Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 229

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Feeling the information in his mind, Luo Feng’s eyes suddenly became interesting, this scene skill, Interesting.

Admittedly, the existence of this mechanism requires that the star card must be divided into 4 roads: upper road, middle road, lower road, and wild area.

Because the opening skills are almost all blocked, and the awakening skills must be supplemented. If all go all the way, the soldiers are not enough points, and everyone cannot quickly awaken the skills.

This scene skill, like the Zuan stage, seems to be fair to both parties, but the owner of the scene can undoubtedly play more operations based on the familiarity with the scene.

“Fahai, you go on the road.”

“Uchiha Pikachu, you go to the middle road.”

“Uzumaki Renwa, you clean up the wild monsters, and you are ready to support the other 3 ways at any time.”

“Iron Man and Meng Wang, you are responsible for going down the road.”

Iron Man looked at the round Meng Wang, his face bitter, and said: “I am responsible for output, how about you?”

But he knew that Meng Wang, this guy, had no battle strength in the early days.

Meng Wang blinked and said, “ying ying ying, I am in charge of selling cute.”

Looking at this scene, Luo Feng thought about it and said, “Iron Man, you go down alone, Meng Wang, you and Uzumaki Renwa go to the wild area to grow up in the wild.”

Meng Wang is a star card that can be strengthened by swallowing. Before the death of other star cards, its battle strength is almost negligible.

Therefore, if you are online, you will soon be exposed to timidity, and then you will be targeted at every level. You have no chance to even recruit soldiers, you can only shrink under the tower.

After all, as mentioned in the map introduction, you can only make up your troops if you leave the protection area of ​​the defensive tower.

However, if you live in the wilderness and do not directly line with people, it will give people a sense of deterrence.

The star card in the wild area, in addition to the skill upgrades of the monsters eating the wild area, the more important task is to be ready to emerge at any time to support teammates on other roads.

For example, one hit on the road, the assassin suddenly jumped out, two hit one, and then the opponent had to shrink the defense tower, losing a wave of soldiers.

Meng Wang is not an assassin and cannot be caught in the wild.

However, it can give a deterrent.

Because if you have 2 star cards in the wild area, be ready to catch people at any time, the star card on the other party’s line will trembling with fear, and dare not to let go and fight, afraid of being caught.

Iron Man frowned, said: “But, the other side is 2 star cards, I hit 2 for a while, can’t it?”

Luo Feng nodded, his eyes flashed, said: “It is not feasible, so we have to play Sao Tao.”

At this time, the system sound without emotion is sounded:

“The soldiers have 3 minutes to reach the battlefield, ready to fight.”

Jiang Chen’s star card, quite satisfactory:

Rabbit Buddha went to the road.

The Qingjiao soldiers went to the wild area.

Onmyouji went to the middle road.

Big mouth toad and elf archer went down the road.

The Star Card master outside the Holy Land square has a God perspective and can see the movement of each star card.

But the Star Card master in the field can only see what his star card can see.

At this moment, all Star Card masters are seen. Luo Feng’s star card, not at all, is divided into 4 lanes, but the firepower is fully on, and the speed is urged to the extreme. Soon, he reached the next defense tower. Grass.

“What do they want to do?”

Everyone is confused.

At this moment, the big-mouthed toad and the elven archer bounced and came to the bottom.

Elf shooter: “Hey, they haven’t arrived yet.”

Toad toad: “Hahaha, it is estimated that this is the first time I have seen such a map. I don’t know how to get there. Are you lost?”

The elf archer thought for a while and said, “Since they haven’t come yet, not equal to me, are they overcast?”

“We first hid in the grass and waited for them to come, then suddenly got out of the grass and killed them completely unprepared, how?”

The big-mouthed toad lit up and said, “Okay!”

So, the elf shooter quietly drilled into the grass.

However, at the next moment, a scene that made it unforgettable for life will appear.

I saw 5 star cards jumping out of the grass, and at the same time, a long brewing offensive, assaults the senses.

“This and this…” The elves archers were shocked, they didn’t go their own way, all squatted down the grass under the road what the hell? !

“Laser gun!”

Iron Man right hand lifted, palm pointing at it, a fierce laser burst out, and shot at the elf shooter.


Fahai typed a swastika talisman seal.


Uzumaki Renwa’s palm urged by Star qi, a Rasengan quickly formed.


Uchiha Pikachu’s tail flicked, Star qi turned into an electric ball and threw it at the elf shooter.

“Ying ying ying …”

Meng Wang had no attack skills, so he called and cheered his teammates.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

As a result, everyone saw that at the beginning of the game, the elf archer was rubbed by 5 star cards ambushed by Luo Feng and pressed against the grass to rub!

The audience’s eyes widened and they felt suffocated, saying, “Is there such an operation?”

“Hahaha, ask for the shadow area in the elf’s heart.”

“Laughing to death.”

“What kind of routine?!” Jiang Chen was a little stunned, and thought that with the new scene card, Luo Feng must have chosen a conservative and stable style of play because he was unfamiliar with the scene.

But, who can think of this guy, starting straight and going down the road, and then hiding in the grass under the shade?

The elf shooter is very uncomfortable. At the beginning, there was only one attack skill, and the displacement skill was not awakened. Therefore, it was difficult to get out of it because it was hit by 5 people.

The big-mouthed toad saw that the situation was far from good, opened his mouth, swallowed the elven shooter into his stomach, and then ran under the defensive tower against the fierce offensive of the people.

Luo Feng looked towards Iron Man, said: “Old Iron, you should be able to fight for a while now?”

“It’s no problem!” Iron Man looked slightly happy. He hadn’t been able to do it with a dozen of the previous two.

However, the elf shooter was beaten up by fat and was in poor condition, which created a good development environment for him.

In the early stage, it can still be carried.

“Then go online on your own,” Luo Feng said.

So, everyone.

At this moment, the soldier walked out of the defensive tower.

2 The soldiers of the two sides fought together.

As long as you hit the soldiers for the last click, they will be considered as soldiers.

The elf shooter was hammered at the start, and did not slow down for a while, feeling nervous, so he shrank under the tower and dared not come out to make up his troops.

As a result, Iron Man feels at ease to fill his troops, as steady as an old dog.

Meng Wang and Uzumaki Renwa got into the grass.

The wild area is divided into 2 wild areas: the enemy wild area and our wild area.

2 The number of monsters in Fangye District is the same.

However, there is a problem at this time, that is Luo Feng has 2 star cards in the wild area.

The resources in the wild area are limited. If you have finished playing, it is just enough to awaken all the skills of a star card.

Therefore, the resources are definitely not enough to eat 2 star cards.

Jiang Chen calmed her mind and said, “Don’t be greedy, don’t be too far away from your defensive tower, don’t fight with them, and just rest assured.”

“They have 2 people in the wild area, and the wild monsters are definitely not enough to eat, so our family’s green Jiao warriors must develop faster than them.”

“So, as long as the skills of the Green Jiao Warrior are fully awakened, and then come to help you catch, we are stable.”

Many star cards are nodded. If you fight now, the people in the 2 wild areas opposite will emerge and form 3 packs 3 or 2 packs 1. You must be able to fight.

Therefore, as long as you avoid war, you just need to wait for the Qingjiao soldiers to clear the field quickly.

Ueno District.

At this moment, the Qingjiao fighters are playing wild monsters.

This is a big monster in the wild area.

If you kill it, you can directly get a skill point, which is equivalent to killing ten minions.

Of course, it is also difficult to fight because of the relatively high returns, and the monster’s HP is very high.


Uzumaki Renwa and Meng Wang are also playing big monsters at the moment.

“2 people, the monsters are not enough…” Uzumaki Renwa was in deep contemplation, thinking for a moment, looked towards Meng Wang, and said: “Meng Wang, I will eat this big monster, we will give you the remaining little monsters in our wild area good or not?”

“Boom?” Meng Wang saphire blue’s eyes blinked, and the rest was for himself. What should it do?

So, with the joint efforts of 2 cards, the monsters played quickly, and soon they were residual blood.

Uzumaki Renwa clicked one last time, and saw rays of light flashing, with one more skill point.

It thought for a while and awakened the skill [Flying Thunder God].

“Okay, Meng Wang, then you play slowly.” Uzumaki Renwa’s eyes glowed green, and said, “I’m going to the wild area opposite.”

Since there are not enough resources for 2 star cards in your wild area, go to the wild area of ​​your enemy’s home to develop!

At this moment, the Qingjiao soldiers were still in the wild area, playing the monsters.

Because there is only one person playing, it is natural to play slowly.

At the same time, it communicates with Divine Consciousness on the road to the Buddha: “Buddha, please seduce the monk. When I finish playing this monster and awaken the second skill, I will help you catch a wave.”

Rabbit Buddha: “Good.”

So, the rabbit Buddha began to evoke.

Therefore, the Qingjiao warriors were fighting hard, fighting, and seeing, the bloodline of the wild monster will be bottomed out.

call out!

But at this moment, a bitter whistling came into its vision.

Then, Uzumaki Renwa’s figure suddenly appeared.

Qingjiao warrior complexion slightly changed. This guy didn’t clean up the monsters in his wild area. What are he doing here? !


Uzumaki Renwa palm Star qi surging, a huge Rasengan has long been condensed into shape, shot towards the monster.


Rasengan fell and killed the monster. Uzumaki Renwa gained skill points again, awakening the third skill!

Awakening Skill [Shadow Clone Technique]!

The wild monster was robbed!

The eyes of the Qingjiao warrior suddenly became blood red, and the qi mentality burst. It was finally beaten for a long time, and it was about to be killed. Was it actually robbed by this guy? !

“you are courting death !”

Star qi surging around it, coming straight to Uzumaki Renwa!

At the same time, Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed and said, “It is now, Uzumaki Renwa, come up with all your strength, go!”

“Fuck it!”

Uzumaki Renwa tapped the ground with her toes and flew out of the figure, heading straight for the Qingjiao soldiers.

“Uzumaki Renwa, the technique of Shadow Clone!”

Uzumaki Renwa body moved, and then all the audience saw that ten Uzumaki Renwa suddenly appeared, holding the suffering of showing off one’s ability, and went straight to the Qingjiao warrior.

Green Jiao warrior brows slightly wrinkle, it can’t tell who is true and who is fake, and it can also be seen that Uzumaki Renwa is an assassin star card, which is extremely explosive.

If you are poked a few times, the consequences will be disastrous.

“Since it is not clear who is true and who is false, you can only kill you all!”

The Qingjiao warrior complexion slightly changed, take a deep breath, the violent Star qi rushed in along with his nose, an amazing wave of Star qi, crazy gathering.


The next moment, a huge column of water burst out of its mouth.

The water column hiding the sky and covering the earth is like a angry dragon coming out of a hole and spraying out thinly, wherever the air seems to be frozen!

The temperature of this space has dropped a lot at once.

Soon, the monstrous water column covered all ten Uzumaki Renwa.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The moment of contact, Uzumaki Renwa’s avatar exploded!

Soon, the real Uzumaki Renwa appeared under the focal point of ten thousands.

However, in the face of the monstrous water column of this assaults the senses, Uzumaki Renwa had no fear.


Its eyes are slightly condensed, within the body Star qi, continuously moving towards the bitter Supreme in his hands, converging away.

With the influx of Star qi, the bitter Supreme rays of light flourish, and it seems to have grown a lot longer.

call out!

At the same time, vortex held the bitterness, moved towards the exploding water column, and crossed it out.


The water column sprayed from the sky, under the sorrowless barrier, actually moved towards 2 like waves, spreading out, leaving a human-shaped passage!

At this moment, Uzumaki Renwa tapped the ground with his toes and flew out of the figure, marching all the way through the split humanoid passage, and headed straight for the Qingjiao warrior!

The jet-blown Qingjiao warrior shrank his pupils suddenly at this time, because it was shocked to see that a silver light came from the huge water column.

Wherever the silver light is, the water column was torn apart!

“How can it be?!”

The Qingjiao warrior was shocked and lost his voice, and his heart turned over the river and the sea. Whenever it sprayed water, others were afraid to avoid it.

Now, this human-shaped frog is not going back, but splitting a path in this fierce water column and killing himself?

“Fuck it!”

next moment, Uzumaki Renwa right hand clenching fists, palms entwined, imposing manner fierce, fiercely moved towards Qingjiao warrior abdomen!


Then everyone saw that the Qingjiao warrior was completely unprepared, his figure flew out, and fiercely fell to the ground!

“Fuck it!”

Uzumaki Renwa, a Flying Thunder God, came to the Green Jiao Warrior, gathered Star qi in his palm, and was a Rasengan, about to form a cohesion!

“Oh my god…”

Qingjiao warrior burst his scalp, it suddenly calmed down, he currently has only one skill!

How to fight Uzumaki Renwa with 3 skills?

As a result, it quickly accelerated its pace and fled towards the nearest road defense tower.

As long as you hide under the defensive tower, it will be safe for the time being!

At this moment, hit the road.

The rabbit and the Buddha who are facing Fahai, heard the sound of the wind breaking in the depths of the nearby trees.

“Are you finally here?”

Rabbit Buddha’s heart is slightly happy, and there is white mist around it. Unless the Star Card master tells the situation, it will not see the wild area.

Because, in its view, the Qingjiao warrior has finished fighting the monsters to help him catch people.

As long as the Qingjiao fighters help him a wave, he does not seek to kill Fahai, but at least he is forced to be under the tower, so he can’t make up his troops.

As long as Fahai misses a wave of soldiers, then he can lead him by one skill, so that Fahai can’t beat himself, so the next wave of soldiers can’t eat it.

So slowly snowballed, in the end, his own snowball rolled up, and Fahai may not awaken a skill, only to shrink under the defense tower.

This is the charm of the canyon map.

call out!

At the next moment, the Green Jiao Warrior flew out of the depths of the forest and whistled at it.

“Save, save lives!”

Rabbit Buddha: “???

big brother, didn’t you come to help me?

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