Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 236

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Looking at the situation on the court, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and the heart jumped again.

It started, it started, and both of them worked hard.

Admittedly, after the sacrifice of the rabbit and Buddha, Jiang Chen, who had been pressed, finally changed his momentum and began to explode in the small universe.

The Azure Dragon warrior awakened and dropped Uchiha Pikachu in seconds with Onmyouji, and then thrashed Uzumaki Renwa to lift his head and be ashamed.

However, when it was about to stop the Ninja Frog, the mutation suddenly took place, and the Ninja Frog’s appearance… seemed to be changing?

Going to evolve?


The monstrous resentment qi, diffused from the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, directly caused the temperature between Heaven and Earth to drop suddenly and coldly.

Countless lines of sight were thrown in horror. The majestic resentment qi made them scalp numb, but they could also clearly feel the power contained in Nine-Tailed Monster Fox at the moment.

Luo Feng looked at the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox on the field and inexplicably sighed.

In the past, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox invaded the wooden leaf pond, Uzumaki Renwa’s father wave fengshui frog, in order to save the village, at the cost of sacrifice to destroy the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, at the cost of life, permanently sealed it in Uzumaki Renwa within the body.

Normally, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox will naturally not be messed up and will be sealed quietly.

However, once Uzumaki Renwa is stimulated and loses his senses, the seal of within the body will weaken, and the dormant Nine-Tailed Monster Fox will take advantage of it and occupy its body!


The monstrous blood column grandiose rises from the giant pit.

At the moment, the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox is all blood red, as if it has a lava burning.

The 9 furry tails are as if they contain a kind of magical power, which makes people unable to bear to watch.

Just like the ancient ominous beast that was silent for 10000 years, it awakened.

“Isn’t this a frog? Should I evolve into a toad? How can it suddenly become a fox?” The Azure Dragon soldier stared at Nine-Tailed Monster Fox with a terrifying look, an indescribable cold , Rising after himself.

The sudden change made Jiang Chen also startled, expression gloomy and uncertain. After Rabbit and Fahai, is a new round of game about to begin?

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Now Uzumaki Renwa is in a violent state of irrationality, regardless of the enemy, everyone, and immediately withdraw to the defense tower.”

“Next, your task is to first protect your safety from being accidentally injured, and second, to ensure that there are no other people who sneak attack the frog.”

So, Meng Wang in the wild area returned to the defense tower.

Fahai, who was suppressed under the Buddha Mountain, was naturally as old as a dog.

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox and Azure Dragon fighters are in the middle.

While preventing the elf shooter from helping the Azure Dragon warrior, Iron Man launched a rapid attack, pushing the elf shooter and the big mouth toad into the lower defense tower.

As soon as it comes out of the tower, it will be bombarded by Iron Man.

After all, after being caught by Uzumaki Renwa, the status of two star cards is very poor, and Iron Man alone is enough to involve two.

As for Onmyouji, catching Uzumaki Renwa in the early stage, Middle-Stage has dealt with Uchiha Pikachu, it has consumed a lot of Star qi, and many skills have entered the CD, the state is bleak, and can not help Azure Dragon warriors.

Moreover, after the death of 2 star cards, Meng Wang already has 4 skills. It is staring closely at Onmyouji. If Onmyouji is going to shoot, it will also block it.

Therefore, the other star cards of the two parties are mutually restraining each other, and no one will interfere with the game between Nine-Tailed Monster Fox and Azure Dragon fighters.

On the field, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox and Azure Dragon warriors faced each other, revealing killing intent, mixed with indiscriminate anger, ravaged between Heaven and Earth.

When the mountain rain is coming, the storm is coming, just like the eve of rainstorm, the atmosphere is frozen to the extreme.

The eyes of all Star Card masters in the Holy Land Square are projected at this moment, and everyone’s nervous heart peng peng beating.

“Azure Dragon warrior, kill it, if you can successfully kill, then we will win this game firmly.” Jiang Chen’s voice was indifferent.

Azure Dragon warriors fanned their wings, lingered in the void, and looked down at Uzumaki Renwa with a calm dignity on his calm face.

However, this not at all frightened it, but it made its dragon pupil gradually become hotter. It stared at the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox. The fiery heat almost swallowed the latter.

“Hmph, after all, it’s just a fox with a little more tail!”

“And I, but the noble Azure Dragon!”


At the next moment, the majestic Star qi roared out like a boundless wave, sweeping down towards the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

The Azure Dragon warrior’s palm was gently grasped, and a handle of Trident flashing silver light slowly emerged, and then threw it at the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox below.

Trident cuts through the air, wherever it goes, the sonic boom, constantly sounded.

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox didn’t show any defensive posture, let the Trident explode, and then it suddenly raised its paw.


The world’s martial arts, only speed can not be broken.

It instantly caught Trident who was coming fast.


On Trident, there is a fierce Star qi, but when it falls in the claws of Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, it is completely motionless.


The 2 fox claws hold Trident, violently, and then, under the eyes of many eyes, break it alive!

“Tear the weapon?!” Azure Dragon warrior’s pupil shrinks, and it rubs his eyes, fearing he’s seeing it wrong.

How strong is this? !

Brother, is it so scary? !

And at this moment, the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox looked towards Azure Dragon warrior, whistling, sharp fox claws, moved towards it and grabbed it.

“Previously, your weapons couldn’t break my defense, did you forget?!” Azure Dragon warriors sneered, and dragon scales appeared on his body, flashing with luster, as if to show off.


The demon fox sharp claw grabbed the dragon body, and then, the Azure Dragon warrior beast pupil shrank, because it was shocked to see that on its indestructible dragon body, pieces of dragon scales fell off, and 2 tears of blood appeared, horrible to see!

Azure Dragon warrior complexion slightly changed, knowing that he can’t face meet force with force with him, suddenly turn around, want to distance himself!


The monstrous killing intent diffused from Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, grandiose, soaring into the sky.

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox has red eyes, bloodshot eyes, and blood is moving towards the brain at this time, making it look terrible at this time.


It kicked on 4 limbs, jumped forward, and chased it.

2 The speed between the two is approached quickly with the speed of naked eye.

Looking at the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, Jiang Chen brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Transform!”

Everyone turned their eyes and saw that the figure of the Azure Dragon warrior disappeared. Instead, it was a whole body Azure Dragon!

The huge body is not as good as the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, the dragon body covered with green scales, the ancient and complex lines are intertwined, and the diffuse atmosphere is filled, as if from the ancient Great Desolate.

It is meandering into the void, overriding between Heaven and Earth, like the god of aloof and remote, looking down on sentient beings.

Azure Dragon in the sky, staring at the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox on the ground, the two are in sight, just like a pin against an awl, showing off one’s ability.

At the next moment, the murderous-looking 2 monsters went straight to each other, and then entangled together, a small mouth into a device, you tore me bite, upside down and fox, rolling back and forth.

After a series of fierce offensive confrontations, the two ominous beasts were all killed.

However, everyone is very clear, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, almost in the Azure Dragon.

Because of Azure Dragon’s size advantage, it is far less flexible than Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

Soon, Azure Dragon quickly opened the distance, and then the rays of light flashed again, turning into Azure Dragon warriors.

“What the hell is this monster?!” The Azure Dragon warrior trembles, its aloof and remote dragon can’t beat a fox?

call out!

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox roared again, and there was a violent resentment qi all over his body. Those blood-red eyes stared at the Azure Dragon warrior like a dead body.

The Azure Dragon warrior retreated sharply, and at the same time his wrist shook, and he saw countless cyan ray spots, like bullets, densely packed, pouring down towards the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

If you look closely, you will be able to find that each cyan ray point is a super mini Azure Dragon. It seems small, but it is ravaged by violent fluctuations.

However, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox did not stop because of this, and still accelerated to go straight away, letting the sky azure glow hit him.

“You guy, aren’t you afraid of pain?”

It can be seen that Nine-Tailed Monster Fox even ignored his fierce attack, and the Azure Dragon soldiers almost cried, quite afraid of being horizontal, and afraid of being killed.

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox was stronger than him, and now he has launched a suicide attack. Who can stop it?

And at this moment, a sharp fox claw stretched out, buckled on its neck, and lifted up its dragon body, inch by inch.

The neck was pinched, and the Azure Dragon soldier’s face turned purple, almost suffocating.

At this time, it is like a mouse that fell into a cat’s claw, panicking!

The demon fox’s eyes are cold, and his grief is more than his death. He has already felt the pain of leaving his best friend, and why is he afraid of the pain of this skin?

Ka-cha !

Another sharp claw snapped at the wings of the Azure Dragon warrior, only listening to the cracking sound of skeleton, a dragon wing was actually torn off by it!


The mournful scream sound, accompanied by the dripping blood, horrible to see, can’t bear to see.

Under the eyes of many eyes, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox pinched the neck of the Fire Dragon warrior, leapt forward, actually rose into the sky, and soon disappeared into everyone’s vision.

next moment, a silhouetted silhouette, as if a meteorite descended from the sky!

How familiar is this scene? !

It’s just that Uzumaki Renwa previously fell, but now it is an Azure Dragon warrior!

The positions of hunters and prey have changed so quickly!

Azure Dragon warrior a mouthful of blood spurted, the wings are folded, unable to incite the wings, can only fall alive, and finally landed on the ground!


The earth fiercely swayed as if it were an earthquake.

call out!

The figure of Nine-Tailed Monster Fox follows closely from behind and smashes heavily on the Fleshy body of the Azure Dragon warrior.

It stared at the Azure Dragon warrior below, and in his eyes suddenly appeared an endless violent color!

“Kill my skin god, a debt of blood must be paid in blood!!!”

The demon fox roared up in the sky and released its pain to the world. Among the beast pupils, there was a monstrous killing intent and cold glow.

2 sharp fox claws, grabbing frantically at the Azure Dragon warrior.


One after another mournful scream sound came from the mouth of the Azure Dragon warrior, and in his eyes, unprecedented panic and fear!

Bang bang bang!

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox didn’t give it the slightest breathing opportunity, claws to meat, Azure Dragon warriors were extremely embarrassed, blood spit…

Throughout the Holy Land Square, everyone was staring at this scene with astonishment. The Huanglong Azure Dragon warrior was actually beaten on the ground by Nine-Tailed Monster Fox…

This is too fierce, right? !

Jiang Chen’s complexion almost dripped out of water.

The evolved Azure Dragon warrior, any offensive and defensive, in front of this demon fox, is actually fictitious.

It seems that the two are not a level of existence at all.


And at this moment, a violent Star qi burst out of the Azure Dragon Warrior with the body, and the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox body was shocked.

At this moment, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox not at all catches up again, but sits halfway like a wolf, the head of the fox is raised, and the sky is proud.

The abyss-like giant mouth opened.


The Star qi between Heaven and Earth seems to be pulled at the moment, continuously moving towards its within the body and whistling away.

Under such absorption of terrifying, the Star qi of this world has become much thinner.

The rich Star qi turned into thick water under crazy compression.

However, not only that, the viscous liquid compresses again, until finally, it becomes a solid ball.

The ball appeared purple, with amazing coercion, and came out from above.

This shows how powerful it will be when it erupts.

This is the tail beast jade.

“You motherfucker, I really think I can’t deal with you anymore, right?” Azure Dragon warriors burst into rage, Star qi surged around him, and a fierce offensive was brewing.

“Since you are not afraid of dying, die at worst together!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes stared deadly, rising in the mind, and immediately shouted: “Don’t meet force with force, enter the defensive state!”

He was afraid that if the Azure Dragon warrior used skills, meet force with force, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox would instantly change back to Uzumaki Renwa, and then transfer this skill to his other star card.

“This should be its last big move. After carrying this wave, we won.”

The Azure Dragon warrior’s eyes were clouded, his claws closed, and immediately within the body Star qi burst out, quickly condensing on the surface of the body, and finally formed a set of white Bone Armor!

“Azure Dragon Bone Armor!”

The Bone Armor spread, and soon it wrapped the whole body of the Azure Dragon warrior, and the bones were sensuous, exuding a chill that made the heart palpitate.

“The big move, right? Wait for me to block your big move, see what you can do with me!”

Under the indestructible Bone Armor, the dragon pupil of the Azure Dragon warrior stared at the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

The innumerable lights between Heaven and Earth are all cast at the moment, and they can see that this is the strongest blow of Nine-Tailed Monster Fox. If you can’t kill the Azure Dragon soldier, then next, it’s probably Facing the terrorist counterattack of Azure Dragon fighters.

And this confrontation will also result.

Su Yang Chuman and the others unable to bear clenched his fists tightly without blinking.

Even Mu Qingluan’s mother and daughter breathed slightly.


The next moment, the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox roared, and the small planet-like tail beast jade passed the sky quietly, along the way, without even bringing a trace of windbreak.

However, when the tail beast Jade fell on the body of the Azure Dragon warrior, it suddenly became riotous.

Focused on countless lines of sight, the tail beast jade hit the Moribai Bone Armor.


Just colliding with a face, there is a sound of skeleton shattering, and the bones of Sensen are now bursting one after another.

The Azure Dragon warrior stared at the restless jade beast, unsurpassed, with deep fear, climbing out of his eyes.


An uncontrolled heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosion suddenly exploded in the sky.


A terrifying energy emanated from in the sky, and moved towards all directions.

In the map of the gorge, the trees in the wild area are now broken and broken, and the breaks are as smooth as mirrors.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw that under the terrifying blow, the dragon scales on the Azure Dragon fighters shattered by nearly half.

The blood of Yin Hong was like rain, falling continuously from its body.

The scars of horror are like lines, which are spreading from its surface, and they are full of bones.

In that pair of beast pupils, the ridicule has disappeared, and instead it is a deep horror.

That scene was extremely shocking.


At this moment, the ground at the foot of the Azure Dragon warrior suddenly cracked, and a large-mouthed toad came out.

The toad opened its giant mouth, and a huge suction burst out, actually asking the green warrior to swallow it.

Admittedly, this is saving it!

At the same time, Onmyouji’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he played the “forbidden star symbol”, sealing the skills of the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, making it impossible to repair the Azure Dragon warrior!

Just when the demon fox released the tail beast jade, it wanted to use this skill, but this skill has a relatively long cooling time due to a relatively bug.

“It’s all like this, you go to die!” Luo Feng said with a cold heart, said: “Meng Wang, release [Form Displacement Shadow]!”

[Form Displacement Shadow]: Meng Wang can exchange position with any target within sight.

This is the skill of the skin god, and after the death of the skin Divine Formation, Meng Wang devoured it for his own use.

call out!

Under the defense tower, Meng Wang flashed the rays of light in his heart, and then his body was disappeared, appeared at the location of the Azure Dragon warrior, and was sucked into the belly by the terrifying suction of the big mouth toad.

The Azure Dragon warrior with bruises and sighs all appeared under Luo Feng’s defensive tower!

The defense tower will attack the enemy star card that enters the attack range!


A red beam of light exploded from the defensive tower, and shot at the Azure Dragon soldier who entered the attack range.

“This…” The Azure Dragon warrior looked at the tower, his eyes were splitting, and the terrorist damage of the tower was clearer than anyone else!

If it is in peak state, you might dare to try to resist the attack of the defense tower, but now it is already breathing and in danger!


The beam of light fell and became the last straw that crushed the camel.

Jiang Chen’s eyes widened, stormy sea lifted in his heart, his scene skills, actually pitted his star card?

It was actually shot by the defensive tower!

In the setting sun, the setting sun is like blood.

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox sat quietly, not cheering for victory, not complacency for defeating the Azure Dragon warrior, but looking up towards the direction where the skin dissipated, some lost, some ignorant, some inexplicable Helpless and worried.

The wind and smoke are exhausted, and the shadows are alone.

That scene was extremely shocking.

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