Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 235

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Hong long long …

And at this moment, the fragments of the golden body exploded in the sky, like rolling boulders, dropping from the sky, moved towards Fahai.

hong long long, more and more giant rocks, more and more, in the end, it turned into a big mountain, suppressing Fahai under the mountain.

“What’s going on?” Sudden changes made Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle and said, “Iron Man, check what’s going on.”

The eyes of Iron Man flashed bright rays of light, and the supercomputer analysis system started.

【Rabbit Buddha Mountain】: After the death of Rabbit Buddha, the heart is filled with resentment, and the golden body is transformed into a huge stone, which will suppress the star card that killed it and seal it for a period of time.

Luo Feng suddenly realized that this mechanism was somewhat similar to Cao Pi’s [Wordless Tablet], but he did not have the skill of Cao Pi to have spirituality.

Cao Pi’s seal time is flexible, if licking is not in place, maybe Eternal Life will not be able to turn over.

However, Rabbit Buddha said here for a period of time, a very vague explanation.

Seal it, it’s better than dead.

At the same time as the men fighting on the road, the middle road also opened a violent attack!

Uchiha Pikachu battled Onmyouji, the sword ruler collided, the battle was fierce.

2 All of them were scarred and left with blood.

And at this moment, the funeral came from the road, and the rabbit and Buddha were killed in battle!

Onmyouji’s eyes are slightly condensed, and a fierce glance in his eyes, the skill [yin and yang 2 intervals] is launched!

[Yin and Yang 2nd Separation]: Onmyouji opens up an independent space, appointing one star card of the enemy and up to 2 star cards of his own to enter it for 5 minutes.

A super huge bubble, appearing out of thin air, is like an Independent Space, covering Onmyouji and Uchiha Pikachu.

Seeing this scene, Uchiha Pikachu panicked and quickly used the skill [Form Displacement Shadow].

[Form Displacement Shadow]: Uchiha Pikachu exchanges positions with any target in sight.

Uchiha Pikachu looked towards the air outside the bubble, the purple lines in Rinnegan turned, however, the position exchange failed!

“This…” Uchiha Pikachu panicked inexplicably in his heart, so that means he can’t get out!

And at this time, next to Onmyouji, the silhouette of the green warrior slowly emerged.

“Qingjiao Warrior?” Uchiha Pikachu laughed disdainfully, “I want to trap me here, and then 2 hit one?”

The Qingjiao warrior Ling Yukong expressed expression and said, “Little mouse, you are only half right.”

“Now I am not a dragon, but a dragon!”


The voice fell, only to see in his eyes, cyan ray gushes out, a ray of cyan Star qi, coming out of it within the body, entangle its body as much as possible.

In the cyan Star qi ascent, an Azure Dragon Phantom also emerged from its top of the head, and howling in the sky was like thunder.


At the same time, the defense tower of Onmyouji in the middle road suddenly burst.

[Dragon Transformation]: When one of your own star cards is killed, the green warrior evolves into an Azure Dragon warrior, strengthening all skills formidable power.

[Tower Explosion]: Azure Dragon warriors destroy a defense tower on their side and awaken all their blocked skills.


The defense tower of Onmyouji in the middle road exploded in an instant!

“The feeling of Dragon Transformation is really comfortable.”

Azure Dragon warrior shrugged, with the sound of a skeleton oh la la, it was very comfortable.

Looking at Uchiha Pikachu on the opposite side, a glance of play flickered in his eyes, and his claws snapped together at the moment.

In its within the body, there is an amazing Star qi boiling, and finally, in the mouth, a little bit bulged, with a faint blue luster diffused out, exuding a dangerous breath.

A violent force spread out.

In the Holy Land square, many eyes projected, all of them were aware of the terrifying offensive that was about to burst out at the moment.

Its mouth bulged to the extreme, and suddenly opened, I saw the cyan torrent of grandiose, rushing out, in that torrent, there is actually a huge Azure Dragon!

Azure Dragon roar towards the sky, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.


At the next moment, the cyan giant dragon roared out and went straight to Uchiha Pikachu.

Uchiha Pikachu complexion slightly changed, and was about to show his skills, but found that Star qi within the body was running very slowly at this moment, as if it was sealed!

[Forbidden Star Sign]: Onmyouji exhibited the Forbidden Star Sign, and the target cannot use any skills within 30!

Luo Feng in ones heart trembled, rise in the mind a little uneasy, under such a wave of combination skills, the skin is in danger!

“Fuck it!”

At this moment, Uzumaki Renwa heard the wind and fiercely hit the bubble.

However, the bubble is completely motionless.

Uzumaki Renwa looked at the skin god who was about to be hit hard, and his heart was very anxious. The pain in his hand was fiercely scratched on the bubble, as if he wanted to scratch it.

However, no matter how hard it tried, it could not shake this bubble.

“Resistance to frogs, don’t pad out, this bubble will not break within 5 minutes.” Luo Feng shook the head, expression grave, he just detected it with Iron Man’s skills, and learned that this bubble is an Independent Space.

“Bash it, bash it!” The Uzumaki Renwa, who was helpless, looked at the skin god inside the bubble and made an anxious voice.

Under a lot of uneasy eyes, the blue giant dragon whistled and fiercely hit Uchiha Pikachu!


Uchiha Pikachu shot backwards, hitting the edge of the Independent Space heavily, and mouth spurt blood came out.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s heart is sour, who doesn’t like this Pikachu?


In the eyes of many eyes, Pikachu rubbed the black bean eyes and stood up staggeringly.

It was covered with bruises all over, the bloodline was urgent, and the state was extremely bleak.

However, it still clenched the thunderclap sword and stared at the Azure Dragon warrior with fierce eyes.

The Azure Dragon warrior looked at it indifferently and said, “Why, dissatisfied?”

“Yellow furred mouse, actually dare to look at me with this kind of eyes, it is really recklessly.”

Uchiha Pikachu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, raised his thunderclap sword in his hand, and said, “I will never admit defeat by carrying the name of Uchiha!”

The Azure Dragon warrior’s eyes were cold, staring at the skin god’s eyes, there was a killing intent surging out, and it said sensibly: “It seems that your bones are hard?”

“Then I’m going to try it. Can I crush your bones inch by inch!”

Azure Dragon warrior body moved into a residual image and went straight to Uchiha Pikachu!

The next moment, it appeared in front of Uchiha Pikachu, and the dragon claw darted out, grabbing its throat directly, and lifted it up little by little.

Uchiha Pikachu suddenly couldn’t breathe, his breath was short, his face was purplish, and two little feet were pedaling in the sky.

The Azure Dragon warrior tilted his head slightly, staring at Uchiha Pikachu with a playful look, and said, “What strength do you pretend to be in front of me?”

“You are now, serviceable?”

“Pi… Ka…” Uchiha Pikachu looked back with contempt, and there was no fear of death in his eyes.

“You are courting death!” The Azure Dragon warrior was furious, killing intent surging in his eyes, urged by his palm Star qi.


In the next moment, a blood mist squirted out, the fleshy body of Uchiha Pikachu, burst in an instant!

Between Heaven and Earth, there is silence.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. No one thought that after the first death of Rabbit Buddha, Onmyouji actually played a wave of cooperation with Azure Dragon soldiers quickly, and Uchiha Pikachu was lost in seconds!

Now that Uchiha Pikachu is killed, Fahai is temporarily sealed again, and the level 2 reversal instantly. The advantages created by Luo Feng seem to have returned.

“Isn’t it a surprise, a surprise?” Jiang Chen smiled at Luo Feng, his eyes amused, and said, “Do you really think I’m the same as the group of miscellaneous things you encountered before?”

Luo Feng is silent.

Also silent, there is Uzumaki Renwa.

At this moment, with bubbles, looking at the Uchiha Pikachu dissipated inside, the tight face could no longer hold on, blood flowing down the corners of the eyes.


At this moment, the bubble burst suddenly.

The Azure Dragon warrior looked down at Uzumaki Renwa and said, “Dead Toad, you were aiming 100 times before I didn’t wake up.”

“Now, it’s time to calculate this account.”

call out!

Uzumaki Renwa’s eyes were red, his feet stomped, the ground cracked, and he went straight to the Azure Dragon warrior.

The cold glow of the bitterness flashed in his hand, suddenly moved towards it and stabbed it.

The eyes of the Azure Dragon warrior squinted. It didn’t evade or defend. It just watched quietly.


Staring at the chest of the Azure Dragon warrior under the eyes of many eyes, when he was about to pierce his flesh, suddenly a light azure light appeared on its skin surface.

Uzumaki Renwa’s eyes were stagnant, and Ku Wu seemed to poke into an indestructible hard object, no matter how hard he tried, it could not penetrate.

“That’s it?” The Azure Dragon warrior laughed contemptuously, slightly raised at the corner of his mouth, only to see its whole body, covered with a layer of blue scales, with a shiny luster on it, which looked quite mysterious.

This is, dragon scales.

“It seems that now you can’t break my defense.”


A huge anti-seismic force exploded and shocked Uzumaki Renwa’s body.

“I used to slap it one by one, was it cool?”

The Azure Dragon warrior smiled sensibly, his eyes flashed fiercely, his toes flicked a little to the ground, his figure appeared like a stream of streamer, and went straight to Uzumaki Renwa.

The silhouette of flashing azure light is magnified sharply in the pupil of Uzumaki Renwa, Uzumaki Renwa has not avoided, with the body Star qi continuously moved towards the palm of the influx.

“Mantis trying to stop a chariot, overestimate one’s capabilities.”

Azure Dragon warriors sneered, punched out entangled in cyan dragon scales, with a fistful wind and imposing manner.

Uzumaki Renwa took a deep breath, his eyes cold, his palms clenched, and suddenly burst out.

The two fists were intertwined. After a short stalemate, Uzumaki Renwa felt within the body and the blood was tumbling, and bursts of pain struck.

“Do you think that now I am still the green warrior?”

With one punch, the fighting intent rose in the eyes of the Azure Dragon warrior, jié jié laughed, jumped forward, and punched Uzumaki Renwa again.

Uzumaki Renwa clenched the teeth, divine sense moved, and ten avatars suddenly appeared beside him.

“Do you really think this trick is useful to me?”

At this moment, Azure Dragon warrior Long Hitomi glowed out of his eyes, deep in his heart, and vanished.

In the silhouette in front of him, Uzumaki Renwa’s deity was exposed in the field of vision.

The Azure Dragon warrior jumped forward, next moment, it appeared in front of the real Uzumaki Renwa, his claws stretched out, pinching it tightly.

“Previously, it was cool, right?”

The voice fell, and the blue wings behind him shuddered.

So everyone saw that the Azure Dragon warrior grabbed Uzumaki Renwa and danced his wings, soaring into the sky.

Soon, it broke through the clouds and disappeared into everyone’s vision.

The Azure Dragon warrior travels through the clouds, hovering up and down in the air, and then roaring down, slamming Uzumaki Renwa down towards the ground!


Many horrified eyes cast on Holy Land Square, and I saw Uzumaki Renwa’s figure. At the moment, it was like a meteorite falling, whistling down uncontrollably, and falling fiercely to the ground!


Above the stadium, a deep pit was suddenly smashed, the smoke filled.

“Then Uzumaki Renwa, will you die without dying?” Many curious voices sounded, and then looked towards the smoky giant pit.

Among the huge pits.

The blood ran down the arm.

At this time, Uzumaki Renwa was covered with bruises and bruises, which was extremely bleak.


The Azure Dragon warrior’s wings vibrated, suspended in the sky, and looked down at Uzumaki Renwa in the deep pit, said with a sneer: “Now, you should know, who should be the one?”

“The mouse just said, are you good friends?”

There was a taunt in the corner of his mouth, saying, “What can you do when your good friend dies?”


A blood red Star qi diffused from him.

The blood-red Star qi raged, making the entire stadium seem to be covered with a layer of blood mist.

Uzumaki Renwa, who walked upright, slowly got down at the moment, like a wild beast with angry hair.

Uzumaki Renwa’s eyes were reddened, bloodshot eyes were covered with blood, and his blood was frantically moved towards his mind, making him look extremely daunting at the moment.

“Oh, incompetent anger.” The Azure Dragon soldier looked at it contemptuously, and said: “Look at you now, a frog in well, and dare to challenge the dragon, it’s ridiculous.”

With its mouth open, Star qi converged, and a huge cyan ray ball condensed again.

If you look closely, you will be able to find that the appearance of this light ball is exactly the same as Rasengan of Uzumaki Renwa.

An indescribable terrifying wave spread from above.

All Star Card masters are trembling in their hearts. Such a fierce blow is probably enough to send Uzumaki Renwa to a dead end?

Luo Feng star card has already been killed. If the Ninja Frog is also dead, then the champion may really have missed him.

“I heard that this is Rasengan? This is something I learned from you. Let me use your skills to send you to the dead end!”

“Dead, insect!”

The sound fell, and the cyan ray ball fell like a big sun, and moved towards the crater.

The corner of Qi Yuan’s mouth, slightly raised, the situation is finally getting better.

The eyes of Huang Yichu and Qi Jin are both micro-condensed at the moment, and the hearts are undulating.


However, at a time when everyone’s minds are different, a monstrous blood column rises into the sky, terrifying Star qi ravages Heaven and Earth, and the amazing coercion pervades between Heaven and Earth.

The cyan ray ball collided with the blood column, then it was ejected and turned into nothingness.

At the same time, everyone looked away and saw that Uzumaki Renwa, who had previously been ice blue, had already disappeared.

Instead, it is a crimson Nine-Tailed Monster Fox!

An indescribable Slaughter Qi emerged from it.

At the same time, the layers of shackles and shackles wrapped around him suddenly loosened.

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