Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 242

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Hong long long …

In the void, 4 storm King Dragon Kings circled, and between the wings, they turned into a star qi storm, moved towards 4 and swept away.

tornado wreak havoc on Heaven and Earth, and that kind of sharp meaning actually gave way to the enchantment of the field, and at the moment it was all trembling slightly.

Storm Dragon King is coming, the decisive battle begins!

“Oh my god…”

Looking at the four dragon kings that covered the sky, all the eyes of the Star Card master were filled with horror, and even blood seemed to freeze suddenly at this moment.

“My God, 4…4 Star Card master, when did Luo Feng raise such a big brother?”

“I know the big brother, but who tm raised 4 big brothers?!”

“No, how did this come about? The Iron Man snapped his fingers, not only resurrected, but also 4 big brothers, right?”

“Luo Shen, I was wrong…”

“… “

The sounds of one after another shouted resounded, everyone looked at this scene in disbelief, 4 Dragon King, standing in the sky, what is different from Gods Vestige?

Explode, explode.

The appearance of the four-headed Dragon King broke the silence on the field, and suddenly there were cries of exclamation, sounded like a tide.


The faint smile on Qi Yuan’s face suddenly froze at this moment, and there was a loud noise.

“A snap finger, not only the resurrection of the group, but also 4 heads of 4-star Dragon King, how did this happen?” he growled incredulously in his heart.

His heart was full of terrified look, although Guess Luo Feng might still have a hole card, but this hole card… is also too scary!

There is also some confusion, Jiang Taiyuan.

In the audience, the giants of the Royal Flame Dynasty all looked at the stadium lightly and countlessly spit.

Huang Yichu, the master of Blazing Valley, was also dull for a moment. Only a moment later, he wiped his face, and his heart peng peng jumped, saying: “These youngsters, lying troughs, why are each and everyone suddenly ridiculous?”

“Obviously two Star Card masters are fighting. Why are they fighting more fiercely than Card King realm? No, I can’t stand it… Don’t get me wrong, I mean the heart.”

“This kid is really showy, my scalp is numb.” Qi Jin also exhaled for a long time, his eyes turned to Luo Feng on the field, exuding deep and admiration.

“Mother, did you see it?” Mu Qingluan dragged Mu Nanzhi’s sleeves, and on her slender eyelashes, there were crystal tears spinning, saying: “He’s going to win, he’s going to win!”

“I said, no one can block Luo Feng’s brother!”

Mu Nanzhi was also slightly stunned, beautiful eyes slightly tranced, muttered: “He…does he have a girlfriend?”

Mu Qingluan hearing this, also started, pretty face suddenly lifted a touch of blush, some sorry said authentically: “Mother, wouldn’t you like to match me for me?”

“They are still young.”

Mu Nanzhi was stunned, and then the head was slightly shaken, saying, “No.”

Mu Qingluan: “?”

Compared to other people’s shock, Zhuo Ying has always been indifferent expression, like a should be like this… How strong confidence in him?

Under a lot of horrifying eyes, Luo Feng smiled at Jiang Chen and said, “Are you surprised, not surprised, panic?”

Jiang Chen’s heart sank sharply, her eyes were red, and she said, “How did you do it?!”

He actually raised 4 big brothers in his front of one’s eyes? !

“Sacrifice a star card, not only resurrecting all teammates, but also recruiting a big brother, this is simply impossible, you must be cheating!”

He flustered and exasperated geologically.

“Cheating?” Luo Feng hearing this, disdainfully curl one’s lip, said: “If you want to win you, you still need to cheat?”

“Boasting criticisms downwind, cheating against the wind?”

He looked towards the four Dragon Kings circling in the sky, and he sighed in his heart.

The origin of these big brothers,

Let’s start with a few skills swallowed by Meng Wang:

Swallowed from Onmyouji:

[Referring to Yang as Yin]: Turn a skill into a dead language skill.

Swallowed from the rabbit Buddha:

[Duo Duo Yi Shan]: Specify a common skill to increase its effect by n times; or increase its designated target to n, where n refers to the number of star cards killed by your side.

(Only for a single skill, the effect will disappear after the skill is used once.)

As everyone knows, Meng Wang has a magic skill.

[Great Sage]: Meng Wang fuse 2 common skills together to form a new skill, the original skill will disappear.

He asked Meng Wang to use [Great Sage] to merge [referring to Yang as Yin] and [Duo Duo Yi Shan], and then synthesized new skills.

Guess what is synthesized?

[Death. More benefits]: Specify a death language skill to increase its effect by n times; or increase its designated target to n, where n refers to the star card of your own death.

When the changes were completed, Luo Feng at first glance, did the fusion skills degenerate?

After all, previously [Duo Duo Yi Shan] could specify any ordinary skill.

However, [Death. Duo Yishan] can only specify dead language skills.

The scope is narrow!

However, he later thought about it, it seemed to be narrow, but his effectiveness in the field of dead language skills was improved.

Because, it can specify all dead language skills!

And Meng Wang is a dead man!

[Storm giant dragon]: Death language skills, when Meng Wang is killed or all skills are removed, summon storm dragon, one star card per battle on the field, storm giant dragon devours their energy and improves their realm.

And Meng Wang pointed [Death. Duo Yishan] to [Storm giant dragon].

Therefore, the skill description of the skill [storm giant dragon] becomes, when Meng Wang is killed or all skills are removed, summon n storm giant dragons, one star card per battle on the field, storm giant dragon devours them n Double the energy to improve your realm.

Luo Feng knew that Jiang Chen must target Meng Wang, so before Jiang Chen sanctioned Meng Wang, Meng Wang handed over [Storm giant dragon] to Iron Man through the skill [gift].

Therefore, when Iron Man was killed, this dead language skill was triggered, and 4 star cards were killed in his own field, n=4, so summon produced 4 storm dragons!

And Jiang Chen killed 3 star cards.

In other words, a total of 7 star cards were killed on the field.

And n is equal to 4.

So the equivalent to each storm giant dragon has devoured the energy of 4×7=28 star cards in death!

28 star cards were killed. Under normal circumstances, it was simply impossible to achieve, but under a wave of mysterious operation, it did.

This is the charm of star card.

Therefore, 4 4-star storm dragons were trained, oh no, it should be called Storm Dragon King!

4 Storm King Dragon King, suspended in the sky behind Luo Feng, is like a god of aloof and remote, overlooking all beings.

Abyss giant clam and Spirit King looked at these 4 huge monsters, shiver coldly, this fuck, stabbed into the Dragon Cave?

Luo Feng raised his eyelids slightly, looked at Jiang Chen, and teased: “You know my star card very thoroughly and made a meticulous target, which almost forced me to a dead end. It can be said that you are on the 5th floor. “

“And I know you have a thorough understanding of my star card, I know you will target me, then the question is coming, how many layers are I on this wave?”

Jiang Chen had nothing to say, looking at the huge storm Dragon King behind Luo Feng, his legs were soft and his face was ashes.

He did his best to target Luo Feng’s star card to death, but who would have thought that this guy actually had a super big brother in his front of one’s eyes?

And not one, but four super big brothers! ! !

A deep sense of frustration rise in the mind, after working so hard, did you still fail?

In the void, 4 storm kings stared at Jiang Chen’s star card

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s ace evolution army: Asura Sacred Dragon, Abyssal Giant Clam, Spirit King, looking at the four Dragon Kings above the head, forming a group, shiver coldly.

4 big brothers…who can stand this?

Take the lead?

“Sliding away.”

3 star cards glanced at each other, all of them nodded, and then launched the skills invariably: [change card].

[Change card]: When the star card leaves the battle for ten seconds, it can become a star card, leave the battlefield, and return to the hands of the Star Card master.

“Dragon King is here, where can I escape?”

Storm King Dragon wings incited, saying:

“Call the wind and summon the rain!”

Bang bang bang!

Their wings flew, Star qi surged, turned into a rolling storm, and swept the field!

tornado destroys the arena!

Then, the densely packed hail, dropping from the sky, hit the star card below.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

Suddenly, Jiang Chen star card’s skill [change card], all was interrupted!

“Motherfucker, since I can’t run, I’ll fight it. Isn’t Storm Dragon King kind of?”

One after another powerful Star qi, burst out from the ace evolution Legion, forming a layer of fierce Star qi defense.

peng ~ peng ~!

Pieces of hail hit them, and those Star qi defenses were continuously shattered, just like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

And Star qi defends against layers of fragmentation, but they still desperately urge Star qi to continually repair it, trying to resist it.

“Is there a hailstone in this world?” Looking at the hail that is bigger than the whole person, Spirit King’s eyes will be blind.

Even the skin abyss, flesh is thick abyss giant clam, at the moment it can’t withstand it. Storm Dragon King is higher than its realm, so it is easy to penetrate the defense!

Outside the Holy Land Square, countless people stared blankly, and an extremely complicated emotion filled in their hearts.

Who would have thought that the top of the Holy Land list, their best Star Card master this time, was actually bombed by Luo Feng in the field.

“Dragon Kings, don’t stop water, let’s finish soon.” Luo Feng ordered, night long dreams, lest it continue to drag on, and rebirth.


4 giant dragons with huge mouths open, Star qi surging, 4 terrifying cyan ray columns, quickly condensed and formed.

A terrifying wave emanated from the cyan ray column.

“Dead, insect.”


When the sound fell, the four cyan ray pillars shattered the sky like a shard, and shouted down.


Throughout the Holy Land Plaza, there are many regrets sounded. When this offensive fell, if Jiang Chen had no other cards, then this battle must have had a result.

“The bottom card, what else do I have?” Jiang Chen’s face was ashamed, and he knew clearly that this attack fell, and the game was declared over.

Under a lot of horrible eyes, it fell on Jiang Chen’s ace evolution army.


The moment the offensive fell, there was a fierce shock wave burst out, the entire field of the ground, at this moment was shocked, was plowed again and again.

Ka-cha !

The indestructible barriers around the field were overwhelmed at the moment, with cracks in the road, and the spider web was like 4 times.

Xiu xiu xiu!

Suddenly, dozens of silhouettes flew out, injecting Star qi into it, maintaining the stability of the enchantment.

The enchantment will break, as expected.



The smoke and dust dissipated,

The silhouettes of Asura Sacred Dragon, Spirit King, and Abyssal Clam are completely gone, and the white land is really clean.

“Holy Land top?”

“Peerless grace and elegance?”

“Heaven’s Chosen Child?”

“At this level?!”

Luo Feng looked at Jiang Chen with a touch of ridicule in his eyes and said: “Jiang Chen, it seems that this Holy Land League champion, you can’t take it away.”

Sentence after sentence, merciless, like a sharp knife with a sharp handle, moved towards Jiang Chen’s heart and cut into the wound.


Jiang Chen softened her knees and knelt on the ground, her eyes turned red and muttered: “Why is this?”

“why why why?!”

“How could I lose? I’m not convinced!”

He seems to have lost his mind, roar towards the sky, that despair and unwillingness, anger and loneliness, hovering between Heaven and Earth.

He walked all the way, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and he was only the part of his leapfrog murder. Now, in the face of a waste that is slightly inferior to him in terms of realm or seniority, he has lost?

A month ago, Luo Feng, who lived like ants in his eyes, saw Luo Feng who could only turn around and ran away, but he successfully counterattacked and defeated him?

He never thought of this scene today.

He was once proud and completely disappeared at this time.

“Is it difficult to understand?” Luo Feng’s eyelids slightly raised, said: “I feel that everything is reasonable.”

“Because, in my opinion, you have always been just a stepping stone that’s all in my life.”

“Of course, there is a simpler reason, that is…” Luo Feng voice paused, smiled at him, said: “This era is called Luo Feng.”

Pu chi!

Jiang Chen was finally unable to bear, a mouthful of blood, and spit out from his mouth, and his body collapsed in the sky, and he died of halo on the spot.

With the passing of his halo, the entire between Heaven and Earth seemed to have fallen into silence. Everyone looked at the four Dragon Kings suspended in the void, and their mood was difficult to calm down for a long time.

Luo Feng did not go to see Jiang Chen again, but looked towards Flame Sovereign outside the field through the enchantment.

His lips wriggled slowly, as if to say: “Flame Sovereign, this 1st Step, I did it.”

Flame Sovereign, who has always been a little expression, met Luo Feng 4 and his lips suddenly burst into laughter. The smile was like a flower. Gu Pan Shenfei seemed to say: “Well, I am very satisfied.”

Beside it, Qi Jin said: “Dean Chu, it’s time to announce the result.”

Hearing this, referee Chu Yang also passed the god, next moment, the old and powerful voice resounded between between Heaven and Earth.

“The Holy Land League has won and lost points.”

“I declare that the champion is…”

“Dongsheng District, Shell Courtyard, Luo Feng!”

On the huge Holy Land square, the silence continued for a few breaths, and then, with the cheering of hiding the sky and covering the earth, burst out suddenly,

“Congratulations to the champion!”

“Lo Divine Ox Approved!”


The sound of congratulations echoed one after another, grandiose echoed throughout the Holy Land square, the mountains and the sea were deafening.

Countless lines of sight watched the young silhouettes standing on the field. Their eyes were full of wonder. Today, the dragon wars, the tiger battles, but they really opened their eyes.

Many people have only heard the name of Luo Feng in the past and have never seen anyone else’s Star Card master. At this moment, they finally understand what this hot star card genius is and the others.

Although Luo Feng is only a Star Card master, but his previous play and routines gave some 6 7 Star Card master, it was also sad and disappointed.

“This, how is it possible…” Qi Yuan’s complexion suddenly turned pale. Is there really no one who can stop this guy’s pace? !

Qi Muxue on the side is also numb. Although it has been sensed for a long time, when the result is placed in front of the eyes, it is still unbelievable.

That’s Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen’s second son, Holy Land topped the list, and so Heaven’s Chosen, today actually turned here.

Even Jiang Chen was defeated in his hands, thinking about his previous layers of targeting, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself: “Maybe in his heart, I have always been just a clown.”

“The overlord changed and the new king was crowned. It belongs to the era of Luo Feng.” Ye Xiaomeng leaned his head and looked at Luo Feng on the field, the expression was slightly trance.

A month ago, Luo Feng, who still needed his own shot, was now on the altar of overlord.

Compared to the fierceness elsewhere, the North Sanctuary was caught in a strange quiet.

Their pride, their dependence, suddenly collapsed at this moment.

Because of the existence of Jiang Chen, the North Saint District became the first Great Saint District, and the entire Holy Land was viewed.

Today, Jiang Chen fell to the altar, which belongs to his era, ended here.

In the area where the Shell Courtyard is located, all Star Card masters cried and fell into a carnival.

Su Yang’s turbid eyes turned red, with some tears in his eyes, and said, “This kid actually did it.”

Yang Zai was sighed. I remember when Luo Feng first entered the Shell Courtyard six months ago, when he wanted to challenge Liu Yun as a top four, everyone thought he was crazy.

“Mr. Chu Man, Luo Feng is about to graduate and go to the 4th Pavilion. It is estimated that he will leave you.” Qin Yidao.

Chu Man’s beautiful eyes are full of splendor, shallow full of smiles: “All the world’s gathering is for separation, and the time with him as master and disciple is the best time of my life.”

“I am content.”

On the stage, Jiang Taiyuan looked sad and unhappy, his eyes slightly dangled, and he seemed to be unsurprised, but a cold glow flashed deep in his heart still showed his inner anger.

However, because of identity reasons, it’s inconvenient to break out that’s all.

Qi Yuan’s face is also a bit ugly, and being able to win the championship is to show that Luo Feng’s threat is growing…

With such a rapid skyrocketing speed, it may not be possible, and it may really win the Pavilion Lord of the 4 Pavilion at the end of next year.

For a time, all sentient beings have 100 phases and their minds are different.

At this moment, under the powerful backlash of Infinite Gloves, Iron Man’s Battle Armor was dilapidated, and the white light in front of him was completely extinguished.

His vitality gradually dissipated, and he fell helplessly, leaning against the defensive tower.

But those eyes haven’t closed, and they are supported by the remnant thoughts.

Perhaps he wanted to see victory.

When seeing Jiang Chen’s trump card Legion disappear, and hearing Chu Yang declare Luo Feng’s victory, those eyes with gratifying eyes finally closed slowly.

At this moment, Luo Feng’s other star cards are all around.

“Pika pika …”

Uchiha Pikachu 2 little claws picked up Iron Man’s helmet, which was knocked down by Iron Man in battle before, and then the leather god took off his calf and moved towards the Iron Man cautiously.

“Pika pika, Mr. Stark, we won, we won!”

It wears Iron Man’s helmet cautiously on Iron Man’s head.

However, when the helmet fell, the body of Iron Man gradually dissipated and turned into a luminous sky.



Pikachu looked at the glow of the sky and froze in place. Where is Iron Man? Where did it go?

“嘤…” Meng Wang thought he was hiding in the helmet, so he turned it over, but there was nothing in it.

“Pickup, Pickup, Pickup…”

Skin God looked at him in panic, calling anxiously, and then no matter how it called, Iron Man did not respond to him.

His eyes gradually became hollow, and his tiny body trembled slightly.

Slowly, it seemed to understand, Iron Man, already not in.

“嘤…” Meng Wang rolled anxiously beside the helmet, tears streaming down like beans.


The skin god’s nose suddenly soured, and his small face frantically rubbed his chest, like a child who lost his beloved toy, crying.

At this moment, all Star Card masters burst into tears.


At this moment, a blue light burst out from the helmet, interweaving the meeting room, forming a screen.

On the screen, there is a video that seems to have been recorded long ago:

Clang, clang, clang …

A sharp sound of iron hitting quietly sounded.

Everyone looked up and saw that on the screen, Iron Man was holding the Warhammer and beating the Battle Armor on the table.

It’s the same as they first met.

At the same time, Iron Man lifts the head and smiled at everyone: “If you see this, I should be already not in.”

“No way, when the threat is approaching, I have to protect my friends, and that is you.”

“I’m very happy to come to star card world, meet you, fight alongside you, don’t be too sad, when I leave, I will dream back to you.”

“I am Iron Man, but this may be the so-called heroic life, and it will end after the glory.”

And at this moment, the screen gradually dissipated, and there was only one sentence full of endless tenderness resounding in between Heaven and Earth:

“I love you 3000 times.”

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