Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 239

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After doing all this, Jiang Chen finally felt relieved. Although Fahai was not dead, but some people were alive, he was already dead.

Before the game, he conducted a comprehensive study of Luo Feng’s star card.

This hand seal is used to deal with unknown star cards.

Today, there are still Iron Man and Meng Wang in the game. These two heroic mechanisms are exactly what he is familiar with, so naturally know how to play.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and I admired Jiang Chen very much in my heart. It was obvious that Luo Feng went to the next two cities, but after a wave of operations by Jiang Chen, it seemed that Jiang Chen had the upper hand?

At this moment, a blue light flew out of Meng Wang and shot into Iron Man with the body.

[Dragon Transformation]: When one star card is killed in the battle, Iron Man improves the realm and greatly strengthens the skill formidable power.

It is true that Iron Man learned [Dragon Transformation] will not really become a dragon, because [Dragon Transformation] is essentially just an evolution of star card that’s all.

Iron Man looked towards Azure Dragon warrior, said: “Little Green Worm, why are you back?”

Hearing this, the Azure Dragon warrior was furious and said, “Who are you motherfucker, who said the little worm?!”

Iron Man’s eyes drooped slightly, indifferently said: “Could you forget that you were just hammered by the demon fox?”

“I think I can too.”

The Azure Dragon warrior was furious and said, “That’s just that I haven’t evolved completely!”

The voice fell, and the corner of the Azure Dragon warrior’s mouth lifted up a strange arc, without talking, but with two claws.

[Super Evolution]: When three star cards are killed in battle, Azure Dragon warriors perform super evolution.


Only listening to the loud Dragon’s roar sounded, the direction of the death of the three star cards of Jiang Chen previously, with a rolling fluorescent convergence, and finally turned into a mass of scarlet liquid, heading straight to the Azure Dragon warrior.

“Although I have been beheaded once, the fist withdrawn is more powerful!”

“I was born a dragon. Even if I broke my palm teeth, split the scales, blindly claws, and fell into the shoal, it is still a dragon!”

The sound fell, only to see that the red blood liquid dripped, fuse together with its body.


At the moment of contact, it seemed that there was smoke rising, and those liquids enveloped on it, constantly wriggling, and it looked quite mysterious.

The body of the Azure Dragon warrior has also undergone tremendous changes at the moment, and it continues to spread. In the end, it becomes more than 100 feet.

The densely packed Zhu red meat thorn, breaking out of its within the body, with blood dripping from the meat thorn, looks horrible to see, which makes people palpitate.

“Azure Dragon warrior super evolution, hellblood dragon!”

Roar towards the sky, the surrounding Star qi exploded in an instant, and an extremely violent imposing manner swept away from its within the body.

At the moment, it is like the Asura monster coming out of hell.

Countless lines of sight looked at the hellblood dragon and stared blankly. They now finally knew that Jiang Chen’s routine should be to raise the big brother’s evolutionary stream.

“Damn, this guy has evolved again.”

Iron Man expression is slightly dignified, a little difficult to top.

In the void.

The Hellblood Dragon stood up in the sky, Zhu Red’s wings spread behind him, and his face looked sinister.

Looking down, he locked Iron Man and said, “Dare you just shrink under the defensive tower?”

Luo Feng stared at the immortal hellblood dragon and pondered for a moment, saying, “Iron Man, defeat him.”


Under the eyes of many eyes, the red light of Iron Man was prosperous and Star qi rose.

Skill [Dragon Transformation] launched, Iron Man began to evolve.

A new Battle Armor, covering his body as much as possible.

Bang bang!

Like a thunderous sound, continuously exploded in his within the body, mysterious rays of light continued to emerge, and finally on the Battle Armor, some ancient lines were formed.

This is, Nano Battle Armor.

“Eh, you have evolved too.” Hellblood Dragon looked towards Iron Man and said, “What is your ability?”

Iron Man thought for a while and said, “Does money count?”

Audience: “.”


At this moment, two flames rise from the palm of the blood dragon.

“Thanks to your teammates, I died once, so I can be super-evolved. Now, let you feel it, my new Strength of Fleshly Body!”

The Prison Blood Dragon held Trident, and the surging Star qi surged wildly at this time, and finally poured away on Trident, and suddenly ten thousand zhang rays of light bloomed on Trident.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

The halberd vibrates, exuding terrifying waves.

The Hellblood Dragon held Trident in his hand and stared at Iron Man fiercely. The next moment, it stepped out sharply, shaped like a streamer, with a boundless killing intent, and went straight to Iron Man.

Wherever he passed, blood light was monstrous, like a sea of ​​blood assaults the senses.

At the same time, Iron Man’s eyes also became solemn. He took a deep breath, and above his palms, there was a magnificent light gathering. In the end, it turned into 2 giant hammers.

Both hands became double hammers!

His eyes suddenly became lingering at this time.

In order to win this game, the teammates succeeded and died, and then it was up to him to take over the game.

call out!

His silhouette, also shot out, turned into a stream of light passing the sky.

2 stream of light, wrapped in the potential of destruction, after counting interest, crashed together.


Hellblood Dragon’s eyes were cold, his arm suddenly shook and changed direction, the tip of the halberd shivered, like lightning, stabbed at the location of Iron Man’s heart.

When Iron Man saw it, he didn’t mean to return to defense, his arm suddenly became longer, and his double hammer hit the jailblood dragon’s chest.

The shots of 2 people are all very ruthless, fighting for life.

call out!

So, after just a few minutes of interest, the Double Hammer and Trident almost fell on each other’s chest at the same time.


Sharp Trident pierced Iron Man’s within the body, and poked a naked eye accessible hole in the indestructible Battle Armor.

Iron Man’s double hammer, with fierce strength, pounded on the chest of Hellblood Dragon.


At the moment of collision, there is a sound like metal collision resounding, the naked eye’s power ripples, centered on 2 people, and suddenly swept away.

The powerful impact force makes the body of the prisoner of blood and blood dragon retreat at the moment.


I saw that behind the Iron Man, there were 6 small sonic bombs exploded, traversed one after another beautiful range in the sky, and finally fell on the chest of the hellblood dragon.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The sonic bomb drops and bursts instantly!

Star qi rises, the smoke billows.

This is a sonic boom, the new skills granted by Iron Man Battle Armor after upgrade, not only has a good formidable power, but also temporarily shields the opponent’s audio-visual and perception.

call out!

And just as the prisoner of blood and blood was forced, Iron Man’s palm was raised, and a laser gun exploded, mercilessly strikes on it.


Dragon blood demon dragon body was suddenly shot out of a hole, his body retreated sharply, as if he was hit hard.

But at this moment, Iron Man didn’t give it any breathing opportunity, jumped and kicked it to the ground with his feet.

Da da da.

The double hammer in his hand, like a pile driver, blasted wildly against the hellblood dragon.

“Go to bed, go to bed…”

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ Bang!

Iron Man’s offensive is undiminished, like a thunder, enveloped against the blood dragon.

铛dang dang!

Facing the iron man howling wind and torrential rain-like offensive, hellblood dragon was stunned.

This set of consecutive moves can be described as Yun Jiu water, not knowing what to do. .

If the dragon body is not hard enough, I am afraid that it will have been smashed by Iron Man’s double hammer.

Looking at this scene, everyone was startled and confused.

I thought that the Azure Dragon fighters came back from the resurrection, and also completed super evolution, and then will dominate the game.

But how can you still behave like this?

Before it evolved, it was still in the hands of Nine-Tailed Monster Fox for a while.

After evolution, it was defeated by Iron Man’s set of continuous beatings.

“I’ll say it, it’s not reliable, Jiang Chen just wants to use it as the core.” Elf archer curl one’s lip, looked at the bloody dragon in contempt, and said: “It’s so unbearable after super evolution. to look at .”

The large-mouthed toad is also sighed, saying: “Yeah, it’s better to play 4 Baoyi around you, engage in these bells and whistles, evolved and super-evolved, haven’t they been hammered?”

“What’s the matter with you?!” Seeing the Hellblood Dragon being hung and beaten again, Jiang Chen’s forehead swelled with blue muscles, unable to bear angrily, said: “Previously you were beaten by Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, I Understandable, because you were still young.”

“But you are so evolved now, why can’t you beat others?”

“Can you give me a breath?”

On the field, the heads-up between star cards is the most powerful test of star cards.

This is also the highlight moment for the Star Card master.

However, from Rabbit Buddha vs Fahai, Azure Dragon Warrior vs Uzumaki Renwa, Hellblood Dragon vs Iron Man, all 3 defeats, which made him face dignified Holy Land top, where to put it? !

The same unsightly faces include the Star Card master in the North Saint District and the people from the King Jiang faction.

The Hellblood Dragon is a little embarrassed and is beaten to doubt his life. Yeah, he has evolved so much. Why is he still being beaten by others?

On the Holy Land Square, Zhuo Ying pretty face looked indifferently, watching quietly.

She knew very clearly that the reason why Luo Feng’s star card is so fierce is that it’s because of the quality of the star card itself, and half because of Saint blood quenching body…

Although Jiang Chen broke earlier than Luo Feng, the amount of Star qi is more than that of Luo Feng.

But Luo Feng, because of the Saint blood quenching body, within the body Star qi’s quality, but far exceeds others.

Therefore, if Luo Feng gathers 4 holy objects on the other day and merges them into Saint Physique, then in the same realm, star card heads-up will be invincible, and with his unsolvable routine, the future is unlimited.

“You insect really made me angry!”

After being beaten by Iron Man, Prison Blood Demon Dragon’s eyes were red, bloodshot in his eyes, and blood was rushing into his mind, making it look extremely terrible at this time.

In its blood-red eyes, there was a flame burning at this time. If you look closely, you will suddenly find that its eyes have double pupils!

The prison blood dragon took a deep breath, and the two pupils in the eye moved slightly at this time. At the same time, Heaven and Earth Star qi suddenly rioted, like 2 rivers into the sea, continuously moving towards its within the body Converge.

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