Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 253

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So, other Star Card masters follow closely from behind, and after some walking, finally reached their destination.

Luo Feng set his sights on it, it was a rather vast golden lake.

The lake is filled with golden liquid, the thick lake water is rolling, the blisters are bursting, and the terrifying Star qi torrent.

“Is this the Legendary Star Pond?”

Luo Feng looked with interest, the lake looked mild, but the undercurrent was surging, like a terrifying ominous beast, dormant under water, making people feel an unexplained cold.

The other newcomers, Vice Commander, are also hot at the moment, and even breathing has become slightly hurried.

Star Mansion is the foundation of within the body Star qi, but now the Star Pond of Refining House can improve the quality of Star qi. This is undoubtedly a near-fatal temptation for Card Master realm Star Card master.

“Star Pond has been turned on, you enter each of them. The water pressure in Star Pond’s pool is huge, the more dangerous it is, the better the effect is.

“Therefore, to evaluate your own ability, you must not force yourself to find a depth that matches your own, otherwise you will suffer.”

“As for whether you can improve the Star Mansion, it depends on your individuality

When several newcomers Vice Commander appeared beside Star Pond, Qin Zexiong’s muffled voice was also resounded like thunder and thunder.

The newcomer Vice Commander Liu Teng (小命金腾) who was in Fufeng County with Luo Feng smiled at Luo Feng and the others. .”

The voice fell, and he stomped his feet, without any hesitation, whistling down at Star Pond.

“Can I fit the star card?” Luo Feng asked the Star Card master on the side.

The Star Card master, named Lu Xiaowan, is one of the Three Great Commanders. At the moment, the head said, “No, it’s not necessary to be a star card, but it will reduce your affinity with these substances.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Luo Feng took a deep breath, the whole body Star qi surging, covering the body surface, and then toes jumped into the golden pool.

He sprang up, but did not splash a little splash on the water, and was soon swallowed by Jin Chi.

It feels like it has fallen into a deep and unmeasurable black hole.


The moment he entered, suddenly four weeks of golden liquid poured from all directions.

Under that terrifying pressure, Luo Feng’s skin suddenly tightened, and it was a little uncomfortable, but for him, the problem was not big.

“Here, it’s not simple.”

And with the pressure, there are also a ray of fine awns, continuously pouring into the body, where the golden rays of light reach, all the skeleton muscles become hot and tempered.

Soon, those faint golden glows gathered in the moved towards Star Mansion.

“This should be the so-called Star Essence qi?”

There was a hint of surprise in Luo Feng’s heart, but the Star Essence qi here was so pitiful that even naked eyes can count it.

“It seems that if you want to get more Star Essence qi, you have to go down.”

Luo Feng’s eyes are slightly condensed, take a deep breath, and Star qi bursts around him.

The further down, the golden liquid becomes thicker, Star Essence qi gradually increases, and the surrounding pressure becomes stronger and stronger.

His skin exuded tingling pain, but it was far from reaching its limit.

Luo Feng looked at Jin Chi. It was too deep. He had sunk a few hundred zhang, but he hadn’t finished yet.

I heard that you are deep and unmeasurable?

Then I will stick to the end!

call out!

His speed, urged to the extreme, screamed down against the land of Jinchi.

Beside Star Pond, there is silence.

Vice Pavilion Lord, Commander, and other Vice Commanders are all standing here endlessly, watching quietly.

Qin Ze stared at the golden lake, eyes slightly narrowed, and said: “You said, how many of them will have the highest record this time?”

Yan Que thought for a while and said, “Should there be three-four hundred zhang?”

Everyone is nodded, three-four hundred zhang, which belongs to the upper middle level.

Lv Xiaowan lied slightly, her beautiful eyes blinked, and said, “The Luo Feng is a Holy Land champion. Will it be much better than others?”

“He,” Xia Qiuming said with a slight lip curl, said: “No matter how good he is, can he exceed one thousand zhang?”

“Wait and see.” Lv Xiaowan hearing this, a little disappointed, did not continue to argue with her, but watched quietly.

“You can see where you can get it.” Qin Ze waved his hand and saw Star qi surging, a huge screen suspended in front of everyone.

On the screen, Luo Feng and the others, like four cute little koi carps, came and went in the golden pool, and then moved towards the bottom and whistled away.

On the left side of the screen, there are things like calipers, marking their dive distance.

Soon, with many eyes watching, except Luo Feng, the silhouettes of other people gradually stopped, without the courage to continue downward, but sitting on the spot and began to absorb Star Essence qi.

The distance they dive is almost similar. The difference between 200 and 400 is not much different.

Only Luo Feng, like the Flood Dragon, entered the sea and went mad all the way.

Qin Ze glanced at other people, and finally gathered on Luo Feng, muttering to himself.

“Luo Feng ah Luo Feng, let me take a look. What step can you take, Holy Land League champion…”

call out!

A hundred zhang!

Two hundred zhang !

three hundred zhang!

500 zhang!

Unconsciously, Luo Feng has actually dived for nearly 500 zhang!

The expressions of Vice Commander on the field are slightly dignified, because most of them have a limit of only 500 zhang.

“Hmph, it’s a bit capable.” Xia Qiuming’s pretty face with a sneer looks a little ugly at the moment.

Because after reaching 500 zhang, Luo Feng’s speed did not decrease at all, and looking at it, he didn’t show any slight fatigue!

For the Three Great Commanders, the expression has no fluctuations, because their original record is at least 7 hundred zhang.

And under that many eyes, Luo Feng continued to roar down, and soon it was 600, 700, 800 zhang!

Yan Que’s expression was suddenly frozen at the moment, because his record was only 800 zhang!

call out!

When Luo Feng descended to 9 hundred zhang, Han Xiang, the leader who had always expressed indifferently, also glanced at a strange color in his heart.

Qin Ze didn’t speak. He just stared closely at the screen, his eyes changing, and his heart was a little uneasy.

Because he suddenly discovered that until now, Luo Feng still maintained the original speed, not only that, but it seems to have begun to accelerate…

After a few minutes, Luo Feng’s figure was in Qin Ze’s slightly ugly complexion, breaking through to a thousand zhang!


There was a sudden uproar, and all Star Card master’s eyes were full of look of shock.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, the expression was slightly moving, they remember very clearly, even Vice Pavilion Lord Qin Ze, the original record, it was only 900 70 more than…

“It’s all thousand zhang, should it be over?” Someone wiped a cold sweat and lost his voice.

If they hadn’t been to Jinchi, and knew the pressure of terrifying, I’m afraid that Luo Feng was at this moment, just a common pool.

Lv Xiaowan’s beautiful eyes were round and muttered: “What was the record of our old Pavilion Lord, Wind Pavilion?”

Yan Que’s face narrowed slightly and said, “If I remember correctly, it should be 1000 2. This should be our highest record in Wind Pavilion.”

Lv Xiaowan stared blankly, muttered: “I am afraid that this so-called highest record is going to be history today.”

1000 one, 1000 3, 1000 5, 1000 5…

In just a few moments, Luo Feng directly broke the Wind Pavilion record and dived nearly 1000 500 zhang!

“Not stopped yet?”

Someone’s voice trembles. I am afraid that this record can already be comparable to that of Jiang Yan and Zhou Sheng. !

And these two people are the masters of a pavilion, but Royal Flame Dynasty highest Heaven’s Chosen!

In that one after another horrifying gaze, Luo Feng’s footsteps ended up at 1800 88 feet!

On the screen, Luo Feng seemed to hesitate. Instead of continuing to choose to go down, he sat on his knees and began to absorb the surrounding Star Essence qi.

At this moment, the Star Essence qi around him is also intensively incapable of being added.


Everyone sucked back a bit of cold skin.

At the moment, their foreheads are popping out of perspiration beads, and their eyes are almost scared out in shock. Looking across the history of the 4th Pavilion, there seems to be no Vice Commander that can reach such a terrifying step on the alchemy gold pool…

Although this does not indicate strength, in a sense, the dive height represents Luo Feng’s innate talent and potential.

Yan Que’s face is already ugly and somewhat distorted. The impact of this data is even greater than that of the Holy Land league champion.

“Although I know that the Holy Land League champion will perform out of the ordinary, but this is too out of the ordinary…” Lv Xiaowan’s beautiful eyes stared round and stared blankly.

Xia Qiuming’s silver teeth were clenched and her eyes were stagnant. How could this be possible…

“Yan Que, this is what you said, there is a little innate talent?” Qin Ze suddenly said indifferently, under his words, there was a thick ice cold aura.

Yan Que previously said that Luo Feng has a little innate talent, but he didn’t care too much. Now, it seems that this is more than a little innate talent…

“Yeah.” Yan Que smiled bitterly, and said, “There are indeed 100000000 million innate talents.”

The bottom of the gold pool.

Luo Feng sat cross-legged, the golden liquid around him squeezed out, making him feel like he was stuck in the deep sea, and his skeleton was all squeezed and thundered.

However, no matter how the liquid squeezed, his body was rock-solid and unshakable.

“Can I only stop here?”

Luo Feng squeezed his lips lightly, brushing his face unwillingly, Gu Ziyan said: “I don’t know, my score is good or bad.”

In Jin Chi, because the perception was blocked, he could not know the situation of other people and could not make a comparison.

“For now, let’s see if we can improve the quality of Star Mansion.”

Luo Feng took a deep breath, Taiyi Zhenshu was running, and suddenly the huge suction on the side diffused outwards, pulling the golden liquid around him, and suddenly a trace of Star Essence qi converged, accompanied by the impact of the liquid, pouring into his Star Mansion.

And with the influx of these Star Essence qi, Star Mansion has become more stable, and the quality is also quietly improving.

After about an hour, the speed of absorption of the body Star Essence qi gradually slowed down.

It seems that it is close to saturation.

“Hey, since I’m full, should I work?” Luo Feng looked down at his mind, staring at the Blue Star Mansion, nervously beating, if the quality didn’t prompt, then he had to be depressed.


At this moment, a blue light appeared on the Star Mansion, and the blue light became more and more dense, almost full of water, and finally, there was a purple light bursting out of the Star Mansion!

Once the purple rays of light bloomed, it diffused with a naked eye’s speed, and eventually filled the entire Star Mansion.

After the entire Qifu became purple, the speed of the purple spread gradually slowed down, and finally, it was completely stable.

“Purple Star Mansion?” Luo Feng lightly pursed his lips, flicked a bit unwillingly, Master said, the best Star Mansion, but golden.

Although he within the body has only developed two Star Mansion, but if they are purple, then all Star Mansion developed in the future will be synchronized as purple.

And at this moment, the rich purple on Star Mansion gradually faded away.

“Hey hey hey, don’t you have emotions, I like purple too!”

“…You have to believe the man’s mouth!”

Luo Feng was shocked when he saw this scene. He stared at Star Mansion bluntly. However, it didn’t fade back to blue at all, but gradually faded to white.

“…This is still going backwards, don’t mess with my mentality!”

Luo Feng panicked, the Master said, white is the lowest level Star Mansion!

So, in his horrifying eyes, Star Mansion turned completely white, but not at all ended here, but began to become transparent…

Soon, Star Mansion gradually stabilized.

Luo Feng looked away, and then he was horrified to find that there was no color on it!

The whole body is transparent, like a glazed glass, warm like jade, and precious stones.

He looked blankly, stunned and muttered:

“This… the colorless Star Mansion is what the hell?!”

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