Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 251

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“Huh, it’s pretty proud.”

Luo Feng looked at the silhouette of Xia Qiuming moving away, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised. I like how you look like a lifetime.

Such people are interesting only when they are conquered.

On the huge square, there was a lot of sigh.

It is true that the news of Luo Feng’s initiation of the leadership dispute caused a lot of commotion in the Fufeng Army.

Just become Vice Commander, immediately challenge the commander, such a thing, before this, everyone is unheard-of.

Yan Que smiled on his face, and his mother sold it.

In the original vision, today is Luo Feng’s day of public humiliation and humiliation.

But he absolutely did not expect that this guy turned the stumbling block into a stepping stone, not only establishing a foothold in Fufeng County, but also declaring war on him in public, coveting this commanding position.

If it wasn’t for his identity, he now wants to fight Luo Feng to make him understand why Huaer is so red.

Lin Xuan lost his soul, expression gloomy and uncertain, he knew that from today, he was afraid that he would leave the entire Wind Pavilion.

So, he left gray, and the sun shone, leaving a back view of the street.

Chu Man looked towards Yan Que and said: “Yan Que commander, when I was in Wind Pavilion, there was a rule here, that is, the newly recruited Vice Commander, all have the opportunity to enter the Star Pond of the refining government.”

“I wonder if such regulations still exist today?”

Yan Que eyes flashed and said, “Naturally, I will introduce you to Vice Pavilion Lord after 3 days. Vice Pavilion Lord will give Luo Feng Vice Commander an identity token, and then he will be taken to Star Pond in the refining house.”

“En.” Chu Mancha first slightly said, “Thank you Yan Que for command.”

The voice fell, she looked towards Luo Feng and said, “Come on, Deputy Sir Commander, now let’s get acquainted with the things in Xuanji Camp.”

“Good.” Luo Feng nodded, so under the eyes of many eyes, the two left together and moved towards Xuanji Camp.

“Master, what is Lianfu Star Pond?” Luo Feng asked curiously on the way.

Chuman jade hand gently touched the forehead hair, his voice was soft and said: “You should find that our Card Master realm, in fact, the main task is to create 9 Star Mansion with the body.”

“The so-called Star Mansion is used to store within the body Star qi.”

“No matter what kind of Star Card master, you can only have 9 Star Mansion, corresponding to Card Master 9-star.”

“However, the quality of Star Mansion varies from person to person.”

Her voice was paused and said, “What color is your Star Mansion?”

“Blue.” Luo Feng said.

Chu Man’s beautiful eyes stared at him, his long eyelashes blinked, and said, “Star Mansion, like the material, also has a quality distinction, according to the color from bottom to top: white, blue, purple, gold. “

“The higher the quality of Star Mansion, the more Star qi Star Mansion can hold. This is like a water container. The higher the quality, the larger the container, the more water it can hold.”

“If you are the same as your opponent Realm, and your Star Mansion quality is higher than him, then your Star qi is undoubtedly more powerful and lasting.”

“And the role of Star Pond in the Refining House is here, as the name suggests, it is refining Star Mansion.”

“It contains some special substances, and upgrading these substances will not only accelerate the speed of starting Star Mansion, but also hope to improve the quality of Star Mansion.”

“So strong?” Luo Feng’s eyes became fiery, which is a good thing!

As an expert in leapfrogging, he knows better than anyone. Leapfrogging requires theoretical support.

If you want to leapfrog, you need to use other advantages to make up for the gap in realm.

Before the finals, in all other competitions, the opponent was 2 small realm higher than himself, and he used star card’s personal operation and his excellent operational command to make up for the gap in realm.

In the finals, Jiang Chen broke through a month earlier than him, and the reason why his star card can be pressed against Jiang Chen is nothing more than the quality of Star qi after his body quenched by Saint blood.

Today, although Lin Xuan’s realm is higher than Jiang Chen’s, other aspects must be far inferior to the former Holy Land list. Therefore, under the premise of 2 small realms, he will still be defeated by Han Xin as easy as blowing off dust.

It seems that there is no brain skipping, in fact, there is a theoretical basis, that is, Saint blood has improved the quality of Star qi.

Now, if you can improve the quality of Star Mansion, then you can increase the amount of Star qi.

In this case, he has both quality and quantity, coupled with excellent command and excellent star card operation skills, then when the leapfrog battles, the winning rate will be higher.

In general, Pavilion Lord has a long road, and even the first mountain Xia Qiu Ming, the realm is almost 2 stars higher than himself.

Luo Feng asks himself, he cannot guarantee that he will be able to catch up with each other on the realm in 1 month later, so he can’t drop any of these other things that can improve his strength.

“Refining House Star Pond opens. It should be 3 days later. Before that, I will show you the people and things in Xuanji Camp first.” Chu Mandao said.

“Good.” Luo Feng nodded, full of expectations in his heart.

The moon star is thin.

Wind Pavilion.

In a quiet attic, a yellow robe man is at his desk at the moment, looking at the jade slip on the table.

His skin is fair like jade, his face is very handsome, his brows are like sword edge.

This person is indeed one of the three Vice Pavilion Lords of Wind Pavilion, Qin Ze.

He looked at jade slip indifferently, as if immersed in it, sometimes browse slightly wrinkle, sometimes revealing his thoughts.

At this moment, a silhouette came in, it was Yan Que.

Qin Ze raised his eyelids, looked at him indifferently, then withdrew his gaze and said, “What’s wrong, Yan Que?”

Yan Que sorted out the language and said, “Vice Pavilion Lord, the airborne Luo Feng, has come to serve today.”

“En?” Qin Ze expression suddenly moved, a glance of recognition on his handsome face, said: “This person is indeed a personal talent, must be well nurtured, after I become the Pavilion Lord, it may be the left arm and right arm.”

Yan Que’s eyes flickered, sighed, and said: “This child’s spirit is quite high. When he came up, he gave the other deacons a whiff of power. At the same time, he directly initiated a dispute over the leadership with me. It really made me unable to step down.”

“Hehe, soldiers who don’t want to be generals, are not good soldiers.” Qin Ze faintly smiled, said: “youngster, with all your heart and heart, one mind is climbing up, understandable.”

Yan Que glanced at him and hesitated for a moment, then said: “He still said…”

“En?” Qin Ze continued to turn down the case and asked aloud.

Yan Que thought about it, and then brace oneself said: “He said that the reason for initiating the battle for leadership is not to pretend to be a leader, but only because you have become a leader, can you…”

“It’s only then that you have the qualification to challenge the Vice Pavilion Lord to replace you.”

As soon as this remark came out, Qin Ze’s gaze finally moved away from the jade slip. He looked indifferent and said, “Interesting.”

“Anything else?”

Yan Que froze for a moment and said, “Pavilion Lord, you… don’t you have a point?”

Qin Ze smiled and said, “Can you have any ideas? I want to be the general Pavilion Lord, but can this be done just by thinking?”

“Everything depends on strength, understand?”

Looking at Qin Ze’s smiling face, Yan Que shuddered, hesitating for a moment, and continued: “One said, this guy’s cultivation talent is indeed good. I’m afraid that he will endanger your position in a few years. .”

“Oh?” Qin Ze’s eyelids slightly raised, looking at him with interest, said: “What do you want?”

“I think we should restrict him.” Yan Que’s eyes showed a fierce, clenched the teeth, said: “For example, this Star Pond, refining house, let him…”

“Stupid!” Qin Ze heard this, suddenly furious, and slammed the table with his palm, saying: “Every new Vice Commander has a chance to enter the Alchemy Gold Pool. This is a rule set by Flame Sovereign, You let me work hard in this respect. If this matter reaches Flame Sovereign’s ears, how can I maintain the position of Vice Pavilion Lord?!”

Along with his anger, a fierce imposing manner diffused away, shrouded towards Yan Que.

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

In the terrifying imposing manner, Yan Que was shiver coldly, his face was pale, and his body was cold and sweating, saying, “Pavilion Lord, forgive me, it’s my short-sightedness.”

For a long time, Qin Ze calmed his anger, and his eyes flashed slightly, saying, “Yan Que, I know you are thinking for me. It is better to be more stable, but if you are too healthy, you will be sick.”

He dropped the jade slip in his hand, indifferently said: “Look at what this guy is doing right now, 2-star Early-Stage…do you know? His strength really doesn’t even qualify to stand in front of me.”

“When he has the strength to compete for Vice Pavilion Lord, maybe I have already become Pavilion Lord.”

“And, Yan Que, a person’s innate talent is important, but you must know that true powerhouse will not look at your potential, but your existing strength.”

“Practice path is not just to have innate talent, hard work, luck, and resources are indispensable. So many youths in the past, so many years have not been famous, and they have shined in the Holy Land League. Star Card master, now Where are they?”

“Therefore, you don’t have to make a fuss about nothing, just do your own thing with peace of mind.”

“In addition, you are in the wrong direction. If you want to keep your position, what you have to do is not limit the growth of others, but you should redouble your efforts and do your best to meet the challenges.”

“Otherwise, even without Luo Feng, there will be Zhang Feng and Han Feng in the future. Do you want each and everyone to target the past?”

Yan Que Gong said: “Pavilion Lord said, it is indeed my vision is too narrow.”

Qin Ze picked up other jade slips and said, “Then I will concentrate on cultivation to deal with the Pavilion Lord battle in the middle of next year. Vice Pavilion Lord commands Vice Commander. These positions have to undergo challenges every month. Once the Pavilion Lord is established, it will not change in principle unless it encounters special circumstances.”

“At that time, even if he really advanced by leaps and bounds later, kill all the way, then at most it can only be Vice Pavilion Lord. Under my command, I bowed to the title. With such a capable leader, why should I not be so happy? “

“Yes.” Yan Que nodded should be.

Qin Ze stared at Yan Que and thought for a moment, saying: “But since you told me about this, then I wouldn’t take it as if nothing happened. After 3 days, wait until he enters Star Origin Hall to come and visit me At that time, I will use some means to frustrate his sharpness and let him understand the rules here.”

He faintly smiled as if he had determined Luo Feng’s fate.

A Vice Commander,

Haven’t heard of officials one rank superior crush the inferior?

Even more how, I am older than you.

After 2 days.

Wind Pavilion.

Mysterious camp.

Luo Feng stood with his hands down and looked away. I saw there were training grounds. At this moment, the Star Card masters of the Xuanji Battalion were commanding the star cards for drills.

Legion combat is very different from fighting individuals.

Legion battles require the overall management of all star cards, the formation of troops, the coordination between the Star Card master and the Star Card master, and the integration of each other’s star cards to maximize the formidable power.

Uchiha Pikachu and SpongeBob lay on the eaves, basking in the sun lazily.

As the saying goes, one person wins, the chickens and dogs ascend to the sky, Luo Feng becomes Vice Commander, and other star cards in Xuanji Camp. When they see them, they are also very respectful and will bribe them with delicious things.

While Han Xin, looking at the densely packed star card, his eyes were extremely fiery, be eager to have a try.

Luo Feng glanced at him, and knew the latter’s thoughts, saying: “Han Xin, you will be in the army in the future. If you want to train star cards, you must come up with the ability to let them serve you, but 10000000 don’t fight. Under my banner.”

“If you can really train them in an orderly manner, then the entire Xuanji Battalion is under your control.”

“Good!” Han Xin gratefully nodded, as a star card that awakened the innate talent of the soldiers, he entered the army, undoubtedly like a fish back in water.

After watching it for a while, Luo Feng felt a little tired. Although it was Vice Commander, it seemed that he really could not do anything.

Fortunately, there is Master Chuman.

At this moment, Chu Manlian moved slightly and came over.

“Master is good!” Luo Feng immediately saluted respectfully.

“Now it’s Vice Commander. Please pay attention to the military.” Chu Man’s slender jade hand stretched out, straightening his slightly messy hair.

“En!” Luo Feng warmed his heart and said, “However, Master, have you seen Lin Xuan, why haven’t I seen him in these 2 days?”

Chu Man’s beautiful eyes blinked, and said with a smile: “Since he failed to challenge you 2 days ago, he took leave because of his physical discomfort.”

“I’m afraid it’s heart disease.” Luo Feng teased.

Chu Man nodded, said: “When you were defeated in public, how could he have a face here?”

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Can he withdraw from his deacon position?”

Chu Man shook the head and said, “Only Pavilion Lord has the right to directly appoint personnel in the cabinet. Of course, besides this, if he does something inhuman, he makes a big mistake, and he can declare it. Ban it.”

Luo Feng thought for a while and said, “This guy, yesterday sang a chorus with Yan Que. There were two snakes and rats in a nest, and that Yan Que was greedy.

“Look for someone to investigate, and if you have the evidence, you can declare it and ban it. Of course, if it is clear as ice and clean as jade, then all will be happy.”

“Okay.” Chu Manzhao slightly clicked on the incident, and she stared at Luo Feng with a smile and said, “Deputy Sir Commander, are you going to deal with things in the camp today?”

Hearing this, Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully, and quickly waved his hand, saying: “Forget it, these things are still Master you are good at.”

The first 2 days he tried to deal with it, and then the densely packed jade slip saw his scalp numb and his head hurt.

With this time, it might as well go looking for materials, playing games, watering flowers and birds, playing with star cards…

The life of salted fish is so boring and boring.

“You.” Chu Man’s tone was quiet, and Yu Zhi tapped his forehead softly, saying: “Relax, I will help you with these things. Tomorrow I will go to Star Wind Hall to see the Vice Pavilion Lord. At the same time You have to enter the Star Pond of Refining House, you have to be prepared.”

“The Star Pond of the Refining House, as a matter of fact, the deeper the deeper, the better the effect, but likewise, the deeper the deeper, the greater the pressure, you don’t want to succeed, otherwise, it will only be counterproductive.”

“En!” Luo Feng chicks pecked like rice nodded, looked up at the blue sky and white clouds, feeling a little excited in his heart, he was waiting for this upcoming Refining House Star Pond for a long time!

“I’m really curious, to what level my Star Mansion can be promoted.”

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