Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 244

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“Thank you, thank you sister…patriarch.” Luo Feng bent at Zhaoli, and then kept bending, without embarrassing.

“I’ve seen Flame Sovereign.” Seeing Zhuo Ying’s arrival, Mu Nanzhi complexion slightly changed, 3 women also bent over to salute.

Zhuo Ying did not go to see them, but stared at the void, his red lips slightly opened, and slowly said: “The Qingluan tribe is indeed a good place. The Emperor will take Luo Feng to see together when they are free.”

“I wonder if patriarch is welcome?”

“Flame Sovereign is willing to visit in person, naturally it is a great honor for my Qingluan family.” Mu Nanzhi trembled tremblingly, with cold sweat behind him.

Empress’s coercion was so strong that she was almost breathless.

Zhuo Ying was complied without saltiness, and then phoenix eyes were thrown at Chu Man, saying: “You are the master of Luo Feng, Chu Man?”

“Yes.” Chu Man said.

Zhuo Ying stared at her and was silent for a moment, saying: “From tomorrow on, you don’t have to continue to be a Shell Courtyard tutor.”

Chu Man hearing this, suddenly thundered like a flat ground, burst in his ears, and suddenly his head was a little dazed.

She said timidly: “Flame Sovereign, did I do something wrong?”

Holy Land tutor, although it is just a common occupation in Holy Land, for her, it is the best occupation.

Although I can see the bottom at a glance, it is stable.

Zhuo Ying pretty face said indifferently, “Luo Feng can win the championship. As a Master, you should remember one big thing.”

“Relax, I will arrange you to a better place.”

The voice fell and Flame Sovereign stopped talking and turned away.

After walking a few steps, her footsteps suddenly stagnate, slightly sideways, and said, “Luo Feng, haven’t you kept up?”

“Oh.” Luo Feng, who had been pretending to be dead, lifts the head, and followed Flame Sovereign with a look of embarrassment.

Three people with different thoughts were left, and they fell into the thinking of life in the same place.

Flame Sovereign Palace.

amidst flowers and in the moonlight, small courtyard behind the palace.

There were 2 rows of maids who came and put a plate of delicious dishes with 4 fragrances on the round table.

Luo Feng looked at that table mountain’s rare seafood, and swallowed it with an unable to bear. I’m afraid it’s a national banquet, right?

At this moment, Zhuo Ying was sitting opposite him.

Carrying the wine bottle in her jade hand, she took a sip and silenced for a while, her red lips slightly opened, slowly saying: “When did it start?”

Luo Feng: “Clam?”

“This is the first time I saw Mu Nanzhi today.”

Zhuo Ying eyebrow raised: “Love at first sight?”

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows, embarrassed, said: “I don’t know why she is so enthusiastic, anyway, I really haven’t seen her before.”

“Maybe it’s time to match Mu Qingluan.” Zhuo Ying faint smile.

Luo Feng shook the head, said: “Mu Qingluan is still young, right?”

Zhuo Ying: “But Mu Nanzhi is not small.”

Luo Feng: “.”

Shall we drink some wine and eat it?

After thinking for a while, he didn’t know how to answer, and decided to use Dafa to change the subject. He said: “Flame Sovereign, will I enter the 4th cabinet next?”

Zhuo Ying got a little bit.

“Then, how do I become the total Pavilion Lord?” Luo Feng was curious. He is still confused about the legendary 4 cabinet.

Zhuo Ying frowned, saying: “Now the 4th Pavilion is the 4th Pavilion, and 4 of the 3th Pavilions own the Pavilion Lord, and this is also your biggest enemy for the general Pavilion Lord.”

“After all, the total Pavilion Lord was elected from the Pavilion Lord.”

Luo Feng is curious: “Which three? What is their strength?”

Zhuo Ying beautiful eyes gave him a playful look and said:

“Thunder Pavilion Pavilion Lord, Zhou Sheng, 7 Star Card master.”

“Fire Pavilion Pavilion Lord, Jiang Yan, 7 Star Card master.”

“Yunge Pavilion Lord, Su Qingge, 6 Star Card master.”

“Now, you know how many gaps you want to win the position of the total Pavilion Lord?”

Luo Feng’s expression suddenly condensed and said: “How long is it until the battle of the total Pavilion Lord.”

“At the end of next year, this is the latest time King Jiang can accept.” Zhuo Ying sighed, staring slightly, and said, “Your main enemies are Jiang Yan and Zhou Sheng.”

“Jiang Yan is King Jiang eldest son, Jiang Chen’s brother.”

“And this Zhou Sheng is not simple. The old Flame Sovereign sent him to Nebula Legion to challenge him.”

Luo Feng hearing this, also started, said: “Is that the one who was with Saint Xuan solo?”

Zhuo Ying said slightly, “Yes.”

“Then it’s too good.” Luo Feng’s mouth twitched, and unable to bear spit out: “Saint Xuan is all stuck, so he is still 8 Star Card master?”

Zhuo Ying shook the head, said: “This week, when it comes to innate talent, it is actually not bad. It was just that he was skipped by Saint Xuan skipping grades to defeat, and lived in his shadow all day long. He surrendered himself and gave up cultivation.”

“3 years later, he came out of the shadows and started cultivation again, and his cultivation speed is still a ride.”

“Although he lost to Saint Xuan at the beginning, he also forced Saint Xuan out of the hole and almost fell into a desperate situation.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, and the expression was also a little dignified. This is indeed a rival. After all, it is a man who has crossed the line with Saint Xuan.

Zhuo Ying took a sip of the wine and said, “And Jiang Yan is only slightly worse than Zhou Sheng.”

“And if you want to become the total Pavilion Lord, you have to defeat all these two people.”

“The two of them are now 2 Star Card masters, and by the end of next year, they should be able to break through to 7 Star Card masters. Even if the chances are enough, they can all break through to Card King.”

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, now at the end of this year, there is still a year before the battle of the total Pavilion Lord is full.

Time is not and the others.

From 1-star Card Apprentice to 6-star Card Apprentice, he spent half a year, if there is no Saint blood left by the big brother, then he broke through to a Star Card master, I am afraid it will take more than a year.

However, he is different now, after all, Saint blood was not obtained in vain.

So, Luo Feng asked: “Flame Sovereign, can I break through to Card King by the end of next year?”

Zhuo Ying: “…”

“You think Card King is radish cabbage.” Zhuo Ying gave him a white look and said, “Although you have Saint blood quenching body, by the end of next year, it will be 6 7 Star Card master.”

“Of course, this is also the best situation. In general, Card Master realm Star Card master can break through 1-star in half a year, which is good.”

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, pondering for a while, then said: “So, if you can find the holy bone?”

Zhuo Ying hearing this, also started, said: “If the holy bone can be found, it is indeed possible.”

“It’s just that the sacred bone is in the Profound Dragon pool, and I have sent someone to investigate before. The Profound Dragon pool is still in a banned state and can’t enter temporarily.”

“Banned?” Luo Feng wondered: “Who is banned?”

Zhuo Ying’s peach blossom eyes narrowed and said, “Profound Dragon pool is actually the same as Tian Yuan and belongs to an ancient inheritance.”

“You need to know that some ancient inheritance, when faced with some extinguish sect crisis or other accidents, some special arrays will start, and then let the whole sect sink into the earth, enter a closed state, waiting for the later clansman to come Explore.”

“This is the last hope to keep sect.”

“Of course, with the ebbing of time, the energy of the Formulation will gradually dissipate, and when the energy is completely dissipated, the Formulation will be destroyed, and the sect that sinks into the earth will lose its protection and will appear again.”

“That’s why there are so many Secret Realm that will suddenly appear in the world and be well-preserved.”

“I said, it turned out to be sinking into the earth.” Luo Feng secretly vomited. He had been curious before. Those relics, since they are relics, shouldn’t they all be ransacked, how could there be good babies to stay? for myself?

Now that I think about it, it is suddenly cheerful.

“Then what kind of rhythm did I get after entering the 4th Pavilion?” he asked curiously, and the 4th Pavilion was still confused.

Zhuo Ying thought for a while and said, “If you want to run for the general Pavilion Lord, you must first become the lord of the Pavilion. Among the 4 Pavilions, the only Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord is currently hanging.”

“What about the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord?” Luo Feng said.

Zhuo Ying: “I was dead while performing the task some time ago.”

Luo Feng shook his hand holding the wine glass. Was Pavilion Lord so dangerous?

Zhuo Ying’s tone is quiet, saying: “Are the 4 pavilions dominating the army and go out to carry out the characters, is it not like playing in the house like Holy Land, and the dead are not simple?”

“After all, when you are in Holy Land, others need to protect you, and the 4th Pavilion is the one who protects others.”

Luo Feng’s face is bitter, is it so scary?

Zhuo Ying faintly muttered to oneself, said: “So, Wind Pavilion is your best place to go.”

“With the achievements of your Holy Land league, when you arrive at Wind Pavilion, you start with Vice Commander.”

“On the Vice Commander, there is the commander, on the commander, the Vice Pavilion Lord, then the Pavilion Lord, and on the Pavilion Lord, there is the General Pavilion Lord.”

“This is what I arranged for you, the next year’s promotion route.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, and suddenly slightly wrinkle: “But, Vice Commander, is it to control the army?”

“Let me make a card game. I’m okay. As for managing the army or something, I won’t fix this.”

“You don’t have to worry about this,” Zhuo Ying shook the head said, “You just hang a name, and I will send someone to help you deal with these matters.”

“Your core goal is still making card and cultivation. After all, whether it’s fighting for the leader or Pavilion Lord, you have to rely on the star card to fight.”

“That is to say, I can be a Boss behind the scenes.” Luo Feng smirked and said, “It’s so good.”

In this way, you can enjoy the power of the corresponding position, and at the same time there is no need to assume obligations.

That is, to make a place to make a card to play that’s all.

All you have to do is sit in this position, just like a mascot.

“Then Flame Sovereign, who is going to help me?”

Zhuo Ying beautiful eyes blinked and said, “Qin Sheng and Chu Man, do you choose one?”

Experience tells him that this is a far-reaching option.

“Then, of course…Qin Sheng.” Luo Feng said seriously.

“Oh?” Zhuo Ying stared at him, faint smile: “Really?”

“Well…” Luo Feng said, bitter in his heart, how dare I not be true.

“That’s all, or Chu Man.” Zhuo Ying groaned for a while, sighing leisurely.

“?” Luo Feng found that he didn’t understand the woman more and more.

Sure enough, the woman’s heart, seabed needle.

Zhuo Ying stared at him, his long eyelashes flickered, and said: “You didn’t say that before, the rivers and lakes are sinister, the master and disciple are all focused, what is the following sentence?”

Luo Feng was embarrassed, brace oneself said: “Go together and go home.”

Zhuo Ying first slightly said, “Oh, I thought it was perish together.”

“…” Luo Feng stands on end with his hair all over his body. Does this imply anything?

Sure enough, the companion is like a tiger.

“Come and drink.”

So the two were drinking and chatting, taking advantage of their intoxication and talking about nothing, just like a little couple.

Unconsciously, 3 jugs of wine and 2 people’s faces are all slightly red.

Luo Feng looked towards Flame Sovereign, tentatively said: “Flame Sovereign, can you still drink it?”

“Can you still drink?” Zhuo Ying asked back.

Luo Feng is actually a little drunk, but when I heard this sentence, my heart suddenly reached to the clouds, Luo Feng and Luo Feng. If you can’t even drink a woman, what can you do? !

“I have no problem!”

“Okay.” Flame Sovereign waved.

Suddenly, a row of maids came and brought ten bottles of jade pots.

Luo Feng panicked.

Soon, another 3 bottles went down. At the moment, Luo Feng’s mind was a little dazed, and he didn’t speak as hard as before.

However, he didn’t want to give up, so he swollen his face and rushed to fatty, forcing another 2 bottles.

…2 After drinking the bottle, Luo Feng had burst his scalp and blurred his eyes. Looking at the Empress on the opposite side was like Luster Grass.

“Drunk?” Zhuo Ying teased.

“Where is it?” Luo Feng shook the head, almost hitting the ground with one hand, he propped on the table with one hand, said: “After drinking, what should I do next…”

Zhuo Ying’s long eyelashes flickered, and a flush on the pretty face, star eyes like water, asked timidly: “What do you want to do?”

Luo Feng already had an answer in his mind, saying: “I want to sleep.”

“Okay, then come in.”

…He was helped into the house by Zhuo Ying, because he had started walking upside down and wobbled…

“Look at you drunk…” Zhuo Ying gave him a blank look, put him on the bed, and then said: “Wait for me, the emperor will take a shower.”

“Good.” Luo Feng said.

After Zhuo Ying left, Luo Feng lay in bed and fell into imagination.

The flowers have fragrance and the moon have yin.

And he thought about it, suddenly rising in the mind drunk, staring up and down his eyelids, actually fell asleep directly.

After one hour, Zhuo Ying took a bath and put on a cyan dress. The moonlight shone like Fairy in the painting.

She came in, and when she heard the snoring after another, she suddenly started.

Zhuo Ying stared at Luo Feng who was asleep, his eyes inexplicable, his intoxication disappeared, and he was annoyed and said: “This is all done? Not boring.”

“Scum Man!!!”

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