Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 256

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Command the House.

In a secret room.

The light here is slightly dim, making the atmosphere quite depressed.

At the moment, there are two figures here.

Yan Que, Xia Qiuming.

“Actually, I didn’t want to understand, why do you want to transfer him to Cold Wind City.” Xia Qioming slowly said, breaking the silence in the secret room.

Yan Que’s eyes were harsh, and he said, “Actually, this is what Vice Pavilion Lord means.”

“Vice Pavilion Lord?” Xia Qiuming hearing this, also started, immediately nodded, said: “As you can see, our future military leader, quite appreciate Luo Feng.”

“Appreciate?” Yan Que sneered, said: “You are still too young, to achieve his level, naturally will not reveal the true thoughts of the heart.”

“After reading the records today, he intentionally emphasized the city where each battalion is sitting, unspoken implication, nothing more than let me make adjustments.”

“Then why did he transfer Luo Feng to Cold Wind City?” Xia Qiuming still puzzled, saying: “Frost Wolf clan is powerful, but it has been very peaceful for several years, so this Cold Wind City, compared with other 2 City, the pressure is actually the least.”

In Yan Que’s eyes, a flicker of viciousness passed, saying: “You know, the wolf is a very vengeful creature. The reason why it is relatively quiet these years is that it lacks a fuse that’s all.”

“If someone ignited this fuse, let Frostwolf besieged the city, and more importantly it would be killed in battle. If it wasn’t fortunate, then the strength of Xuanji Camp would be difficult to resist the tide of the beast. Can you afford this responsibility?”

“Originally, for a newcomer to airborne Vice Commander, many people have complained in their hearts. If this thing breaks out again, can this Vice Commander still do it?”

Xia Qiuming Liu Liu frowned slightly and said, “But if Frost Wolf clan really invades, then our other 2 battalions, as the nearest army, should naturally go to support?”

“Should we slow down the time to go to support?”

“Go, of course you have to go, and you must rush to support.” Yan Que said.

“Then if we all go, will the frost wolf’s siege be solved?” Xia Qiuming didn’t understand.

Yan Que smiled at her and said, “Give a reason for not being able to go immediately to the other 2 cities, isn’t it good?”

The next day.

The army is ready to go.

There are more than 800 Star Card masters in Xuanjiying. At the moment grandiose, moved towards Cold Wind City.

Fufeng County is large and Cold Wind City is far away.

They set off from the dawn of the morning, and drove forward all the way. It was only when the sunset fell, and how did the Great Windwind Castle gradually appear in sight.

Cold Wind City, as the heavy city of Fufeng County, so the defense here is also extremely heavy.

In the majestic city, a huge Star qi mask covers the entire city, and it exudes extremely fierce Star qi fluctuations, which is dangerous for 10000 points.

The city’s city wall is heavily guarded and patrolling teams are constantly turning.

It can be said that the strictness is extreme.

At the moment, Inside the City Lord Mansion.

A middle-aged man with a steadfast face, staring at the wall of the city’s defense map at the moment, lost in thought.

This person is Cold Wind City City Lord, named Fan Xing, 3 Star Card master.

At this moment, an attendant came in and said, “Master Fan Xing, the guarding army this month, has come to the city.”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Fan Xing smiled, saying: “But is it still Xia Qiu Ming Vice Commander?”

The servant frowned and said, “It doesn’t look like it. The person headed is a silhouette of a youth that I haven’t seen before.”

“That should be Liu Teng’s Vice Commander. This person can defeat the old Vice Commander and replace it, out of the ordinary.”

So, Fan Xing walked out of the City Lord Mansion, boarded the city gate, and looked far away. However, when he saw the “Profound” flag in the stand in great numbers, and the silhouette of the strange youth headed by him, the expression was slight. One condensation.

Because here, since Vanguard Battalion led by Xia Qiuming is not the breaking the formation camp led by Liu Teng Vice Commander, but the mysterious battalion at the end of the 3rd battalion.

“Since it is not Liu Teng, it should be the airborne newcomer Vice Commander named Luo Feng.” Fan Xing’s eyes narrowed.

“It turns out that Cold Wind City has been stable for all these years, so everyone has used it to rub the experience.” On the side of it, a girl disdain curl one’s lip, said: “It is said that this Vice Commander is only 2-star Early-Stage , And Xuanji Camp almost couldn’t resist the last Black Water City beast tide. If Frost Wolf clan suddenly broke out, what should I do?”

Her name is Meng Ruo, the daughter of City Lord Fan Xing.

“You don’t have to be so pessimistic.” Fan Xing eyes flashed, saying: “This Frost Wolf clan hasn’t been rioted in a few years, and it shouldn’t happen to be abnormal during this time, and even if it really came, the other 2 battalions in Fufeng County Will come quickly to support, why not be afraid?”

“Moreover, it’s a good thing to know this new Vice Commander. I heard that he is the Holy Land League champion. He has a promising future. Now he has a good face, and I will treat him well in the future. convenient.”

Meng Ruo whispered: “However he said, now it is just a Vice Commander, who knows what will happen in the future?”

Fan Xing glared at her and gently pats her head, saying: “If you want to leave a mark in a person’s heart, it must be when he is still weak.”

“If he really becomes Vice Pavilion Lord Pavilion Lord, I’ll go to meet you again and show great diligence, do you think people will still treat me?”

“Provide timely help is always more popular than icing on the cake.”

Meng Ruo hearing this, suddenly realized, said: “Father said what is reasonable.”

So, Jiejie Kai, the city gate opened, and Fan Xing walked down the city, with said with a smile: “Want to come to this is Luo Feng Vice Commander? Real Heroes come out from the Youth.”

“Fan Xing City Lord, this is my Master.” Luo Feng nodded with a smile, then pointed to Chu Man next to him, said: “If you have anything, just ask her, she can do it for me Everything is decided.”

Fan Xing looked towards Chu Man, the tyrannical Star qi looming out of his body, which suddenly made him respectful.

Chuman jade hand twitched his forehead hair and sighed in his heart. This guy wanted to be an arm-flinging shopkeeper again.

“I hope that during this time, Frost Wolf clan will be able to settle down as always.” Fan Xing murmured.

I don’t know why, this time the personnel transfer made him feel a little nervous.

That kind of feeling is unclear, the Tao is unknown, but it really exists.

So, after entering Cold Wind City, Luo Feng wandered around the city, then threw everything to Chu Man, and he began to retreat.

He knew very well that he was the man who wanted to become a god-level Star Card master. Now this Vice Commander post is just a temporary transition that’s all.

Empress wants to cultivate himself as the general Pavilion Lord, although it is used to fight King Jiang, but to think about it from another angle, it is actually paving the way for himself.

After ten days.

In a quiet little building, Luo Feng sat cross-legged, vomiting and renewing, Star qi between Heaven and Earth, continuously pouring into within the body.

For a long time, he opened his eyes and looked down at the No. 3 Star Mansion with no progress, and his heart was unable to bear faintly sighed.

As Flame Sovereign said, at Card Master realm, it can rise by 1-star in half a year, which is actually quite fast.

Although he has a Saint blood quenching body, which is different from ordinary people, it is afraid that it will take at least 2 months without the help of foreign object.

Cultivated for more than ten days, he still stayed at 2-star Early-Stage, even Middle-Stage threshold barriers didn’t touch.

The last Star Pond in the refining house, Star Essence qi in it, only improved the quality of Star Mansion, but it did not have any obvious help for the improvement of its own realm.

“According to this cultivation speed, I am afraid that when I challenge Xia Qiuming next month, I may not be able to break through to 3 Star Card master.”

“And with my Star Mansion advantage and many mysteries, the more one-star, the better.”

“But if Xia Qiu Ming is blessed to the soul and breaks to 4-star this month, then I will play 2-star with 4 stars, I’m afraid I won’t do it.”

Luo Feng shook the head, sinking into contemplation, it doesn’t work like this, it seems to have to think of a way.

Bang bang bang!

And at this moment, he suddenly felt clearly that his pavilion was shaking slightly!

“En?” Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle. There is only one person in this small building, and no one else. How could it shake violently?

But at this moment, Chu Man walked in hurriedly, pretty face slightly condensed, said: “Beast tide, invaded.”

“What?” Hearing this, Luo Feng’s expression also moved slightly, saying, “Is Yan Que notified?”

“Already sent people.” Chu Man said.

Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Let’s see.”

So, the two left the pavilion in a hurry and moved towards the city gate.

Outside of Cold Wind City, at the end of the line of sight, the black beast tide is like a tide, surging.

Everyone felt the earth shaking slightly.

The breath of slaughter fell over the entire Cold Wind City.

Grandiose’s position looks extremely oppression.

Luo Feng stood on the city wall, looking far away, and saw the dust in the distance, and countless Star beasts came rushing.

Star qi is raging, murderous-looking.

“King Kong ape, Ghost tiger, earth rhinoceros, of course, the most important one is the densely packed werewolf!”

“That is, Frost Wolf clan!”

Star Card master on the city wall, staring at those star beasts that are coming, all eyes are filled with astonished expression at the moment.

didn’t expect, this Frost Wolf clan, actually came.

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