was still suspended in the sky quietly. On the surface of his body, the emperor’s armor was filled with bright golden light, even if there was no trace of cracks.

“It’s not broken? How is it possible?!”

Looking at the silhouette of the almost unscathed silhouette, outside the square, there was a sudden uproar.

If it wasn’t for the deep pits under their feet, they even suspected that the Xie Yang star card’s joint attack was actually just an illusion!

Those who took a closer look even found that Luo Feng was not only unscathed, but did not even move.

In other words, the powerful shockwave of the demon fox has not even broken Luo Feng’s defense.

The demon fox’s eyes widened.

Xie Yang’s expression was also a little bit stiff, he was as if he had seen a ghost, and he lost his voice: “impossible, this is impossible!”

“If it was 30 days ago, it was indeed impossible.” Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “But, it was… quite suddenly.”

call out!

Just when Xie Yang and his star card were shocked, Luo Feng’s silhouette appeared like a ghost-like in front of the demon fox. He looked indifferent, and his Aurora Sword, moved towards the latter’s body, stabbed mercilessly.

Xie Yang’s pupil shrinks and says, “Star Cat, possess!”


Star Cat screamed, incarnation touched a streamer, attached to the surface of the demon fox’s body.

[Attachment]: Star Cat can be attached to teammates, increase the HP and attack of teammates, and form a powerful shield.

(The enemy’s attack on his teammates cannot cause damage to Star Cat. When his teammates are killed, Star Cat gets rid of possession.)

So, in front of the demon fox, there was a shield of 5 colors, which looked indestructible.

At the same time, it has also started its own defense.


And at this moment, Luo Feng’s Aurora Sword, without the slightest bells of bells, serene stabbed at the demon fox.

Ka-cha !

The familiar sound of cracking resounded. Only the indestructible shield showed cracks.

The smile of the demon fox gradually disappeared, and a thick terrified look appeared on his face.

It launched the defense, and with the addition of the Star Cat possessor, it still couldn’t stop Luo Feng’s ordinary, ordinary sword?


At the next instant, the body of the demon fox also burst in an instant, and the ashes were flying in the sky.


Star Cat flew out all of a sudden, and there was a deep panic in his eyes, and he was forced to get off just less than ten seconds after being possessed?

Luo Feng’s shot, like in a flash, Xie Yang’s other star card just wanted to rescue, but the battle with the demon fox has ended.

Xie Yang looked at the ashes of the demon fox, and above his face, there was a cold rise that was difficult to contain by malicious stocks.

With a punch, the demon fox was lost in seconds? !

What is the strength of terrifying?

Outside the stadium, it was quiet now.

All the senior members of the Royal Flame Dynasty, super gangsters, deans in Holy Land, Card Master, and apprentices are all astonished expressions. This result seems to be different from what they imagined.

In their view, Luo Feng will not necessarily lose, but at least the early stage will resist pressure, but now, actually crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, one punch?

If the Shadow Mantis had died before, they were still wondering, maybe it was Luster Grass who had an immortal skill, and now the demon fox was stunned in seconds.

There are always impossible and there are instant skills for foxes, right?

“Even if it’s 9-star Card Apprentice, you can’t do one punch…” Chu Man murmured.

Of course, not only her, but all Star Card masters have reacted now.

“You shouldn’t…” Xie Yang stared at Luo Feng with a terrifying eye, a terrifying idea, which came out of his mind as if it were a magic obstacle, lingering.

Luo Feng raised his eyes and smiled at him brightly, saying, “Have you discovered this?”

“I don’t pretend, I showdown!”


As his words fell, an indescribable wave of terrifying Star qi suddenly broke out, grandiose, soaring into the sky!

And at this time, the faces of the Star Card masters inside and outside the stadium, the giants of all parties, and the hospitals all coincided, and an incredible terrified look emerged.

“Card…Card Master realm?”

After a while, the crowd seemed to see a ghost, one after another, a horrified voice, sharply resounded.

“Card Master realm, I go, Luo Feng has soared to Card Master realm?!”

“How is it possible? Amuse me to play. Wasn’t he still a 6-star Card Apprentice a month ago? Didn’t this open so fast?”

“Lying trough hahaha, I don’t know if Xie Yang is confusing?”

“It’s a good show to watch now. Now it seems that it is not yet known who will win the final title!”

4 All shocked!

It’s awesome!

They were still amazed by Xie Yang breakthrough to 8-star before, and this Luo Feng, has already quietly broken through to Card Master realm? !

“Lo Divine Ox!”

The Star Card master in the entire East Saint District, after an instant shock, suddenly burst into a shocking noise, and the morale skyrocketed!

In the Western Holy Land, the flame went out instantly, and each and everyone became dumb.

Mentality burst.

Scalp numbness.

“How is this possible?” Qi Jin and Huang Yichu also looked at each other in blank dismay, dumbfounded, and after a while, they all looked towards Flame Sovereign, and said in unison: “Would he get the legendary Saint blood? “

“Who knows?” Flame Sovereign said.

“One month, even jump Level 4?” King Qi swallowed, it was difficult to remain calm at this moment.

Even Jiang Taiyuan, who has always been calm, looked at the depths of his heart at the moment.

“This and this…” Jiang Chen’s mentality was also a bit deep, his eyes were red, and unable to bear said authentically: “Really, I got that drop of Saint blood?!”

“Damn, why is he so lucky?”

“What are you in a hurry?” Jiang Taiyuan’s eyes flashed slightly, and said, “With his current imposing manner, he can’t make a conclusion.”

“Maybe, this is what he superimposed through a bunch of rising stars buffs?”

Jiang Chen’s complexion only slightly relieved.

It is not without this possibility.

On the field, Xie Yang took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, icily said: “Junior Brother, you really hide.”

“Senior Brother, I’m a steady learner from you.” Luo Feng said with a smile. “It doesn’t make sense to continue. I think you can vote.”

Xie Yang expression suddenly became vigilant and said: “Since you have arrived at Card Master realm, why did you show realm directly at the end of the draw and let me die?”

“Because you make me uncomfortable, I want to make a break with you, otherwise my heart will be difficult, and my thoughts are not accessible.” Luo Feng’s eyes looked down slowly, slowly.

“Is that really the case?” Xie Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly and his mind flashed quickly. Could there be other possibilities?

After careful analysis, a possible result appeared in his mind.

That is Luo Feng now, not really reaching Card Master realm, but a stack of buffs on his body.

He had previously replayed the game between Luo Feng and Qi Muxue, and then discovered that after wearing the God Emperor Battle Armor, Luo Feng’s realm improved by 1-star.

This should be the limited skill of Emperor Battle Armor.

Assuming that other star card’s limited skills also have similar Rising Star Effect, then when all star cards put the rising star’s buff on the same person, his realm will superimpose to a very terrifying point.

This may be the routine of Luo Feng’s trip, pile up routines, put on the same target, and raise a big brother.

Previously these buffs were on Luster Grass, so Luster Grass dropped the night mantis in seconds.

Later, Luo Feng opened the emperor’s armor and merged with the star card. This “big brother” buff was transferred to Luo Feng. Because of this, he was so powerful.

This can also explain why Luo Feng did not reveal realm before the start of the game.

At that time he had not summon out the star card, there was no star card stacked buff, I am afraid that I can not install it, right?

the thoughts got to this point, he was suddenly bright, and there was ecstasy on his face, saying: “I finally understand, you guy, I want to use a variety of buffs to temporarily raise my realm to a terrible level, and then break up My mentality scared me to surrender?”

“Do you read me?”

“Stubborn.” Luo Feng sighed, his eyes suddenly became sharp, and said: “Give you the opportunity, if you don’t cherish, then you can’t blame me!”

In the next moment, the Emperor Battle Dragon roared, and the dragon body roared out, escaping from Xie Yang’s other star cards, and came straight to him!

Although the damage to the Star Card master will be evenly distributed to other star cards, for Luo Feng now, this is exactly an advantage.

As long as he punches Xie Yang, all his star cards will spiral into the sky.

Eliminate the trouble of going to fight with each and everyone.

“This is, Chi Jun?” Xie Yang’s eyes suddenly froze, Star qi surged in his hand, and he didn’t dare to be negligent.

“Star card fits!”

Suddenly, Star Cat, Bear man, Winged White Sky Tiger 3 star cards, instantly melted into a silver liquid, whistling, and wrapped his body in full.

So, under a lot of shocking eyes, Xie Yang was enveloped by silver liquid, and finally turned into a silhouette like a silver battle armor.

A strong killing breath slowly spread from Battle Armor.

And his breath is also rising, soaring to 9-star Card Apprentice.

Admittedly, since Luo Feng’s killing of Junliu, most Star Card masters will bring a fitness skill to protect themselves.

“Sword shield!”

Xiu xiu xiu!

Within the body Star qi surging, densely packed Flying Sword burst out, interweaving and gathering in front of it, and finally, forming a huge shield.

This is his strongest defense.

call out!

In the eyes of many eyes, the emperor’s battle dragon body looked like lightning, directly appeared in front of Xie Yang, and then, 5 fingers fist, punched out.

All Star qi within the body, at this time, blooming bright rays of light, like lava, rushing within the body, and then along the 4 limbs and 100 skeletal bodies, rushing to the fist.

The boxing heart blooms the rays of light, which contains almost destructive power.

In the dark eyes, Luo Feng’s fist was sharply enlarged, and the fist wind passed, making his cheeks tingle.

Then, Xie Yang looked at Luo Feng without fear or humility, and said, “Do you think, I really have no way to take you?”

“Stack buffbig brother flow?”

His eyes suddenly froze, and he roared like thunder: “Purification!”

[Purification]: Limited skills, dispel all buffs on the designated target.


A rays of light dropping from the sky fell on Luo Feng.

His imposing manner narrowed down quickly. Soon, it was reduced from 2 Star Card master to one Star Card master.

Because he is a Star Card master, and the emperor’s armor is an extra star-buff, which allows him to increase 1-star.

“Prepare the original form!” Feeling that Luo Feng’s imposing manner was rapidly decreasing, Xie Yang more agreed with what she was thinking, and secretly rejoiced that Luo Feng had not been scared to surrender directly.

At the same time, the hearts of all the audiences are raised again. They are equally curious. Is it true that as Xie Yang said, Luo Feng’s Card Master realm is just a stack of various rising stars buffs? !

However, at this moment, Luo Feng’s fist with shining golden light fell on Xie Yang’s sword shield.


At the moment of impact, a shocking explosion sounded.

Countless lines of sight, tightly looked towards the collision place, and then all the pupils shrank suddenly.

Ka-cha !

I saw the shield in front of him. At this moment, there was a crack emerging, and it opened at an amazing speed.


At the next moment, burst suddenly.

A face filled with horror was revealed.

Xie Yang looked at Luo Feng with horrified eyes, and his voice trembled, saying: “You… you really broke into Card Master realm?!”

He can feel that after using the purification, Luo Feng’s imposing manner has indeed dropped, but after landing to a Star Card master, he has never continued to fall!

Does that mean that he is genuine’s Card Master powerhouse? !

“Congratulations, you guessed it, reward a punch!”

Luo Feng’s mouth was slightly raised, and the terrifying fist raged open. Then, a relentless punch fell on Xie Yang’s chest.

“I vote…”


mournful scream resounded.

Xie Yang vomited blood violently, and his figure was blasted out with a punch, fiercely smashed on the enchantment, and finally fell to the ground, just like a green onion, inserted on the ground.

After 5 minutes, Xie Yang still did not move at all.

Chu Yang glanced at him coldly, a little helplessly said: “Xie Yang lost the combat capability, this game is over.”

“Congratulations to Luo Feng and Jiang Chen for entering the finals!”

Outside the square, there was silence.

The sun shone, and the scary faces looked extremely funny.

“How is it?” Mu Qingluan looked towards Mu Nanzhi, smiling like a flower, said: “I said I can’t treat him with common sense?”

Mu Nanzhi stared at Luo Feng, shell teeth biting his red lips, pondering for a moment, the streamer appeared in the beautiful eyes, slowly said: “Qingluan, you are right.”

“I, I… did have a little interest in him…”

Mu Qingluan panicked.

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