Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 231

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There are already two people on the lower lane, and the soldiers may not have enough points.

Therefore, the only place to go now is the middle road.

At this moment, the middle road is fierce.

Onmyouji vs Uchiha Pikachu.


Uchiha Pikachu took out a Master ball, put a small claw on it, and then moved towards Onmyouji and smashed it.

A huge suction burst from the Master’s ball and shone towards Onmyouji.

Onmyouji was drawn into the Master’s ball, but, soon, he broke free again.

“The capture failed again.” Uchiha Pikachu’s head was deaf, and he looked upset, saying, “Brain hurts.”

Onmyouji narrowed his eyes and said, “Spell Blast!”

The voice fell, his sleeve robe waved, and the Heavenly Talisman post burst out and went straight to Uchiha Pikachu.

Uchiha Pikachu held the thunderclap sword in his hand, and stabbed at the first sign he shot.


The sword symbols collided and burst.

Therefore, Uchiha Pikachu lightning flashed, like a flash of electric light, moving at high speed, avoiding the firing of runes.



Kill again,

Flash again.

However, just when the two of them were fighting fiercely.

call out!

A bitterness showing off one’s ability whistled from the depth of the forest on the side and shot towards Onmyouji.

Then again, Uzumaki Renwa suddenly appeared, it reached out to take over the suffering, the whole body Star qi surging, a Rasengan, shot towards Onmyouji!


2 The army was engaged and suddenly attacked. Onmyouji couldn’t avoid it. He was hit by a blow and suddenly his cuffs burst and became black.


At the same time, Uchiha Pikachu’s tail flicked and a bolt of lightning exploded, blowing towards Onmyouji.

Onmyouji complexion slightly changed, his body suddenly retreated, and he quickly shrank under the defensive tower.

He was so angry that he stared at Uzumaki Renwa and growled angrily: “Why are you coming to catch me again?”

“Fifth Wave!”

“Is your father your middle road?!”

Onmyouji’s mentality burst, and he asked himself, after a few minutes of opening trial, and observing the position of the skin god, it concluded that this yellow furred mouse was not his opponent.

However, whenever it wants to roll up its sleeves and fight hard with Uchiha Pikachu, this Uzumaki Renwa will roar and interrupt its attacking rhythm.

Uchiha Pikachu: “We are good friends (*╹▽╹*)”

“What a fart!” Onmyouji was so angry that he fainted, “I think you are Siamese babies!”

“Slightly slightly.” Uchiha Pikachu made a grimace and put out his tongue, saying, “I think you are like a pickled fish.”

“It’s sour and vegetable and redundant.”

Onmyouji: “…”

“What about our wilderness? Don’t show up for so long, do you lay tiles in the wild area?!”

“Come here, my brother, I’m here.” At this moment, the Qingjiao warrior communicates with Onmyouji through divine sense: “Yin and Yang people, I’m here.”

“Who is the Yin Yang person?” Onmyouji heard this and was so angry that he almost passed out, saying, “I am Onmyouji!”

“Walk around, I’m ready to go, I’m ready to help you catch a wave.” Qingjiao soldier looked at the few soldiers in front of Onmyouji, his eyes flashed a little, said: “You don’t need to fill up the soldiers first, Go straight to the front with the yellow furred mouse.”

“I remember you have melee mode, you just turn on melee mode and stick to it.”

“That toad has just been here and will definitely not continue to catch it in a short time.”

“Then, when the fierce battle you are fighting is on, I suddenly break in and take away the yellow furred mouse, how?”

“Okay!” Onmyouji chick pecked like nodded, saying: “You need to be aware of this earlier, isn’t it alright?”

“If you help me once and I gain an advantage online, then I can be liberated and support other roads with you, right?”

“As an assassin, you have to understand who to help, and you have to understand who is the father, I hope you live in the middle road, can you?!”

The Qingjiao warrior nodded and said, “Yes, yes, let’s get started, otherwise the frog will come again soon.”

Onmyouji nodded, reached into his arms, and took out an equipment symbol.


The next moment, the rays of light flashed on the equipment symbol and became a jade ruler.

“Men come to melee!” Onmyouji held the jade ruler, and the defense tower stepped out next, looking towards Uchiha Pikachu, revealing a provocative look.

“Pika pika!” Uchiha Pikachu heard this, and came up with a temper tantrum, kicked his feet, and went straight to Onmyouji.

So, under the eyes of many eyes, the two mages began to melee.

The sharp thunderclap sword collided with the fluorescent jade ruler, sparks 4 splashed, and made the sound of metal collision.

2 The eyes meet, like a pin against an awl, killing intent.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

So, fierce offensive, wave after wave.

2 Cards did not go to the troop, and the battle was intense.

“Green Jiao Warrior, you should go!” Onmyouji reminded.

“it is good!”

call out!

At this moment, a wind breaking sound rang from behind Onmyouji.

“?????” Onmyouji looked amused, “You shouldn’t go around and jump out of the yellow furred mouse to wrap it?”

“Are you jumping out from behind me, are you afraid people will not see you to catch it?!”

However, the Green Jiao Warrior not at all replied.

Nor did he step forward.

Uchiha Pikachu’s black bean eyes revealed taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune and said, “I suggest you look back.”

Onmyouji was startled, and suddenly turned around, but in the next scene, his face was almost twisted.

I saw that the Qingjiao soldiers were spraying water column, quickly hitting the soldiers who should belong to it.

“??? Brother, I let you help me catch people, I let you dirty my soldiers?!”

Onmyouji’s eyes suddenly turned red, and the top hat was crooked.

“Forget it, it’s not easy. For the sake of overall consideration, let it be a wave of soldiers.” Jiang Chen said to appease.

“Forbear? How can it be?” Onmyouji expression gloomy and uncertain.

Endure for a while, think more and more angry,

The more you step back, the more you lose.

The Qingjiao warrior smiled sorrowfully and said in a straightforward manner: “I can only awaken skills when I eat soldiers, and I can help you with the skills.”

Hearing this robber logic, Onmyouji felt like he was suffocating, and he stomped his feet anxiously, roar towards the sky:

“Too much! Too much!”


“You know that you can’t eat soldiers from the middle road.”

“You assassin, actually under the guise of catching people, come to rub my soldiers in the middle of the road, yuck, disgusting!”

“You are a bandit, it’s not as good as a bandit, and you can take us to the championship. It’s a word, disgusting, this will definitely not win!

The Qingjiao soldiers quickly cleared a wave of soldiers, and suddenly the rays of light flashed, finally awakening new skills.

It looked towards Onmyouji, grievously said: “What can I do? I am also desperate!”

“I was robbed of a big monster at the start, and there were 2 star cards opposite in the wild area. The toad appeared and disappear unpredictably. I was targeted layer by layer. The wild area was completely rotten. I couldn’t help it!”

“Daily said straight away, that someone was robbed at the start, why do you still have a face to say?” Onmyouji laughed angrily. “As long as you shake the pan fast enough, the problem is not yours?”

“Calm down, calm down, don’t quarrel!” Jiang Chen interrupted the quarrel between the two, and said: “Green Jiao Warrior, you now have 2 skills, go directly to the wild area to find the frog.”

“Then, Onmyouji, you quickly cleared all the soldiers on the road.”

“After a while, the Green Jiao Warrior finds the frog, goes directly to dry it, and sticks it.”

“At this time, Onmyouji, you use Teleportation Talisman to teleport to the green warrior and encircle the frog with it!”

The Qingjiao warrior has a happy face, Onmyouji has been online, and the development is not bad. If it comes to help yourself, it is really great!

So, it moved towards the wild area with great swing.

Soon, it found Uzumaki Renwa in its wild area.

“Fuck it!”

Uzumaki Renwa greeted politely.

“You motherfucker, say who is the one!”

The Green Jiao Warrior was furious, and his body was like a bow, bursting out of the air, the air was torn, 5 fingers into a fist, without the slightest hesitation facing Uzumaki Renwa punched out.

The fist is covered with a layer of blue scaly scales, which looks indestructible.

“Fuck it!” Uzumaki Renwa was not afraid, and the right hand clenched his fist, blasting at it.


2 fists with terrifying power, the next moment, they will be hard together.

The deep voice resounded, and the air seemed to be silent for a moment, followed by a violent shock wave.

The surrounding ground collapsed, rocks were torn, and the nearby big trees slammed into wood chips.

The Qingjiao warrior retreated sharply, and suddenly felt his arms numb. He lowered his head and looked at his fist. The scales on it were broken, and there was blood dripping down the fingertips.

Uzumaki Renwa looked at the complexion ashen’s young soldier, laughed, and said, “It seems that you have more skills than me.”

“On hardness, yours are not as hard as mine…”

The Qingjiao soldier sneered and said, “Do you think I came to challenge you?”

At this moment, there is a rune on its head.

[Teleportation Talisman]: Onmyouji exhibits Teleportation Talisman and teleports to the designated teammate immediately.

“Pika pika?”

Uchiha Pikachu looked at Onmyouji, who disappeared suddenly, black beans blinked, unconsciously.

It didn’t know where Onmyouji had gone, so it continued to hit the soldier with a blank head.


In the wild area, deep in the trees.

Beside the Green Jiao warrior, the rays of light flashed, and Onmyouji’s figure suddenly appeared.

It stared at Uzumaki Renwa with a mockery at the corner of his mouth and said, “I heard you are strong?”

The voice fell, and I saw Onmyouji’s hands suddenly closed, and a sneer was raised at the corner of his mouth, and Sen Leng’s voice came out again.

“Wind Blade Talisman!”

A rune emerged from his palms, then burst suddenly.

Just in this mix, the winds between Heaven and Earth seemed to be sweeping, the void slightly fluctuated, and I saw those winds began to take shape, and finally turned into countless wind blades.

Those wind blades, showing off one’s ability, are countless, like the sea of ​​wind blades.

“Accept sanctions.”

Onmyouji’s eyes were like a blade, his palm slammed.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

Countless wind blade vibrations of showing off one’s ability, hiding the sky and covering the earth, exploded, directly facing Uzumaki Renwa who was hiding.

The wind blade formed the ocean, buzzing between the vibrations and flashing cold glow, which made people palpitate.

“My goodness, Zhonglu helped Qingjiao soldiers to catch Uzumaki Renwa!”

“Yeah, the Qingjiao Warrior’s wild area is going to suck. If you don’t help it, this one will completely collapse.”

“This Onmyouji really strong attack, that frog is an assassin, and its defense is not very strong, can it resist this wave of attacks?”

The sky outside the stadium with God’s perspective, all gathered at the moment towards Uzumaki Renwa trapped by the wind blade, and secretly pinched a sweat for it.

“Why, aren’t you crazy now?” Qingjiao sneered. “You’re polite to you, but you kick your nose on the face, really treat this as your own wild area?”

In Onmyouji’s eyes, cold light was also stern. His sleeve robe waved, and suddenly the wind blade screamed down and shot at Uzumaki Renwa.

Uzumaki Renwa watched quietly, if there is only one wind blade, even if it is a directional skill, it can be transferred out through Flying Thunder God.

However, its Flying Thunder God cannot transfer group attack skills!

what can we do about it?

call out!

And at this moment, a golden light, whistling through the vast white fog.

Under the countless line of sight, the golden light turned into a huge golden bowl, dropping from the sky, and enveloped Uzumaki Renwa!

It is Fahai’s weapon!

Luo Feng watched quietly. Fahai said in his skill that its golden bowl can control the enemy, protect his teammates, and at the same time have a chance to conquer the seriously injured star card.

Now, it is undoubtedly the embodiment of protecting teammates.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

As a result, the sky-screaming wind blades all struck the golden bowl.

The wind and the sea swept and the offensive continued.

However, the golden bowl is Motionless As Mountains, indestructible, without any cracks, just leaving some scratches.

Uzumaki Renwa stood in the golden bowl, as unstable as an old dog. It thought about it, and then painted a Flying Thunder God mark inside the golden bowl.

“Really strong defense!” Onmyouji’s pupils shrunk, such a dense offensive, did not break the defense of this golden bowl?

Between Heaven and Earth, there was a low outcry.

No one had imagined that Fahai, who was far away from here in front of the wind blade that was enough to hit Uzumaki Renwa, was actually 1000 Liqin King, who sent a golden bowl to guard the frog.

After the wind blade disappeared, the golden bowl turned into a stream of light and moved towards Fahai on the road again.

“Hmph, I see how you hide at this time!”

Onmyouji’s eyes were cold, and his hands were sealed again, Li shouted: “Detonation symbol, now!”

Oh la la !

I saw a red talisman text suddenly appeared, at the same time, Star qi between Heaven and Earth, continuously converging towards it.

Everyone’s eyes turned to see Onmyouji, in front of him, a crimson shell, quickly condensed and formed.

An extremely shocking Star qi wave emanated from it.

Obviously, it was already impatient and slowly consumed with Uzumaki Renwa, wanting to end the fight in one fell swoop.

Facing that Crimson’s shell, even the Green Warrior’s face changed dramatically, and he stepped back subconsciously a few steps.

This level of attack, even if it is hit, I am afraid it will have to delaminate.

Looking at the rapidly condensed cannonball, Uzumaki Renwa also felt a great oppression, and his complexion became more and more dignified.

“Go to hell, miscellaneous!”

Onmyouji fair-skinned finger points to Uzumaki Renwa.

Bang bang!

Crimson’s shell, with a devastating Star qi wave, roared down and pointed directly at Uzumaki Renwa.

Terrifying’s oppression dropping from the sky, Uzumaki Renwa lifts the head, suddenly taking a deep breath, slowly calming his mind.


With countless horrifying gazes, the shells collided with Uzumaki Renwa’s figure.

The shells suddenly became violent, ready to explode.

However, at this moment, Fahai, who was on the road, suddenly smashed the golden bowl in his hand and slammed it at the Buddha.

Rabbit Buddha quickly waved his weapon to block it.

And at this moment, its pupil shrank, and beside the golden bowl, Uzumaki Renwa’s figure suddenly appeared!

It has just been in the golden bowl of Fahai, leaving the Flying Thunder God mark!

Therefore, you can quickly teleport to this!

And along with Uzumaki Renwa, there was the crimson shell.

“Fuck it!” Uzumaki Renwa smiled at it, flashed in shape, disappeared in front of the Buddha’s eyes, and teleported to other marks with Flying Thunder God.

However, the shells did not leave.

“This and this…” Rabbit Buddha’s eyes widened, looking at the horrible and fluctuating shells in front of him, speechless.

It has no time to escape!


In the next moment, the explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sounded, the violent shock wave swept through, and even the defensive tower was shaking slightly at this moment!

The air is unable to withstand that kind of impact, and emits a continuous deep explosion!

4 All of them were startled, and the seats were in an uproar. Everyone was looking at this scene in horror. Uzumaki Renwa actually transferred the shells released by Onmyouji to the rabbit Buddha on the road? !

Luo Feng’s mouth slightly lifted, he knew that Jiang Chen must not know the skill of Uzumaki Renwa.

Jiang Chen knew about his star card, which should come from watching all his games.

As everyone knows, the photo stone can record the game.

Therefore, he can repeatedly study his star card skills by watching the photo stone.

However, Uzumaki Renwa has not appeared on the field before!

When only showing Flying Thunder God one time, it was still in the Dragon Mark Hall in Heaven Rising Vestige.

At that time, Jiang Chen was not at the scene at all.

Even at the scene, confusedly, it may not be possible to see the mechanism of Flying Thunder God!

Under the countless line of sight, the raging shock wave lasted for a long while, and finally dispersed gradually.

A smell of roasted rabbit haunts between Heaven and Earth.

At the same time, the figure of Rabbit Buddha appeared slowly.

Everyone’s eyes turned to see the rabbit and Buddha at this moment, with bruises all over his body, and his state was bleak to the extreme.

His chest burst, touching the burnt rabbit hair, and his voice mixed with endless anger resounded throughout the stadium.

“Who threw the artillery battle?!”

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