Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 240

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An amazing imposing manner pervaded.

After just a few breaths, the beating eyes of the prisoner of blood of the hell blood demon dragon fuse together strangely at this time, at the same time, its lips slightly opened, hoarse to: “the prisoner of blood hell demon!”


As its voice fell, there were 2 blood red Star qi burst out of those eyes, just like a volcanic eruption, lava rolled, and went straight to Iron Man.

“Oh, shift!”

Feeling the fierce energy, Iron Man expression slightly coagulated, the computer system started, analyzed the damage of this skill, and judged whether he could stop it.

Soon, the computer system gave the answer: “Yes.”

At the next moment, Iron Man’s left hand changed slightly, and turned into a shield, which was a deformable nano shield.


The red blood column fiercely hit the shield fiercely, and the top suddenly shattered, cracked and cracked 4 times.

“That’s all?”

Seeing his skills, a face-to-face shattered Iron Man’s shield, and hellblood dragon sneered.

It seems to have seen the scene of the death of the shield.

But soon, his smile gradually solidified.

Because the shield is damaged, it is constantly being repaired and filled.

Broken, repaired, broken, repaired…

It seemed to be cracking, but it was firm again.

This is the power of nanotechnology.

The eyes of Hellblood Dragon will be blind, and they cannot break through the defense of Nano Shield!

“Ahhh! Why?!” Hellblood Dragon asked reluctantly.

Iron Man smiled at it and said, “My nano shield, even the energy of the power gem can be blocked. If you want to break this insect, it is too simple to think about.”

“Also, it’s my turn next.”


The violent Star qi storm erupted unreservedly from his within the body.

The Nano Battle Armor on his body was also shining with golden light, and the vast Star qi poured in, as if sweeping the entire sky, the pressure of terrifying diffused away.

At the chest of the armor, suddenly moved towards 2 while opening, a small missile, quickly condensed and shaped!

However, at this time, there were ripples in the jungle behind Iron Man.

Everyone looked at it, and saw that the elf shooter didn’t know when to appear here. It twisted its bow and string, and an arrow showing off one’s ability aimed at Iron Man!

“My God, mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind!”

“Gosh, we have God’s perspective to discover, but don’t know if Luo Feng can see it!”

“Luo Feng now has only 3 star cards, and one is still sealed. If this robot is still killed by a sneak attack, then Luo Feng will really be cold!”

Everyone looked at the sprite shooter who suddenly appeared, all squeezing a sweat for Luo Feng nervously, the game had reached the final competition, at this time, whoever made a mistake, who lost!

“Ready to die!”

The elf archer stared at Iron Man, and the arrow with terrifying power was about to be shot.


At this crucial moment, Meng Wang noticed that he used [Form Displacement Shadow] directly and exchanged positions with the elf shooter!

call out!

The elf shooter suddenly appeared under the defensive tower.


The defensive tower launched an attack on it, and the elven archer was dead, quickly interrupted the attack in his hand, and fled towards the outside of the tower.

And Meng Wang appeared in the jungle where the previous elf shooter was!

Looking at this scene, Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, it seems that he took the advantage, but a strong uneasy rise in the mind, how do you feel he is lured the tiger away from the mountain? !

Is it possible that the elf shooter sneak attack Iron Man, forcing Meng Wang to leave the defense tower?

Otherwise, why is it just and honorable to attack Iron Man in the sight of Meng Wang?

“Quick, Meng Wang, act according to plan.”

“嘤…” Meng Wang seemed to perceive something too, a blank mouth, a slightly undetectable blue light, quietly burrowing into the void, pouring into Iron Man within the body.

“You salivary beast, finally left the defense tower…” Looking at the round Meng Wang, Jiang Chen’s mouth twitched a strange arc.

At this moment, Meng Wang suddenly found that his body could not move!


I saw in front of him, the earth split open, and the large, dark-billed toad came out of the mud.

It grinned at Meng Wang with a grotesque smile and directly activated the skill-[Abyss Devour]!

【Abyss Devouring】: Limited skill. When two star cards are killed in battle, the big-mouthed toad removes all the skills of the specified star card.

Xiu xiu xiu!

Suddenly, a roll of reels exploded from the top of Meng Wang’s head, suspended in the void, and then under the gaze of many eyes, one after another teared and turned into fragments.

Skill [Great Sage] destroy.

Skill 【Predator】Destroy.

Skill [grant] destroy.


“嘤…” Meng Wang lifts the head, staring blankly, his tense face could no longer hold on, and big tears rolled down his eyes and dragged down his body.

It has accumulated skills for so long, but it was completely destroyed by the big mouth toad and turned into a whiteboard super soldier directly?


After doing all this, the big-billed toad digs into the ground again.

And at this moment, Iron Man’s missiles condensed and formed, plundering towards the blood dragon.

When the missile was about to fall on the dragon blood demon dragon body, the big-mouthed toad drilled out again, swallowing the prison blood demon dragon into his belly.

So, the small missile fell on the body of the big mouth toad.



With the explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, a mushroom cloud suddenly burst open, the missile exploded, the torn skin and gaping flesh of the big-mouthed toad was blown, but because it was a tank, it did not look too hurt.

“Damn.” Iron Man’s face was a little ugly. Why did this toad suddenly appear?

The large-mouthed toad opened his mouth and spit out the hellblood dragon.

Hellblood Dragon: “Why do you want to help me, I have a strong defense, so do not believe me?”

The big-mouthed toad was angry, and he hurried over to fight the fatal blow for it, but it didn’t even thank it, but even blamed himself?

Why are there such people?

“Huh, don’t pretend, have you forgotten how you just died?” It sneered, coldly said: “I found you, who stumbled when fighting, but it was a must to engage teammates!”

On the arena, Meng Wang’s tears rolled in his eyes, and he looked pitifully towards Luo Feng, saying: “Bang, his skills are not bad.”

“Are you surprised, not surprised?” Jiang Chen smiled at Luo Feng, his eyes turned to Meng Wang, said: “If I expected, this is your core star card, right?”

“It can devour the skills of other star cards, pile up buffs for yourself, and then develop yourself into a super invincible big brother?”

“Or to build someone’s routine by devouring others’ skills, and use others’ routines to fight others?”

Luo Feng didn’t say a word, the expression was faint, but he sighed in his heart. Sure enough, his own star card was fully studied by the other party.

He looked towards Jiang Chen and said, “It seems that you have worked hard on my star card.”

“I don’t have the time to study your star card.” Jiang Chen took the head and glanced at the jokes, saying: “There are people from the entire King Jiang government to analyze your star card, why should I study it?”

Hearing this, Luo Feng startled, sure enough, his opponent seemed to be just Jiang Chen, but in fact, it was the entire King Jiang camp.

So many Card Masters, Card Kings, joint research on their own star card, then their own star card skills can be guessed by the other party, it is reasonable.

Jiang Chen stood up, looked up at the sky, and said: “The opponents you met before were really stupid, and even knowing that the routine is not as good as yours, they will go fight with you.”

“Of course, this is not to blame them, because they are all chickens, playing in the 2nd Stage.”

“Actually, you too. Although your play style is bells and whistles, but you have always been in the 2nd Stage. I let others bow 1000 and 10000 ways.

“And I am different. My style of play has already entered the 3rd stage, so today you are destined to lose!”

call out!

As his voice fell, an arrow showing off one’s ability emerged from the jungle and shot at the helpless Meng Wang.


A sound resounded with grievances, Meng Wang’s body suddenly burst.

Meng Wang, out!

As a result, Luo Feng’s star card is left with Iron Man and Fahai.

Fahai has always been sealed, so now Luo Feng, the only battle strength, is only Iron Man.

“Iron Man, back to the defense tower!” Luo Feng said.

call out!

Iron Man heard the news and returned to the defense tower.

“Don’t cast it yet?” Jiang Chen looked at Luo Feng, and there was a deep contempt in his eyes, saying: “You have three star cards killed and one sealed. Do you expect this last star card to come back?”

“Oh, you can also make a comeback. I heard that he could kill half of his teammates with a snap.”

“There are 3 my star cards left, one can kill one and a half. With your star card’s super ability, it is not a problem to pick one and a half, right?”

“Even to drag on, the monk lifted the seal, and two hit one and a half. You still have the absolute advantage. How did I guess it?”

“Hurry up, I can’t wait!”

Zhang Kuang’s voice resounded in between Heaven and Earth, and his face was proud, without any disguise.

Luo Feng didn’t say a word, his eyes flickered, and he seemed to be lost in contemplation.

“Since you don’t play, then I have to prepare to cross the tower.” Jiang Chen said.

“Oh? The more you are.” Luo Feng sneered: “If you dare to cross, the self-destruction defense tower will start directly. If you are full of skills, will you kill the tower more powerfully?”

“I can’t now, but my bottom card hasn’t been shown yet.” Jiang Chen smiled and looked at the head, looked towards the big-mouthed toad and elf shooter, and said slightly lazily: “I’m tired, light up the bottom card, and persuade this Iron-headed guy.”

Big mouth toad skills, [Duo Duo Yi Shan] launched!

[Duo Duo Yi Shan]: Specify a common skill to increase its effect by n times; or increase its designated target to n, where n refers to the number of star cards killed by your side.

(Only for a single skill, the effect will disappear after the skill is used once.)

Admittedly, this is the skill of the rabbit and the Buddha, and the Buddha and the Buddha transferred the skill to it through [gift].

The skill of the large-mouthed toad points to the [Super Evolution] of Hellblood Dragon.

Three self-star cards were killed on the field, that is to say, it can allow 3 targets to perform super evolution!

At the same time, the elf shooter also launched the skill [group evolution]!

[Group Evolution]: When 3 star cards are killed in your own team, let the remaining star card groups in your team evolve, realm upgrade 1-star!


Suddenly, under the eyes of many eyes, the rays of light flashed on the body of the hellblood dragon, big-mouthed toad, and elf shooter, and the imposing manner climbed up.

Under the double superposition of [Super Evolution] and [Group Evolution], Jiang Chen’s star card has evolved to a terrifying state.

Hellblood Dragon Evolution, Asura Sacred Dragon!

Big-billed toad evolved, abyss giant clam!

The spirit shooter evolves, Spirit King!

In the eyes of many eyes, Jiang Chen’s 3 star cards increased in size and changed their appearance.

Of course, the biggest change is their imposing manner.


3 terrifying imposing manners rose into the sky, grandiose, straight into Tianyu.

Feeling this imposing manner, there was a deep shock on everyone’s face.

Under the superposition of this double evolution, the abyss giant clam and Spirit King actually soared to 3 Star Card master in one fell swoop!

The hellblood dragon under multiple evolutions has soared to 4 Star Card master!

Between Heaven and Earth, there is silence.

Looking at Jiang Chen, who directly broke the hole, all Star Card masters swallowed, stunned, and their faces were horrified.

“Is this Jiang Jiang’s card, evolutionary stream?” Someone said dumbly.

The sounds of breathing inhaled, resounded, one after another, without stopping.

Everyone’s eyes are wide, this final state of evolution is too afraid right??

Although the opponents Luo Feng had met before had also come up with even more outrageous routines, such as the Ten 2 Dragon King and the Endless Tree Demon, let’s take a look at Luo Feng’s situation.

Right now, Luo Feng has three star cards killed, one star card is sealed, and only one Iron Man is left at the end. How to face Jiang Chen’s ace evolution?

One 4-star, two 2-star, this lineup, not to mention Luo Feng a trifling Iron Man, even if his star card is all in, there is no way to fight!

Even if his star cards are all present, and all of them have risen by 1-star, there is no way to play with this lineup!

How to do? !

3 terrifying imposing manner grandiose, soaring into the sky, the mountain rain is coming, the storm is coming, an indescribable dull air, floating in between Heaven and Earth.

The atmosphere was suppressed to the extreme.

In the eyes of many eyes, Jiang Chen stood up and walked slowly on the field, the eyes of pitch-black as ink looked towards Luo Feng, said: “I admit that my routine, without your brilliance, unlimited firepower , Infinite moves, each and everyone are very difficult to deal with.”

“But, as far as I’m concerned, routines like this don’t need to be bells and whistles, enough is enough.”

He both hands crossed near chest, leaning on an ancient wood, looking at Luo Feng lazily, faint smile: “You should rely on the 3 people of salivary beast, monk and robot to play the routine together?”

“However, one was torn down after being torn down, one was sealed, and there was one robot left. How did you fight me?”

The smile on the corner of the mouth mocked slightly.

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