Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 254

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There is still silence outside Star Pond, all eyes, with a trace of silence, looking at the silhouette of Luo Feng in the screen, obviously all shocked by his length.

Why is it so long!

For Luo Feng, they actually don’t know much. After all, Holy Land is far away from the 4th Pavilion. Compared with Holy Land Star Card master, it has witnessed the growth of Luo Feng, Wind Pavilion’s Star Card master. ‘S understanding is limited to knowing that he is the champion of this year’s Holy Land League.

Nowadays, the Star Pond and his party in the refining house give them the most intuitive feeling.

1800 88 Zhang!

You should know that even the Peak influential figure of the younger generation in the 4th Pavilion, Zhou Sheng and Jiang Yan, was only about 1000 500 zhang in the past.

1000 500 zhang is shocking, and Luo Feng, on the record close to Legendary, once again raised three hundred zhang!

How exactly is this done?

All Vice Commander looked at each other in blank dismay, and they knew exactly what it meant.

This means that if Luo Feng is not permanently disabled, after 3 years and 5 years, their Wind Pavilion will also have a Star Card master comparable to Zhou Sheng and Jiang Yan 2 Pavilion Lord.

“This child is indeed out of the ordinary, so it can be seen that Jiang Chen will be defeated in his hands, and it is not wrong.” Qin Ze ordered nodded, and it sounded not only that there was no trace of displeasure, but rather he felt quite Gratified.

It’s just that a hint of cold glow flashed deep in his heart, but it was telling him that he was not quiet at the moment.

“I have inquired that this guy had broken some records in Holy Land before. At first glance, it was indeed surprising, but then everyone found out that it seemed that he relied on a certain characteristic of the star card, so he did it by accident.”

At the moment, Yan Que stared at the Luo Feng silhouette on the screen with a gloomy and uncertain face, and his voice was paused. He continued: “It seems to me that the same is true today.”

In his view, Luo Feng has great potential. Which step he can take in the future and how much benefit he can bring to Wind Pavilion has nothing to do with him.

After all, in the final analysis, he is just a little leader, even if Wind Pavilion becomes the head of the 4th cabinet, for him, the meaning is not too great.

Everyone’s interests are different.

He is more concerned about the most intuitive interests in front of him.

Although Luo Feng said, he did not intend to grab his position as the leader, but used it as a springboard to compete for the Vice Pavilion Lord of Wind Pavilion.

But as Vice Pavilion Lord said, is this what he wants to do?

If he becomes the leader and can’t go up, staying in this position for 3 years, 3 years and 3 years later, should he stay in the position of Vice Commander and bow his head to be a dog?

The former Star Card master and outstanding people have already become Vice Pavilion Lords in other cabinets.

And he, right now, not to mention Vice Pavilion Lord, even the position of the commander may not be guaranteed… If he really does not advance and retreat, this will make him face this way.

Of course, although he was unhappy with Luo Feng in his heart, he had not shown it blatantly, but used the means quietly in secret.

In this case, even if Luo Feng really became his own peak one day, he wouldn’t take him from the head.

“Even if it really relies on the special effects of the star card, wouldn’t that be more indicative of his out of the ordinary?” The leader of the side, Lu Xiaowan, smiled and took the head, saying: “Yan Que commander, let you rely on the star card, can you dive so deep?”

In the eyes of everyone, being blocked by this sentence, Yan Que’s eyes looked a bit gloomy, obviously feeling extremely ashamed.

Xia Qiuming’s beautiful eyes are slightly trance, somehow she suddenly regrets in her heart. Was she pretending to be too much in front of Luo Feng that day?

In fact, she had no opinion on Luo Feng. The reason why she showed such an extreme attitude that day was because Chu Man that’s all.

However, even thinking about it in her mind, she did not intend to say something to save the scene, because if she did that, she would make the master and disciple in the heart look down upon her more and more.

“Hmph, no matter how good your potential is, you have to convert your potential into strength. Besides, at least for now, you haven’t stepped on the strength on my head.”

She was coldly snorted and comforted herself.

Qin Ze waved his hand, and the screen suddenly dissipated and turned into fluorescence.

I don’t want to continue watching, because it will only add to my own.

He pondered for a moment, looked towards Yan Que, and said: “How many orc tribes around Fufeng County 3 in the city have been well?”

Yan Que nodded and said, “At present, it is still stable.”

Qin Ze took a deep look at him and said, “No one knows when the beast tide will be protected. You must pay attention to this point. Be prepared in advance. Don’t wait for the disaster to really strike and be completely unprepared.”

“In addition, you have 3 battalions in Fufeng County. As for what battalions and what cities are guarded, the corresponding relationship among them, you must be in place as the leader.”

Yan Que hearing this is also started, guarding the 3 major cities in Fufeng County and defending against the tide of the beast. This is their duty to support the wind army. Why does Qin Ze want to emphasize today?

He knows that this Vice Pavilion Lord, who has never taken the initiative to clarify the words, needs to think about the meaning of himself.

Yan Que eyes slightly narrowed, thinking about it carefully. After a while, he faced Qin Ze cup hand to hold fist and said, “Understand.”

Star Pond bottom.

Looking at the glass-like colorless gas palace within the body, Luo Feng opened his eyes and fell into life thinking.

“Why, worry it always accompanies me?”

“Why, my Star Mansion is not the same as the bastards outside?”

Luo Feng blinked his eyes, and the unheard-of colorless gas palace made him feel some inexplicable panic.

However, he felt it carefully, but found that his Star Mansion was indeed bigger and stronger than before.

“Is it because of Saint blood?” He was frowned, 100 could not understand it, and no longer thought about it, said: “Forget it, Saint Xuan cattle criticism.”

“Go back and ask the Master.”

He was about to leave, but at this moment, a voice like a little milk cat suddenly resounded from below.

“Meow, save, save…”

Luo Feng hearing this is also startled, his eyes down, and the sound seems to come from below.

“Is there something below?” he cried out curiously.

“Come down, please, QAQ…”

It sounds like a little milk cat again sounded.

Luo Feng felt a little unconscious, immediately Star qi surged around him, trying to face down again.


The further down, the pressure increased sharply. As if he was stuck in the deep sea, his skeleton was squeezed to the point of oh la la.

“I try my best. If you can’t go down, don’t blame me.”

Luo Feng gritted his teeth, stubbornly boned, under the tremendous pressure, all the way down.


After a few minutes, Luo Feng fell into the ground with a lazy donkey roll, accompanied by a sense of emptiness.

He lifts the head, and then astonished to find that the bottom of the golden pool is actually an independent space.


The voice of the little milk cat came again.

Luo Feng suddenly turned around and looked away, and saw a cute kitten like a puppet cat, now squatting in the corner, jewel-like hetero pupil, staring at him pitifully.

“This… why is there a cat here?” Luo Feng looked a little stunned and looked at it suspiciously, said: “Little short legs, are you?”

“Wu wu wu You are the short legs!” The little milk cat immediately waved her small claws in protest, saying, “I am the cat king, I am super fierce!”

Luo Feng: “…”

The little milk cat walked in a catwalk and swaggered over.

At close range, Luo Feng sees clearly. Its body, its eyebrows, have a star-like peculiar texture, which is mysterious and mysterious.

It wagged its tail and said proudly: “I am a star cat, you can call me Mina.”

“Star cat?” Luo Feng frowned, said: “What is that stuff?”

The star-shaped cat heard this, and the jewel-like eyes suddenly widened, looking incredible. “Ahhhh!!! Oh my god, you didn’t even know the star-shaped cat!”

“Do you know how much the Star Card master likes the Star Cat Masters!”

“Oh, am I great here?” Luo Feng looked at it curiously and said, “So, why are you here?”

The star pattern cat lowered its head, whispered: “I was greedy for the Star Essence qi here, so I followed the other Star Card masters and sneaked in.”

“But! After I came in and filled Star Essence qi, I didn’t know how to get out!”

“Star Pond, the refining palace here, is surrounded by high-end Star Card masters, and if you break out, I will be arrested!”

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, said: “So, you stay here all the time?”

The star-patterned cat chick nodded like rice, saying, “Yeah, I want to and the others come in and take me out.”

“Every month there should be new people coming here, why don’t you find them? Is it that kind of dog-blooded plot, you are here to wait for me?” Luo Feng is more and more puzzled.

The star pattern cat gave him a white look and said, “Where is this king waiting for you, no one can reach this depth…”

“According to my secret observations, they should have something that can peek into the situation inside Star Pond, so as to see how deep each Star Card master dives.”

“So I can only keep myself diving, try to hide as far and deep as possible, and then hide in corners that are difficult to find, so that they can avoid their spying.”

“I successfully reached the deepest point, but I don’t know how to get up…”

“So I have been waiting for the Star Card master to come here and take me secretly.” It stomped his feet and said in a grudge: “Unfortunately, these Star Card masters are too disappointing, this year’s are too short , Except for you, even a thousand zhang can’t break through!”

“Then you are so powerful that you can dive so deep.” Luo Feng exclaimed. With his body, he dived to this depth and he was almost transformed.

Star pattern cat Mina: “After all, our cats are actually liquids, so these will naturally not fail us.”

It raised its eyes, and the good-looking hetero pupil stared at Luo Feng pitifully, and said, “You will definitely take me up, and you will not be handed over to me, right, right?”

Luo Feng pondered for a moment, and said: “I understand the truth, but I don’t like charity, so why should I help you?”

Star-shaped cat Mina leaned over her head and said, “I can pour you.”

Luo Feng: “Change one.”

Mina thought for a while and said, “It seems that all of you who can come here are Vice Commander, so are you?”

Luo Feng: “Yes.”

Star cat: “That’s great. As a great star cat, I can cooperate with you (*╹▽╹*)!”

“How to cooperate?” Luo Feng wondered.

Star pattern cat Mina: “Stretch your hand over!”

Luo Feng looked at it cautiously and said, “Why, I’m afraid you hurt me.”

Star cat Mina: “I… I won’t hurt you!”

Luo Feng: “Why?”

Star pattern cat Mina: “Don’t ask, ask me is a cute little kitty!”

“Okay, believe you once.” Luo Feng rolled the eyes, extending the hand.

call out!

At the next moment, the stars of light flashed into a stream of light, and penetrated into Luo Feng’s arm.

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, looking away, I don’t know when, there is a cat-shaped pattern on his arm.

And at this moment, he slightly startedled, and then suddenly discovered that his imposing manner was actually climbing up!

In just a few minutes of interest, it has actually increased by nearly 2 stars!

“Star Card master, is that cool?”

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