Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 257

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Countless people are staring at this scene with fear, especially some old people in Cold Wind City, and it is from this scene that they thought of a few years ago.

That day, as it is today, Frost Wolf clan suddenly invaded, and the whole city was in deep despair because of the imminent destruction.

“It’s really here?” Fan Xing’s eyes widened and looked incredulously, muttered: “Although Frost Wolf clan came a few years ago, Cold Wind City was capsized, but because of my dynasty powerhouse shot, They made their strength great injury, so Frost Wolf clan was in awe. In the past few years, they dared not come to offend. Now, why is it so abnormal?”

“This beast tide…” Chu Man stared at the densely packed Star beast, the expression gradually dimmed, and at the same time was full of doubts.

Because, from these Star beasts, she not only saw the murderous aura, it seems, there is the sky full of anger.

Feeling that way, it seems like looking for revenge.

If it is an ordinary little beast tide, with the strength of their mysterious battalion, they can resist it.

However, if Frost Wolf clan was dispatched, that would be different.

Under the watchfulness of countless light, the black beastly tide of the beast tide came closer.

And at this moment, the Star Card master who went to the report, was also rushed back at this moment.

“How to say?” Luo Feng looked at him.

The man expressed turned cold and said: “Yuan Que commander said, there has been no animal tide for a long time. Even if it happens, it is just a small animal tide when I want to. It is not necessary to make a fuss about nothing.”

“In addition, the other 2 cities have also experienced a beast tide, so the other 2 battalions are temporarily unable to come to support, let us resist first, and when they are stable, they will immediately send people to come to support!”

“Also, Commander Yan Que said that he had informed the Vice Pavilion Lord about this. Powerhouses in other counties will also come to the rescue, but the other counties are far away from this place, I am afraid that the road will be delayed for a while…”

Luo Feng eyes slightly narrowed, sneered: “Today, just three cities have been attacked. Are these Star beasts good?”

“How is this good?” City Lord Fan Xing was in a hurry.

Fan Xing was in a hurry and said, “What should I do now?”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered and said, “Since Yan Que commanded us to wait, then we will strengthen our defense and wait here.”

“Wait for the other battalion Star Card master to support?” Fan Xing was in a hurry. This beast tide army had already arrived at the city. I’m afraid I could not wait.

After all, the Star Card masters of other camps in Fufeng County must calm down the beast tide in their own area before they can come. The ghost knows when they will be able to calm down?

As for the Star Card master in other counties, it is too far away, even if Card King realm powerhouse, I am afraid that it will take a long time to fly, even more how, this level of beast tide, support a high-end Card Master, how can it be Let Card King powerhouse come in person?

“I really don’t understand, why come to our Cold Wind City mixed experience?” Meng Ruo curl one’s lip, if it is Xia Qiu Ming’s Vanguard Battalion, why should they be so terrified?

Not to mention, Vanguard Battalion’s 3 Star Card masters have 3 names, plus father, at least evenly matched with Frost Wolf clan 3 leader level Super Star beast.

Today, there is only one 3 Star Card master in the Xuanji Battalion. How to resist the frost wolf army of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood?

Luo Feng said with a smile: “Don’t panic, even if they don’t come, we have other reinforcements.”

Fan Xing was puzzled, apart from this, what other reinforcements?

One hundred thousand Yin Soldier ?

boom ~ boom ~…

The earth was trembling violently. The densely packed Star beast was like a locust crossing the border. Soon, it had reached the junction outside Cold Wind City.

In that beast tide army, there are 3 silhouettes, standing in the sky, the beast pupil, showing a fierce breath.

It is the three leader beasts in the Frost Wolf clan: Heaven Wolf King, Earth Wolf King, Silver Wolf King.

God Wolf King stared at the enchantment, his eyes cold, his wolf claws waved, and said, “Destroy the enchantment!”

Bang bang bang!

As a result, the vast Star qi surge, densely packed offensive, roared and hit the enchantment.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The enchantment seems indestructible, but under such a intensive offensive, it also seems a bit reluctant.

The Star Card master in Cold Wind City is trembling with fear at the moment.

“If the reinforcements are broken and the reinforcements haven’t come yet, then Cold Wind City might be robbed today.” Fan Xing shuddered.

He sneaked a glance at Luo Feng, but he saw that the latter expression had no slight waves, and he couldn’t help wondering, this guy, could he not know how terrifying Frost Wolf clan is?

And at this moment, a Star Card master gasping for breath ran over and said: “In addition to City Lord, Vice Commander, west… outside the west city gate, there is also a large army of Star beasts!”

“What kind of Star beast army is this?!” Fan Xing’s face changed suddenly, and his heart turned over the river. They were almost unable to withstand the beast tide in front of them, and now there is an unknown force?

The Star Card master thought for a while and said, “Yes, it’s a group of cats, but they didn’t seem to attack, but all gathered at the city gate, lying on the ground…wagging their tails!”

Hearing this, Luo Feng smiled face to face, secretly sighed in relief.

Cat King, you really came.

When Chu Man informed him of the beast tide at the beginning, Luo Feng knew that today’s things were not that simple, and Yan Que might not come quickly to support him, so without the slightest hesitation crushed jade stone and used Mina Cat love.

Now listening to the description of the Star Card master, it should be that the cat king brought home.

So, Luo Feng moved towards the west city gate, he looked at the densely packed little kitty under the city and said, “open the city gates!”

“Vice Commander, you… are you serious? Don’t look at them so cute, this group of cats Star Beast has sharp claws, fast attack speed, and a flexible figure, which is more terrifying than those jackals, tigers and leopards!” City Lord Fan Xing Unable to bear asked, would this guy be a traitor?

“Fan Xing City Lord, don’t panic.” Luo Feng shook the head, chuckling and laughing, said: “This is our reinforcements, they are more reliable than anyone else.”

City Lord Fan Xing: “?”

So he hesitated for a moment, and finally clenched the teeth, opening the city gates suspiciously.

call out!

Star pattern Elvis Mina rushed into Luo Feng’s arms, rubbed his chest, and the good-looking hetero pupil stared at him, saying: “Meow, human, miss me?”

“Little cute, you are finally here.” Luo Feng’s face rejoiced, and he extended the hand, gently brushing Mina’s hair.

Mina immediately raised his small claws to protest: “Meow, don’t poke me, you have to pluck yourself… Ah, what’s the matter, so cool, meow…”

At close range, City Lord Fan Xing finally saw the shapes of these cats. His eyes stared at the complex lines on the cat’s body, and he was shocked: “This, is it a legendary star cat?!”

“Is this all discovered by you?” Luo Feng said with a smile.

Everyone saw that these cats were also startled, and immediately afterwards, there was a clamor of sounding.

“Star pattern cat, but the star pattern cat that can fit with the Star Card master?”

“Ahhh! Lying trough, I have been searching for a long time, but I haven’t found one. Why are there so many suddenly here?”

“Gosh, Vice Commander is too powerful, and directly called a bunch of star cats for reinforcements?”

Everyone was watching this scene in disbelief, ecstatic colors and star cats appeared on their faces, but they were partners in the yearn for something even in dreams!

Because other Star beasts can only fight on their own, for Star Card masters who rely on star cards to fight, the significance is not very great.

The star cat can directly increase the strength of the Star Card master and indirectly allow all star cards to increase.

“Mina, thank you.” Luo Feng said.

Mina flicked her tail and said, “It’s Frost Wolf clan who invaded from outside. This job is not good…”

“…At least one barrel of dried fish per cat!”

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