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Looking at the screen in front of him, Luo Feng was startled, silently moved, accompanied by a trace of guilt, at the moment rise in the mind, soaking the corners of his eyes.

The video was recorded in advance because it was already prepared for sacrifice?

"Iron Man, thank you. For the next period of time, you have a good rest first." He muttered.

Meng Wang and Pikachu rustling sound crying beside them.

Uzumaki Renwa expresses his thoughts about Iron Man with a bang.


At this moment, Buddha Mountain burst, and a silhouette rose from it.

"Bold demon, actually suppressed me, I think you didn't take me in the eye!"

Fahai rushed out angrily, gazing at 4 and said, "What about people?"

Luo Feng: "The game is over."

"..." Fahai was a little speechless and said: "A few teammates can win, it's amazing."

Uzumaki Renwa: "Because it is not the c-bit who dropped the line."

Uchiha Pikachu: "Because you are not the most important person."

Fahai: "How did you win?"

"Tell me specifically."

Luo Feng sighed, said: "It's a long story, it's hard to say a word, go back and talk to you slowly."

The voice fell, he divine sense moved, all the star cards were fully recovered, moved towards the field outside.

"it is finally over."

Luo Feng lifts the head, looking at the afterglow of the setting sun, his heart was somewhat inexplicable.

Pinch fingers, this is the second championship in life.

It is not easy to win this championship. After a few battles, you have racked your brains and tried your best to complete this successful step.

Infinite move, Beechburg 3 General combined flow, killing king flow, king mainstream, one punch flow, Sacrifice series…

Don't look at his current rays of light ten thousand zhang, when making star cards, and thinking about these routines, they are often tossing and turning, sad.

"In the future, I really want to change my mind and study more about the way 3rd Stage plays."

Luo Feng thought to himself, although Jiang Chen lost, but his style of play had to be said to be very good, the routine was not too bells and whistles, but it was just right on the key points.

If you are not quick witted in an emergency, you are careful, and if you make a slight mistake, you may lose.

For example, when the elf shooter sneak attacked Iron Man, Meng Wang ran out of the defensive tower to rescue him. If he didn’t understand in an instant that this might be a strategy that lured the tiger away from the mountain, then the one who left in the end was probably Myself.

The champion has been won, the next step is the total Pavilion Lord!

The future is expected!

took a deep breath, slowly calming his mind, he walked out of the field, bent to the Flame Sovereign, and gave a salute with respect.

In front of people, you still have to pretend to be a little bit of rules.

Empress is also, in front of outsiders, can be very cold, indifferent, and all beings are close.

Qi Yuan's eyes flickered and stared at the youth silhouette, saying: "Next, he may be entering the fourth tier, and with the championship results of the Holy Land League, coupled with the boost of Flame Sovereign, I am afraid he is going to start with Vice Commander. Now."

Jiang Taiyuan expressionless pondered for a while, and said: "The general Pavilion Lord campaign time we discussed with Flame Sovereign in the past is at the end of next year."

"This is the latest time I can accept and the earliest time that Flame Sovereign can accept."

"And now it's the end of the year, almost one year before the election of the total Pavilion Lord."

"This child innate talent is superb. It is indeed a threat, but within a year, I want to compete for the total Pavilion Lord. I'm afraid I'm in a hurry."

Qi Yuan nodded and said, "It's a constant to change to someone else, but this guy can't treat it with common sense."

"Then don't slack off and continue to target. In the 4th Pavilion, we can target it, and it might be more convenient." Jiang Taiyuan expressionless stood up suddenly, and then led the entire group behind him, moved towards the distance.

Qi Yuan was startled, glanced at Luo Feng unwillingly, and then followed closely from behind and left the field.

Although King Jiang is right, even if he wins the championship and wants to run for the general Pavilion Lord at the end of next year, it is also very hasty.

However, what made him uncomfortable was that he had to work hard to target it.

If Jiang Chen wins today, he will sit back and relax in the future, and can think about other things, instead of looking at this damn Luo Feng.

However, Jiang Chen failed, which means that he will have to spend a lot of time on such a trifling Card Master in the next year!

He is the king of a house, but his opponent is a Star Card master. Who is it, will not be depressed?

Such a sad appearance left Qi Jin and the others so dark that they could finally be sighed in relief temporarily.

He and Huang Yichu both looked at Luo Feng with admiration. Who would have thought that such a young man, a Star Card master, could make the whole King Jiang camp toss and turn, and sleep and sleep.

While watching Luo Feng walk out of the field, he had been waiting for Mu Qingluan for a long time, and stood up excitedly at the moment, holding a jade gourd in his small hand, which contained the water that had been prepared for a long time.

And just as she planned to move towards Luo Feng, a woman wearing a moon white robe took the lead and moved towards Luo Feng.

"Just the younger brother, after playing for so long, are you tired?"

Chu Manlian moved slightly, walked over, took out the champa, wiped forehead sweat beads for Luo Feng, and took out a bottle gourd, saying: "Come on, drink some water."

"En!" Luo Feng held bottle gourd, gu lu gu lu, and finished drinking a bottle of water, and then thanked: "Master's water is clear and sweet, it's really delicious."

Chu Man smiled shallowly. On the pretty face like a goose egg, there were 2 cute pear vortexes. She straightened the collar for Luo Feng, and suddenly sighed, "After the game, it won't take long, you should be Go to Pavilion 4."

"It should be." Luo Feng complied.

Chu Man’s beautiful eyes squinted, revealing a little regret, saying: “I can’t see the younger brother again every day.”

"One day as a master, a father for life." Luo Feng expression was right, showing his gratitude, "I will come back to see the Master often."

"You are Luo Feng?"

And at this moment, Mu Nanzhi got up suddenly from the seat, walked slender legs, and walked to Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was stunned and turned to look at the beautiful woman in palace dress. She had a delicate face and an explosive body. She exuded an indescribable charm as if she were a maid.

This woman, unlike everyone he has ever seen, is a mature beauty that has been precipitated by years.

"This is..." She looked at Mu Qingluan on the side, and there was a lot of speculation in her heart. She smiled immediately, and was a little uneasy: "The family...patriarch is good."

"What's the patriarch?" Mu Nanzhi smiled lightly, and the light waves circulated in the beautiful eyes. "If you don't mind, just call me elder sister."

Mu Qingluan: "?"

Chu Man: "."

Luo Feng is also a bit ignorant. For a moment, he didn't know how to answer the call. He looked at Mu Qingluan and then Mu Nanzhi. He immediately forcibly sighed: "didn't expect patriarch is so young, I don't know, I really think you are And Qingluan are a pair of sister flowers."

Mu Qingluan was crying.

"Small mouth is really sweet." Mu Nanzhi pu chi smiled and said: "We Monster Race lifespan is long, using our Monster Race algorithm, in fact, I really at worst Qingluan."

She looked at Luo Feng with great interest, her voice was charming, her words were bold and sincere: "Since the game is over, if you are free next, you may wish to come to the Qingluan family to play, elder sister and Qingluan are waiting for you at home, and will definitely entertain you, let you Forget about..."

Luo Feng's face is bitter, this is not easy to answer, after all, the woman in front of her is in a different camp than her boss Flame Sovereign.

"What a stunned thing, have you ever thanked Patriarch?"

And just when Luo Feng didn't know how to reply, an ethereal and indifferent voice, sounded after himself.

Hearing this familiar voice, Luo Feng turned around and saw Zhuo Ying phoenix robe adding body with dignity and dignity.

His eyes were slightly closed, and his heart was bitter. Why did these people get together today?

Chu Man, Mu Qingluan and Mu Nanzhi are all here, and now Flame Sovereign has jumped in again. Is this the rhythm of starting a group and taking all the waves away? !

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