Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 249

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With the appearance of Han Xin, the slightly noisy square suddenly calmed down.

Everyone’s eyes are attracted by this silver armor general. The pile of eyes is full of majesty. Anyone who looks down at them will be deterred by the prestige of king.

He just stood there, with a fierce imposing manner, which made most of the Star Card masters on the field feel an oppression.

As if commanded by nature.

Everyone was trembling and staring blankly, obviously it was just a graphics card. Why is it more destructive than their long-time warriors?

However, what is even more amazing is that Luo Feng actually took out a star card to deal with Lin Xuan’s question?

The star card is only used for fighting.

Lin Xuan was stunned, but he quickly calmed his mind. He looked towards Han Xin and said, “As commander, the most important thing is commander-in-chief, then how do you use it?”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s brows were slightly wrinkled. Lin Xuan’s question was really tricky to ask the ground.

How to use troops, everyone can casually answer some points.

But how to use the general, but contains a deep knowledge, not so easy to fool.

Under the eyes of many eyes, Han Xin’s eyes were firm, and he slowly said, “1000 troops are easy to get, and one will be hard to find.”

“To be a general, you should have the following five qualities: Li Jiang, Ren Jiang, Yan Jiang, Yong Jiang, Xin Jiang.”

“The so-called ceremonial general means that generals emphasize etiquette, corporal Li Xian, and recommend talents.”

“Caring for your subordinates, knowing that they are cold and warm, and sharing the same hardships and sufferings, is a benevolence.”

“The military order is like a mountain, and mercy is not a soldier, it is a strict general.”

“One ride is 1000, three champions in the championship, and the first in the 3 army, it is a brave general.”

“Words must be deeds, and actions must be fruitful.

“There are 5 kinds of qualities, only the generals can use them.”

Han Xin either fast nor slow, spit out long, clear words, resounded in everyone’s ears.

Hearing this, many Star Card masters are secretly nodded. Indeed, only with these five qualities can they be qualified leaders.

Lin Xuan Zhang’s big ears listened and tried to pick out the thorns, but Han Xin’s words were lashed out, making him unable to pick out the slightest fault.

“Then, for the general, how can I take advantage of the terrain in various situations?” he asked again.

Han Channel: “If the dominant terrain is occupied, you should take the retreat as your goal and win by surprise.”

“If the other party occupies a remote area from our army, then it should be diplomatic and not attackable.”

“If the army is besieged, it will be a breakout.”

“If the backwaters are surrounded by mountains and trapped in Danger Land, as if fighting against the backwaters, you will die to the ground!

Lin Xuan was bluffed, but he still did not believe in evil, so he continued to ask: “For the general, you should master the strategy, can you know?!”

Han Xin smiled contemptuously and said: “Myriad Laws Returning to the Origin, but if it is subdivided, it can be divided into 36 Stratagems: Relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers, murder a person with a borrowed knife. create something from nothing …”

“The so-called “crossing the sky” means…”

“The so-called relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers refers to…”

“The so-called create something from nothing refers to…”

Therefore, under the watch of all Star Card masters in the Fufeng Army, Han Xin talked eloquently, like several family treasures, and told 36 Stratagems.

For a time, the entire Heaven and Earth was silent.

All Star Card masters have been ignorant. Han Xin’s words seem to contain a kind of magical power, which makes people unconsciously immersed in it, difficult to extricate themselves.

“It makes sense.” The newly appointed Vice Commander Jin Teng even heard with keen interest pleasure, 2 eyes floodlight.

Even commander Yan Que is now gradually getting better, and Han Xin feels greatly benefited from his insights about the general.

“This is 36 Stratagems.” So after an hour or so, Han Xin finally paid attention to 36 Stratagems.

Everyone is just slowly recovers, and then it was shocked to find that they were unconsciously, listening for an hour?

For a time, all Star Card masters looked incredibly towards Han Xin. He trifling a star card. Why can these be the whip of theory and talk, clear and logical? !

Lin Xuan’s expression is gloomy and uncertain. What kind of devil is Luo Feng? The star card is so beautiful?

Luo Feng’s eyelids lifted slightly, looked towards Lin Xuan, indifferently said: “I don’t know what my star card said, can Deacon Lin Xuan be satisfied?”

Lin Xuan’s face was dull, and everyone was obsessed with listening. If he said no again, it would seem a bit irrational.

He narrowed his eyes and suddenly laughed, saying, “When it comes to theory, it’s one set after another. I’m afraid it’s an empty endorsement.

“Oh?” Han Xin suddenly looked displeased, and looked at him coldly, saying: “In your opinion, what is not talking on paper?”

“In this way, then one of the simplest tests will be carried out.” Lin Xuan pointed to the densely packed Star Card master behind him, and said, “The soldiers are prepared for war in wartime, and the most test is the ability of a general.”

“Now, in the shortest time, can you tell me how many people are in this bluestone square?”

Han Xiang smiled the head and said, “This is not simple. I can count it with my eyes closed.”

“How do you count with your eyes closed?” Lin Xuan heard this, and the impossible to bear sneered and said, “Isn’t he afraid of face pain when he is so full of words?”

Hanxin expression was faint, saying: “Just do what I said, then.”

“How?” Lin Xuan asked.

Han Xin closed his eyes and said, “Everyone on the field, with 3 people in a row, report the balance!”

At the moment, Luo Feng also turned around, and Han Xin closed his eyes. If he looked at it again, others might say that they would share their vision.

Yan Que brows slightly wrinkle, pondered for a moment, and said: “Do what he said.”

Hong long long …

On the jade stone square, the Star Card masters immediately started to move around, quickly 3 to 30% row.

Lin Xuan: “2 people left.”

Han Xin: “Take another 5 people in a row and report the balance.”

Star Card masters adjusted the formation again.

Lin Xuan: “3 people left.”

Han Xin: “Take 7 people as a row and report the balance!”

Lin Xuan: “2 people left!”

“Okay.” Almost as Lin Xuan’s voice fell, Han Xin opened his eyes and said, “There are 1073 Star Card masters in the audience!”

Lin Xuan didn’t believe it, he quickly counted it, repeatedly counted it three times, and then he was horrified to find that there were indeed 3 Star Card masters on the field!

“This…” He stared at Han Xin deadly, and said, “Aren’t you already aware of how many people are here?”

Han Xin’s eyes were indifferent and said: “If you don’t believe it, let a part of the Star Card master leave and retest it.”

“No matter how you line up, as long as I report the remaining amount according to my request, I can count the number of troops.”

Lin Xuan did not believe it, and really let a part of the Star Card master leave, continuing to test Han Xin.

“589 people!”

“327 people!”

After 3 times, Lin Xuan completely convinced that Han Xin didn’t have eyes opened from start to finish, but the score was not bad!

Also surprised is Xia Qiuming. Every time she orders her soldiers, she is in a hurry. Now this Han Xin, as long as you report the balance, can you count as the number of Star Card masters?

For a time, everyone was amazed, not satisfied.

Luo Feng looked at it calmly. He knew that there was actually an algorithm involved here. The people on Earth were called Guigu arithmetic and partition calculation, and they were also called Han Xin’s soldiers.

Lin Xuan’s forehead was surging blue, and he looked at Han Xin in disbelief, saying, “How many soldiers can you order with this method?”

Han Xin chuckled and said with a smile: “My Han Xin orders soldiers, naturally it’s more good.”

“Don’t say 1000 people, even if it is 10000 people, or thousand thousand people, I can quickly count the number of troops sent!”

Zhang Kuang’s voice resounded throughout the square, but after seeing his previous means, no one had any doubts about his words!


At this moment, Yan Que clapped his hands and applauded: “Even a star card knows so much about leading things, even more how is Luo Feng as the master?”

He gave Lin Xuan a cold look and said, “Lin Xuan, I have said long ago, the reason why Luo Feng is appointed as Vice Commander above is naturally to believe his ability…”

“Sorry to Luo Feng Vice Commander quickly?”

Lin Xuan was extremely angry in his heart, but he only said with a smile: “It’s my eyes, I hope Vice Commander will forgive me.”

Yan Que looked towards Luo Feng, with said with a smile: “Luo Feng, Lin Xuan did not have an opinion on you, but was straight-talking, and everything was for the sake of the army, so it was so unobstructed, you should not blame him.”

Luo Feng laughed, said nothing.

Yan Que suddenly turned his head and said, “I heard that the younger friends were pulling strongly against a crazy tide in the Holy Land League, the famous town dynasty, it was really Heroes come out from the Youth.”

Lin Xuan took the topic in an instant and smiled at Luo Feng, saying: “Our brother in the army has no time to watch it in person, but he is also curious. Because of this, I wonder if Vice Commander can show 2 hands, let us open our eyes?”

Countless lights around them all looked over and stared at Luo Feng curiously. They also heard about Luo Feng’s deeds, but that’s all.

“Huh, it’s really an old-to-yin ratio.” Luo Feng sneered in his heart, the expression was unchanged, and he was expecting what happened today.

This guy obviously wanted to make himself ugly in the army, tried to weaken his reputation, and then let himself leave because of his face.

Therefore, the seemingly small thing, but the intention is extremely sinister.

Looking at the two people singing a harmony, Chu Man suddenly looked displeased and said: “The 2th cabinet has rules. If you have comments on Vice Commander, after one month, the challenge is to start, don’t hurry?”

“Hehe, I’m just nothing serious. If Vice Commander doesn’t think it’s necessary, then it’s okay. After all, we gangsters are really too different from your identity.”

Lin Xuanyou sighed, and the words were full of teasing.

Numerous lines of sight are all looking towards Luo Feng at this time. Although they know that Lin Xuan is intentionally excited, they also look forward to Luo Feng’s answer.

Under the eyes of different people, Luo Feng looked up, he looked at the smiling Lin Xuan, suddenly smiled, and said: “Since everyone’s interest is so high, then I can’t calm the atmosphere.”

“Routine is my strong point. If you play a routine in 3v3 or 5v5, it seems that I bully you. Since that is the case, how about 1v1?”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was started, without thinking, he actually gave up his strengths.

After all, according to rumors, this guy is best at all kinds of bells and whistles!

Lin Xuan’s eyes flickered, and he knew that Luo Feng was a Star Card master. If so, if he sent 2 Star Card masters, then even if Luo Feng lost, no one would feel disgraceful.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly the most suitable to find a 1-Star Peak Star Card master.

After all, Jiang Chen hasn’t even reached 1-star Middle-Stage, so Luo Feng has played back and forth with him, even more how 1-star Peak?

The most important thing is 1v1, but it is really giving up all the routines, all relying on the hard power of the star card. In this case, the realm gap is particularly obvious.

Behind Lin Xuan looked towards him, his eyes swept from the army 4 and said, “If anyone dares to challenge, I will reward a golden material.”

“I’m coming!” A scarred face came out, and it was Dong Hu!

Everyone brows slightly wrinkle, this Dong Hu, 1-star Peak, the strength is not weak.

Everyone is clear-sighted, which is what Lin Xuan has long been looking for.

Under the gaze of many eyes, Dong Hu divine sense moved, and a star card flew out. Under many gazes, it turned into a bear and tiger beast.

The bear-tiger beast is both a bear and a tiger, back of a tiger and waist of a bear, full of muscles and muscles, holding a machete, looks fierce and imposing manner.

It seems that the mountains are full of strength.

Compared to bears and tigers, Han Xin holding a long spear is slightly thinner, like a dwarf standing in front of a giant.

“Xiong Tiger!”

The bear and tiger beast stared at Han Xin, shout out loudly, holding a fiery red sword in both hands, and slammed at Han Xin.

This cut, with extremely overbearing power.

However, in the face of such a fierce slash, Han Xin was completely motionless, just watching quietly.

call out!

And at the moment when the fiery red sword was about to be cut off, Han Xin a spear thrust came out, the gun came out like a dragon, the air was torn, and a sharp sound was made, and then under the eyes of many eyes, with the fiery red sword, Heavy collision.


The sound of gold and iron collided, sparks 4 splashed.


At this moment, there was a cracking sound.

The bear and tiger beast stunned, his eyes cast, and then he was shocked to find that there was a crack in his sword, and the spider web moved towards 4 under the diffuse, and finally ka-cha broke suddenly.

And at this moment, Han Xin long spear burst out, piercing his chest in the horrifying gaze of the bear and tiger.


I saw the blood stripes of the bear, tiger and beast.

What is this, the disappearance of blood bars?

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