Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 252

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The next day.

The sky broke.

2 The silver horned beasts crossed the void and moved towards Star Wind Hall.

Under the leadership of the Master, soon, a palace of gold and jade in glorious splendor appeared in sight.

It is that Star Wind Hall.

2 people lay down the silver horned beast.

Chu Man looked at Star Wind Hall from afar, and then turned his eyes to Luo Feng, saying: “Vice Commander can enter the hall, I will wait for you here.”

“Well, good.” Luo Feng ordered nodded, and then said goodbye to Chu Man, led by a lead, moved towards Star Wind Hall.

When he walked into the great hall, he obviously felt that the gravity in the hall increased sharply, which made him almost fall.

Feeling so uncomfortable, Luo Feng unable to bear wanted to find a place to sit down.

And at this moment, many eyes in the temple cast their attention on him.

Luo Feng expression slightly condensed, he can clearly feel that the imposing manner of these Star Card masters in the great hall is extremely arrogant, and no one is inferior to him.

In the deepest part of that great hall, there is a throne on which sits a silhouette of a young man.

Admittedly, this is one of the three Vice Pavilion Lords of Wind Pavilion, Qin Ze.

At the bottom, there are three ancient futons, sitting on it, under the command of Qin Ze, three leaders.

Behind each commander, there are three more silhouettes sitting, and it is the Vice Commander under your command.

Those Vice Commanders are also sitting on the futon, except that the futon is not golden, but silver.

His eyes turned to the three leaders, and he looked closely.

On the left is Yan Que.

In the middle is a white clothed woman, with white skin and snow, a small goose-like face as smooth as jade, and her body is particularly amazing.

This female is named Lv Xiaowan.

On the far right is a young man named expressionless named Han Xiang.

Although he closed his eyes slightly, he was faintly discernible, like a sword light.

“You are the champion of the Holy Land League, Luo Feng?” On the throne of the Pavilion Lord, Qin Ze raised his eyes slightly and looked at Luo Feng carefully.

“I’ve seen Vice Pavilion Lord.” Luo Feng calmed his mind and saluted the silhouette on the throne. From the Master’s mouth, he had learned the information of Vice Pavilion Lord and the three leaders.

Lu Xiaowan’s eyes blinked slightly, and he looked at them with interest.

Yan Que smiled and squinted, but deep in his heart was a fierce pass.

But Han Xiang, the leader, glanced at Luo Feng lightly, then withdrew his gaze, as if not interested in him.

Hearing the rather harsh word “Vice”, Qin Ze raised his brow slightly. He waved his sleeve robe and saw a silver token passing over the great hall before floating into Luo Feng’s hand.

“This is the Vice Commander token, which is proof of your identity, and must be kept in a safe place.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, and then received the silver token, do not stay in the waist.

“Okay, sit down.” Qin Ze’s eyes dropped slightly, and he said slowly.

Luo Feng nodded, and looked down at 4, looking for his seat. Then, he found astonished, as if there were no futons to sit on.

For a time, it was a little awkward.

Qin Ze saw this scene, brows slightly wrinkle, and said, “Governance, what about the seat?”

On the side of it, a Star Card master slammed his head suddenly, making a sudden enlightenment, saying: “Oh, this blame me, since the death of the Vice Commander in Xuanji Camp, I withdrew his futon, after all Thinking people, every time I see the position in the sky, I will feel very uncomfortable.”

“Forget that there is a new Vice Commander coming today, it was my dereliction of duty, forgive me.”

Qin Ze nodded and said, “Go and get it quickly, give Luo Feng Vice Commander a seat.”

“Yes, yes.” The Star Card master led his life away.

Qin Ze looked towards Luo Feng, indifferently said: “Take care of things for a while, let Xiaoyou laugh.”

“It’s okay, I’ll be standing for a while.” Luo Feng said.

Qin Ze nodded his head, then first talked about things in the cabinet, and then began to instruct everyone to cultivate and make cards.

In the hall, Luo Feng also stood for an hour.

It stands to reason that with his physique, let alone one hour, even if you stand on ten hours, you will not feel anything.

However, the gravity in this Star Wind Hall is unusually large, so that he is stuck in the deep sea, and his skeleton is all thunderbolt oh la la.

At this moment, his face was pale, his legs were shaking undetectably, and he looked extremely uncomfortable.

At this moment, a hurried footstep sounded outside the temple, and the steward finally came back, holding a futon in his hand, looking at Luo Feng apologetically, and said, “Sorry, I’ve waited a long time. Yes, I hope Vice Commander will forgive me.”

“Thank you.” Luo Feng thanked politely and sat down quietly, his eyes down slightly.

At this time, he was stupid and understood something.

Yan Que took a deep look at Luo Feng and said, “Vice Pavilion Lord gives you a place to sit. You naturally have a place to sit. You may be late, but you will never be absent.”

“Vice Pavilion Lord’s grace, I should remember it in my heart.” Luo Feng expression sat down quietly, but sneered in my heart, meaning that my position was given by you, you gave me no place to sit, me There is no place to sit?

I have some regrets in my heart. If I didn’t get drunk in the Flame Sovereign palace that day, wouldn’t the trifling Vice Pavilion Lord now give himself off?

Of course, if you are not drunk, you may walk peacefully.

After all Flame Sovereign is Card Emperor realm powerhouse, even a small handshake. If you are a little careless, you may crush your skeleton.

Taking a deep breath, Luo Feng kept all his emotions under restraint. Sometimes, as long as he changed his mind, the stumbling block was actually a stepping stone.

Just step on it.

The other commanders and Vice Commander in Star Wind Hall, looked at each other in blank dismay, are some taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, and everyone with a clear eye can see it. This is the rule that Vice Pavilion Lord is giving him.

How about being the Holy Land champion of yours, when you come to Wind Pavilion, let you stand, don’t you have to stand obediently?

4 In the cabinet, there is a classic question.

Question: What are the things you think are very valuable, but in fact the price is extremely low?

Answer: Star Card master who just graduated from Holy Land.

Qin Ze’s eyes stopped slightly on several newly elected Vice Commanders, saying: “According to the rules, the newly appointed Vice Commander has a chance to enter the Star Pond of the refining government.”

“Star Pond contains a substance called Star Essence qi. If it is absorbed, it can not only refine the bones of Body Tempering, but also enhance the quality of Star Mansion.”

As soon as this remark came out, several newly appointed Vice Commander’s eyes suddenly became hot. They worked so hard to get up, isn’t it for these resources that can make themselves shedding body, exchanging bones?

Holy Land attracts Card Apprentice because there are many resources that fit the Card Apprentice realm.

4 The reason why Pavilion attracts Card Master is because there are many resources of Card Master realm Star Card master yearn for something even in dreams.

Therefore, Holy Land +4 Pavilion has formed a complete system for cultivating younger generation.

“You come with me.”

The voice fell, Qin Ze suddenly rose, moved towards the hall outside.

In Luo Feng’s eyes, there is also a glimmer of expectation, hoping to make his Star Mansion improve in the Star Pond of Lianfu…

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