Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 250

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Silent, dead silence.

There are countless lines of sight around, at this moment are all look of shock, a shot, actually let the bloodline of the bear and tiger be the bottom, how powerful is this? !

“Such an attack, I’m afraid it’s already 2 Star Card master?” Yan Que’s pupils shrunk, and he could clearly feel how fierce Han Xin’s attack was.

I am afraid that it is the ordinary 2-star Star Card master, it will be threatened!


And at this moment, the fierce imposing manner has risen into the sky since Han Xin’s grandiose.

Seeing Han Xin’s imposing manner, everyone was started, and then suddenly realized.

“Fuck, no wonder the damage exploded, it turned out to be 2-star!”

“No, this guy’s cultivation speed is so fast, just out of Holy Land is 2 Star Card master? When I was just out of Holy Land, I was only 5-star Card Apprentice…”

“This speed, uh, I’m afraid it will be 2-star in 3 or 3 months, right?”

Many arguments sounded, 1-star and 2-star, the gap is still very obvious.

Han Xin looked at the bear-and-bear beast that had reached the bottom of his bloodline, and moved the long spear in his hand, again a spear thrust out.


At the next moment, the figure of the bear, tiger and beast suddenly burst.

“It is worthy of the Holy Land League champion, it is really powerful, it is not as good as sighing.” Dong Hu smiled sorrowfully, but a fierce glance in his eyes.

“It turns out that you are already a 2 Star Card master.” Lin Xuan was stunned. It took a long time for his spirit to slowly recovers. His eyes were somewhat gloomy and uncertain. As long as he knew this, he would not let Dong Hu go up and give it away.

Now, not only does he not cause any humiliation to Luo Feng, but also encourages his prestige.

Luo Feng said: “You didn’t ask me, I always like believe oneself infallible, what can I do?”

Lin Xuan suddenly felt embarrassed, he played with the tone: “No wonder it is so easy, 2-star hits 1-star, but it is somewhat invincible.”

Hearing the eccentric words, Luo Feng raised his eyelids slightly and looked at him with humility, saying, “I don’t know what realm you are?”

“Trifling 2-star is just in the late stage.” Lin Xuan’s face was reserved, but the pride in his eyes was not concealed.

Luo Feng stared at him and pondered for a moment, saying, “Since your Excellency feels that I am invincible, why not compare with us?”

“Me?” Lin Xuan froze for a moment, and quickly said with a smile: “My realm is higher than you after all. If I win, I seem to bully you.”

“Deacon Lin Xuan should not have this concern.” Luo Feng gave him a deep look, teasing in his mouth: “I don’t know who bullied anyone.”

“Oh? Is Vice Commander so confident?”


The majestic Star qi suddenly sprayed out from Lin Xuan with the body, his face was suddenly cold and his eyes became cold.

Being able to do the deacon this step, Lin Xuan thought that he was also an extraordinary person, and realm was a late 2-star. How could he bear the provocative language of Luo Feng?

Moreover, this time shot is also the last chance to lose Luo Feng’s face mask!

Opening the bow did not turn back the arrow. Since you have already offended before, then offend it!

In the eyes of many eyes, Lin Xuan Qu paper flicked and a star card flew out.

I saw rays of light in a flash, the star card turned into a mad lion warrior.

The lion face has a dense mane and it looks like there is a giant.

“I really thought I had defeated Jiang Chen, can I act wilfully here? I admit that you have excellent innate talent, but it is still too tender after all!”

“Since you dare to underestimate me, then I would like to see today, how powerful this year’s Holy Land league champion is!”

If Lin Xuansheng ran to thunder, he would not believe it. If Luo Feng was defeated in public today, then Luo Feng would still be interested in licking his face and continue to serve as Vice Commander here!

“That’s a mad lion warrior, it’s the most crazy in Fufeng County!”

“This is Lin Xuan’s strongest and best star card. Normally, it is used as the bottom card. Didn’t expect is now directly displayed. Obviously, I don’t want to give Luo Feng a little chance!”

“This guy is too crazy, it is indeed owed to tidy up, let Lin Xuan tidy up and tidy him up, see how he ends!”

With the emergence of mad lion warriors, many whispers whispered suddenly, and many taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune eyes turned to Luo Feng.

Because as Lin Xuan’s strongest star card, the crazy lion warrior is also a platinum segment, and its quality is comparable to that of Han Xin.

In addition, he was in the late 2-star period, and Luo Feng was just entering 2-star first, the realm gap is still very big.

If it is 5v5, the routine is enough to make up for the realm gap, but now 1v1, there is no routine at all. What does Luo Feng take against Lin Xuan?

Yan Que eyes slightly narrowed, watching quietly, but he hopes that Lin Xuanzhen can defeat Luo Feng and indirectly force Luo Feng to leave.

Chu Man’s face was calm, and after witnessing the various miracles that Luo Feng walked along, she was already in shock.

“It’s just relying on realm’s advantage.” Among the crowd, Dong Hu looked at Luo Feng with a sullen eye, and disdainfully curl one’s lip: “Look at you when realm wins you over realm, can you beat it with no difficulty?” !”

Han Xin glanced at the mad lion warrior not far away, and then casually withdrew his gaze, gently rubbing the star gun in his hand, and said, “Is it another one to die?”

“No no no, don’t get it wrong.” The lion warrior smiled at him, showing his white teeth, and said, “I just want to kill you or be killed by you today.”

The voice fell, and his eyes were cold, looking indifferently at Han Xin who was not far away, his middle finger lifted slightly, slowly speaking, saying:

“Crazy lion shook his fingers!”


With its a finger pointed, within the body Star qi burst out, intertwined and converged in front of it, and soon, a black giant finger quickly formed.

On the giant finger, there are countless ancient complex lines intersected, exuding a domineering and fierce atmosphere.

And the head of the giant pillar looks faintly like a lion head.

The mad lion warrior had a sharp look, staring at Han Xin, and then, a finger pointed.

call out!

In the next moment, the giant finger was like a jade rainbow running through the sky, screaming out and heading straight to Han Xin.

Wherever he went, the air exploded, emitting a gurgle.

Everyone felt the fierceness of this blow, and they were all slightly surprised. It is true that the mad lion warrior did not want to procrastinate, but wanted to crush dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to end the battle.

“Luo Feng’s star card looks like a warrior. If I continue to support it, I’m afraid it will definitely die!” Some people said that Han Xin is not a tank. In the face of such a fierce offensive, he was not fortified?

Han Xin still plays with long spear and expressionless in his hands, and seems to care little about it.

This look made the mad lion warrior suddenly angry, and there was an unknown fire in his heart, said with a sneer: “I tell you to pretend, I hope that when you are lying on the ground by me, you can still have such a look. !”

Under the gaze of many eyes, the giant finger carrying the power of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood moved away towards Han Xin, but when it was about to fall on him, the long spear in the latter’s hand raised suddenly.


long spear violently moved towards the giant finger.

Under this spear, the giant finger actually shook violently, stopping the pace of roaring forward and stalemate with long spear.

Then, Lin Xuan’s pupil shrank suddenly.

I saw that above the unstoppable giant finger, there was a crack at the moment, and then the spider web moved towards 4 under the diffuse.


At the next moment, the giant finger burst suddenly and turned into a luminescence.

Lin Xuan’s eyes were stagnant. The fierce finger of the crazy lion warrior was actually broken so easily by Han Xin? !

call out!

And in the next moment, Han Xin’s eyes were slightly condensed, and he was like lightning, and shot quickly, like a golden flash of light, coming straight to the crazy lion warrior.

“Not good !”

The pupil of the mad lion warrior shrinks, knowing that this guy is not simple, and immediately the whole body Star qi surging, with his arms crossed in front of him, there is a stream of light on it.

“King Kong arm!”

2 thick arms, suddenly rendered with a layer of gold.

Among the golden beast pupils, Han Xin’s figure sharply enlarged.


In the next moment, the star gun containing 1000 Jun Li Dao was stabbed heavily on the arms of the mad lion warrior, the sound exploded, and a powerful force exploded and opened at this moment.

Under this spear, the mad lion warrior’s arms tremble slightly, his body retreats sharply, and his feet step back on the ground for ten steps, before he barely stabilizes his body.

“With some effort, I’m fine.”

The mad lion warrior curl one’s lip disdainfully. It was originally ready to stop it, but the result was Han Xin’s attack?

“Hehe, stop my trifling attack, what’s you proud of?”

And at this moment, a slightly taunting word quietly sounded behind him.

Hearing this, the lion warrior’s eyes were stagnant and he suddenly felt a chill rise behind him.

It looked incredulously at the opposite Han Xin, which was actually just a doppelganger?

With a doppelganger, he forced himself to take several steps back?

“Not good !”

The mad lion warrior suddenly slowly recovers, suddenly turns around, and defends subconsciously.

However, it is already late.

“Breaking the formation Overlord Spear!”

In Han Xin’s eyes, the killing intent skyrocketed, spurting out all the way, the golden light of the gun body was large, the gunpoint condensed a very sharp atmosphere, and pierced the back of the mad lion soldier.

Wherever the point of the gun is, even the air is torn apart entirely differently.

That shot was stunning to the extreme, and then, in Lin Xuan’s horrifying gaze, he pierced the back of the mad lion warrior.

In addition, if Han Xin attacks the enemy from the back, the damage will be increased by 50%!


The mad lion warrior’s eyes were stiff, and the blood on his back spit out like a fountain, and its body was shot backwards, like a broken kite, rolled in the air, and finally fell to the ground.

In one move, the mad lion was hit hard.

Han Xin put the star gun in his hand and looked at the crazy lion warrior casually, saying, “Will we continue to fight?”

“Sure enough.” The mad lion soldier endured the severe pain and looked at Han Xin in awe. “I will not be as stubborn as Black Iron. I have known that I am not your opponent since I just played. ,I surrender.”

“My crazy lion warrior, I would like to call you the most crazy!”

The sound fell, and it didn’t ask Lin Xuan’s opinion, and it turned into a stream of light, turned into a star card, and returned to his hands.

I slipped away.

Platinum is so neat.

Maybe it is because he is platinum and the material is not easy to come by, so he will be sad.

In front of the whole commanding palace, there was silence.

Everyone looked at it in disbelief. It seemed to them that 2-star Early-Stage played 2-star later. Even if Luo Feng could win, it would have to go through a hard fight, first fight the pressure and then reverse and so on .

However, who can think of it, in a flash of one minute, in a flash, 2 cards confrontation, they have already divided the outcome.

Han Xin crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood defeated the mad lion warrior without any trace of muddy water.

“This, how is it possible.” Lin Xuan’s eyes were stagnant, and his heart turned over the river. He didn’t think he might lose, but absolutely didn’t expect, he would lose so neatly!

For myself, it is clear that realm has a big victory over Luo Feng, but fighting Luo Feng is no better than Dong Hu!


Vice Commander Jin Teng looked towards Luo Feng’s eyes, but also slightly astonished, worthy of being a league champion, something.

“It seems that I lost the wrong.” Under the square, Lin Xuan made a comparison, and Dong Hu suddenly felt much better.

Xia Qiuming’s pretty face is slightly condensed, her silver teeth clenched, so that means she must see the master and disciple every day for at least one month!


At the same time, Luo Feng glanced at the audience, indifferently said: “I wonder if I still have the right to continue to hold the position of Vice Commander?”


The Star Card master on the square burst into applause, and looked towards Luo Feng’s eyes, with some admiration and awe.

1v1, with the strength of 2-star Early-Stage, as easy as blowing off dust, won Lin Xuan in the late 2-star period. This beautiful battle obviously conquered the military generals who are strength is respected.

“Vice Commander, Vice Commander!”

So, I don’t know whose leader, one after another cheers, sounded deafeningly.

In the countless cheers and cheers, under the sunlight, Lin Xuan’s face seemed rather ugly.

Myself, what the hell is Divine Immortal?

Originally wanted Luo Feng to be ugly in public, so that he could leave the face lost, but who would have thought, trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, such a move, but actually completed Luo Feng’s reputation.

“It’s embarrassing to see, it really can’t help the wall!” Yan Que also scolded in his heart, and this time and again, even let Luo Feng initially stand firm.

However, angry in his heart, he still had a look on his face, laughed authentically: “I said Flame Sovereign can let Luo Feng Xiaoyou serve as Vice Commander, he must have something extraordinary, you people, but you just don’t believe it. “

“Luo Feng little friend, you are surprised.” He looked towards Luo Feng, sighed, said: “I actually told them yesterday, so that they don’t want to trouble you, but these guys just don’t listen, and now they ask themselves Eat bitterly without complaining.”

“The commander has a heart.” Luo Feng smiled, too, who would act in every play, who wouldn’t?

“Han Xin, thank you.” Luo Feng looked towards Han Xin, with grateful eyes, to develop a good relationship with the star card, first of all, we must learn to respect the star card.

In the eyes of others, star card is just a tool, and in him, star card is always a partner.

Han Xin was silent for a moment, and slowly said: “The main character is breaking the formation to kill the enemy. This is the duty of being a courtier. I only hope that the main character will never suspect me in the future.”

Hearing this, Luo Feng was stunned, and there was a trace of regret in his heart. The Han Xin of the previous life, such a super genius, expanded the territory for Liu Bang and wiped out China. In the end, he was sceptered by the woman because he was suspected of rebellion. kill.

Heroes don’t end in horror, which is really disappointing.

“Relax, I won’t let you down.”

And at this moment, Chu Manlian moved slightly and walked over. She looked towards Yan Que and said, “Now Luo Feng is Vice Commander. Would you like to start a dispute over domination?”

Yan Que’s eyes were slightly condensed, but still lightly said with a smile: “According to the rules, naturally, but I don’t know, when Luo Feng intends to launch a leadership dispute?”

Luo Feng thought about it and said, “Since the challenge time has passed this month, let’s go next month.”


As soon as this remark came out, the army underneath was again tumultuous.

This guy, who just came to the position of Vice Commander, wanted to start a leadership dispute before the bench was overheated?

Throughout the history of Wind Pavilion, it seems that no such crazy person has appeared!

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and his face was horrified. Generally speaking, after sitting on Vice Commander, the first thing to think about was to sit firmly in this position and not be replaced by others.

However, Luo Feng is so powerful, directly competing with Yan Que?

You know, Yan Que is 4 Star Card master!

Say it’s a battle for dominance, doesn’t it mean I want you to get out?

Yan Que’s eyes twitched and he smiled and said with a smile: “Luo Feng, you have such ambitions, I really appreciate it, but the meal needs to be eaten by mouth, the road to go by mouth, and the steps are too big to pull the egg, be careful It’s too late.”

“With your innate talent, in time, after 3 years and 5 years, let alone the position of the leader, I think even the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord, you can compete, just now…”

Luo Feng expression said indifferently, hook the head, said: “It’s too long in 10000, just to fight for the day and night, I’m not coveting your position as the leader, but I can only run for Vice Pavilion Lord if I become the leader.”

“The leader is assured, when I become Vice Pavilion Lord, then the position of Fufeng County leader is still yours.”

Yan Que: “…”

His forehead was surging, and you motherfucker, looking at the pot before the bowl was finished. Thinking about Vice Pavilion Lord?

“If you want to start a leadership battle, you must first defeat the other Vice Commander, that is, you must first defeat Jin Teng and Xia Qiuming, and then you can challenge me.”

As a result, Luo Feng’s eyes turned to the remaining two Vice Commanders.

Jin Teng was stunned. Although he was a 3 Star Card master, but after having seen Han Xin’s hand, he was afraid to give any kind of underestimation to Luo Feng who was born out of the air.

His eyes flickered and thought for a while, said: “On realm and strength, I am not an opponent of Xia Qiu Ming’s Vice Commander. If you defeated her, it would also defeat me.”

The implication is that as long as Luo Feng can defeat Xia Qiuming, then he can initiate a battle for dominance and go directly to solo Yan Que.

Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, this guy was indeed sensible, so he saved a game, which is really good.

His eyes glanced at Xia Qiuming indistinctly, the faintly discernable Star qi fluctuations on the latter made him feel a bit dangerous.

This Xia Qiuming is indeed far from Lin Xuan’s ability.

He evaluated his strength. If he really played with Xia Qiuming, he did not really grasp it now.

However, there is no way to spare him time.

After all, the battle for the Pavilion Lord, after all, is only a year.

Therefore, he must get rid of Xia Qiuming within one month and get the qualification to lead the dispute.

Then today, in the second month, Yan Que won the title of Fufeng County.

Time is not waiting, just fighting day and night.

“Since this is the case, Xia commander will be offended next month.” Luo Feng looked towards Xia Qiuming, honestly.

Xia Qiuming heard this, and it was also started. Immediately his lips twitched a mockery, saying: “I want to catch up with me within a month, do you think a little bit more?”

For Luo Feng, a Vice Commander who just took office, she didn’t care too much at all.

Even though Luo Feng showed a hand earlier, to be honest, this move is of little use to her.

She is the 3-star late Star Card master of genuine. It may take a long time for it to be able to break through to 4-star. How can Lin Xuan and his colleagues compare?

Moreover, since she became Vice Commander, there have been many challenges, but to this day, no one can shake her status.

Luo Feng expression calm, with said with a smile: “If you don’t try, who knows?”

“Is this the discipline you cultivated?” Xia Qiuming was too lazy to rap with him, beautiful eyes looked towards Chu Man, with a little sarcasm, said: “I don’t know how much ability is, but the skill of this pretend, I’m afraid Looking at the 4 pavilions, no one can beat them.”

She took the head, walked her slender legs, and turned away.

“1 month later, I am waiting for you to come to shame.”

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