Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 233

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Off road.

Green Jiao warrior, elf shooter, big-mouthed toad, shrinking under the defensive tower, looking at the tall and strong Uzumaki Renwa, shiver coldly.

You 3 are surrounded by me!

There are 3 orders here!

As a result, Jiang Chen was supposed to have the upper hand. After Uzumaki Renwa’s intervention, the level 2 reversal and fell into a slump.

For a time, the upper road, middle road, lower road, wild area, Luo Feng 4 road blossomed, all achieved absolute advantages!

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. No one expected that today’s game would have such a situation.

Jiang Chen ingeniously tailored the scene skills, and now it seems that he actually lifted a stone and smashed his foot.

Next, how to fight?

The rest showed a happy look and said, “It seems that it is going to win.”

“It may not be necessary, just gain the upper hand at the moment. Since Jiang Chen’s star card has no downsizing, then it is not a real advantage.” Su Yang shook the head, his eyes flashing, said: “Moreover, the canyon map is Jiang Chen Even if he is at a disadvantage, he should have a way to make adjustments.”

The rest suddenly realized.

On the field.

Jiang Chen expression gloomy and uncertain, looking at the 4th burst gorge, feeling very depressed.

Although this does not have a decisive effect, the one-sided situation will eventually affect morale.

He looked towards the road and counted as Fahai. In addition to limited skills, other skills should soon be awakened.

At the moment, Rabbit Buddha was hit hard by Onmyouji, and now it is no longer possible to recruit troops.

Fortunately, however, as the owner of the scene skills, he is still somewhat privileged.

After pondering for a moment, Jiang Chen said slowly: “Rabbit Buddha, Self-destruction Defense Tower, let’s fight a wave.”

The face of the rabbit and the Buddha is bitter, if there is no defense tower, then when it encounters a dangerous situation again, there is really no place to hide.

“For today’s plan, it can only be so.” It pursed his lips lightly, flicked unwillingly, the skill [Tower Burst] was launched.

[Tower Explosion]: Let the designated defense tower Self-destruction. After the explosion, the star card will no longer be protected by the defense tower, but will awaken all skills.

It is true that this skill has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that you do not need to be restricted by the shielding skills in the canyon map.

However, the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, there is no protection of the defense tower.


In the next moment, the Buddha of the Buddha’s body of rays of light was full, imposing manner climbed up gradually, and all skills were awakened.

It shrugged slightly and sighed, “It feels comfortable to fully open your skills.”

Rabbit Buddha expression looked towards Fahai, said: “Bald donkey, do you dare to come out with me solo?”


Hearing this, Fahai was furious, like King Kong in anger, the tin rod melted in the gold bowl in his hand suddenly threw the ground, and his tongue burst into thunder, angrily roared: “You demon, you really don’t know the the immensity of Heaven and Earth, I didn’t Awakening limited skills, but want to deal with you, as easy as pie!”

In the early days, he developed to the present. In addition to the limited technical accidents, all other skills were awakened, so he also had enough energy.


The tin rod was thrown to the ground, and a ring of invisible ripples enveloped the mighty Buddha power, like a tsunami wave, moved towards all directions and swept away.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

Fo Yin burst and swept across the entire stadium, even the Star Card master outside the stadium felt buzzing in his ears.

“Look at your murderous aura, who also deserves to be called a Buddha.” The corner of the rabbit Buddha’s mouth raised a mockery and said, “Our mountain rabbit is the real Buddha!”

Fahai’s eyes were cold, said with a sneer: “The hare became fine, and he dared to fake Buddhism, and barked in front of me. It is really respectless of the law and of natural morality!”

Rabbit Buddha sneered and said: “Rabbit Buddha is also a Buddha. Unlike you, I don’t know where the wild monk came from. He really regarded himself as a Buddha with a cassock?”

“Bold demon, under the broad daylight, dare to deceive people and fool people!”


Buddha’s radiance burst like a golden lotus blooming.

Fahai leapt forward, with a tin stick in his hand, moved towards the rabbit and Buddha and smashed it.

At the same time, a rabbit buddha holding a brow stick, a pair of fierce rabbit eyes staring at Fahai, within the body of Star qi, continuously moved towards the stick to converge.

The next moment, it also moved!

call out!

As the so-called Jing Ruo virgin, moving like a crazy rabbit.



Its speed is really too fast. Many powerhouses just saw a flick of red light.

In Fahai’s eyes, a cold color emerged, with 9 rings of tin sticks in his hand, moved towards Rabbit and Buddha.


9 Ring tin rod and Qimei stick, with fierce strength, met with fierce force.

2 terrifying imposing manner, erupting like a volcano at this time, the surrounding air exploded endlessly, producing bursts of popping sound.


A terrifying strength came along Qiqiu stick, shaking his arm slightly tingling.

Rabbit Buddha’s face is slightly condensed, although in the heavens, he has already seen Fahai’s power.

But only when it really comes into play can it know how difficult this wild monk is.

The stick just now seems simple, but it actually combines the body Star qi together, and then suddenly broke out on this stick.

If you change to someone else, I’m afraid it will fall out of nowhere, but this Fahai has actually resisted firmly!

“It’s a bit patient, but what about it?”

His lips slightly whispered, said: “Dare you dare not call people, do not shrink the tower, we are here to fight a fight?”

“You still need to call someone to kill you?” Fahai’s eyes flashed, fighting intent rose, saying: “Single on the road, no one comes, see me to cut the rabbit demon first, and make the first contribution!”

At this moment, Fahai collided with the rabbit demon, causing a murderous intention.

2 silhouettes of imposing manner out of the ordinary confrontation, attracting focal point of ten thousands.

The atmosphere in the square also became extremely boiling at this time, and they are all aware that the Self-destruction Defense Tower of the Rabbit Buddha indicates that the game has entered a new stage.

Therefore, going on the road has undoubtedly become the highlight of the entire stadium.

Whether Jiang Chen can pull strongly against a crazy tide and whether Luo Feng can expand his advantage depends on this wave.

Bang bang!

On the spacious road, 2 magnificent Star qi kept rising, Qi Mei stick and 9 rings of tin rods confronted each other, lightning confrontation.

Since both men are fighters, every collision is a fierce Star qi attack.

Fahai expression is slightly condensed, although the rumors in his mouth are constant, but he does not take it lightly. The lion beats the rabbit with all his strength. Even more how, the rabbit Buddha in front of him is not a lethal hare.

“Bunny Fist!”

The hare has red eyes, 5 fingers clenching fists, slamming into Fahai, imposing manner fierce.


Fahai’s one-handed seal, a “卍” word rune quickly condensed and formed, screaming out, and the fierce punch of the fast thump, hard and hard.


One after another fierce shock wave, raging open, the ground under the feet of two people, broken apart inch by inch.

“Let you see how powerful Tutu is!”

The fierce light flashed in the eyes of the rabbit Buddha, not only weapons, but also all parts of the body of the fist and elbows were turned into murderous weapons. Waves of fierce offensives flooded Fahai.

“The rabbit will bite when it’s anxious?” Fahai sneered. His counterattack was not as crazy as the rabbit and Buddha, but it seemed a bit slow.

However, every shot, 4 2 1000 pounds, just right in the weakest place of the rabbit and Buddha’s offensive, gently, it is resolved.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

After a wave of crazy attacks, Rabbit Buddha was a little depressed. It seemed to be very fierce. However, so far, it has not caused substantial damage to Fahai.

That feeling seemed to be seen through Fahai by all his own tricks.

“Are you secretly studying my game? Why are you so familiar with my style of play?!” Rabbit Buddha is unable to bear authentically.

Fahai smiled contemptuously and said, “I still need research to deal with you?”

Rabbit Buddha: “Why is that?”

Fahai: “Have you ever heard a poem?”

Rabbit Buddha: “What poem?”

Fahai read while playing:

“The ancient temple Zizhu Zen Bells, subdue monsters and defeat demons rivers and lakes.”

“Buddha sound also has great sentiment, Shaolin comes out of martial arts!”


As the sound of drinking fell, Fahai took advantage of the rabbit’s slight stunnedness, and a tin stick was pulled out.


Rabbit Buddha complexion slightly changed, his body retreated abruptly, and he stepped back ten or more steps before barely holding his body.

It looked incredulously towards Fahai, and his eyes were particularly harsh.

Although he was hit hard by his teammates before, his skills are fully developed, and on the basis of Star qi, it is also better than Fahai, but even so, in the previous confrontation, did not get much advantage!

“This guy, although breakthrough one month later than me, Star qi is not as rich as me, but the quality of Star qi is better than me.” Jiang Chen observed Fahai, his heart slightly coagulated, and his heart slightly pantothenic. Is it the benefit of Saint blood?

Rabbit Buddha’s eyes flickered and said: “It seems that if you don’t take some real ability, you really can’t help you!”

“Hu la hula hare!”

At this moment, Star qi circulates at the foot of the rabbit and Buddha. At the next moment, its speed suddenly soars, and its figure bursts out like a shadow passing across the ground.

It extends the hand palm, with the rays of light appearing in the palm of the hand, spread like a spider web under 4 times, and soon spread to the entire palm.

“Star Fragmentation means!”

Rabbit and Buddha’s two fingers and two fingers, between two fingers, Star qi’s crazy compression and condensation, exuding an indescribable sharp aura.

call out!

Those sharp fingers were sharpened to the extreme, zooming sharply in Fahai’s pupil.

Fahai’s eyes flashed slightly, and the word “卍” quickly formed into a shape, covering his fist.

He clenched his fist with 5 fingers and was covered with a swastika, making his fist blessed by Buddha’s radiance, and it seemed as if he had put on a glove made by Star qi.


Fahai punched out, the air burst, one punch and one finger, fierce and hard to touch.

However, in the next scene, Fahai’s pupils were miniature. I saw the Star Fragmentation of Rabbit and Buddha, which was actually crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, breaking the Star qi defense on the fist and hurting his flesh and blood!

Blood flowing from his fingertips.

Seeing this, Rabbit Buddha sneered and said, “My finger, but Star Fragmentation Chen, is it your physical body that you can resist?”

The sound fell, and those sharp fingers, suddenly changed direction, with a terrifying force that destroyed mountains, stab Fahai’s chest.

“Dare to hurt me, dare to hurt me!” In the eyes, the light sharply magnified, Fahai was furious, said: “Heavenly Dragon Prestige! The world is hidden! The great Luo Jin body! The King of immortality!”


With the sound of his drink falling, I suddenly saw a golden light pouring out of his skin. Gradually, his skin was rendered golden as if cast by gold!

This is the big Luo Jin body, aka, King Kong undefeated Divine Art!

Everyone looked away and saw Fahai at this time, Buddha’s radiance lingering around him, as if pouring golden juice, the Luohan golden body, the whole person, as if the Luohan was alive.

The golden body is immortal, and the 10000 law is not invading.

At the same time, the Buddha’s Star Fragmentation pointed to the chest with a terrifying force.

However, Star Fragmentation means not at all crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to break Fahai’s defense, and even just got into the little finger, he was stuck by the golden light.


Just listened to the sound of a broken skeleton, and the intense pain came, making the face of the rabbit and Buddha suddenly changed at this moment!


The violent ripples hit, and in one after another’s unbelievable eyes, the body of the rabbit and the Buddha shook, and the soles of the feet retreated a few steps against the ground, which barely stabilized the body.

It lowered its head ugly complexion, only to see two fingers drenched with blood, the finger bone was actually broken!

“Really strong defense!” Rabbit Buddha’s heart trembles, his eyes staring at Fahai violently, and his heart sets waves.

My own Star Fragmentation means that Fahai’s defense cannot be touched!

“I don’t believe it, I can’t break your defense today!”

Rabbit Buddha clenched the teeth, leapt forward, sitting cross-legged in the void.

It took a deep breath, both hands forming seals, and Star qi within the body suddenly broke out at this time.

Bang bang bang!

The star qi of vast and boundless has risen from within the body and looked closely. Among the star qi, there are 9 fierce ominous beast light and shadow in imposing manner.

If you look closely, those ominous beast lights and shadows are really 9 huge rabbits!

“10000 rabbits facing Buddha!”


In the many shaking eyes, the 9 star rabbits roared down, with terrifying strength, like a meteor falling, slamming towards Fahai.

baring fangs and brandishing claws, roaring into the sky, overbearing to the extreme.

Fahai stared at the fierce offensive, the golden lotus bloomed in his heart, the thunderous roar, and sounded again.

“Heavenly Dragon Prestige!”

“Shizong Jizo!”

“King Kong Buddhas!”

“God protects!”

The sound fell, and the golden light on his body again flourished, and the rays of light flickered into a illusory shadow of the Buddha, which enveloped him.

“Crush me for me!” The hare eyes exposed cold glow.

At the same time, 9 Star Rabbits transformed by Star qi roared down and collided with Fahai one by one!


At the moment of impact, a violent shock wave erupted.

And then,

The smoke and dust dissipated,

Everyone’s eyes are on,

I saw that Fahai was like the golden body of the Luohan, not the King of Ming, not at all because of this fierce attack, and shattered his defense.

At that scene, it was as if King Kong was in the world, and the evils had disappeared.

“This…” Rabbit Buddha looked towards Fahai, his eyes full of fear, what terrifying defense is this?

“On this spell, dare to fight me?” Fahai raised his eyes and looked at the rabbit Buddha coldly, said: “Rabbit demon, can you be convinced?”

Rabbit Buddha sneered and said, “It’s just because you were cast aside by your opponents, this gives you a chance.”

“If I at the peak period, can you be an enemy with me only by your strength?!”

Fahai was furious, saying: “not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth is still here, I don’t think you know how to write dead words!”

The voice fell, and he sat cross-legged and said, “Great Raffa Mantra!”

“Mahga Luni Gaya, Sa Xuan punishes him…”

Fahai finished with one hand, and saw strange characters bursting out of each and everyone, like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, killing the rabbit Buddha!

His whole body, Buddha’s radiance ten thousand zhang.

Bang bang bang!

Rabbit Buddha complexion slightly changed, quickly waved his eyebrow stick and hit those incantation.

However, there are too many of these incantations, and it cannot be stopped at all!


The character fell on the body, it was bursting, and the explosions sounded one after another, and the air could not bear the explosion, and there was a continuous low-pitched explosion!

Everyone’s eyes are tightly looking at the Buddha in the sky, can it resist this wave?

Under the focus of that countless light, soon, Fahai’s Big Raffa mantra was released, the explosion ended, the rays of light dissipated, and the shape of the rabbit and Buddha gradually emerged.

I saw it at the moment, with bruises all over the body, and it was blown up with 1000 sores and 100 holes, which was terrible.

Rabbit Buddha wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, red eyes, and stared at Fahai violently, saying: “You are strong, but how about that?”

“I awakened your limited skills, but you haven’t.”

“So, let you see, I’ll give you a gift, I hope you don’t get scared!”

The voice fell, and the figure of the rabbit and Buddha suddenly disappeared.

Hong long long …

At this moment, in the quiet sky, there was a sudden thunder, rolling clouds, and waves moving towards 2 sides.

It seems that there is something terrifying about to come.

next moment,

The dark clouds receded, Buddha’s radiance ten thousand zhang.

Among the clouds of steaming Xia Wei, there is a golden Buddha, slowly appearing in the world.

[Rabbit Buddha without phase]: Limited skills, Rabbit Buddha enters the form of Buddha, incarnates the Buddha’s golden body, and can change the appearance to specify the star card’s most awesome or most feared character appearance (such as family, boss, Master, etc.) , Causing a strong deterrent to it.

Everyone’s eyes were on, the golden Buddha was strange, magnificent and magnificent.

The golden body appeared, the Buddha was magnificent, and the golden light shone to the world, reflecting Heaven and Earth as a golden-bright and dazzling, like turning into West Heaven Bliss World!

Luo Feng’s pupils have shrunk, because the appearance of this golden Buddha is so good!

“Won’t you be surprised, not surprised?” Jiang Chen smiled at Luo Feng and said, “I see how to play your star card!”

In the top 4 match, when Luo Feng played against Ji Wuqing, summon came out of Ji Wuqing’s grandmother, that is, the mother of the medicine king, which caused the medicine king to fall into fear of mother and have no intention of fighting.

It was the inspiration from here, so his rabbit Buddha set this skill.

You summon out of mother?

I summon out your originator.

In front of mother, as strong as a medicine king, they can only be forced to learn and dare not fight.

Then, in front of your head boss, Tathagata Buddha, you, a little Fahai, didn’t even have the courage to shoot?

Luo Feng’s eyes flashed slightly and said, “Yes, it’s beautiful, but I’m afraid it’s useless for my star card…”

“Oh?” Jiang Chen raised her eyebrows, and there was a deep contempt in her eyes, saying: “Is it?”

The Buddha transformed by the rabbit and the Buddha sits on the red golden lotus platform. The golden light is overflowing all over the body. A pair of lotuses are on the face. They look at Fahai indifferently and say, “Don’t you kneel when you see the Buddha?”

However, at this moment, Fahai’s tongue exploded with thunder and slammed violently: “Dare to come! I dare to display one’s slight skill before an expert here, I don’t think you’ve even put me in your eyes!”

“Heavenly Dragon Prestige, Big Raffa Mantra, Prajna Buddhas, Prajna Prabha is empty!”

“Flying Dragon is in the sky!”

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