Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 237

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On the field, Jiang Chen’s expression, gloomy and uncertain.

Why is this happening?

Because his canyon map is a scene skill, not a scene card!

The scene skill, because it is just a skill, so the relative advantage he can get is actually not too much.

Scene skill, referring to this canyon map, is a skill of star card.

Same as Xiao Yan’s [Zuan Stage].

He has defensive towers, as well as opponents.

He can make up his troops, and the opponent can make up his troops.

Right now, the disadvantage of [Tower Explosion] is now vividly and thoroughly.

[Tower Explosion]: Destroy a defense tower of your own, and make a star card of your own in the defense tower, awakening all skills.

Before the game, he did a deduction, considering whether to directly launch the skill tower burst.

If this is the case, then his opening star card skills are fully awakened, while the enemy star card has only one skill.

However, he later considered that this is not very meaningful.

Because if this is the case, then Luo Feng will always shrink under the defensive tower forever, avoiding fighting.

Although it has been shrinking under the tower, it can’t come out to recruit troops, there will always be only one skill.

But for himself, there is no way to face Luo Feng shrinking under the defensive tower.

Unless, cross the tower.

However, the lethality of the defensive tower is not so high. Even if he rushes into the defensive tower, he can’t carry it for a few times. The biggest possibility is that the tower will fail and then be destroyed by the defensive tower group.

This is what Heavenly Dao system limits him.

If the damage of the defense tower is very low, then he starts the tower explosion directly and crosses the tower to kill the opposite side, which is too buggy.

Not to mention a trifling scene skill, even if it is a real scene card, it is impossible to do this step.

Therefore, [Tower Explosion] this skill, he is useless to start, useless and useless, it will only keep the situation deadlocked, one guard tower, one shrink tower.

Admittedly, this skill [Tower Burst] is an unexpected hole card.

For example, in a 2-player game, you think I only have one or two skills. I suddenly have a Self-destruction defense tower, and the skills are fully open, taking you away.

Or, to prevent the worst situation, it is that when he is finally pressed, he dare not go out to make up his troops, and his skills can not be awakened, and then he gives it a go.

And the Self-destruction of his defense tower on the 2nd road is exactly the worst case.

This is his didn’t expect.

Who could have imagined that Luo Feng could actually come to his scene map, like a fish back in water, and drive himself to the worst?

Now, the only defensive tower is the defensive tower.

“This demon fox, why is it so fierce?” Jiang Chen looked at the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox on the field, his face was full of incredible, and some jealousy, why is this guy’s star card so good quality?

The Azure Dragon warrior is his trump card. He was still thinking that his skills were used to enter a defensive state, and after evading this blow, he counterattacked.

But, who could have thought that it was taken away by a wave of Nine-Tailed Monster Fox directly?

If I had known this, I might as well give up the defense and fight for my life, so that at least it can cause heavy damage to the demon fox!

However, what surprised him most was this star card, the shape of the demon fox, which seems not to be its limited skill.

“Your star card, is it a bit too strong?” Jiang Chen was able to bear authentically.

“Oh?” Luo Feng hearing this, also smiled, said: “Why, sour?”

“I just don’t understand why.” Jiang Chen’s eyes were cold and said, “The energy of the star card is conserved, you should be clear about this.”

Luo Feng nodded, if the star cards are of the same quality and are all gold cards, then no matter what the card is, its total energy is certain.

If there are more skills, the energy allocated to each skill will be relatively less.

If the skills are less, the energy allocated to each skill will be relatively more.

Therefore, it is not to say that a star card with 6 skills is better than a star card with 4 skills.

If there are more skills, the skill effect, skill damage, cooling time, etc. of a single skill will be much worse.

“So, this is what I don’t understand. You and my realm are equivalent. Even I am better than you. The star card is also gold and has the same quality. Since that is the case, why your star card can be used without limited skills. Under such circumstances, how easy is it to kill my star card?”

“Transformed demon fox should be just the frog’s ordinary skills, but this explosive power is comparable to some limited skills, right?”

Jiang Chen asked to be able to bear, just now that the Buddha was killed by Fahai alone, he could barely understand, because Onmyouji sneak attacked the Buddha and helped Fahai make a wave.

Can Azure Dragon warrior?

“Star card energy conservation is good. From the point of view of paper values, they are indeed not much different.” Luo Feng shook the head, his eyes suddenly became sharp, saying: “But star card is not a tool, star card is emotional , So you can’t measure it by a single value.”

“Azure Dragon warrior killed the skin god, his best friend, which inspired its potential.”

“This is an invisible bond.”

Luo Feng’s voice was paused and his eyes flashed slightly, saying: “This kind of friendship bondage, in the eyes of some Star Card masters who only use star cards as tools, I am afraid they will never understand.”

Iron Man looked towards Jiang Chen, saying: “Like if you die someday, maybe I will explode.”

Jiang Chen: “Why?”

Iron Man sighed and said: “Because of the pain of bereavement.”

Jiang Chen: “?”

Outside the Holy Land Square, the death of the Azure Dragon warrior caused another uproar.

“Ma Duck, Lord Luoshen first cut the rabbit and Buddha, and then the Azure Dragon.

“Little Luo Feng charge charge charge!”

“… “

However, when everyone thinks that Luo Feng is unstoppable and the winning ticket is in hand, Luo Feng has remained calm. He looked towards Jiang Chen and said, “The loss of 2 star cards should not cause you to crash?”

“You have a bit of eyesight.” Jiang Chen hearing this, also started, immediately smiled contemptuously, said: “If you think that even if you cut my 2 star card, you can lock the victory, then it would be too much to think about.”

“Previously your star card was very good, but it was useless.”

He looked towards Onmyouji and said, “Onmyouji, sacrifice it.”

Onmyouji looked bitter, and said, “I, I don’t want to die yet.”

Jiang Chen: “Relax, I will resurrect you.”

“You say this every time, but you have never been resurrected.” Onmyouji gave him a suspicious look and said, “So I don’t believe it.”

Jiang Chen brows slightly wrinkle, said: “This is the order.”

Onmyouji coldly said: “I really don’t want to use my own life to change the apology for Azure Dragon Warrior.”

“If it’s a rabbit and Buddha, I’m happy.”

“The Worm Warrior, the guy who ate my soldiers in the early days, did not help me catch people. The awakening full skill was also killed by the fox. Resurrect this waste, I am not willing to.”

Jiang Chen shook the head and said: “You know, the reason why the Azure Dragon warrior can’t beat the demon fox is because it hasn’t evolved to its final form…”

The big-mouthed toad frowned and said: “According to our analysis before the game, the limited skill of the man wearing the Battle Armor seems to be able to let the remaining enemies die half randomly when the enemy is killed 3 star cards.”

“Rabbit Buddha and Azure Dragon warrior are dead, if Onmyouji sacrifices again, then just meet this condition…”

“I know all this.” Jiang Chen smiled lightly, his eyes showing a strong confidence, said: “Relax, today everything is under my control.”

“Onmyouji, you can sacrifice.”

“Forget it, life is bitter.” Onmyouji sighed, sneered: “Since I’m dying, I don’t hide some things from tucking.”

It stared at Jiang Chen coldly and said, “Just like your Star Card master who uses the star card as a tool and can let the star card sacrifice, do you expect the star card to awaken some invisible fetters?”

“Do you match?”

The sound fell, it both hands forming seals, presented the last symbol of life.

Skills [Yin Yang Yang Yang] launched!

[Yin Mi Yang Yang]: Limited skill, Onmyouji exchanges the life and death status of any 2 star cards at the expense of sacrifice.

It chose Uzumaki Renwa and Azure Dragon warrior.

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