Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 247

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The moon star is thin, and the black dragonfly flies south.

In a spacious small building, the atmosphere is fiery, and the silhouette is around here on May 5, pushing cups for different lights and staggering.

Among the people, all the stars cup themselves around the moon like a silhouette, and it is Lin Xuan.

“We had a Vice Commander King Bell at the Xuanji battalion and died in the mission not long ago. It seems that this vacant Vice Commander is not Deacon Lin Xuan.”

a Get up for Dong Hu’s Star Card master suddenly, pick up the wine bottle and pay a respect to Lin Xuan, saying, “You can take care of me more in the future.”

Others also ordered nodded, and picked up wine glasses to toast Lin Xuan. Lin Xuanchi was hot right now, and it was a good time to stagnate.

“Hey.” Lin Xuan sighed, put down the wine bottle in his hand, said: “If you say so, then I can’t really drink this wine today.”

“Why did Brother Lin say this?” Someone asked curiously: “Now in the mysterious camp, in terms of strength, I am afraid that no one can be equal to you, and Yan Que leads you so optimistically. Who else would dare not open your eyes and robbed you of Vice Commander?”

“It stands to reason that I became Vice Commander, and it was indeed a nailed relationship.” Lin Xuan’s eyes gradually became cloudy, saying: “But, who can think of it, Flame Sovereign suddenly appointed a Star Card master named Luo Feng , Airborne Fufeng County, to fill the vacant Vice Commander position.”

“Luo Feng, but this year’s Holy Land League champion-Luo Feng? I’ve seen this guy’s game, and it’s really strong.” Hearing the name, a Star Card master suddenly exuded joy.

Lin Xuan’s face was dull, you didn’t speak, no one thought you were dumb

Dong Hu glared at the man, brows slightly wrinkle, and said: “Although Luo Feng is outstanding in talent, he is only a Star Card master in the end, and he is given the position of Vice Commander when he comes up. Is it too worthy of him?”

Lin Xuan was sighed and said, “I heard the commander Yan Que said, this guy, with a high spirit, can’t swell, and he can’t even give his face.”

“If we become our boss in the future, even if we take the initiative, I am afraid that it will not give us a good look.”

Dong Hu coldly snorted, said: “Since this is the case, then I don’t have to put a hot face on the cold butt.”

“Brother Lin, is there any good way in your heart? If so, despite saying it, I will support you when brother waits!”

“Yes, we must support!” Others also echoed one after another.

Lin Xuan’s hand holding the wine glass slightly condensed, suspended in the sky, he stared at the crowd and said: “The comer is not good, the good one does not come, since this is the case, we may as well give him a dismounting power tomorrow.”

“If he shows ugliness in public and his face is lost, I’m afraid that I won’t bother to wait so much, he will leave in disgrace.

“So, I hope you will cooperate with me tomorrow…”

“Of course, this is not my idea. For the sake of brother, I tell you, this is actually the idea of ​​Yan Que. As long as we do well tomorrow, I want to come to Yan Que and will not treat it in the future. Everyone.”

His words were plain, but he tied Yan Que to himself quietly.

“Brother rest assured, this thing is on me.” Dong Hu pats his chest, taking advantage of his drunkenness, and blushingly assured, “This guy may be the shortest Vice Commander in history.”

In the small building, Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, sinking into contemplation, searching for the intestines, not knowing what to make.

2 little hamsters flying around in the small building.

Luo Feng watched with great interest, these 2 little hamsters, can be regarded as the first partners they saw after crossing the world.

It was almost cut by Saint Zai at the time.

It is also the source of Uchiha Pikachu’s material.

Every time he moved, he would bring the little hamsters over. Although he was poor, he had more than one mother and one daughter to feed them.

At this moment, the baby hamster ran into Luo Feng’s palm, gu lu gu lu in his mouth, and in the end, actually spit out a golden light shining iron nugget.

“this is…”

Gently rub the star ring, open the star card system, and scan.

Stars Iron x1 (gold).

“It’s hard to touch it.” Luo Feng warmed his heart and reached out to touch it. He said, “Go to the kitchen and find something to eat.”

As a result, the 2 little hamsters walked together and moved towards the kitchen.

Perhaps the hamsters all have collected attributes. These 2 little hamsters will run out to stroll every once in a while, and they will bring something to themselves when they come back.

Sometimes, even bring a good material.

Surprise him from time to time.

Luo Feng took out the material given by Flame Sovereign-Soldier, and fell into contemplation. Since he came to the army, he should make a material related to the army.

It is undoubtedly the most suitable for such people to find from the history of China.

After all, Huatiao Huaxia, vast and boundless, has countless stars.

Such as killing god Bai Qi, such as Martial Saint Guan Yu, such as Qin Jiangmeng Tian, ​​countless…

Luo Feng thought about it, and finally decided to make it, known as Han Xin called Bingxian.

This guy is too fierce.

“Star card system is starting, please draw the star card pattern…”

Luo Feng held a star pen and drew it on the drawing board according to the image of Han Xin in a TV series in his mind.

Wearing Battle Armor, holding long spear, General style, Monarch Overlooking The Whole World.

“The star card system is drawn, the system is under review…”

“System review is complete, please design the star card background…”

Luo Feng thought about it and wrote a pen:

“Ming Xiu plank road, dark Chencang, Zhang Zhanghan.”

“Ambush from ten sides, surrounded by enemies, loser Yu.”

“Ding 3 Qin, Qin Wei, Zuo Wei, Po Zhao, Xie Yan, Dong Qi Qi, Nan Chu Chu, emerge victorious in every battle, this is him, Bingxian Hanxin!”

“He then succeeded, and War God returned, but he saw his friend Xiao Jin writing books and thumped the street. In a rage, a thousand thousand soldiers returned and supported Xiao Jin to write books.”

“Unfortunately, a confidant who lives and dies, survives 2 women.”

“… (5w, omitted)”

“Background review completed, system review…”

“Approved, please add synthetic materials.”

Luo Feng thought about it and threw the soldier symbol given by Flame Sovereign into it. This is a platinum-quality material that can be used as the main material to give Han Xin a certainty.

Then he threw the Stars Iron recovered from the baby hamster as a weapon.

In the end, he subconsciously wanted to pull off a hair, but suddenly he stopped when he reached his hand.

No, if you want to maintain this beauty, you must learn to love your hair.

He stood up suddenly and ran to the bed. His eyes widened and looked for a while. Finally he found a hair under the pillow.

…Should be hair.

“The materials are added, the system is under review…”

“Approved, star card is being generated…”

Han Xin

Quality: Platinum.

realm: 2 Star Card master.

Weapon: Star Gun.

innate talent: palm soldiers.


[Darkness Chen Cang]: Han Xin summon an imposing manner and other avatars that are extremely similar to the main body in all aspects and rushed to the target, while the main body appeared ghostly behind the designation of a star card. When he attacked the enemy’s back, his attack power increased by 50%.

[Backwater Battle]: Han Xin converts the lost health value into a full attribute. The lower the health value, the higher the attack, defense, speed and other full attributes. When the health value is less than 30%, the attack has a blood-sucking effect.

[Surrounded by enemies]: Han Xin creates illusions, greatly weakens the designated star card’s desire to fight, and reduces morale. There is a certain probability that the enemy star card will directly change back to the card and leave the battlefield. The lower the opponent’s HP, the greater the probability.

[Breaking the formation Overlord Spear]: Han Xin urges Star qi to stab a fierce attack on the enemy.

[Point soldier]: Han Xin summon has n soldiers, the soldiers only have a Star Card Master realm realm-2 realm (if the Star Card Master realm realm is 3-star, the soldier only has 1-star ), one enemy star per battle card, the number of summon soldiers doubled, n is the number of enemy star card killed.

[Bing Xian]: Limited skill, Han Xin upgrades the star card of his own group and the realm of the soldiers. Every time the enemy dies a star card, the realm increases by half a star.

Introduction: “I’m Bingxian, Bingxian! Don’t think I will just say playing Bison!”

Luo Feng examines the star card in his hand.

“Finally, there is a platinum star card.”

as everyone knows, under the platinum are all ants.

As the so-called stubborn Black Iron, unyielding silver, glory gold, distinguished platinum.

Stubborn Black Iron, unyielding silver, meaning Black Iron’s silver card star card battle, no matter what kind of dangerous situation, they are very stubborn, rather die than submit, rather die than surrender.

For star cards of platinum and above, if you see the situation is not good, you may vote, because if you continue, there may be no change in the result, only a waste of time, or even take your own life.

Platinum star card, in addition to its super strength, also has a strong sense of battle.

For example, when fighting people, they will calculate the opponent’s HP, as well as their own damage, evaluate the opponent’s skill cooling time, and then think about how to properly display the skills and kill the opponent, so as not to waste skills.

Of course, this also has disadvantages, that is, if the calculation is wrong, the other party’s residual blood may escape.

Black Iron’s star card doesn’t think too much, whether it’s crispy skin or flesh, whether you’re full of blood or crippled, up all the skills are lost once, so that the opponent has no room for operation.

The innate talent-handling column also attracted his attention, which means that commanding the star card army and charging into the battle is not difficult for Han Xin.

[Darkness Chen Cang] is a displacement technique, which attacks the enemy on the surface, but actually does not move around quietly, giving the opponent a backstab.

And the attack power during backstab will increase by 50%.

[Back to the World War] Skills, as the name implies, mean that Han Xin is not afraid of low HP.

Since the HP is less than 30%, he has the awakening blood-sucking effect, so he can even sell a wave of blood first.

Anyway, there is blood-sucking, and I am not afraid of not being able to return the blood. If there is less blood, I will make my attributes overlap.

[Surrounded by enemies] This skill is a new mechanism.

As everyone knows, when the star card is out of combat for 10s, you can activate the skill [change card], that is, change back to the star card and leave the field.

And Han Xin’s [surrounded by enemies], there is a probability that the target will lose its desire to fight and directly change back to the card. If it is used well, it is a magic skill.

In the game, once you change back to cards, you can’t continue summon.

[Breaking the formation Overlord Spear], standard attack skills.

And [Point Soldier] and [Bing Xian] mean that it is possible to explode the soldiers around Han Xin.

[Point soldier] The introduction is very complicated, but the meaning is actually very simple, n represents the number of enemy star cards killed.

Assuming that the enemy is killed in 3 star cards, Han Xin can summon 3 soldiers initially.

The number of soldiers doubles for every star card killed by an enemy on the field.

那么也他最终可以summon 出3x2x2x2=24个士兵。

It is a pity that the initial realm of the soldiers is very low, which is 2 stars worse than the Star Card master.

You should know that if there is too much difference in realm, there are actually a lot of numbers. Unless there are too many, it will not make sense.

A group attack on the opposite side will probably kill most of them.

The limited skill [Bing Xian] is to make up for this gap.

Han Xin promotes the star card of his own group and the realm of the soldiers. Every time the enemy dies a star card, the realm is promoted by half a star.

Enemies are killed in 2 cards, realm is increased by 1-star, and 4 cards are killed, it is 2 stars.

If you can really upgrade 2 stars, then the soldier’s realm is a bit scary.

Of course, if you really get to that step, it means that you have an absolute advantage. This so-called explosive force seems to be non-existent.

After all, if the other party didn’t die even with a star card, then Han Xin couldn’t summon a soldier.

If the opponent dies only one star card, Han Xin can only summon a soldier.

Therefore, Han Xin is suitable to play a good game. If you really want to play with him as the core, then you must match some former Middle-Stage teammates who are very powerful and kill the opposite side.

Overall, Han Xin is a particularly strong star card, worthy of his platinum quality.

Because he can use [Darkness Chen Cang] as an assassin,

You can also use [Back to the World War] as a pressure warrior,

You can also use [Point Soldier] as a group attack,

You can even use [Bing Xian] as an assistant.

Whether it is singles, group attack, or playing routines, he is not afraid!

“This is my first platinum card. I’m really curious about how powerful it is.” Luo Feng looked at the star card in his hand and rejoiced in his eyes. If anyone wants to open his eyes tomorrow, take him to test Han Xin Strength!

The next day.

Dawn bit through the lips of the night, leaving the red residue on the sky.

Chu Man and Luo Feng master and disciple 2 walked out of the small building and moved towards the commanding palace.

Today is the day to appoint Vice Commander.

Along the way, the 2 people met a lot of Star Card masters, all of them exuded a slight blood-reeking qi, and all had strong or weak Star qi fluctuations.

Admittedly, Fufeng County is close to the border. In addition to dealing with Star beast, there are occasional wars with other forces. Naturally, compared with Holy Land, it has a little less mildness and a more solemn atmosphere.

In front of the House of Command.

On the square paved with bluestones, there are a lot of people, and many silhouettes gather here.

These silhouettes are all young and imposing manner out of the ordinary, and their strength is at least 7 8-star Card Apprentice.

Card Master realm powerhouse is also not uncommon.

Admittedly, they are the best Star Card masters in the Royal Flame Dynasty younger generation, and all of them are outstanding talents and unruly.

These people, not only from Holy Land, but also from the promotion of Flame Sovereign, and the Star Card masters recommended by Great Influence, they are all Dragons Among Humans.

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and felt a little embarrassed. It felt like Feisheng. A small Fufeng County has a lot of silhouettes that are more powerful than him. Even more how is the entire 4 Pavilion?

With his strength, it is now come out first in Holy Land, and placed here, the strength of trifling 2-star Early-Stage can only be said to be reluctant.

So many young Heaven’s Chosen gathered together, which had to make him lament the size of Heaven and Earth again, and his own smallness.

When the two entered the Bluestone Plaza, many eyes suddenly turned on.

Luo Feng wears a black robe, divine poise and sagelike features, outstanding.

Chu Man is a white long skirt, shining on the water, gentle and pleasant, that cheek is particularly beautiful, lips with a smile on his lips, he didn’t refuse people from the coldness of beyond a thousand li, but he also has a faint out of it Dust temperament.

It is true that the face value of the 2 people are very good.

A man and a woman stood on the square, which immediately attracted many curious sights.

“A Vice Commander is to be airborne today, is it him?”

“Oh, a Star Card master can mix in. Flame Sovereign opens the back door like this. I’m afraid it might ruin the rules? Pills.”

“Come on, don’t worry, don’t be brainless, this is the champion of the Holy Land League, isn’t it a normal Star Card master? It’s not good to say, you didn’t even enter the top 8, what is your face? This bb? Mouth strong champion?”

“That’s right, don’t say Flame Sovereign, if the old lady is capable, she wants to open a back door for him… don’t get me wrong, the back door I said is just what it means.”

“… “

After that, there were many exclamations, many eyes, either amazed, questioned, or awed, staring at Luo Feng with different thoughts.

“Yo, isn’t this Chu Man, why, with your little tutor improper, what come to our Wind Pavilion?”

However, at this moment, a slightly sarcastic voice, sounded after itself.

This voice was quite harsh, and suddenly many eyes were cast, but when they saw the person speaking, they suddenly fell silent, because the identity of the coming person is not simple.

Luo Feng raised his eyebrows slightly, and looked away, only to see where she was, a woman.

The woman wore red Battle Armor, wrapped in a delicate and lovable body, a pair of slender straight long legs, paired with golden boots, showing a thrilling length.

However, Luo Feng has long been immune to this.

At the moment, she, both hands crossed near chest, looked at Chu Man lazily, faint smile: “Is this where you should come?”

The smile on the corner of the mouth mocked slightly.

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