Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 234

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His voice was like a thunder on the ground, exploding in everyone’s ears, and all Star Card masters even felt their heads buzz.

Although I haven’t seen the formidable power of specific skills, this imposing manner has scared them!

Because every sentence in Fahai’s mouth seems to be shouting!

Don’t move the king?

Guardian of the gods?

Big Raffa mantra?

Flying Dragon in the sky?

Which sentence does not sound like cowhide, coquettish?

Which sentence is not like full firepower, and the limited skills will be released soon?

Rabbit Buddha: “It seems that the canyon map still has some advantages. If you don’t know that your limited skills have not been unlocked, I am afraid that I will really be bluffed today.”


With the fall of Fahai’s thunder, the Dragon Mark over his shoulder suddenly jumped into the rays of light, and then there was a Fire Dragon flying out.

The Dragon Megatron and Dragon Qi rise as if the real Divine Dragon is alive, winding through the void, grandiose, and looking at all beings.

Fahai stared at the golden figure of the Buddha and Buddha, and thunder thundered in his heart, saying: “Heavenly Dragon Prestige, go!”


Heavenly Dragon Prestige roared away, skimming across the sky like a rainbow, colliding fiercely if it came.

“Why isn’t he afraid of Buddha?” Jiang Chen’s pupils shrank, why, why? !

He set this skill painstakingly, in order to knock down the opponent in an imposing manner so that the opponent does not even have the courage to shoot.

Now, Fahai has no fear in front of this big Buddhism giant? !

Even if you know that the other party is fake, you can’t be so calm?

In Jiang Chen’s heart, there was suddenly a complex look. In other games in the past, he was too lazy to use routines and directly used fierce strength to crush dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

However, in the face of Luo Feng, he looked down on him, he still prepared some things seriously, but these things, in terms of Luo Feng, are actually invalid?

Although I knew this man was not simple, Jiang Chen only knew what he was facing when he really faced him.


At this moment, Heavenly Dragon Prestige roared, and the dragon roar resounded, and a huge dragon claw emerged. The dragon claw was vigorous, wrapped with indescribable force, and slapped towards the golden body of the rabbit and Buddha.


That claw fell like a meteorite, leaving a deep claw mark on the indestructible gold of the Buddha and a deep giant pit.

The huge dragon body is meandering and winding around the rabbit and Buddha gold in a circle, as if trying to squeeze the gold body.

“It’s too tight, it’s too tight, I can’t stand it!” Rabbit complex slightly changed and said, “Myriad Buddha Palms!”

The voice fell, and I saw behind the huge golden body, suddenly Star qi surged into 10000 Buddha hands.

Those arms are elongated, and they slammed with fists, like a huge golden wave, shot towards Heavenly Dragon Prestige.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

However, Heavenly Dragon Prestige is completely fearless, does not feel unpleasant at all, and even feels comfortable, as if enjoying a massage.


The huge dragon tail flicked up, with enough force to split the mountain and the rocks, and threw it towards the golden body of the rabbit and Buddha.

The dragon tail flew across and hit the piece of Buddha’s hand, and suddenly an arm burst and fell off the rabbit Buddha gold.

Rabbit Buddha’s face is a bit ugly, this Fire Dragon is too difficult to deal with, if you can’t even deal with it, let alone Fahai.

“It seems that you can only use this move.” Rabbit Buddha stared at the Fire Dragon, eyes narrowed and said, “Buddha ring!”

The sound fell, and I saw a spot of light, which flew out of his ears, and then quickly became larger at the speed of naked eye. In the end, it turned into a huge golden ring.

That golden ring, it looks like Yin-Yang pen, has the same similarities.

Under many eyes, Golden Ring fiercely crashed into the body of Heavenly Dragon Prestige.


The golden ring fell, the dragon scales fell off, and where the collision was, the flesh and blood were actually sunken.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The golden ring kept smashing, blood marks appeared continuously one after another, the giant dragon roar towards the sky, the roar sound was full of pain.

Rabbit Buddha looked indifferently and said, “Set!”


The golden ring grew quickly, and then it was put into the giant dragon’s head, and then quickly contracted.


The bleak Dragon’s roar roared from the mouth of Heavenly Dragon Prestige, and dragon’s blood fell like a rainstorm, moved towards 4 and its body was also unable to withstand the pain of shrinking the golden ring, dropping from the sky, and smashing into the wilderness in.

“Heavenly Dragon Prestige?” Rabbit Buddha sneered and said, “I think it’s Dawei Heaven Insect!”

At the same time, the 10000 buddhas were now aimed at Fahai one after another and began to seal.

I saw Star qi surging, each and everyone’s golden fists, like falling meteors, dropping from the sky, and ruthlessly hit Fahai.

Bombing wildly.

For a time, Fahai fell into a passive position, avoiding the fist that was hit by waves.

Looking at this scene, everyone was shocked. True, the rabbit Buddha who had awakened the strongest state was too strong.

Originally Fahai still pressed the latter to fight, but in the blink of an eye, Fahai’s Flying Dragon was hit hard, and he was also embarrassed as Mud Bodhisattva crossed the river.

Seeing that he finally gained a little advantage, Jiang Chen secretly relaxed in his heart, and slowly said: “One move, send him to the road.”

As long as Fahai is beheaded and the next city first, all the advantages that Luo Feng had previously obtained will be disappeared!

In the void, the eyes of the rabbit and the Buddha hung down slightly, looking at Fahai below indifferently, saying: “trifling ants, do you want to shake the sky?”

The voice fell, its palm stretched out, slowly said:






The palm quickly became larger at the speed of naked eye, and in just a few moments of interest, it turned into a golden giant palm under the eyes of many eyes!

The golden giant palm, wrapped in indescribable terrifying power, with the shadow of the sky, whistled down and went straight to Fahai.

On the Holy Land square, all Star Card masters are lifts the head, and then they were horrified to see a golden giant palm dropping from the sky, relentlessly shot towards Fahai.

Fahai’s body is so small in front of the golden giant palm that can’t see the edge.

“Really strong attack, if this palm falls, this monk will definitely die!”

“His frog can’t transfer damage, should he?”

“How to transfer this? I have studied that the frog should be specifically for those skills that explode on the body and rely on the moment of explosion to transfer, but this palm is to shoot the monk directly, how to transfer?”

“Jiang Chen is still the top.”

Everyone looked at this scene, and their thoughts were mixed. The Star Card master in the North Saint District applauded and clapped, while the Star Card master in the East Saint District secretly clenched his fists and squeezed a sweat in his palm.

Fahai was standing in the shadow of the golden giant palm and was trying to avoid it. Then he found that his body seemed to be restricted, but he couldn’t escape the shadow of the golden giant palm!

Uchiha Pikachu: “Brother, do you want to help you?”

Fahai: “Don’t worry about things between men!”

Luo Feng: “Be steadily acting and defend a wave.”

Fahai shook the head, his eyelids lifted slightly, looking at the golden giant palm, his eyes flashed and he was in deep thought.


The rabbit Buddha grinned and took pictures with a palm!

So the palm of his hand whizzed down, and the speed was so indescribable that even Fahai could only see a residual image.

Among the golden eyes, the golden giant palm filled the entire Heaven and Earth.

“Trifling rabbit demon, dare to steal the sky here and change the day, pretend to be like a camel?” Fahai’s eyes bloomed with golden lotus, and his tongue burst into thunder, said: “Heavenly Dragon Prestige, worldly treasure, hidden heavenly eyes, open!”

Along with his raucous sound, I saw rays of light flashing, and the third eye in my eyebrow opened quickly!

Jiang Chen looked at that eye, only to feel that it was mysterious and mysterious, just to look at it, inexplicably produced a kind of guilty, as if all the secrets of within the body, are now peeping out.

Heavenly Eye turned and looked at the golden giant palm dropping from the sky. Then, Fahai saw that the scene he saw in Heavenly Eye was very different from what other eyes saw.

The golden giant palm that thundered quickly became slow now.

Not only that, there are lines and some mysterious light spots on it, that is…weak spot!

Fahai can clearly feel that Star qi is extremely chaotic wherever the light dots are scattered. Obviously it is the most vulnerable place of the golden giant palm!

These things, naked eye is difficult to distinguish, but under his Heavenly Eye, there is nowhere to escape.

Fahai expression, he originally wanted to hide, but now it seems that there is no need to avoid it.

Although he can’t hard connect the entire golden giant palm, he can use the weak spot to dial 4 pounds for 2!

call out!

In the next moment, he held 9 rings of tin sticks in his hand and rose into the sky, heading straight to the golden giant palm.

“This…he didn’t hide?”

“Don’t he have a golden bowl? Why not use it to fight it?”

“Luo Feng just told him to defend for a wave, did he listen to let it go?”

Everyone saw this scene, and his face was horrified, and they all felt unimaginable.

The rabbit and the Buddha looked down from the top, and the corner of the mouth raised a bit of cynicism: “Let you care, since you are looking for the dead end, then you can not complain about others!”

In the countless incredible eyes, Fahai moved forward, and the 9 rings of tin rods in his hand were violently lifted up, carrying his own strongest strength, and the golden giant palm that covered the sky, slammed fiercely and ruthlessly.


The explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sounded.

Rabbit Buddha’s eyes slightly fixed, his eyes cast, and then he saw that his golden giant palm, even a slight crack appeared.

“How is it possible?!” it uttered in horror.

Jiang Chen’s complexion also changed suddenly.


At the next moment, the golden giant palm burst, and the silhouette of Fahai, holding 9 rings of tin sticks in his hand, jumped into the sky!

“How did this…?”

referee Chu Yang’s eyes widened. The fierce offensive of the palm just now, I am afraid that even the star card of 2 Star Card master, can not be hard-wired, only to avoid the edge.

However, Fahai was ruthlessly broken in the most brutal manner? !

Rabbit Buddha began to panic, but this is its strongest palm, which has been resolved by Fahai?

In the countless stunned eyes, Fahai’s silhouette appeared, he looked towards the golden body of the rabbit and Buddha, and said: “Bold demon, actually pretending to be here, see me accept you!”


In Heavenly Eye, the rays of light and a fierce thunder, like the aurora, exploded and burst into the fragility of the golden body.


At the next moment, the huge golden body of the rabbit and Buddha suddenly burst.

At the same time, a little bunny appeared in the sight of everyone. His eyes were a little panicked, and he quickly moved towards the wild area below.

“Bold demon, see me accept you!”

Fahai is about to take away the rabbit and Buddha, and then suddenly thinks that this is his own limited skills, and his own limited skills have not yet awakened!

“Since I can’t collect it, I will cut you down!”


However, at this very moment, the earth shattered, and the figure of the big-mouthed toad suddenly appeared!

It opened its mouth like an abyss, a huge suction burst out, it was actually to suck the rabbit Buddha into the belly!

“Hmph, little toad, dare to save people in front of me?!”

“Today you die together!”

Fahai drank aloud, and the golden bowl flew out of his hand, quickly growing bigger, and then, facing the big mouth toad down.

This does not subdue the big-billed toad, but it can be temporarily controlled, making it impossible to save the rabbit and Buddha!

The rabbit Buddha was terrified and moved towards the jungle below below without looking back.

“Inescapable net, where can I escape?”

“Heavenly Dragon Prestige, burn it to death!”


Along with the low Dragon’s roar, Heavenly Dragon Prestige broke free of the golden ring, soared into the sky, opened his mouth, and True Fire burst into the air, and went straight to the rabbit and Buddha.


Skyfire swept through the void and left a long trace of burnt black on the field. Wherever it passed, it left a trace of melting.

The True Fire, which is burning blazingly, is also completely drowning the rabbit Buddha with nowhere to escape.

Then, burn it completely into nothingness!

So, after a generally fierce competition, Luo Feng went to the first city and won the first kill!

Looking at this scene, between Heaven and Earth, there was a low outcry.

No one thought that before this fatal blow, Fahai, who had not yet awakened his limited skills, actually broke open easily, and even completed the anti-kill.

“Yes, this star card is good, brave and scheming. The most important thing is the imposing manner of the gods block then kill gods and if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas.” On the viewing seat, Huang Yichu, the owner of Blazing Valley Praise and praise.

Qi Jin nodded, said: “Yes, the battle between the warrior star cards, if you want to win, you must die from death to fight for life. At this time, whoever counsels will lose.”

Huang Yichu glanced at Jiang Taiyuan, and raised his voice deliberately: “It seems that Jiang Chen wants to win the Holy Land League championship, it seems not as easy as imagined.”

When Qi Yuan heard this, he smiled softly and sneered: “The Lord Huang Gu’s words are bad, expert games, and gains and losses from city to city, in fact, can’t be considered what.”

“Previously it was Jiang Chen’s temptation that’s all. If Luo Feng couldn’t even kill Jiang Chen’s star card, it would be too unbearable.”

“It’s still a bit of a loss for you to say Card King. If you say it, it’s so sour.” Qi Jin coldly snorted, said: “Luo Feng has taken the lead until the game has started. Jiang Chen broke through a month earlier than him. Still brought the scene skills, under this premise, they are all labeled like this, I really don’t know, what’s so good to blow.”

Qi Yuan faced Pang Shuihong, not knowing how to refute.

“Qi Yuan, why do you argue with them?” Jiang Taiyuan shook the head, no deep waves in his eyes, slowly said: “The Luo Feng is indeed somewhat capable, but my preparation is far more than everyone imagines It’s full.”

“The pros and cons of the moment can’t explain anything. The winner is the last one to laugh, just wait and see, you say yes, Nanzhi.”

He looked towards Mu Nanzhi, but he saw that the latter was now beautiful eyes, staring at Luo Feng on the field, muttering in his mouth: “He, he is very handsome…”

On Jiang Taiyuan’s face, there was a question mark slowly.

Zhuo Ying also made question marks.

Woman, you are playing with fire.

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