Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 241

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At the moment when Jiang Chen’s trump card evolved into Legion, all the Star Card masters in the whole Holy Land square were shocked, and stormy sea set off in their hearts.

Who could have imagined that Jiang Chen, who had been hammered by Luo Feng since the beginning of the game, had turned over from the sky after experiencing a series of defeats, but instead took the advantage?

Moreover, to focus, he relies on routines, not star card personal combat capability!

After all, his star card did not win heads-up.

Originally thought that in this game, Luo Feng relied on routines, Jiang Chen relied on battle strength, but who would have thought that, in the end, it was the other way around?

Although Luo Feng has not used routines, it seems that Jiang Chen’s style of play is to create new routines on the basis that Luo Feng cannot form a routine.

“Luo Feng used to lose at most one star card in each battle, but this time, almost all the army was wiped out, Jiang Chen was still the top.”

“It seems that this time the Holy Land League champion must be Jiang Chen.”

“Cultivate like this, for a long time, I am afraid that the Pavilion Lord of the 4th Pavilion is expected, and the Jiang Family is out of the dragon!”

“… “

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and could only give such comments.

“Luo Feng was able to do this step, which is already very good.” Su Yang smiled bitterly and revealed a little regret in his eyes.

Starting into Holy Land, Luo Feng’s game has not yet been played, as tragic as it is today.

However, in the face of Jiang Chen’s endless means, even he had to admire, this guy is worthy of the top of the Holy Land list.

The mentors on the side are also sighed, and generally do not see the Card Apprentice in the doorway, and may also think that Luo Feng can make a comeback.

But these of them really saw exactly what Jiang Chen did and so on, and it was already clear in his mind that in this scene, Luo Feng impossible played a routine again.

“Looks handsome, but unfortunately lost.” Mu Nanzhi sighed.

Mu Qingluan pursed her lips gently, clenched her small hands, and said, “Brother Luo Feng will never lose!”

“Why?” Mu Nanzhi said.

Mu Qingluan’s eyes were firm, shell teeth bit his red lips lightly, after thinking for a while, he said:

“Because, his name is Luo Feng.”

She stared at Mu Nanzhi and said, “Mother, if Luo Feng loses, then in a sense, is the game between King Jiang and Flame Sovereign also ending?”

Mu Nanzhi hearing this, sighed, said: “The probability is yes.”

“Mother, I beg you one thing.” Mu Qingluan looked at her, and the expression suddenly became solemn.

“Wouldn’t you like me to switch to the Flame Sovereign camp?” Mu Nanzhi looked at her suspiciously and said, “This is impossible.”

“We have been married for many years with King Jiang House and King Qj mansion Aristocratic Family, and the two forces have long been intertwined and tied together.”

“Even if I agree, the entire Qingluan clan will not agree. You must know that the position of patriarch does not mean how strong I am, but that I represent the interests of the Qingluan clan.”

“If I do something contrary to their interests, the likely result is that they will overthrow me and re-recommend someone who can represent their interests as a patriarch.”

“Mother, I don’t mean this, I still understand the truth.” Mu Qingluan shook the head, looking at the palace-dressed woman in front of her face with red lips slightly opened, slowly said: “If there is a year, King Jiang really defeated Flame Sovereign, then he will definitely liquidate the people in the Flame Sovereign camp.”

“This includes Luo Feng.”

“So, I hope that by that time, you mother can protect Luo Feng. I don’t care about others, I just want him to live.”

Mu Nanzhi hearing this, also started, she looked at her daughter, the expression was a little trance, and she felt astonished.

My daughter, who has always been a strong character, never actively asks herself to help her accomplish anything.

Now, she actually gave Luo Feng her first… request.

“Okay, I promise you that by then, I will take him back to our Qingluan clan.” Mu Nanzhi was silent for a moment, his silver teeth bit.

Many powerhouses looked at this scene, and they were also surprised. This Jiang Chen was really too steady.

Do you have a strong routine? I will block your routine first.

While blocking your routine, I can also play a set of high-end operations.

“It’s finally over, this time, I should have decided the big picture?” Jiang Taiyuan exhaled a long breath, but the tone didn’t even feel to him, he was not as firm as he was.

Apparently Luo Feng was afraid.

I was afraid that he would suddenly come up with some moths, and once again made the situation having ups and downs.

Qi Yuan’s complexion was also slightly relaxed at the moment. He laughed lightly and deliberately raised his voice. eccentric: “This Luo Feng, as a rookie dark horse, can get the second result of the Holy Land League, which is already very good.”

Qi Jin’s eyes were cold, and he said, “You’re happily a little earlier, so you are not afraid of reversal, and your face is swollen?”

Qi Yuan lightly said with a smile: “Want to form a routine requires a star card and skills to support it. In the past, Luo Feng’s star cards are still alive, and at most one die, so that various routines can be played safely.”

“But now?”

“Three star cards were killed, one star card was sealed, and only one star card remained. What kind of routine did he use?”

Qi Jin’s eyes were dull, and he didn’t want to look at Qi Yuan’s smug, unsmooth face, but looked towards the field, and his heart was very embarrassed.

Qi Yuan is right. To play a routine, you need the support of star card and skills.

And, be aware that Luo Feng’s star card is not just killed, because if all are killed, it may also trigger some routines formed by dead language skills.

Meng Wang was killed after all skills were removed.

Fahai was caught in an indefinite seal.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a dead language.

King Jiang’s government was exhausted in order to keep the Holy Land championship.

Right now, it’s up to Luo Feng to make a comeback.

If there is really no way to deal with Jiang Chen’s lineup,

Then today Luo Feng lost the game.

That is to say, their current best candidate cannot compete for the position of General Pavilion Lord.

You can’t even get the Holy Land League champion, what qualifications are there for the total Pavilion Lord.

If you can, why can’t champion Jiang Chen?

Once the position of General Pavilion Lord falls into the hands of the King Jiang camp, the current stalemate will be broken, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Some centrists and high-level executives who are investing in Flame Sovereign are even more cautious at the moment, and they have deduced the situation in the future.

Everyone had different looks and surging thoughts. Only Flame Sovereign had always had a faint expression, and the stars stared at the youth in the field.

Even if the whole world was questioning, she chose to believe him.

On the field, Jiang Chen expressed his eyes, and he had been suspended by Luo Feng in the opening game. Now that he is about to win, he enjoys the highlight moment of the moment.

“Luo Feng, you can force me to be so embarrassed, speaking of which really underestimates you, but unfortunately, no matter how good you are, there is only one champion of the Holy Land league.”

Asura Sacred Dragon in the sky looked at Iron Man under the defensive tower and said, “Iron Man, cast it.”

“Do you think you alone can save the world?”

In its eyes, there was a slight contempt: “Take off the Arm Armor, what are you?”

“What am I?” Iron Man laughed at himself, and under the eyes of many eyes, the left hand wearing infinite gloves slowly lifted up.

In the sun, the glove is inlaid with 6 jewels of different colors, dazzling, attracting attention.

Looking at this scene, Jiang Chen’s eyes were slightly narrowed, and finally he was about to release his limited skills and started snapping his fingers?

Such a move also attracted the attention of the Star Card master outside the Holy Land square, and there was a sudden exclamation.

“Is he going to release the limited skills?”

“This robot has appeared twice, and his limited skill seems to let the enemy die half randomly!”

“The question is three, how about half dead?”

“Did you forget that Blood Court Eunuch?”

“But half dead, there is no way to fight it, at least 3 Star Card masters are opposite.”

“… “

Under the defensive tower, Iron Man’s left hand was raised, but he not at all snapped his fingers anxiously.

Looking at the expression of Iron Man, Luo Feng’s heart is also clear.

He knew that the reason why Iron Man was so hesitant was to make a choice.

Now, after killing 6 star cards on the field, he has gained 6 gems, unlimited gloves skills, and he has all awakened.

1. Click your fingers and die half randomly.

2. Let yourself complete the evolution, upgrade realm and become a superhero.

3. Sacrifice itself and resurrect all teammates.

This is a multiple choice question, he can only choose one of them.

After being silent for a while, Luo Feng said slowly: “Iron Man, follow your choice. No matter what choice you make, you are a hero in my heart, and I will support you.”

Iron Man closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and calmed his mind slowly. Ten seconds later, his eyes opened again.

“I didn’t hesitate at all.” He smiled and took the head, his eyes inexplicable, said: “I just suddenly understood my mission.”

“The moment the skin beater died, the voice in my heart told me that today, I may have to make a choice.”

“Now it seems that my choice is right.”

Iron Man looked towards Luo Feng and smiled at the latter, saying, “Star Card master, thank you for letting me come to this World.”


At this moment, his Star qi within the body suddenly seemed like 100 rivers entering the sea, rushing towards the infinite gloves.

The power required by Infinite Gloves is too large, and Star qi within the body suddenly runs out.

However, this is not enough.

As a result, Star qi in almost all cells within the body seems to be stripped off at this moment.

The iron man’s ruddy face suddenly turned pale, and his muscles continued to shrink.


A powerful current burst from the infinite glove, and moved towards Iron Man’s body.

Under that terrifying current, Iron Man’s eyes were red and his face was painful.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly, almost falling back because of that powerful energy.

He is not like Onmyouji, his body disappears serene, and will not take away a trace of pain.

The resurrection of the Iron Man group is essentially not a sacrifice, but because of the snapping fingers with 6 gems, he will be backlashed by the power of the gloves.

And that terrifying power is not something he can bear, and will die in the backlash torture.

Ka-cha !

A thunderous sound exploded, the armor on the chest suddenly burst, and the small white lamp in the middle symbolizing the energy of the Battle Armor gradually extinguished at the moment.

Not enough energy.


Torn skin and gaping flesh on the chest, blood flowing crosswise, exposing the bones.


Iron Man spit a mouthful of blood, that handsome face, extremely pale, without blood!

Iron Man still gritted his teeth, stubbornly boned, and left his left hand wearing infinite gloves, still not put down.

Between the thumb and the index finger, try to move closer, and only when you move closer can you lay down the ring finger.

However, the distance of less than one centimeter is as far away as the sky.

“What is he doing?”

“Look at his release of big moves before, not at all behaved so painfully?”

“How do you seem to be forcing a certain skill?”

Everyone looked at the Iron Man at this moment, and there was a slight pain in his heart at this moment. What kind of pain was he experiencing?

Looking at this scene, Luo Feng’s eyes were faintly moist.

As an ordinary person, he is a superhero in the hearts of countless people.

He once rushed into the wormhole with a nuclear bomb at the risk of death.

He once fought against Thanos with a mortal body and killed his army.

The mortal body, the heart of steel, and the power of man are comparable to the gods!

This is him, Iron Man!

The mind buzzed, a strong sense of weakness, like a wave rolling, with the body powerful pain, enough to make anyone collapse.

At the moment Iron Man, Battle Armor shattered, dying. However, his two fingers were still trying to move his fingers together, not at all because of the intense pain within the body, and there was a slight shake.

“What the hell are you holding on to?”

Even Asura Sacred Dragon was faintly touched at this moment. It stared at Iron Man under the defensive tower and said, “Since it is so painful, why do you insist on it?”

“does it worth?!”

“Because…” Iron Man murmured, blood flowing down the corners of his eyes, making him look extremely fierce at this time.

“I am…”

He stared at Asura Sacred Dragon, with unprecedented firmness in his eyes:

“iron Man!”


At this moment, Iron Man fiercely clenched the teeth, exhausted all the remaining strength, 2 fingers rubbed, a serene snapped fingers, suddenly sounded.


In the next moment, three beams of light burst from his body.


The beam of light fades,

Everyone turned their eyes and saw Meng Wang, Uchiha Pikachu, and Uzumaki Renwa who were killed in action.

This sudden change made all the Star Card masters who were ashamed, and their hearts waved again. Luo Feng, do you want to start the operation? !

This scene made Jiang Chen startled, but when he saw the imposing manner of three star cards, he suddenly became unable to bear sneered: “You count on these three 3-star Muggles to deal with me. Ace Evolution Legion, did you think too much?”

“How can the group be resurrected, ah, how can it be?!”

Looking at this scene, everyone is started, yes, the simple group resurrection, facing Jiang Chen’s ace evolution, but it does not help.

Luo Feng shook the head, said: “This is not my hole card.”

Jiang Chen eyes slightly narrowed, said: “Then, let me guess your hole cards.”

“Your saliva beast can devour skills, including several core skills, [gift], [more benefits], [super evolution].”

“You handed over [Duoduoyishan] and [Superevolution] to the robot through [gift].”

“Then, now that your group is resurrected, you can use all the benefits to complete the super-evolution of all resurrected star cards, right?”

“Do you think I haven’t thought about this?” Jiang Chen stared at Luo Feng, with a cat-and-mouse teasing in his eyes, mocking: “Even if your group has evolved once, it’s only 2-star, how can you fight me? “


Luo Feng’s eyelids lifted slightly, and faint smile: “I found that people like you all have one thing in common. When I thought I was going to win, I started talking.”

“Otherwise? Don’t say it now, do you have to wait until you win?” Jiang Chen sneered and sneered: “After the game, maybe you will leave the stadium in a hurry and run home. Where can I go to tell you Saucing?”

“If you don’t pretend this time, when will you wait?”

“It’s easy to understand.” Luo Feng ordered nodded, seemingly agreeable, and then lifts the head, proud of the sky, muttered: “In this world, there are always people who believe oneself infallible.”

His eyes suddenly condensed!


At this moment, suddenly there is a loud Dragon’s roar sounded, like rolling thunder, chirping Heaven and Earth, resounding through the world!

This dragon roar gave Asura Sacred Dragon’s soul a tremor at the moment.

In the sky, thunder and thunder, moving towards the side of the clouds like waves moving towards 2 spread out, as if welcoming the arrival of True Dragon.

“what happened?!”

“Isn’t that the monk’s Flying Dragon, developed quietly, right?”

Seeing this scene, many Star Card masters are all startled, and everyone is staring at the stadium, where is Dragon’s roar?

Luo Feng has no dragon attribute star card at all!

“Impossible, impossible, the Flying Dragon of the monk, I was suppressed by the Buddha Mountain under the rabbit, definitely not it!”

“Just, it’s not it, who is it?!” Jiang Chen’s pupils shrunk, and an inexplicable uneasiness sprang up from his heart.

There seems to be a terrifying coercion of dropping from the sky.

In everyone’s eyes, shock and panic appeared.

This aura seems to contain a real Sacred Dragon breath!

Hong long long …

At this moment, a voice with wings instigated.

Everyone’s eyes turned to see the clouds, with tornado swept out, intertwined and converged into a storm, moved towards 4 raging.

The storm turned wildly. In the end, a terrifying vortex appeared. Among the vortex, it seemed that there was something terrifying that was about to come out.


The next moment, a bigger Dragon’s roar, sounded again.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

That feeling is like an ominous beast with a score of 10000 years, about to awaken.

Bang bang bang!

Countless tornado storms, swept from the air, moved towards all directions.

Then, under the gaze of countless shocks, a flying dragon with blue ice screamed out of the clouds and swooped down.

The huge dragon body, hovering in the void, surpasses between Heaven and Earth, just like the god of aloof and remote, overlooking all beings.

“My Dragon Storm King!”

The majestic voice, mixed with the majestic Star qi, resounded above the entire stadium.

Some Card Apprentice with low realm, thunder and thunder in my ears, my mind humming, Divine Soul trembling!


That terrifying imposing manner has actually reached 4-star!

Everyone looked up, and their hearts were mixed with excitement and doubt. Is this Luo Feng’s hole card? !

“Huh, a trifling 4-star, what can I do?”

Jiang Chen curl one’s lip, he also has a 4-star star card -Asura Sacred Dragon, should it be able to open with it 5 5?

And he also has big-mouthed toads and elf shooters, both of which are 2-stars. If they deal with trifling 3-star’s Luo Feng 1 star cards, wouldn’t it be Yun Jiu water and cut vegetables?

“It’s beautiful, but it doesn’t make much sense.” Jiang Chen smiled at Luo Feng, but he didn’t even find out that his tone was not as firm as it was at the beginning.

Luo Feng smiled at him slightly and said, “Who told me that I only have one Dragon King?”

He lifts the head, palms pointing to the sky, and said: “Hurry, look.”

Jiang Chen raised his head, and saw the dark clouds rolling in the sky, and then again, there were 3 Dragon Kings with storms, dropping from the sky…

And their breath, coincidentally, all arrived at 4-star!

Jiang Chen’s eyes were stagnant, and an indescribable cold spread all over his body. The expression that had previously looked away suddenly disappeared. Instead, it was an unprecedented panic.

At this moment, he was cold all over, like falling into an ice cellar.

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