Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 230

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call out!

At this moment, just listening to the sound of the wind breaking, the Qingjiao soldiers suddenly emerged from the vast white fog, murderous-looking, and roared.

The whole body Star qi is diffuse, the imposing manner is amazing.

Fahai was startled. Did this guy come to catch himself so quickly?

After a period of time, he now understands the mechanism of this canyon map.

All of your skills are blocked. If you want to awaken your skills, you must kill the soldiers.

If you want to kill the soldiers, you can’t shrink under the tower, because the rules say that you can only make up the soldiers if you leave the protection area of ​​your own defense tower.

Under such circumstances, if the enemy assassins come to catch themselves, they may not necessarily kill themselves, but they will force them to defend and shrink under the tower, so they cannot recruit troops and cannot awaken new skills.

Slowly, fall into weakness.

However, when the Qingjiao soldiers passed by Fahai, they didn’t even look at the latter, and they sundered into their own defensive towers.

Fahai: “?”

“Big brother, what do you mean?” Rabbit Buddha was a little bit irritated and said angrily, “You’re good to come and help me catch people. Why don’t you hit him?”

The Green Jiao Warrior Wei Nuo Nuo said, “I, I don’t have the skills, how to catch it? Now there is only one skill that comes with it.”

“?????” Rabbit Buddha was puzzled, and said: “big brother, you have been painting wild monsters in the wild area for so long, haven’t even awakened a skill?”

“You give you Spirit Mushroom in the wild area!”

The Green Jiao warrior lowered his head and grumbled: “You may not know that my wild monster was robbed by the opposite frog.”

“I only have one skill, but I can’t beat it. Should you help me?”

“I help you?” The rabbit Buddha was less than one, and asked coldly: “Do you think I’m in good condition now? Brother, I only have 2 skills now.”

“Help you to catch people with wild monsters, don’t you eat these waves?”

If the creep is not killed, it will not survive forever, stacking the number, but will disappear directly after a certain period of time.

Therefore, if you don’t eat it in time, you will lose a lot.

The Qingjiao soldier thought for a while and said, “Go catch it, and I will help you eat soldiers.”

Rabbit Buddha wants to beat people a bit, you listen, do people say anything?

“I’m catching you m, you are hiding slowly under the tower, I’m going out to help the soldiers.”

“Don’t go out!” Green Jiao warrior pointed to the grass beside him, and panic appeared in his eyes, said: “It just came with me, maybe squatting you next to the grass.”

“If you go out to fill the soldiers, it will jump out of the grass and hit you with the monk.”

“And I was just beaten up, there is no state, if they beat you, I can’t help you.”

“Okay.” Rabbit Buddha has no choice but to be helpless, unable to fight a dozen 2 and can only hide under the defensive tower.

His eyes were red, and he looked at the wave of soldiers outside the defense tower, blood loss!


However, Uzumaki Renwa not at all squatted the grass as the green warrior thought.

It never even came.

But after the Green Jiao Warrior ran away, he turned and continued to drill into the wild area, brushing its wild monsters wildly.

When Fahai saw it, he was also aware of it, daring to make up his troops, and even close to the enemy’s defense tower.

Such a move made Rabbit and Buddha more convinced that someone was squatting in the grass, otherwise, how dare Fahai be so bold?

If no one is in the vicinity, how dare he jump in front of himself?

After a few minutes of such stalemate, the rabbit and the Buddha felt wrong, so hiding under the tower all the time was not the way.

So, its head iron, Star qi surging all around, directly drilled into the grass beside, and then found that Uzumaki Renwa is not here at all!

I was acted on!

Rabbit Buddha was a little angry, and he turned around and looked at the green warrior under the tower and said, “What are you doing hiding here? Go!”

Green Jiao Warrior: “Don’t you let me come…”

Rabbit Buddha: “I let you catch people, I let you shrink the tower?”

“Don’t come on the road, please, get out!”

“Okay.” The Qingjiao soldier walked out from under the tower with his mouth open, Star qi surging, and a monstrous column of water burst out.

Fahai brows slightly wrinkle, thinking that the Qingjiao warrior was about to spray himself, and quickly opened his formation to enter a defensive state.


The fierce water column burst out, however, it not at all sprayed at Fahai, but at the side soldiers!

The water column fell, and the five soldiers were directly killed.

Immediately afterwards, it leapt into the wild.

“I tm… explode!” The rabbit’s spirit of Qi burst, and his red eyes were red at the moment.

This teammate, even if he didn’t help himself to catch people, he just ate his soldiers and cleared his skills?

5 creeps is half a skill!

“Come on the road again, I will kill you!”

It looked towards the back of the Qingjiao warrior, roaring angrily.

Luo Feng looked at it quietly. This canyon map is really interesting.

This canyon map is not a scene card, but a character’s own scene skill, similar to Xiao Yan’s Zu’an stage.

The scene skill, because it is only a skill, so itself is too offense, but it can fit your own star card.

If you change to someone else, you may not even understand what the scene map is, and trembling with fear all the way, was targeted by Jiang Chen to death.

But he is different. In this scene, he sees rotten on Earth…unyielding silver is white?

At this moment, Uzumaki Renwa of 3 skills, got into the wild area of ​​the green warrior, and continued to clean up the small monsters.

I am invincible in the wild area!

The Green Jiao Warrior was a little depressed. He looked at his plump wild area, but he dared not go because Uzumaki Renwa was definitely there.

It’s uncomfortable to have a home that can’t return

“Star Card master, me, what should I do now…” It was a little confused and asked Jiang Chen for help.

Jiang Chenqi didn’t hit one place, and rebuked like a thunder: “Are you a fool? Since it is in your wild area, then you go to its wild area!”

Green Jiao warrior said: “But, does it also have a star card in the wild area…”

Jiang Chen: “Relax, I have studied, this star card is useless, don’t be afraid.”

“After research, this star card is a developmental star card, it does not have any offensive skills, it is a late star card.”

“Oh.” Green Jiao warrior hearing this ecstatic, said: “Since it is a star card in the later period, otherwise I will cut it down, otherwise it will be difficult to deal with it after the later period.”

Jiang Chen hooked the head and said, “There is no need, first of all you now, powerless to defend himself, no one can beat him.”

“Secondly, I have studied its game. It relies on the skills of devouring star card to die, so as to develop itself, which is to add buff to yourself. In a sense, it is also a big brother.”

“To deal with my big brother, I’m too good.”

“Okay.” The Qingjiao soldiers heard this, his confidence suddenly soared, and Star qi surging on his feet rushed into Luo Feng’s wild area.

At the moment, Meng Wang is screaming and eating a monster.

But at this moment, it faintly felt that there was solemn killing aura in the vast white fog around.

Then again, the Tall and Strong Green Jiao fighters rushed in.

Meng Wang heart startled, the twitching action in his mouth stopped abruptly.

“You, what kind of duck are you going to do?” Meng Wang was a little scared, shiver coldly.

“Little bastard, these wild monsters are you worthy of eating?” Green Jiao warrior grinned sternly, and lifted his right foot violently, as if playing a ball, kicking towards Meng Wang.

“Go and go!”


As a result, the weak and helpless Meng Wang was kicked and kicked across the sky like a parabola, and finally landed.

“Ying ying ying …” Meng Wang rolled around on the ground, feeling anxious and angry.

Although I have now awakened 2 skills [Predator] and [100 Change], it still has no attack power.

[Predator]: Whenever a star card is killed on the spot, Meng Wang checks all unqualified skills of the star card and learns 2 of them.

[100 Change]: Meng Wang can be transformed into any target, possesses the appearance of the target, but does not possess the ability of the target.

“what can we do about it…”

Meng Wang bounced around on the ground and fell into contemplation. Soon, his eyes blinked, and a bold thought appeared in his mind.

smacking the lips.

At this moment, the Qingjiao warrior was playing a small monster, but at this moment, there were footsteps behind him.

It didn’t look back, lazily said: “I let you get away, are you looking for a fight if you don’t?”

However, in response to it, there is a “bash!” that contains murderous aura

Hearing this, the Green Jiao Warrior was also started, suddenly turned around, and immediately afterwards, his eyes suddenly shrank.

Because of the sight, Uzumaki Renwa!

“Fuck, didn’t this guy go to my wild area?”

Looking at the Uzumaki Renwa filled with killing intent. The Qingjiao warriors were so scared that all the dead souls were frightened.

If all of its skills are available, you don’t have to worry about this Uzumaki Renwa.

However, it has only one skill now!

Kill a big monster to gain a skill point.

You can also get a skill point by killing ten minions or ten small monsters.

I just ate 5 soldiers on the road, and now I have cleared 2 small monsters, and the total is only 7 and less than ten. Therefore, today, it still has only one skill!


The Qingjiao warrior did not hesitate, turned around and fled, and soon disappeared into the vast white mist.

After it was gone, Uzumaki Renwa’s appearance gradually changed, and in the end, it became a round Meng Wang.

Meng Wang was relaxed as a relief, saying: “ying ying ying, scared the baby.”

Just now it used the skill [100 Change Monster] to transform into Uzumaki Renwa, which scared away the Qingjiao Warrior.

this move,

Wolong Zhuge taught it,


Fake Ninja Frog stunned the True Green Jiao.

“This guy didn’t go to the wild area of ​​my house.”

The Qingjiao warriors ran grievously, but they were not unhappy, because that means that their wild areas can still be exploited.

So, it walked across the vast forest, moved towards its own wild area.

“Fuck it!”

The familiar frogs sounded again.

The familiar Uzumaki Renwa, reappears in sight.

“I…fuck, why do you have your silhouette everywhere?!”

The Qingjiao soldiers were scared again and again.


Uzumaki Renwa’s eyes were cold, and the amazing Star qi screamed, directly turning into a Star qi light ball wrapped around the wind and thunder.

Fiercely patted the green warrior.


The Qingjiao warrior spit a mouthful of blood, but he had no intention of being in line with it, suddenly turned around, and fled without looking back.

Uzumaki Renwa divine sense moved, summon out ten avatars, all over the wild.

As a result, every few steps the Green Jiao Warrior saw a Uzumaki Renwa.

surrounded by enemies,

Enemies on the belly.

“Ahhh, I’m going crazy!”

The Green Jiao Warrior is very ignorant, the entire wild area, Uzumaki Renwa everywhere, in the big game field, there is no place for it to stand an inch!

Ninja frog has become its nightmare!

As he walked, he scolded: “Master Stupid, nmsl, has to bring a scene skill, not only does it not affect the enemy, but it crashes me, cao!”

Collapse, the opening collapsed.

At the same time, the Star Card master outside the Holy Land Square also saw the situation of the Green Jiao Warriors. They weren’t the first time they saw the canyon map, and the general rules were clear to them.

Therefore, they are very clear about what kind of situation the current green warrior is.

Suddenly, one after another the sound of discussion, self-considered resounded on the table.

“The situation is not good for Jiang Chen. Uzumaki Renwa is act wilfully in his wild area. If the high, middle and low 3 star cards come to help the Qingjiao soldiers, then the line will lose soldiers… uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, before the awakening of all skills, the thing of soldiers is really too important.”

“If you manage, you will lose your soldiers. If you don’t care, the Qingjiao warriors will collapse.”

“Jiang Chen’s scene skill is something. How does it feel like it was tailored for Luo Feng?”

“This Qingjiao warrior has only one skill and a little show until now.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Jiang Chen, his eyes somewhat taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, which is considered to be, lifting a stone and hitting his own foot?

“So, why should Jiang Chen come up with this scene skill? The finals can’t be more stable, must be engaged in these bells and whistles?” King Qi’s heart pounding, his face a little ugly, if this is not the son of Jiang Taiyuan, he even doubts , Jiang Chen is acting himself.

“Nmd, why?!” Jiang Chen’s expression gloomy and uncertain, his fists clenched tightly, and only when he really dealt with Luo Feng, he realized that this guy was difficult and disgusting.

Obviously it is the scene skill that he brings, used to match his own lineup, how is it Luo Feng’s star card instead, like a fish back in water in it? !

Although the star card hasn’t been downsized since the beginning of the game, the Green Jiao Warrior with only one skill, although alive, is actually dead!

What is the difference between it and a whiteboard super soldier?

On the field.

Because of the Uzumaki Renwa everywhere, the Green Jiao Warriors were panicked and trembling.

His eyes flickered, and since he could not return to his wild area or dare to go to the enemy’s wild area, now the only way is to go to dirty soldiers.

The so-called dirty soldiers are the soldiers who grab teammates.

Today, you can’t go on the road, and you’ll be beaten if you go.

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