Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 245

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After one day.

Luo Feng woke up from a deep sleep.

Maybe it was too impudent last night, too much wine, but now my brain is still a little dazed.

Who am I, where am I, and what do I do?

took a deep breath, the fragrance on the bed reminded him suddenly that this is not his own doghouse.

“I remembered, this is the Flame Sovereign Palace, so last night?” He fell into contemplation, in ones heart trembled, and when even the indestructible grip came out, he probed his body.

“you’re awake?”

After a while, Zhuo Ying walked in. The long long legs of Dual Cultivation were exposed in the air, and they looked quite sexy.

Luo Feng scratched his head, some sorry said: “Flame Sovereign, I seem to have overslept.”

“Last night, why didn’t you sleep so peacefully?” Zhuo Ying stared at him, faint smile.

“Last night…” Luo Feng hearing this, his heart trembled, his eyes suddenly widened, and said, “Have you happened last night?”

Flame Sovereign said that he did not sleep last night, so what did he do?

Going to make card again?

“What happened?” Zhuo Ying stared at Luo Feng with a glance at the scumbag. The pretty face was infinitely shy, gentle, and timid: “to ask a question, when already knows the answer.”

Lying in the trough? !

As soon as the remark came out, he suddenly thundered and exploded in Luo Feng’s mind. He only remembered that he had drunk a lot of wine last night, and then he was asleep when he was thinking about the scene that was worth 1000 gold at the moment of the Spring Festival.

Is there a follow-up that he didn’t know about?

“Did I fall asleep last night…” Luo Feng murmured softly.

“Huh, I don’t want to admit it.” Zhuo Ying’s long eyelashes flickered, and there was a layer of mist in his eyes, panting with rage authentically: “Scum!

Hearing this sentence, Luo Feng was a little flustered, not knowing what to do for a while, and quickly said: “Flame Sovereign you… don’t worry, I will be responsible for you.”

“What are you responsible for me?” Zhuo Ying asked back.

“We aren’t…” Luo Feng’s voice trembled, and the voice was soft like a fly, saying: “Isn’t that already?”

“You wishful thinking.” Zhuo Ying sneered, said: “You are a Luo Feng, saying that you like star card, I always thought you were upright gentleman, didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

“Say, are you always thinking of taking advantage of me?”

“No, no.” Luo Feng quickly denied, seriously, “I am really an upright gentleman!”

“Why not?” Zhuo Ying stared at him coldly. “Don’t I have any appeal in your eyes?”

“Is Qingluan’s waist thin?”

“The legs are not as long as Chuman?”

“Are there no Mu Nanzhi explosions there?”

Luo Feng: “.”

Zhuo Ying: “You are worse than a beast!”

Luo Feng: “.”


What kind of goblin is this?

Hard to do.

“Look at you within the body.” Zhuo Ying said suddenly.

Luo Feng hearing this, also started, quickly both eyes slightly closed, looking down on the mind, and then, he was surprised to see that his second Star Mansion, I don’t know when, it has been completely opened!

This is to show that now he is 2 Star Card master!

“Wow, why am I so fast?” Luo Feng’s face was filled with ecstasy that was hard to conceal.

Previously he was at Card Apprentice realm, and he was barely able to break through 1-star for a month.

Now that we have arrived at Card Master realm, we have soared to 2-star in less than a month.

“Otherwise?” Zhuo Ying gave him a blank look and said, “Do you think the wine last night was just ordinary wine?”

“Thank you Flame Sovereign.” Luo Feng suddenly realized.

“Foreign object is just a boost to that’s all.” Zhuo Ying staring at him, said: “The most fundamental thing is that your Saint blood reshapes the foundation, and the cultivation speed also soars.”

“Of course, in addition to improving the cultivation speed, this Saint blood will also improve the quality of Star qi, which you should feel in the finals.”

Luo Feng nodded, said: “Yes, Star qi’s best performance is star card heads-up, and I have never lost a single star card with Jiang Chen.”

Zhuo Ying said: “You know, Jiang Chen, who was the top of the former Holy Land list, is an invincible presence in the peers in my Royal Flame Dynasty. Even if such a person, you can still win him in the star card singles.”

“So, if you change to the Star Card master of the same realm, if you are heads-up with you, it is more like mantis trying to stop a chariot, unable to withstand a single blow.”

Luo Feng was startled, and said: “That is to say, I will fight with other Star Card masters in the future, can I try to leapfrog?”

Zhuo Ying said slightly, “Yes.”

“Of course, the only shortcoming of the leapfrog battle is that the probability of success of the probabilistic skill will be appropriately reduced.”

Luo Feng suddenly, with a happy expression on his face, said: “This is great.”

In the past, every time he was hurrying and hurried, he tried to stay in the same realm with the enemy Star Card master in every game, and he was very aggrieved.

In the future, even if he is not a realm with the other party, he has the confidence to challenge him.

“Trifling Saint blood will allow me to improve so much. I really don’t know. When the 4 relics are gathered and cultivated into Saint Physique, to what extent will it rise?” Luo Feng murmured.

Zhuo Ying: “If you cultivate Saint Physique, then face the same realm Star Card master who is not Saint Physique, that is, one punch.”

Luo Feng: “Great.”

“Come on, Mo Yao disappointed Saint Xuan’s earnest expectations. If you inherited Saint Xuan’s legacy and lost to Zhou Sheng, it would be interesting.” Zhuo Ying teased.

Luo Feng expression said, “Flame Sovereign, rest assured, I will definitely work harder on cultivation. Then, I will abuse Zhou Sheng again for Xiao Xuan giant… Let him continue to give up cultivation and fall into the shadows.”

“But after all, since Zhou Sheng is so powerful, Flame Sovereign why not consider training him and let him run for the general Pavilion Lord?” Luo Feng wondered, “Is it because he has already invested in the King Jiang camp?”

“I don’t know if he has invested in the King Jiang camp.” Zhuo Ying shook the head, staring, said: “But he was trained by the former Flame Sovereign.”

Luo Feng suddenly realized that he vaguely remembered that the former Flame Sovereign was Zhuo Ying’s father’s enemy, while Zhou Sheng, as the old Flame Sovereign Yu Dang, Zhuo Ying did not kill him and did not consider him to be the head of a cabinet.

But if it is cultivated into a heirloom… there will be a bit of a must in my heart.

“After 3 days, you will have to go to Wind Pavilion as Vice Commander, but I have to remind you that because you are airborne, the prestige is definitely insufficient. Although the Holy Land League champion is somewhat convincing, compared with the position of Vice Commander, it is still Some barely.”

“After all, the previous time Holy Land league champion, after entering the 4th cabinet, is only the deacon start and cannot directly become Vice Commander.”

Luo Feng nodded, he knows that being able to directly become Vice Commander, not only won the championship himself, but also Zhuo Ying’s secret help.

“Then, what is the strength of Vice Commander now?”

Zhuo Ying gave him a playful look and said, “At least all 3 Star Card masters.”

“Oh.” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows. After the breakthrough Card Master, he once thought he was OK, but now, even the minimum threshold of Vice Commander has not been reached.

Zhuo Ying looked at him and said, “On the one hand, because your realm is slightly inferior, on the other hand, because of the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord’s death, the Pavilion Lord’s position is suspended, and the people of the King Jiang camp have also been incorporated into it. sand.”

“So there will not be fewer people targeting you, you have to be prepared.”

Luo Feng nodded, said: “I understand, no brain villain.”

“It may not be brainless.” Zhuo Ying shook the head, said: “when in the world, one cannot move freely, all that can be left in the 4th arrondissement are human spirits. ?”

“In the final analysis, it is the King Jiang camp that is helping behind the scenes. If they don’t find your trouble, then King Jiang will find his trouble.”

“Moreover, you are also a good reference. If someone wants to surrender to King Jiang, the best way is undoubtedly to openly be against you.”

“It’s the same thing.” Luo Feng nodded and secretly sighed that he behaved so amazingly. Then in the 4th cabinet, he will inevitably continue to be endlessly targeted by the King Jiang camp.

“Why, I’m afraid?” Zhuo Ying teased, “I repeat, the 4th Pavilion is not Holy Land, Holy Land is warm and peaceful, and the 4th Pavilion is a life-and-death struggle. If you quit now, you still have time.”

“Nothing.” Luo Feng shook the head, looking at Zhuo Ying clearly, a bright smile suddenly appeared on the delicate and pretty face, and said: “I have said before, although Luo Feng is an ordinary person , But there is also a conscience, and everything you have today is given by Flame Sovereign.”

“My destiny has long been tied up with Flame Sovereign, there is no retreat.”

He expressed his clothes, bent slightly towards Zhuo Ying, and gave a salute with respect:

“If the total Pavilion Lord is not available by the end of next year, Luo Feng would like to mention him.”

Zhuo Ying said a little bit, said: “Daily manage things, Chu Man will help you, of course, you can also make a star card full of military skills to prepare for unexpected needs.”

“Star card full of military commander skills?” Luo Feng froze, saying: “Can the star card also control the army?”

Zhuo Ying said: “This, in fact, is the same as star card can pill concocting, as long as you can vigorously blow in the skill, write the truth, then it may awaken the related innate talent.”

In Luo Feng’s mind, there is a silhouette emerged suddenly, is there a star card more suitable than this guy?

“It’s no pressure to make it, just…”

“Materials, right? I’ve prepared them for you already.” Zhuo Ying jade hand flicked lightly and saw 2 fluorescent materials flashing in front of him.

Soldier of the Old Dynasty x1 (Platinum)

“Wow, platinum!”

Looking at the material that shone orange rays of light, Luo Feng’s eyes gradually became hot, and even his breathing became rapid.

He worked hard in Tianyuan to get a platinum material-the wild finger bone, but now Flame Sovereign… forget it, don’t want to work hard, just like this in this life.

“Although most Card Master realm Star Card masters, their practical materials are still gold materials, but…” Zhuo Ying Star eyes cold, pretty face indifferent, said: “The emperor’s people, naturally use the best.”

Under the voice, revealed endless domineering.

Luo Feng was so moved that he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say after a while, he held back for a long time and said, “6.”

“You are so anxious to go to the 4th cabinet to work as Vice Commander?”

In Shell Courtyard, great hall, Su Yang and several mentors were slightly startled when they heard Luo Feng’s plan.

Luo Feng nodded and said: “Although I won the league title, but I only have a slight advantage in the peers, now I have entered the Card Master realm, continue to stay in Holy Land, only paralyze myself.”

“I think the 4 Pavilions gathered by Longpan Huju, Winds and Clouds Exchange should be more suitable for me.”

“But that Wind Pavilion, since the old Pavilion Lord was killed, the Pavilion Lord’s position is empty, and now the water is deep and hot, it is not a good place.” Su Yang sighed, frowning, full of worry.

“The dean is assured that with me, Luo Feng won’t be hurt.” Chu Mandao said that, of course, she also knew her future arrangements.

“Don’t the dean believe me yet?” Luo Feng looked at Su Yang and said with a smile: “Your disciples are not ordinary people.”

“Stubborn kid.” Su Yang smiled bitterly, and he naturally hoped that the discipline would get better and better and rise up on the larger stage.

But when he thought of it, he was able to kill and win the championship all the way. Before he stopped, he had to go to a more dangerous place and bear more pressure.

“In this era, it really belongs to the Houlang.” Yang Zai and Shen An’s two mentors glanced at each other, and both sighed.

The Vice Commander in the 4th Pavilion, speaking of identity, is much taller than their Holy Land mentors, and the future is also infinite.

They are here to teach card educating people. Although they are stable, they are actually boiled frogs in warm water, and the future can be seen at a glance.

Su Yang was silent for a few moments and said: “You started too late. Although I know I can’t look at you with ordinary eyes, but it is still a little too difficult to become the total Pavilion Lord within a year.”

“Only the best people can enter the 4th Pavilion, and those who can do the command of Vice Commander are all Dragons Among Humans, and they should not be underestimated, so you have to be careful everywhere, and always care not to be overcast Now.”

Luo Feng said with a smile: “If it were easy, I wouldn’t need to go.”

“Because of the difficulties, it is my value.”

“Alright.” Su Yang pats his shoulders, his eyes show endless appreciation, said: “So, when are you going to leave?”

Luo Feng lifts the head, looking at the distance, where Winds and Clouds Exchange gather.

“After 3 days.”

In 3 days, blink of an eye.

Shell Courtyard entrance.

“Chu Man, Luo Feng will give it to you.” Su Yang looked towards Chu Man, said.

“The dean is assured that I will take care of him.” Chu Manzhao slightly pointed, and there was also some sighing in his heart, thinking that today is a parting from the discipline, didn’t expect, they can actually go together and fight together.

It is true that the master and disciple are one-hearted and go together.

Hearing this sentence, Su Yang was nodded, said: “With Chu Man, I will feel relieved.”

“Luo Feng, you may be quite unfamiliar with Pavilion 4, and Chu Man had worked in Wind Pavilion before, knowing the situation there, so you must listen to her.”

“En!” Luo Feng chicks pecked like rice nodded, and then looked towards Chu Man curiously, said: “Master was Wind Pavilion before? I haven’t heard you mention it.”

Chu Man hearing this startled, beautiful eyes reveal an inexplicable color, and immediately took the head and said, “That was all the past, and the past will pass.”

Luo Feng seems to understand the location of the nodded. It seems that the Master is also a person with a story.

“It seems that I’ll see you later, you have to call Sir Commander.” Yang Zai sighed.

Luo Feng said, “Don’t bury me, mentor, you will always be the esteemed mentor in my heart.”

“Junior Brother, we still have a period of time to graduate. After graduation, we will go to Wind Pavilion, but please cover me well.” The rest came together and laughed.

“Relax.” Luo Feng pats chest, said: “As everyone knows, friends are used to pit.”

Suddenly a laugh sounded.


And at this moment, a bird sound sounded, and everyone looked up and saw that in the void, Qingluan, a brilliant lights and vibrant colors, flew over.

Qingluan fell, and finally turned into a young girl wearing a cyan long skirt.

Luo Feng stared at the girl, startled, with said with a smile: “Qingluan, you are here.”

“Are you going to leave?” Mu Qingluan looked at Luo Feng, Shui Yingying’s eyes, slightly dim.

Luo Feng sighed softly and said, “I’m not coming back again.”

“However, it’s a year to go, but it’s years…” Mu Qingluan biting the lips tightly, his eyes are reddish.

In Holy Land, they may also have a chance to meet, and in the 4th cabinet, the probability of meeting is too slim.

After all, Pavilion 4 is too far away from Holy Land.

“It’s goodbye to meet better.” Luo Feng’s voice was gentle and his face was serious, “Relax, we will definitely see you again.”

“Okay, then I will be waiting for you in Holy Land.” Mu Qingluan smiled lightly and smiled endlessly. She hesitated a moment, and suddenly she gathered courage and stretched her arms. Feng froze slightly, holding him tightly in his arms.

Feeling the tenderness in his arms, Luo Feng’s body suddenly stiffened, and he could feel Qingluan’s sudden acceleration of heartbeat and the hot emotions exuding from his hot face.

He laughed, didn’t say much, everything was silent.

Chu Man’s beautiful eyes are slightly trance, this young girl is really passionate about Luo Feng.

Mo Yu secretly gave Luo Feng a thumbs-up, and exclaimed: “Even these demonic girls can get it done, Junior Brother is really amazing.”

“Cough cough.” A few minutes later, Su Yang beside him, lightly coughed.

Mu Qingluan pretty face swept a blush, and shyly released her arms, and fled.

Luo Feng glanced from the surrounding Star Card master on one after another: Mo Yu, Liu Yun, Qin Yi…

What happened in the past six months, like a movie screening, quickly replayed in his mind.

In the end, he set his eyes on Su Yang, pondering a little, and said: “Then…I’m gone.”

Su Yang waved his hand and said with a smile: “Smelly Brat, go quickly, I’m tired after a long stop!”

Luo Feng also smiled, and then rode the Master’s Silver Horn.

2 Silver beasts spread their white wings and moved towards the direction of the 4 pavilion.

After Luo Feng walked away, Su Yang’s tight face could no longer hold on, and his eyes were slightly red, muttered: “This Smelly Brat, unconsciously, actually grew up.”

“Luo Feng, your future is wonderful.”

“Unlike my old fogey, the innate talent is mediocre, and I have no other wishes in this life. I can only grow flowers in this Shell Courtyard to support the elderly.”

He was sighed, turned away, rickety, and staggered.

And at this moment, a Star Card master roared and said, “President, a major event happened!”

Su Yang brows slightly wrinkle, said: “How?”

The man said with excitement: “President, I just heard about the news. Now President Chu Yang of Holy Land abdicates. It is said that Flame Sovereign intends to let you succeed and dominate the entire Holy Land!”

Su Yang froze for a moment, his eyes widened and his expression solidified. After a while, he slowly recovered slowly.

“Oh, oh.”

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