Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 248

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The speaker, named Xia Qiuming, is now one of Fufeng County Vice Commander and Vice Commander who has stayed in the position of Vice Commander for the longest time. It also has great prestige in Wind Pavilion.

“Xia Qiuming, it’s you…”

Chu Man looked at her, her red lips sullen, her pretty face as smooth as jade, and she suddenly condensed, and her beautiful eyes showed some inexplicable meaning.

Looking at each other with 4 eyes, the 2 women compete against each other, and the air is suddenly filled with a thick medicinal smell of fire.

Under the eyes of many eyes, Xia Qiuming’s beautiful eyes seem to be caught in a long memory, saying: “I still remember, in those years when you and I were deacons, I thought I could go on like this, didn’t expect, Later, it moved away.”

“I’m Vice Commander, and you’re a mentor, it’s a pity not to be all the way.”

She deliberately put the two words of the tutor, biting particularly hard, apparently emphasizing the difference between the two.

Chu Man’s heart has a faint mist, and the calm lake is turbulent, slightly sullen, but she is derived from the reserved ladylike temperament in the bones, but it makes her wonder how to refute it.

“You and my Master are indeed not the same kind of people.”

And at this moment, Luo Feng stepped out, staring at Xia Qiuming indifferently, his voice said: “You and I are Vice Commander, we are all the way.”

“And Chu Man is my Master. When it comes to seniority, you are naturally superior to you.”

“You!” Xia Qiuming heard this, and the pretty face suddenly turned red, but Luo Feng blocked her in one sentence, making her very angry, but she couldn’t refute it.

She looked at Luo Feng coldly and said, “You are the champion of this year? Really sharp-tongued.”

Luo Feng expression said nothing: “Quick sword cuts through tangled hemp, the teeth are not sharp, and the mouth is not good. How to deal with eccentric?”

On his shoulders, Uchiha Pikachu is also a chick pecking like a rice, nodded, blinking black bean eyes, and said seriously: “It is indeed not the same way, how can Yang Sector and Yin Sector people go the same way?”

This person sang one card and one chorus, so that Xia Qiuming was speechless, immediately coldly snorted, and left in anger.

“Disciple, thank you.” When Xia Qiuming walked away, Chu Man looked towards Luo Feng, with a warm heart flowing in his heart, beautiful eyes drooping, said: “If it is not you, I may not really know how to get rid of it.”

“I dare not say anything else, but I still haven’t lost in this respect.” Luo Feng laughed and then asked curiously: “Master, who is that?”

Chu Man expression was sad, and Pitt teeth bit his red lips for a moment and thought, “She’s named Xia Qiu Ming. We were in Wind Pavilion in the past. They were both deacons. Perhaps because of a competitive relationship, she regarded me as an enemy. Later I competed for Vice. Commander lost her hand.”

“The reason why she was transferred to Holy Land is also partly targeted by her.”

“Master is so beautiful, she is bleak in front of you, and she will naturally try to target and force you to leave.” Luo Feng laughed, reassuringly said, “Master is assured, the discipline will definitely help you find the place.”

Chu Man hearing this, Peach Blossom’s face with a smile of relief, said: “Well, good.”

The conflict here also caused a small discussion.

“It’s really enemies on a narrow road. Didn’t expect Chu Man to be transferred back again. With her face value, she looked at the entire 4 Pavilions. No one could fight. At first, she was transferred to Holy Land. I don’t know how many people broke her heart. what.”

“If it wasn’t for Chu Manyan’s pressure, how could Xia Qiuming force her to leave? One mountain can’t be shared by two tigers, it really makes sense.”

“Hey, Chu Man was competing with Xia Qiu Ming. Although the latter won, the means didn’t seem to be brilliant.”

“Well, you dare to mention it, and words of caution reached her ears, and you will have good fruit to eat!”

“… “

Xia Qiuming left expression gloomy and uncertainly and walked into the crowd. Soon, there were many silhouettes coming together to surround her like stars.

“Why should Lord Xia know him? Just a brat of smell of mother’s milk not yet dried, even if he is with you now, I’m afraid that one month later, he will be picked up by someone and replace it, and he will leave again in disgrace. I don’t know how embarrassing.”

“Yeah, even if he doesn’t leave, the strength commanded by Xia, I’m afraid it won’t take long, this “Vice” will be removed, and he will look good!

“… “

“Pu chi, thanks to everyone’s love, but if I want to be a leader, even if I have to wait for Yan Que to be promoted to Vice Pavilion Lord.” Listening to the many touted words around, Xia Qiuming smiled, and the mood instantly became better. a lot of.

Her eyes, through the crowd, fell on Chu Man trying to two people, deep in her heart, contains the poisonous snake’s general eyes.

You guys and disciple, let alone 1 month later, I’m afraid I’ll be face-swept today and leave in a hurry.

And at this moment, a griffin dropping from the sky, and then, a silhouette of middle age slowly fell.

Awesome is Yan Que.

“Have seen the leader.”

Seeing Yan Que, everyone is cup one fist in the other hand.

Yan Que glanced at the audience, slightly nodded, and then, the powerful voice, interspersed with Star qi, echoed all over the square.

“Due to the staff changes in Vice Commander, today, I will announce my next three Vice Commanders in Fufeng County.”

“Because there are no challenges this month, Xia Qiuming is still the Vanguard Battalion leader.”

In Fufeng County, there are 3 battalions: breaking the formation battalion, Vanguard Battalion, and Xuanji battalion, each managed by a Vice Commander, while the commander is the 3 battalion battalion, which has the overall power.

Xia Qiuming’s eyes squinted and his expression was arrogant.

Looking at the silhouette of the red armor, everyone was secretly nodded, and the admiration flew across his heart.

Since Xia Qiuming served as Vice Commander, he has been firmly seated on this throne. At the beginning of each month, some people tried to challenge, but without exception, they all failed.

Only then did they realize that this delicate-looking woman was not a vase, but she did have real ability.

4 Every position in the cabinet must accept the challenge from the next level once a month. In a sense, this is also the monthly assessment of the position.

“Deacon Jin Teng, as he challenged the last Vice Commander, replaced it as the new Vice Commander breaking the formation camp.”

A young man dressed in azure robe and holding Feather Fan’s elegant and easy-going temperament came up, facing Yan Que gave a salute.

Yan Que ordered nodded and pondered for a moment, his eyes showed sadness, and continued: “The King Bell Vice Commander of Xuanji Camp died because he failed to perform the task more than ten days ago, so the position is vacant. , It’s up to the deacons to run the contest.”

“But everyone must be understood and a Vice Commander will be airborne today.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Luo Feng.

Yan Que’s voice was paused, and his eyes turned to Luo Feng, with said with a smile: “Although Luo Feng trifling a Star Card master, there are people behind him who personally make sure, so you don’t need to worry too much, you have to believe in his ability. “

“Understand applause!”

Chu Manliu raised his eyebrows slightly. Yan Que seemed to have no hostility, but deliberately failed to mention that Luo Feng was the Holy Land League champion, and emphasized that he was a Star Card master.

Luo Feng is the same expression, calmly looked towards everyone, nodded showed good.

On the square, there was some low commotion.

“Calm and calm, don’t rush to spray, don’t look at Luo Feng is just a Star Card master, he is the Holy Land League champion!”

“There is nothing wrong with being able to become the champion of the Holy Land League. In the future, the guarantee will be the leader of the cabinet, and he will be able to serve under him. In the future, he may be able to follow the soup, which is really great.”

“(´•̥̯•̥`) Crying Liao! Why didn’t I join Xuanji Camp? Luo Feng little brother’s face value was so high. Every day I just watched it, and cultivation is full of motivation!”

“… “

Hearing a lot of discussion below, Yan Que froze for a moment, his face a little ugly. Shouldn’t it be reasonable to say that there should be one after another the sound of dissatisfaction?

For example: “trifling a Star Card master also serves as Vice Commander? Anyone can stuff inside!”

But this piece of worship is what the hell?

The situation was somewhat unexpected.

Yan Que’s eyes were twitching. The reason why he wanted Luo Feng to leave was not only because of the discomfort of watching Luo Feng, but also that Lin Xuan gave him a gift.

The most important thing is that he felt that the appearance of Luo Feng seriously threatened his status.

He studied Luo Feng, this guy’s cultivation speed is really too fast, and after a year of uncertainty, he will be replaced by him.

And he has been sitting in the position of commander for a long time. How can he be willing to resign as Vice Commander, stay behind, and listen to him as a child pointing fingers on his head?

Therefore, in a sense, he and Lin Xuan’s interests are consistent.

However, he didn’t dare to do too much on the surface. The only thing he could do was to take some rhythm without a sound, forcing him to leave. But at present, this rhythm doesn’t seem to bring up?

took a deep breath, Yan Que slowly calmed his mind and gave Lin Xuan a glance in the crowd. This guy is a stunned man and his own very good white gloves.

Lin Xuan instantly understood.

“If there is nothing else, then it is so settled.” Yan Que said.

“Command is slow, I have something to say.”

But at this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded out, suppressing many arguments in the square.

Many eyes cast, and then I saw Lin Xuan, who was wearing a purple robe, came out of the crowd.

“It’s Lin Xuan… Sure enough, he was very unwilling!”

“It started, it started, and his fleshy body burst into the tower!”

“Yeah, he had been concurrently serving as Vice Commander, and it is said that he also made a lot of outside recruitment. Now he is replaced by the airborne Luo Feng. Naturally, he is unwilling.”

“Lin Xuan is a 2-Star Card Master. If he finds Luo Feng in trouble, I’m afraid the latter won’t be able to step down.”

“The majesty of killing this Holy Land champion is good, otherwise he will be madly boundless later, what about supercilious?”

“I don’t think so, Lin Xuan realm is much higher than Luo Feng, even if he wins, then there is nothing glorious, right?”

“… “

Seeing Lin Xuan appear, many whispers whispered suddenly, one after another taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, turned to Luo Feng.

“Sure enough, he’s here.” Luo Feng looked at Lin Xuan with a playful expression, and there was no slight expression in expression.

Everything is as expected.

Lin Xuan glanced at Luo Feng, a contempt in the corner of his mouth, and then looked towards Yan Que, Bi Gongdi said in a sincere way: “I know Luo Feng is the Holy Land League champion, but…”

“First, the previous Holy Land champion, due to lack of qualifications and experience, was the deacon started. Luo Feng took the position of Vice Commander directly from the beginning, and the pace was too big.”

“You know, Vice Commander wants to manage the Xuanji Battalion specifically. It’s the so-called one-time conspiracy, endangering the 3rd Army. The consequences are unimaginable.”

“I think that Luo Feng should be a deacon for a while, and be familiar with things in the military, and the realm is promoted to the point of being able to serve people. It is not too late to serve.”

He looked towards Luo Feng, with a slight apology in his eyes, and said, “Luo Feng, I know that your innate talent is amazing and talented, but after all, you have less qualifications, you have to eat a bite, and you have to walk step by step.”

Chu Manlian moved slightly, stepped out, and pretty face looked at him indifferently, saying: “Luo Feng first arrived at the first time, and he was indeed not familiar with the things here, and this is precisely the meaning of my existence.”

“Flame Sovereign appointed me to come here to assist him.”

“I used to be a deacon for several years in Fufeng County. I think many people are familiar with me. I still know what a leader should do.”

“Is it?” Lin Xuan’s eyes narrowed, waiting for your words, saying: “Since that, why not let you directly serve as Vice Commander, but let him one Star Card master white occupy position, corpse meal? “

“Lin Xuan, don’t be rude!” Yan Que pretended to be angry, saying: “The above arrangement of Luo Feng to be Vice Commander naturally has the above considerations. What are you more serious about here?”

“All the positions in the 4th Pavilion, where the capable people live. Isn’t this the rule set by Flame Sovereign himself?” Lin Xuanmian was reluctant, saying: “I’m willing to fight for the 4th Pavilion, because there is a fair promotion mechanism here. If this mechanism is broken, what is the point of our struggle?”

After this remark, Yan Que in ones heart trembled, the whole body is cold, you are a pig!

The rhythm of Luo Feng is fine. Why bring Flame Sovereign?

Although you are my white glove, if this fire is burnt, it will inevitably not burn me!

Xia Qiuming’s beautiful eyes looked at Chuman master and disciple playfully. It was not too much to watch the excitement. Lin Xuan’s move really made her feel good.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, suddenly calmed down, thought differently towards Luo Feng, Lin Xuan was worthy of being the master of rhythm. .

When the rain is coming, the storm is coming, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes solidified and suppressed to the extreme.

Luo Feng’s eyes dropped slightly, and after a moment of silence, took a deep breath, his dark eyes, slowly opened.

With a lot of eyes, he looked at Lin Xuan indifferently, and said, “Then tell me, what makes you a Vice Commander?”

Lin Xuan sneered: “At the very least, you should know the responsibility of Vice Commander. For the leader, how do you use soldiers? Do you know these?”

Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed and said: “Don’t talk about these things, my star card should know better than you.”

He flicks with the finger, a star card burst out, and then, Han Xin, wearing a silver Battle Armor, appeared under many eyes.

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