Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter

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Since the book was quietly opened in March, three months have passed so far.

This book also wrote nearly 800,000 words.

At the beginning of this month, Koi originally put down the rhetoric and wanted to update 400,000 words, but the Koi carp was less than halfway through and was in the middle of the hospital. In fact, it only updated 200,000 words.

During the period, even two days were changed, and Koi sincerely apologized.

Every time you make a change, you are disappointing the trust of the readers. I think that you will wait until 2nd day in the morning and haven’t looked forward to the update. The disappointed look in Koi is very uncomfortable.

So it will not happen as a last resort in the future.

After the finals, Luo Feng will end the Academy chapter and enter the career chapter. The plot behind is very exciting.

Koi also has a lot of Brain zero star cards, and the colorful routines have not been shown yet.

There will be no shortage of Koi carp updates in June. There is only one reason. Koi carp is very short of money.

The adult world is very stressful, and it is really not easy.

This book is very small, unlike the big explosion book, because there are always a group of lovely book friends who maintain and support, this is only a step 3 moved here.

I hope everyone will support the genuine version, because Koi is really short of money, especially during this period of hospitalization, it is even worse for families who are not already affluent.

Really, the koi carp has 5000 words in one chapter, which is 2 and a half chapters of other authors. It only costs 2 cents, and this may require the koi car to write 4 hours in the attention attention completely in front of the computer.

Moreover, this is Brain zero text, which is very difficult to write. Koi sometimes has to turn around to grab a hand for a card skill.

Koi gets off work at 6 o’clock every night, sits at the computer at 8 o’clock, writes to 2 o’clock in the morning, then goes to bed, gets up at 6:1 to go to work.

Therefore, Koi urges everyone to support the genuine, okay?

With a certain amount of manuscript fees, to be able to maintain life, the author can safely code words and write more and better quality content, which is a cycle.

If there are more people watching piracy, and the authors have no or very little manuscript fees, then no one will generate electricity for love, and some authors will be Court Eunuch.

Because writing is the author’s job. Think about it. When you work in the future, there is no salary, can you continue to do it?

Some people ask what is genuine, that is the starting point reading app (preferred), or qq reading app, as for all other channels, Koi can not receive the manuscript fee.

Then, I did not sell miserably. I did not ask everyone to give me a reward, and I don’t want to give you a reward. I just hope to see the cute little pirated ones to support the genuine and author creation.

Finally, a wave of monthly tickets for next month is expected.

Thank you, Boss, and your parents (*^▽^*)!

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