Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 246

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Hearing this news, Su Yang’s old, muddy eyes suddenly burst into shock, and that was the Chief Dean of Holy Land!

Dominate the Holy Land 6 1 homes!

If you really get to that point, then the other branch presidents, such as Qiu Hongzhi, who had seen his unhappy enemy before, and later saw him, would all salute him respectfully.

Thinking of such a situation, he felt dark.

“Congratulations to the Dean!” Yang Zai and Shen An both showed their happy faces, and they all said the same way: “Dean, you see us and you for so long, you will be promoted in the future, you will not cover us, who will cover we?”

“Hey, the dust hasn’t settled yet, it’s not easy to say.” Su Yang waved his hand and stroked his beard, but he didn’t act too eagerly, but his bright eyes still showed his heart. Not calm.

The rest said with a smile: “You have cultivated the champion of the Holy Land League, and there is nomination by Flame Sovereign in person, this is definitely a thing to do.”

“Ashamed, I actually not at all cultivated anything, until now, it is his own efforts.” Su Yang old face blushed, sighed: “Just out of Holy Land, it is Vice Commander, Luo Feng future Unlimited.”

“As time goes by, it is said that they are the masters of a cabinet.”

“I struggled in the 4th Pavilion for many years, and even a deacon could not be mixed, and this Luo Feng was Vice Commander when he entered.” Yang Zai’s eyes were inexplicable, sighed, and said: “The gap between people is indeed People and pigs are big.”

2 A holy silver horned beast crossed the sky with a sound of breaking wind, and moved towards Wind Pavilion.

Luo Feng rode on horseback, looking at the vast Heaven and Earth in front, his eyes filled with curiosity.

“Master, where are we going next?”

Chu Mandao said: “The style of Pavilion Lord is now empty, but there are 3 Vice Pavilion Lords. Each Vice Pavilion Lord has 3 leaders. Therefore, Wind Pavilion has 9 leaders, each holding Land of a County. , And our trip was to Fufeng County, one of the Wind Pavilion 9 counties.”

“The reason why Flame Sovereign let us come here today is because Fufeng County will announce the new 3-bit Vice Commander tomorrow.”

Luo Feng nodded, said: “Then my first goal should be to win the position of commander?”

Chu Manchu slightly pointed.

“Then how do I win?” Luo Feng wondered, “Wouldn’t it depend on military merit?”

Chu Man shook the head and said: “Whether it is in Holy Land or the 4th Pavilion, the star card game is the most convincing way.”

“Each commander has 3 Vice Commanders. If you want to become a commander, you must initiate a commandership battle.”

“First you have to defeat other Vice Commanders, and then you are qualified to initiate a commandership. You can challenge the commander. If you defeat it, you can replace it and become the new commander.”

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Each commander has 3 Vice Commanders under his command, defeating the other 2 Vice Commanders, it takes 2 battles, then challenges the commander, and needs one more game. That is to say, if the journey goes well, I need 3 battles.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” Chu Man smiled lightly, revealing two beautiful pear vortexes, and said: “There should be strength and weakness between Vice Commander, if you beat the strongest Vice Commander first, then the weaker one That one, if there is any color, it should not be against you.”

“In other words, 2 games should be enough.”

Luo Feng nodded and said, “It’s so good.”

“So, when can I start challenging other Vice Commanders?”

Chu Man’s beautiful eyes flickered and said: “The day the Vice Commander is established, and every full month thereafter, can challenge.”

“Whether the commander or Vice Commander or Pavilion Lord Vice Pavilion Lord in the 4th Cabinet, regardless of their status, they must accept the challenges of the next level every month. If they lose, they will be replaced and therefore they are particularly competitive.”

“This is the rule set by Flame Sovereign, in order to provide a promotion path for Star Card masters who have innate talent, strength and no background.”

“So, those Star Card masters who can stay in one position all the time without being replaced are very powerful.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded. Although this mechanism is cruel, it can produce real gold.

“If you are confident, you can challenge next month.” Chu Mandao said, “Of course, others may come to challenge you.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, and sure enough star card world, everything is based on strength, even if he has a good relationship with Empress, there is no exception.

However, having said that, because everything is based on strength, he can only reach the point where he is today.

The silver horn beast traveled all the way, so about 3 hours passed.

Luo Feng, who closed his eyes and nourished his mind, suddenly felt that Star qi between Heaven and Earth began to become extremely intense, and his eyes suddenly opened.

Then, he saw that in the countless ancient mountain ranges, the palaces and pavilions were full of immortality.

“Is this the 4th Pavilion? It’s such a Heavenly Paradise.” Luo Feng looked at it with amusement, and his face was full of joy, but now he also understands why the most outstanding people will come after the Star Card master has graduated from Holy Land. It’s here.

Closed-door cultivation in such a place is undoubtedly beneficial to Star Card master.

2 silver horned beasts slowly dropping from the sky, and finally stopped in front of a monument stone gate, which is written with three large and heavy characters: Fufeng County.

Obviously, this is the entrance to Fufeng County.

Chu Man took out a jade token, and the star card master of the goalkeeper suddenly looked respectful.

“Who is the leader of Fufeng County this year?” she asked with interest.

“It’s Yan Que,” Star Card master said.

“Yan Que?”

Hearing this, Chu Manqiao frowned slightly.

“What’s the matter, Master?” Luo Feng asked curiously as the expression of Chuman’s expression changed slightly.

Chu Man’s beautiful eyes seemed to be caught in a long memory, saying: “I used to work at Wind Pavilion, and I was a deacon with this Yan Que. Later, I failed to compete for Vice Commander and did not want to be harassed by him. Go to Holy Land as a mentor.”

“Didn’t expect, now he is the leader.”

“This human nature is greedy, I am afraid it will be a little trouble.”

Luo Feng was silent, didn’t expect Master had such a relationship with Yan Que, he smiled sorrowfully, and said: “I want to greedy something from me, almost impossible.”

So, the 2 people traveled all the way. Finally, they came to the palace and entered the palace.

“Who am I? It turned out to be Chu Man, really, long time no see.”

Luo Feng turned his eyes and saw that the person who spoke was a man. He was smiling, but he was slightly insignificant. His eyes looked at Chu Man unscrupulously and gradually became hot.

This person is really the leader of Fufeng County today, Yan Que.

“Why, didn’t you work as a mentor at Holy Land, how did you think of finding me today?”

Chu Man was too lazy to talk to him, pointed to Luo Feng on the side, and then took out a jade token and put it on the table, went straight to the theme, saying: “In the name of Flame Sovereign, this year’s Holy Land League champion is transferred here Director, Vice Commander, Yan Que, and hope to complete the handover without delay.”

“Vice Commander?” Yan Que heard this, and it was also started. Although it felt a little nonsense, the jade token placed on the table made him have to believe.

That’s the Flame Sovereign order, see the order as Flame Sovereign.

He brows slightly wrinkle and said, “The Holy Land champions in previous years were just deacon starters. This is Vice Commander. Is it a bit too high?”

Chu Man’s pretty face was indifferent, and Peach Blossom Eyes stared at him coldly, saying, “Are you doubting Flame Sovereign’s vision?”

“That’s naturally not true.” Yan Que laughed, looked towards Luo Feng, and said, “You are the champion of the Holy Land League this year?”

“Yes.” Luo Feng’s eyelids lifted slightly, looking at him humbly and saying, “I’ve seen the leader.”

Yan Que ordered nodded and revealed awkward look, saying: “Little Brat, as a matter of course, since Flame Sovereign let you take this post, I have no reason to refuse, but you are now trifling 1-star, with the military qualifications and Prestige is not enough, I am afraid it will attract a lot of criticism…”

“You know, these people in the army are straight, and no one will be given face, regardless of your identity, as long as you think you are not strong enough, you will not be convinced.”

“And if they don’t accept you, even if you take up the position of Vice Commander, you might be constrained by the time, and there is no small trouble…”

“In my opinion, it would be better if you cultivate here for a few months and familiarize yourself with the duties of Vice Commander. When realm is promoted to the late 2-star stage, it is not too late to assume the position of Vice Commander.”

“If there is a realm in the later period of 2-star, no one will have the slightest doubt about you as Vice Commander.”

Chu Man stared at him, indifferently said: “As a leader, should Luo Feng get rid of trouble, shouldn’t it be your duty?”

“It’s a good word. It wouldn’t be bad if I wanted to help me.” Yan Que took out a brush and wrote 2 words on the jade slip on the table, one was jade and the other was king.

He pointed to the following king and compared to jade, said: “Do you think these two words are different?”

Luo Feng stared at these two words and thought for a moment, nodded, said: “Well, a little less.”

“Yes, something less.” Yan Que showed an admiring look, pats his shoulders, and said: “Sure enough Heroes come out from the Youth, sensible.”

“As long as this point is made up, then I guarantee that when you take up the Vice Commander tomorrow, there will be no dissonant sound below and will not cause you any trouble.”

Luo Feng eyes slightly narrowed, this Yan Que is interesting, this is to imply him, give some gifts?

I give you the platinum material from Flame Sovereign, do you dare to ask for it?

“Many thanks leads me to consider.” Luo Feng expression suddenly, his eyes suddenly become sharp, said: “But… I Luo Feng, not afraid of trouble.”

As soon as this statement came out, Yan Que was also started, and his eyes gradually became interesting. This Luo Feng is not only ignorant, but also madly boundless.

“Hehe, Luo Feng, friends are not afraid of trouble, they are not afraid of people’s words, and they have such courage, which really admires them.” Yan Que smiled and said: “In this case, I will let you take you to the residence, tomorrow Appointed Vice Commander in public.”

2 nodded, under the guidance of a Star Card master, moved towards the residence.

He looked at the silhouette of the two leaving, jade slip was thrown violently towards the table in his hand, and a sneer was raised at the corner of his mouth.

You are the champion of the Holy Land league, which is really powerful, but Holy Land is only an Academy in the end, and the 4th is a society. Those who have not experienced social beatings are so naive.

“It’s really not tell good from bad, to talk to you and not listen. Since that’s the case, then I want to see. You, Vice Commander, can keep it for a few days!”

“This Yan Que is still as greedy as ever.”

After leaving, Chu Man’s pretty face was cold and sighed.

Luo Feng quite agrees with the location of the nodded, and disdains curl one’s lip, saying: “Such a person can actually hold the position of commander, and he doesn’t know how many Star Card masters have been harmed.”

It may be that people with King Jiang factions are behind them, otherwise Flame Sovereign will definitely not allow such people to exist.

“But listening to his tone, I will definitely have some trouble tomorrow.” His smile was slightly bitter, and he should still be able to avoid it.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s just a Wind Pavilion, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Chu Man arranged for him, red lips slightly opened, said: “At least, there is Master.”

Luo Feng unable to bear smiled, and there was a warm flow in his heart.

“Also.” He raised his head, the sun shone down, and landed on the young face, with a strong confidence in his smile.

4 What about the Pavilion, what about fierce competition?

In the desperate situation in the past, I have been bitten by my teeth, even more how now?

2 people chatting while walking, and under the leadership of the attracting people, two exquisite small buildings appeared in sight.

Upstairs faintly there is a powerful Star qi wave.

“It’s possible to rub the Master’s meal often.” Luo Feng laughed, the two-person building was not far away.

After chatting for a while, the 2 people walked into their own small building, and Luo Feng looked around with interest. The pattern in the small building was similar to that of his previous Cave Mansion. The pattern was not much different.

Gently rubbing the star ring, he took out the materials given by Flame Sovereign, his eyes flashing, it’s time to make a star card to avoid the troubles he might encounter tomorrow.

But who is it?

Command the House.

At night, under the moonlight.

Yan Que sat on the stone chair, eyes slightly narrowed, drinking wine and eating small dishes, which seemed quite enjoyable.

Opposite him, a young man stood respectfully, and his smile was flattering, but only between the eyebrows, but he revealed a fierce anger.

Lin Xuan at the moment, with a bitter expression on his face, pondered for a few moments, and said, “Commander, you said yes, this vacant Vice Commander position, I can take over.”

Yan Que took a sip of the wine, sighed, and said, “Lin Xuan, you don’t know. It used to be your strength to become Vice Commander. But who can think of it, Flame Sovereign suddenly installed a brat. Come in…”

“I can’t help it either. This was ordered by Flame Sovereign himself.”

Lin Xuan lightly pressed her lips and brushed a little unwillingly, but it was not easy to say anything.

Yan Que looked at his expression, brows slightly wrinkle, and said: “This time, it is also my disadvantage, and I will return those things to you.”

“No no no, these all are gifts from my filial piety, since they were sent out, how could there be any reason to take them back?” Lin Xuan quickly waved his hand.

“Well, it’s sensible.” Yan Que nodded with appreciation, said: “The emperor’s destiny can’t be violated, but Luo Feng wants to hold the position of Vice Commander, I’m afraid it’s not so easy.”

“The Luo Feng is a champion of the Holy Land League, but after all, he is still a student who grew up in a greenhouse, and now he has insufficient prestige and is too tender.”

“He became Vice Commander, and it has become an established fact. We can’t change this point.” His voice was paused, his eyes drooped, and he rubbed the glass gently. “However, we can let him go.”

Lin Xuan’s eyes lit up and said: “hope to hear the details.”

Yan Que leaned closer to his ear and whispered: “Tomorrow you can…”

“This will make him unable to step off the stage and lose face in front of everyone. In this case, he will naturally stay here with no face, leave in vain, or transfer to another place, you know what I mean?”

“And if he leaves, then this Vice Commander is naturally yours.”

Hearing this, Lin Xuan was overjoyed and said: “Thank you Yan Que for commanding. If this matter is successful, it will definitely double the filial piety commander in the next day!”

In his view, as long as he leads the acquiescence, then Luo Feng simply is not a problem at all, and he wants to embarrass him in public, but not simple?

As an elite who has been in the army for many years, with a little means, can’t he turn Luo Feng who is a fledgling, smell of mother’s milk not yet dried?

“Well, sensible.” Yan Que said with a smile, his eyes narrowed. If Luo Feng had half of this sensible Lin Xuan, how could he find him trouble?

Don’t even understand the rules of the rivers and lakes, but also want to mix in Wind Pavilion?

“Then I will go back and prepare, so I won’t disturb the leader first.” Lin Xuan gave a salute to Yan Que with respect, and then turned away.

Looking at the silhouette of Lin Xuan gradually away, Yan Que’s eyes suddenly showed a fierce touch.

“It’s crazy and countless, and it’s still too young. Although I’m not easy to trouble you, Lin Xuan is a good gun.”

“If Lin Xuan can force you away and transfer to another place, it would be better.”

“If you can’t leave, even Flame Sovereign will blame, and you will only find Lin Xuan’s trouble. What’s the matter to me?”

“Lin Xuan will be sacrificed directly, and I, still as clear and ice as clean and jade!”

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