Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 238

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Uzumaki Renwa is born,

Azure Dragon warrior is dead,

2 The yin and yang were wrong, life and death were exchanged.

So, at the next moment, everyone was horrified to find that Onmyouji’s figure gradually became nothingness.

For the sacrifices of teammates, the big-mouthed toad and the elven shooter are indifferent, and their faces are indifferent, as if they are already used to it.

Sacrificial offerings are commonplace,

This is in sharp contrast to Luo Feng’s Divine Formation’s death and Ninja Frog’s runaway.

“Is the sacrifice technique?” the audience exclaimed, they knew that Jiang Chen began to operate.

And at this moment, the former Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, which dominated the game, gradually dissipated at this moment, until finally, it turned into a fluorescent sky.

Those fluorescents, intertwined and converged, soon, the Azure Dragon warrior that disappeared soon before was actually resurrected at this moment.

“Didn’t expect? I am back!”

Azure Dragon warriors flapped their wings, lingering in the void, and expression squinted.


After the screams that followed one another, everyone looked at this scene in disbelief. The Nine-Tailed Monster Fox had been fighting so long before the Azure Dragon soldiers were beheaded.

Now, Onmyouji is a symbol, they are really two people, and are they wrong?

Of course, Jiang Chen also paid a price, that is the sacrifice of the middleman Onmyouji.

Through the Iron Man computer system, Luo Feng learned the role of this skill, and immediately frowned.

Azure Dragon warriors behaved so much today, Jiang Chen actually chose to resurrect it instead of rabbits and Buddhas, so it can be seen that the role of Azure Dragon warriors is not ordinary.

In other words, the Azure Dragon warrior just now is not its strongest side?

Seeing its mad look, Iron Man suddenly became furious, and his left hand wearing infinite gloves slowly lifted up.

There are 5 gems on it.

“Has met the condition that the ring finger died halfway randomly, do I want to play?” Iron Man looked towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng’s eyes are slightly condensed. If he snaps this snap finger, then the other party will die half randomly and one and a half will remain.

And I still have Meng Wang, the sealed Fahai, and Iron Man, and I seem to have a crushing advantage.

However, from the previous point of view, Jiang Chen knows his star card very well, that is to say, he has studied his game.

And two appearances, especially one is the infinite move of Iron Man, Jiang Chen must know the skill mechanism, right?

Under such circumstances, he also chose to sacrifice Onmyouji to make up 3 gems obtained by the enemy star card in battle, then the explanation is…

Either he ignored Iron Man,

Or, he has the means to deal with this move and at the same time induce him to play this snap.

“Stay.” Luo Feng made a decision for a moment, but still could not treat his opponent as a fool.

He looked towards Meng Wang. Five star cards were killed on the field. Meng Wang devoured ten skills. Next, maybe it will be forced.

First, there are 2 skills learned from Rabbit Buddha:

[Gift]: Transfer any of your skills to your teammates, but it will not refresh the cooldown of the skill and other states.

The meaning is simple. If it is a limited technique, it can be transferred, but if the limited technique is used, it cannot be reused after the transfer.

Luo Feng feels that this skill is very difficult to deal with.

Because it can ensure the inheritance of core skills.

This can ensure a situation that is to prevent the skills that form the core routine from disappearing due to the fall of the star card.

[Duo Duo Yi Shan]: Specify a common skill to increase its effect by n times; or increase its designated target to n, where n refers to the number of star cards killed by your side.

(Only for a single skill, the effect will disappear after the skill is used once.)

Luo Feng feels that this is the skill [to be given] to be guaranteed.

However, the introduction said that this is not a permanent promotion, but only once.

Otherwise, it would be too buggy.

Then the skills learned from [Onmyouji]:

[Turn Yang to Yin]: Change a skill to a dead language skill.

Seeing this skill, Luo Feng admired Jiang Chen in his heart.

This guy deserves to be a champion, and his skills are really good.

Modify a skill into a dead language skill, this skill is the same as [Gift], it is to keep the core skill.

Because generally speaking, if the core star card that constitutes the routine is killed, then this routine naturally does not attack itself.

Therefore, to find a way to protect this core star card.

However, Jiang Chen did not have such troubles, at least, the threat was not so great.

Because, he can transfer this core skill to his teammates before death, or modify it into a dead language skill to let the star card trigger immediately after death.

2 skills stolen from Azure Dragon warriors:

[Dragon Transformation]: After a star card is killed in your own side, the green warrior completes an evolution and strengthens all skills formidable power.

[Super Evolution]: When 3 star cards are killed in the battle, Azure Dragon warriors fuse their dead souls to perform super evolution.

When he saw this skill, Luo Feng understood why Onmyouji had to sacrifice himself and resurrect the Azure Dragon warrior who had always been cooking.

Perhaps, Jiang Chen’s routine is playing an evolutionary stream centered on the Azure Dragon warrior?

Luo Feng stared at these skills and pondered for a moment, saying: “Meng Wang, how long is the cooling time for [gift]?”

Meng Wang: “5 minutes.”

“Okay, you first hand over [Dragon Transformation] to Iron Man, then don’t move other skills.”

“Iron Man, this Azure Dragon warrior, is the next main force, so, next, you deal with it.”

“As for Meng Wang, you stay under the tower, don’t move, if the gang of doubles is coming to sneak attack Iron Man, you don’t want to go out of the tower, unless you arrive as a last resort…”

Meng Wang: “嘤?”

Luo Feng said silently, “Jiang Chen should know that you are a swallowing star card. As a matter of fact, you should be resolved early.”

“However, he did not at all do this, but let you develop, so that means that he may have a way of sanctioning you.”

“So, until all the core skills are handed over to Iron Man, you will be under the defensive tower.”

Meng Wang: “Okay.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked towards the Buddha Mountain, his eyes flashed, and said: “Elven shooter, this seal time seems to be approaching, give it another wave.”

The elves archer nodded their heads, twisted their bows and bowed the strings, and during the star qi surge, a 7-color rainbow-like arrow, quickly formed.

[Frosty Arrow]: The elf shooter shoots a frost arrow, which will cause a stun effect for the target hit for a certain period of time. Double it.


The arrow fell, and the slightly loose rabbit Mountain Buddha was quiet again, as if it were a golden soup.

Fahai: “MMP, co-authored me as a mascot?”

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