Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 232

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Looking at the rabbit buddha, who was blown to death, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Lying trough, this is what the hell? Nakano linkage, hammer on the road?”

“2 I didn’t catch the other side, but I made the road half dead. Will you play?”

“Really, there will be a catastrophe, no catastrophe?”

“Actually, I can transfer skills, this star card show of Luoshen.”

There were sounds of discussion one after another. The Star Card master on Holy Land Square looked towards Jiang Chen’s eyes. At this moment, they were all taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Although the small twists and turns are constant, Jiang Chen has not yet suffered a big loss, and no star card has been killed, but everyone with a clear eye knows that today’s small twists and turns are the foreshadowing of the future.

“There is such an operation?” Xie Yang’s eyes widened, although in the Dragon Mark Hall, Uzumaki Renwa had seen this hand.

However, at that time, Uzumaki Renwa just used this to evade damage, but at the moment, it was not just to evade damage, but directly transferred to the opponent.

Under such a skill mechanism, who dares to fight it?

“Can it still be like this?” Jiang Chen’s complexion was so ugly that he looked at the ruins of the wild area. He wanted Onmyouji to help the Qingjiao warriors. Not only did he not kill Uzumaki Renwa, but he blew himself on the road. Tingling?

Onmyouji and Qingjiao warriors looked at each other in blank dismay, for a time, they were both a little speechless.

“Ahhh!” The buddha Buddha’s mentality burst, it was quite pressure-resistant on the road, quite stable, avoiding war, sloppy development, no one did not mess with anyone, but the result was beaten up for nothing?


I saw the rabbit and Buddha roaring: “Who did it?!”

Onmyouji shiver coldly, said: “Big, big brother, own person.”

“Are you yourself?” said the gnashing teeth of the buddha, and said: “You treat yourself like this?”

Onmyouji’s face turned red, and for a moment he had no words to refute, his eyes flashed, and he turned his spear directly to the Qingjiao warrior, saying, “It’s all because of you!”

“If it weren’t for your wild area crash? I’ll come to help you? If I don’t help you, will it hit the road?”

Rabbit Buddha also hated and said: “I thought you wouldn’t be able to pit me if you didn’t come on the road. As a result, you can still pit me when you are so far away. I really serve!”

The air is full of medicinal smell of fire.

At this moment, the big-mouthed toad laughed and played round, saying: “Don’t quarrel, don’t quarrel, if you want to scold, scold me.”

“I blame my assistant for not playing a dozen 5s, which makes you wronged…”

“Show, Ninja Frog.” Luo Feng gave a praise to Ninja Frog, fighting intent rose in his eyes, and invisible, he had accumulated many small advantages.

In this case, the next step is to realize these advantages, for example, let the enemy lay off a star card.

After all, this is Jiang Chen’s scene skill. If you don’t take advantage of the current advantage to engage in a wave of things, then if you drag it to the later stage, there will be some unexpected accidents if you are not in a proper position.

With a thought in his heart, he looked towards Fahai and said, “Fahai, how is the skill?”

Fahai: “At present, 3 skills have been unlocked.”

“Okay.” Luo Feng nodded, said: “That rabbit Buddha was hit hard. Next, there will certainly be some changes.”

“If it shrinks under the pagoda, then you continue to recruit troops, awaken all your skills, and don’t let it out of the tower.”

“If it dares to go out of the tower, then you can just push your sleeves and start to dry, first cut a sword, and promote our military power!”

“It’s no problem.” Fahai raised his cassock, exposing his over-shoulder dragon, killing intent all over his body, and saying, “This rabbit demon, leave it to me!”

On the field.

Due to a wave of bombs, the rabbit and the Buddha were in poor condition, so they had to give up their soldiers and return to the defense tower.

Onmyouji tried to catch someone, and returned indignantly to the middle.

Just now it went out to catch people, causing the soldiers on the line to not eat, and Uchiha Pikachu took the opportunity to make up for it.

Therefore, the skin god now leads it by one skill.

Previously Onmyouji and Uchiha Pikachu were flat on the middle road, and even if Uzumaki Renwa does not come to help the gods, it is still at an advantage.

But because it missed a wave of soldiers and consumed a wave of Star qi and skills in the battle with the Ninja frog, the deadlock in the middle road is now broken.

Uchiha Pikachu has an advantage in the middle.

It stood in the middle of the road, swaying and arbitrarily recruiting troops.

Onmyouji, although not shrinking under the defensive tower, is not too far away from the defensive tower, trembling with fear.

The wild area is still dominated by Uzumaki Renwa.

Therefore, today’s Luo Feng, Shanglu, Zhonglu, and wild areas all occupy absolute advantages.

Perhaps the only weakness is the way down.

Off road.

Iron Man vs Big Mouth Toad + Elf Archer.

At this moment, the battle is fierce here.

Although in the beginning, Luo Feng’s star card 5 packs one, so that the elves shooters are all dead, scared that they will not dare to come out of the tower for a while.

However, with the ebbing of time, the elven archer’s state gradually recovered, so it dared to go out of the tower and fight Iron Man.

call out!

Iron Man right hand lifted up, palms directed at the elven archer, fierce laser cannon burst out, blasting towards the latter.

However, at this moment, the big-mouthed toad used the skill [sneering], and suddenly Iron Man was forced to attack the big-mouthed toad.

The fierce laser fell on the toad with skin is rough, flesh is thick, but it could not cause any substantial damage to it.

Because the large-mouthed toad is a tank-type auxiliary, it is too meaty.

The elf archer seized the opportunity, took out the long arrow, took a bow and took a string, and shot an arrow at Iron Man.


Iron Man can only be attacked by a large-mouthed toad because of his ridicule, so he can’t defend. He can only let that arrow shoot.

[Taunt] This skill has 2 meanings.

First, it can only attack and release the [stardy] star card.

Second, it can only attack and cannot do other things, that is to say, it cannot be defended while being [sneered].

Xiu xiu xiu!

The elf archer took the bow and took the string, and the arrows shot continuously continuously.

Iron Man’s bloodline plummeted, his face was bitter, and a dozen 2 was really difficult.

Soon, the mocking time is over.

Iron Man knew he was invincible and had no intention of continuing to attack, so he quickly turned around and tried to escape back to the tower.

At the same time, the large-mouthed toad opens its abyss-like giant mouth, its tongue sticks out, and then quickly grows at the speed of naked eye, licking towards Iron Man.

Under this lick, Iron Man’s speed suddenly decreased, just like the speed of the turtle, it was actually stuck!

[Lick]: The large-mouthed toad sticks out its tongue. When licking towards its own star card, it restores 30% of the star card’s health; when licking towards an enemy star card, it slows it down by 90% for 5 seconds.

Iron Man’s complexion changed suddenly, looking at the defensive tower not far away, obviously close, but he was stuck by the big mouth toad, it is difficult to step forward!

At the same time, the elf archer took advantage of the opportunity to take a bow and string and shoot arrows continuously.

As a shooter, it is not as dependent on skills as a mage.

Most of its damage comes from ordinary attacks.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of having a shooter is that it can do good damage even if it has no Star qi value.

Therefore, under the eyes of many eyes, Iron Man’s HP has been decreasing.


“Fuck it!”

And at this moment, empty in the sky has ripples.

At the next moment, Uzumaki Renwa suddenly appeared, his hand waved, the ground shattered under his feet, and a column of water rose into the sky.

The Ninja Frog rubbed his hands, and the water column was constantly compressing in his hand. During the star qi surge, a huge golden spiral shuriken was quickly formed.

On the sword in the yellow golden hand, there was a shining golden light, an amazing imposing manner, which diffused from it.

Obviously, it is a trick.

“Fuck it!”

Uzumaki Renwa held the sword in the yellow gold hand, and his wrist slammed with force. The shuriken suddenly cut through the air and whistled at the elf shooter.

However, at this moment, the elf archer’s eyes are slightly condensed, and the skill [Golden Cicada shelling] is launched!

[Golden Cicada Unpack]: Change the target of the enemy star card unrestricted skills to the designated target.

Modified into Iron Man!

Many sights cast, the sword in the yellow gold hand brewing a fierce offensive offensive, at the moment when it was about to fall on the elven archer, it suddenly turned around and went straight to Iron Man!

At the same time, the body shape of the large-mouthed toad suddenly disappeared. Suddenly drilled from the ground at the foot of Uzumaki Renwa, and then opened it, swallowing it temporarily into the belly.

[Abyss Giant Mouth]: A large-mouthed toad swallows a designated target into its mouth for 10s. If it engulfs an enemy star card, it will cause some damage. If it engulfs an own star card, it will restore 20% of its HP.

Admittedly, this skill mechanism is similar to Fahai’s Golden Bowl.

Devouring opponents is to control opponents.

Devouring teammates is protecting them.


There was another cry of exclamation, everyone was watching this scene in disbelief, Uzumaki Renwa’s skills turned out to hit him? !

Moreover, Uzumaki Renwa was temporarily swallowed by the big-mouthed toad and could not use [Flying Thunder God] to turn the sword in the yellow gold hand to other people again!

It’s getting cold!

Iron Man was already in a bleak state, but now he is afraid that he will be put on the road by his teammates!

“Death.” The elf archer smiled contemptuously. This skill is used for yin!

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth also set off a mocking arc: “Luo Feng, your Uzumaki Renwa developed so well, is it used to kill teammates?!”

His mood is very comfortable. Just now Iron Man has been beaten by elf shooters. Now he eats Uzumaki Renwa as a killing trick, fearing that he will be killed directly!

Although he has always been at a disadvantage, there is no star card attrition yet. If Luo Feng’s star card takes the lead in downsizing, then all the advantages he has obtained previously will be useless!

However, at the next moment, his expression suddenly condensed.

I saw the sword serene in the yellow gold hand crossed the sky, with an imposing imposing manner, fiercely hit the Iron Man.

However, Iron Man not at all died, not only did not die, his HP, but a huge jump!

“How is it possible? What the hell?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes widened and he was almost blind. Is this fierce skill a bloody technique? !

Elf shooter: “?”

The audience is also stunned. If it is really a blood-recovery technique, why did Uzumaki Renwa just throw at Iron Man just not at all, but moved towards the elven archer and smashed it?

“Didn’t expect?” Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “I wanted to breastfeed your star card, but you didn’t accept my good intentions, hey.”

[Yellow gold hand sword]: Uzumaki Renwa rubs out a huge yellow gold hand sword. If it hits the enemy, it will cause huge damage. If the division bombards the teammate, it will restore 30% of the star card’s health.

Jiang Chen’s face is a little ugly, this guy, the routine is too chicken thief?

Going around one after another, doesn’t it mean that the elf shooter has freely released a skill, and it is a life-saving skill!

And at this moment, ten seconds later, Uzumaki Renwa got out of the mouth of the big toad.

Iron Man looked towards Uzumaki Renwa, the skill [upgrade equipment] was launched, suddenly Uzumaki Renwa’s suffering, the fluorescent flashing, revealed an indescribable sharp aura.

call out!

Uzumaki Renwa jumped forward and went straight to the elf shooter.

And at this moment, the large-mouthed toad sticks out its tongue again, the tongue grows longer, moved towards vortex, and tries to limit its movement.

Uzumaki Renwa was furious, and the bitterness in his hand stretched out suddenly, striking the tongue whistling.


A scream of send cold shivers down one’s spine sounded, and then all Star Card masters saw that Uzumaki Renwa actually cut off the tongue of the big-mouthed toad!

Blood DC!

At the same time, it swelled with Star qi in his palm, and Rasengan condensed again, patting the elf shooter.


The elven archer couldn’t avoid it, forcibly picked up a Rasengan, suddenly spit out blood, and his body flew out.

Then, it turned around suddenly, and ran quickly to the big-mouthed toad, with the cold glow of his hands flashing, and stab the big-mouthed toad suddenly.

The indestructible toad body, under the bitter attack of being upgraded by Iron Man, actually made a blood mark.

So, under the eyes of many eyes, Uzumaki Renwa used the technique of Flying Thunder God to continually shuttle between the big-mouthed toad and the elven archer, one against two.

“Back to the tower!”

After a fierce confrontation, the big-mouthed toad glanced at the elf shooter, and then endured the pain in his body, moved towards his own defense tower and ran away.

2 star cards, under the defense tower, shiver coldly, why is this guy so fierce?

A dozen 2, can they still be pressed against them?

Uzumaki Renwa stood in front of the defensive tower on the lower road and fell into contemplation. Do you want to cross the tower to kill?

As long as I run fast enough, the defense tower will not hit me?

Iron Man quickly took advantage of the situation, and he was targeted by two people and has been shrinking the tower. As a result, he has only awakened three skills at present, which is very uncomfortable.

“What should I do?” The big-mouthed toad and the elven archer tremble. This ninja frog is too strong, and Iron Man has also recovered. If they are 2v2, they will not occupy the slightest advantage.

Unless someone comes to help them.


At this moment, the sky exploded, and the green warrior suddenly appeared.

“You’re finally here, qaq.” The elf archer looked at the Qingjiao warrior with a happy face, pointing at Uzumaki Renwa, and grumbled: “Brother, it, it… just hit me.”

“Is it?” The Green Jiao warrior lifts the head, his eyes coldly Uzumaki Renwa, the fighting intent rises in his eyes, and the firelight 4 splashes.

However, just when everyone thought they would fight again, the Qingjiao warriors ran to their own defensive tower in a thunderous manner and whispered: “It, it just hit me… “

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