Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 227

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With the defeat of Xie Yang, the whole Holy Land square was silent. Everyone was staring at this scene with stunned eyes. Even Mu Qingluan’s mother, Mu Nanzhi, was beautiful eyes at the moment, showing brilliant colors.

She stared at Luo Feng, her red lips slightly opened, and slowly said: “Half a year, breakthrough to Card Master realm, this child is really out of the ordinary.”

Mu Qingluan aside, inexplicably agitated, timid and authentic: “Mother, in fact Luo Feng also has many shortcomings…”

“it is good!”

Su Yang suddenly stood up, his face flushed red, tears of tears excitedly, he did not expect to die, his discipline actually broke to Card Master realm!

This is really a big surprise!

Throughout the history of Shell Courtyard, the best result of the Holy Land League is only the top 8.

Now, this newcomer dark horse has sprung up, soaring, and actually reached the final all the way? !

Moreover, it seems that even the champion can go for a dash!

This is undoubtedly a great event for their Shell Courtyard!

On that side, Ye Ming’s face twitched slightly, looking at the silhouette of Luo Feng in amazement, jumping Level 4 a month, cracking a joke?

On the high platform, the smiles on the faces of King Jiang and King Qi gradually solidified.

They met each other at a glance, and the expressions were slightly complicated, and they were not very tasteful.

The two asked themselves that they are all stable people. When Luo Feng or 2-star Card Apprentice just showed some potential threats, they began to lay out and tried to kill them in the bud.

First the sexual entrapment, then the Card King assassination, assassination in the field, Secret Realm targeted, the available methods have been used, but in this case, this guy still survived, and even quickly grew to Card Master realm.


Thinking hard.

Just like Xiaoqiang who can’t die.

“Why is his luck always so good!” Jiang Chen gnashing teeth, handsome face now became cloudy and iron blue.

He stared at Luo Feng on the field, and the killing intent surged in his eyes. In the past, he just regarded Luo Feng as a joke.

Because of trifling 6-star Card Apprentice, his strength is too weak. When he first met, Luo Feng could not even hold his own imposing manner.

But at this moment, he really felt a hint of threat.

“Why, are you afraid?” Jiang Taiyuan stared coldly at Jiang Chen’s state of mind, and said, “If you are really afraid, then I don’t have to continue watching the game. I can just vote. “

Jiang Chen expression gloomy and uncertain, said: “The child just feels that his luck is better.”

“Things have already happened, continue to struggle, there is no point, but it will affect your mentality.” Jiang Taiyuan’s eyes flashed slightly, said: “However, even if it is a Star Card master, what about?”

“He is just now with your same realm, even if your breakthrough is early, realm is better than him, why not?”

Jiang Chen expression only slightly relieved, said: “Royal Father said, I am not afraid of him, just a little jealous of his luck that’s all.”

Outside the stadium, deafening applause sounded, and many boys and girls looked at the teenagers on the field fiercely. Who could have imagined that this unpredictable teenager today has such a miraculous performance…

“Didn’t expect.” Qi Jin eyes slightly narrowed and sighed: “It turns out that it’s a commodity playing the pig to eat the tiger.”

Huang Yichu, the owner of Blazing Valley, was also a little excited, saying: “It seems that it is not yet known who the league champion will spend.”

They all looked towards Flame Sovereign, and prostrate oneself in admiration with admiration for her.

In the past, 2 people had never understood why Flame Sovereign pressed the treasure on Luo Feng and used his resources to train him.

In their view, Ye Xiaomeng and Xie Yang are very good candidates. Their basic realm is already very high. If they cultivate it, they may not compete with Jiang Chen.

Now, they understand.

Flame Sovereign pretty face is indifferent, there is no slight wave from start to finish among the stars.

Hearing the applause outside the field, Luo Feng was slightly smiled. He looked at Xie Yang, who was plugged into the earth, and then his sleeve robe waved. Star qi enveloped the latter and pulled him out.

“Xie Yang Senior Brother, you let me win.” Luo Feng cupped hand to hold fist to him, slightly smiled.

“Junior Brother is really amazing.” Xie Yang’s forehead was surging with blue muscles, and there was a very reluctant smile on his face, but he was scolding in his heart. Would you, motherfucker, make me quietly pretend to die?

Do you have to pull out the whip?

Thinking of the various rumors before the game, his face was hot and painful. He knew clearly that starting today, he might want to become the entire Holy Land, a real joke.

Because this game, perhaps since the entire Holy Land league, without surrendering, ended the fastest game.

“Senior Brother, are you okay?” Luo Feng cast his eyes on him, and said, “Shall I help you?”

“No need, I can go by myself.” Xie Yang moved 3 steps away, limping away from the arena, leaving the world with a back view of the street.

At the same time, Luo Feng put his hands behind his back and slowly moved towards the field.

Feel comfortable,

The idea is accessible.

“Sure enough, in the face of absolute strength, all the bells and whistles are false.” Luo Feng sighed 10000 1000, this is the first time since entering the star card world, so neatly ended the game.

No wonder everyone is working hard to cultivate, trying to enter the higher realm, the original high realm powerhouse, so easy to play the game.

The feeling of punching a child is really cool.

However, Luo Feng not at all is so careless, he knows clearly, then, facing Jiang Chen, who is also a Star Card master, will be a hard fight.

Because of realm, he did not at the slightest advantage, and even broke through to a Star Card master, which was a month later than the former.

In the end, the more trembling with fear, the more vigilant, otherwise, if the failure is successful, it is really regretful for life.

“The younger generations will surpass us in time.” Chu Yang sighed, glancing at the color of appreciation in his eyes.

I still remember that Luo Feng had just entered the Flame Sovereign palace six months ago. At that time, he had no idea what the star card was.

Today, he has reached the finals and is proud of all the proud sons of Holy Land.

Luo Feng looked towards Chu Yang and said: “Dean Chu, it is better to choose a date than to hit the day, or else the finals will be held together today?”

“Otherwise, wait another 24 hours for this one.”

Chu Yang hearing this, also started, said: “Do you need to take a break?”

“I just hammered him three punches, and the game was over. There was no consumption on my body, and naturally I didn’t need to rest.” Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “And, don’t you have a way to make people respond quickly?”

Just after Xie Yang was challenged by Lu An, Chu Yang was a little trick, allowing him to recover completely, and he was in full condition, so he could continue to fight.

Should such a method be used on oneself?

Chu Yang thought for a while and said, “I’m going to ask for Flame Sovereign.”

“Thanks to Dean Chu.” Luo Feng gave a salute to him respectfully, and then moved slowly towards the area where Shell Courtyard was located.

As he walked, he seemed to feel something. He turned his head and looked at the match seat not far away. It just happened to meet Jiang Chen’s line of sight, and there was a chill in each other’s eyes.

“You brat, it really hides.” Su Yang glared with a beard, laughing and scolding.

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully and said, “Isn’t it like to surprise you?”

“Did you get that drop of Saint blood?” Su Yang said.

Luo Feng ordered nodded.

“How did you get it?” Everyone looked curiously.

“I picked it up on the road.” Luo Feng thought about it for a while, and then looked serious.

Everyone: “…”

At this moment, Su Yang expression suddenly coagulated and said: “Since you stepped into Card Master realm, I have a few words to tell you.”

Luo Feng’s eyes lit up and said, “hope to hear the details.”

Su Yang’s eyes flickered, and he thought, “In fact, the battle between Star Card masters is roughly divided into three stages.”

“In the first stage, I don’t know the routines, I don’t know how to cooperate, I rely on the meet force with force between the star cards.”

“In the second stage, I discovered the power of the routine, and every time I battled, I was thinking of holding out the routine. If the routine is formed, it will succeed, but if it is not formed, it will fail.”

“In the third stage, knowing the routine is not limited to the routine, the deck is more flexible, you can adapt to the situation on the court, no must ask which star card is the core, so that even if the star card is killed, it can be quickly adjusted to form a new Play.”

Su Yang’s voice was paused, saying: “You have a good innate talent, and soon entered the second stage, and applied this stage vividly and thoroughly, which is really good.”

“But, you should also find that this actually takes a lot of risk, right?”

Luo Feng nodded, if you want to set a routine, you really have to try one’s luck often. If the core star card of the routine is beheaded, then the routine will naturally not be broken and cannot be formed.

For example, like unlimited firepower, the formidable power after molding is very strong, but it is too strong, and it is a bit wasteful. In fact, there is no need for unlimited summon, dozens of summon, and the game is almost over.

Moreover, it is difficult to form, and it needs several star cards to cooperate. Once a loop fails, the entire routine system will collapse.

Therefore, as he grows, this molding is difficult, and the wasted lineup after molding will be gradually eliminated.

The more you go up, everyone is smart and knows what you want to do, so it will definitely be blocked like 100, and will not let the latter’s routines take shape.

Therefore, under such circumstances, the fast-paced, small reversal, high fault tolerance card lineup will undoubtedly become the mainstream and more popular.

Su Yangdao: “In the battle of high-level Star Card masters, there can be no routines, but this is not to say that the higher the battle, the simpler it is, but the requirements for the style of play are getting higher and higher.”

Luo Feng knows that, like he used to, he can’t be considered too brilliant, or even very simple, just to come up with a routine, and then no matter how others play, he keeps his head blank.

Hold it out and win.

It’s just good luck, every time I succeeded.

Therefore, he still has a long way to go.

“I have studied Jiang Chen’s game, he is good at this kind of play, and specializes in all kinds of bells and whistles.” Su Yang eyes slightly condensed, said: “So, if you want to prepare for the routine, then do it well Preparations that the routine cannot be released.”

“This final should be a hard fight.”

“It seems that I really have to change my mind about this final.” Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, thinking about the final lineup.

Fahai is definitely going.

Not to mention anything else, the strong quality of Gold 3-star, there is no reason not to play.

Uzumaki Renwa is also coming, this is a very functional assassin.

As for the other 3 star cards…

And just when he was thinking, Chu Yang’s vigorous voice was sounded from the field.

“Next, start the finals!”

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