Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 228

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The voice fell, everyone was started, originally planned to pack up and leave, but the finals now began?

“Huh, isn’t the finals tomorrow? How can it start now?”

“It’s estimated that it’s too soon to see that both of them are over, but that’s fine, you can watch it all at once.”

“My God, I am looking forward to two Star Card masters participating in the finals. This is unheard-of!”

“However, Luo Feng’s style of play has always been in the 2nd Stage, let him countless changes, I suffocated, but this style of play, encountered Jiang Chen who is proficient in 3rd Stage, I am afraid it may not work.”

“Yes, that Jiang Chen may not be be trifled with, there is a good show today.”

With the voice of Dean Chu Yang falling, the whole Holy Land square suddenly boiled.

Everyone is overwhelmed by emotions, Bloodline Ben Zhang, I thought there is no suspense today, the champion must be something in Jiang Chen’s pocket, but who can think of this guy Luo Feng, actually broke through to the Card Master quietly realm?

Moreover, he did not reveal the realm before the game, and Xie Yang was overcast.

In the eyes of many eyes, Jiang Chen and Luo Feng moved towards the arena.

One is the long-known Holy Land overlord.

One is the newcomer dark horse.

“Finally until today.” Luo Feng glanced at the blazing hot, exhausted the untold hardships, and finally arrived here.

His eyes squinted suddenly, because in the other direction, Jiang Chen, who had hit the golden robe, came slowly.

Before the person arrives, the massive killing intent has assaulted the senses.

At the focal point of ten thousands, Jiang Chen stood up, long hair shawls down, eyes pitch-black as ink, looked at the latter indifferently, said: “To be honest, I really did not expect that I am too lazy to look at you, but now I have reached this step…”

“Now, I really regret it. If I had more snacks, I might have saved many of today’s troubles.”

“However, your footsteps should stop here.”

Jiang Chen’s tone is indifferent, as if Luo Feng’s fate has been in his hands, let him take hold of it.

Previously in Heaven Rising Vestige, he repeatedly resorted to tactics and wanted to abolish Luo Feng, but failed to make a difference, which made him completely impatient.

Now, this game may be the last intersection between the two of them.

“That’s not necessary.” Luo Feng has no face, deep in his heart, cold glow circulates, said: “I’ve heard all the way along, like this, I don’t know how much, but now I am not good?”

“Oh?” Jiang Chen glanced at a playful taste and said, “Do you think that those miscellaneous fish are also comparable to me?”

On the field, two people met, sparks and killing intent appeared at the same time.

“Okay, stop talking.” Chu Yang interrupted the words of two people and said, “Prepare for a bright card.”

In Holy Land Square, all eyes are gathered, and everyone with a clear eye is clear. The ultimate duel between Luo Feng and Jiang Chen may cause a turmoil in the Royal Flame Dynasty.

Luo Feng frowned, just Su Yang’s words, so that he still has endless aftertaste.

All his previous battles, seemingly bells and whistles, infinite firepower, infinite moves, killing Sect, etc., in fact, in the final analysis, are in the second stage.

No matter what routines others play, when they start fighting, they are silently holding back their routines. If they succeed, they win.

Although he has not failed, but there is no lack of luck, some key star cards have not been slashed, this can be formed.

This kind of Sect, which is difficult to form and a little waste after molding, is indeed not suitable for high-end offices.

After all, the finals have to be steady, otherwise, if they fail, they will give up their efforts.

He wants to prepare a lineup that can cope with various situations, even if some of the star cards are beheaded, he can quickly adjust to form a new routine.

Luo Feng thought about it, and besides Fahai and Uzumaki Renwa, he decided to be an Iron Man.

Why go to him?

The limited skill of Iron Man is that when 3 gems are collected, the enemy can be randomly killed by half.

When 6 jewels are collected, Iron Man can choose to let himself evolve or sacrifice himself to resurrect all his own star cards.

Such a star card can increase the team’s fault tolerance, and at the same time can change the style of play according to the situation on the field.

The fourth one is the last one.

The skin god hurts the foot and has a strong function, the key is still a long-range.

As for the last one, Luo Feng thought about it and planned to be Meng Wang.

There is [Predator] this mechanism that can devour enemy skills, which means that Meng Wang is the star card that can adjust the rhythm and change the style of play at any time.

You can play new routines based on the skills it devours.

Like the infinite moves of the past, Luo Feng not at all wanted to make this one, and he was not able to do so. It was a few key skills that Meng Wang devoured, which gave him hope.

Such a lineup may not show too amazing a routine, but it is extremely flexible, there are many small routines, and it can adjust the rhythm according to the battlefield situation at any time.

Fahai’s golden bowl has a chance to conquer the other’s star card.

Uchiha Pikachu’s master ball also has a chance to conquer the opponent’s star card.

Meng Wang can devour the enemy star card skills.

In this case, he has a lot of extra skills and can even use the enemy’s routines to fight the enemy.

At this moment, referee Chu Yang started the countdown:




“Bright card!”


In the next moment, in front of 2 people, the rays of light flashed, and 5 star cards burst out.

Luo Feng’s star cards: Meng Wang, Iron Man, Uzumaki Renwa, Fahai, Uchiha Pikachu.

Luo Feng looked at Jiang Chen’s star card:

The first to catch the eye is the rabbit and Buddha.

Immediately afterwards, there is a toad, but the toad has a relatively large mouth and looks like a dark abyss, called the large-mouthed toad.

The third one is a humanoid bladder, which is full of cyan, and is called the green fighter.

The fourth, wearing a white robe, wearing a high hat, holding a strange rune in his hand, named Onmyouji.

The fifth one is an elf archer with a long bow and a back arrow.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, staring at the lineup opposite, sinking into contemplation.

Large-billed toad, skin is rough, flesh is thick, may be an aid.

But the mouth, dark as an abyss, deep and unmeasurable, seems to have a strong offensive.

Rabbit Buddha, rabbit in Buddhism, should be positioned the same as Fahai.

Green Jiao warrior, no doubt the warrior.

Onmyouji, holding rune, should be a remote mage.

The elf shooter, as the name suggests, is a shooter.

“It looks plain, why, Brain Zero is exhausted, can’t I get a new star card?” Jiang Chen glanced at Luo Feng’s star card and teased.

“However, I have!”


With his voice falling, the next moment, on the huge field, suddenly the rays of light flickered and turned into a dense forest!

The ancient wood in the forest is towering and the mist is misty, revealing an indescribable mysterious.

In this dense jungle, there are 3 roads: upper road, middle road, and lower road.

Every day on the road, there is a huge defensive tower.

And at this moment, Luo Feng was startled, and only a huge message came to his mind:

Canyon scene rules:

1. The canyon is divided into 3 roads, each of which has a defensive tower on both sides. The defensive tower has good damage. When entering a certain range of the enemy’s defensive tower, it will be shot by the defensive tower.

2. At the beginning of the game, all star card skills are blocked and only one ordinary skill is awakened.

3. Each defense tower will summon 5 minions every minute. Minions have a certain HP. Every time you kill 1 minions, the star card will gain a skill point, thus awakening a new skill, limited skills can only be Only then can you awaken.

4. In addition to the high, middle and low 3 roads, the other areas in the canyon are called wild areas. There are big wild monsters and small wild monsters in the wild area. When killing ten small wild monsters or one big wild monster, you will also get one Skill points.

5. When going down the defense tower, there will be an extra summon 3 minions every minute, so it is recommended that one star card go up the road, one star card go down the middle road, two star cards go down the road, and one star card goes down the wild area.

6. Only leave the protection area of ​​his defensive tower before he can make up his troops.

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