Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 258

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Luo Feng looked towards Fan Xing, saying: “City Lord, can this requirement be met?”

“I can do it, let alone one barrel, even if it is ten barrels, I can get it.” Fan Xing chick pecked like rice nodded, said: “If not enough, I will catch all the koi raised in the pond. Dry and count!”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, looked towards the Star Card master of Xuanji Battalion, and said, “Come, claim one each, ready to fight.”

Xiu xiu xiu!

As a result, densely packed star cats entered the middle of the Star Card master. Soon, each star cat found its own Star Card master!

Lin Xuan looked at these cute star-shaped cats, and his eyes were fiery at the moment. Unable to bear swallowed and said, “Vice Commander, I… can I?”

Luo Feng looked at him with said with a smile: “Is Deacon Lin Xuan not feeling well recently? If so, then you don’t need to go to the battlefield in person and watch the changes in the city.”

Hearing this, Zhao Gang and Qiu Yin’s two deacons were funny, and although Luo Feng did not say so, unspoken implication undoubtedly refused Lin Xuan to apply for the Xingwen cat.

Lin Xuan’s face was gloomy and uncertain.


One after another fierce imposing manner soared to the sky, it is true that after being combined with the star pattern cat, the battle strength of all Star Card masters in Xuanjiying was undoubtedly soared!

Luo Feng glanced at all Star Card masters and said, “Now, are you still afraid of the beast tide?”

“Not afraid!” everyone shouted, unanimously.

One Star Card master is improved by one person, it is equal to 5 star cards, each one is improved by one person, one person’s cool feeling, 5 times the happiness.

“No wonder he hasn’t panicked. It’s not that he didn’t know the power of Frost Wolf clan, but he has such a means.” Fan Xing looked at Luo Feng staring blankly. The doubts and scrutiny in his eyes had long since disappeared. Instead, it was thick. Strong awe.

“City Lord, open the enchantment. Next, we take the initiative to attack.” Luo Feng said.

“Okay.” Fan Xing waved his hand and suddenly Star Card master took his command away. Soon, the encirclement by the Star Beast army gradually faded away.

“Zhao Gang, Qiu Yin, next, I will give it to you.” Luo Feng looked towards the two deacons, indifferently said.

“It’s not humiliating!” Zhao Gang expression looked down, said: “Archer, ready to release arrows!”

Suddenly, a densely packed shooter-type star card, boarded the city wall, aimed at the beast tide below, bowed and stringed, Star qi surged.

Xiu xiu xiu!

In an instant, 10000 arrows were fired at once, and the arrows fell like rain.

Countless arrows showing off one’s ability, with a fierce Star qi, like a meteor falling, flying straight down, shooting into the Star beast tide.

Ao! Ao! Ao!

Under this round of fierce arrows, a lot of Star beast burst into a scream, and the blood was flowing, just a few moments, and the original Star Beast, which was originally full of vitality, fell down in pieces. .

Like Wind of Death, many frost wolves died instantly.

Fan Xing looked at this scene dumbfounded. Now the formidable power of Xuanjiying Star Card master is too fierce, right?

3 After the round of arrows shooting, Qiu**: “You, it’s time for me to wait for merit, all star cards, charge charge charge!”

call out!

At the next moment, the city gate opened wide, and the densely packed star card accompanied the earth-shattering footsteps, killing the opposite animal tide.

After being bombarded by a bunch of shooters, the animal tide’s imposing manner instantly languished a lot. Their leader Frost King, seeing this scene, roared violently: “For Frost Wolf clan!”


This voice seemed to contain a magical power, and suddenly one after another vigorous imposing manner soared into the sky, and those frost wolves, cheered up again, collided with the star card on the opposite side.

“Is this war?”

On the city gate, Luo Feng lightly looked at it, and then lost his interest. He still liked the game and didn’t feel much about it.

However, now as the bottom-level Vice Commander, his position is limited and he has to accept orders.

If you want to avoid these things, you only have to climb up and wait until you become Vice Pavilion Lord Pavilion Lord, then you don’t have to do it yourself, just with a command, someone will naturally deal with these things.

“This is what you call reinforcements?” Chu Man saw this scene, and was slightly astonished. He said: “Singing cats are very rare. Where did you find so many cats?”

Luo Feng teased: “It’s very simple, a variety of catnip, naturally come.”

Chu Man: “.”

“It’s a long story, and when the beast tide ends at night, I slowly talk to the Master.” Luo Feng said with a smile.

“Okay.” Chu Man smiled softly, and her beautiful eyes cast on the Star Beast army, saying: “The Frost Wolf clan’s strongest are the three leaders: Wolf King, Wolf King, Silver Wolf King.”

“Tian Wolf King is a 4-star super Star beast, and Earth Wolf King and Moon Wolf King are both 3-star super Star beast.”

“To quickly stabilize the beast tide, we must first solve these three hard bones.”

Fan Xing nodded quite agreeably, said: “It is true, to catch brigands, first catch their king.”

Chu Man holding a cute star cat, said: “I have a star cat fit, comparable to 4 Star Card master, Wolf King gave me that day, as for the Wolf King and the silver Wolf King, you have to deal with it .”

Fan Xing nodded.

Luo Feng thought about it and said, “Master, God Wolf King, give it to me.”

“You?” Chu Man’s beautiful eyes flickered with concern. “Wolf King was 4-Star Peak’s super Star beast, comparable to the 4-Star Card Master, plus Star beast’s fierce Fleshy body.” I’m afraid that in the face of 5 Star Card master, there is also a power to fight.”

“Relax, Master, I have Mina.” Luo Feng said, Mina and he fit together, can make him skyrocket 2 stars, equivalent to 4 Star Card master.

The reason why he wants to challenge the Wolf King is not to brave himself or to force a comparison. He just wants to feel for himself how much improvement this colorless mansion has brought him.

In this way, he can also use this to infer what kind of situation it will be when the leapfrogging fights against people.

“Meow, this cat king is very difficult to deal with!” Mina yelled, and then turned into a stream of streamer, pouring into his arm.


Luo Feng’s imposing manner climbed up, and soon, he reached 4-star Early-Stage.

At the same time, Luo Feng divine sense moved, looked towards 5 star cards that had summoned well, saying, “Emperor’s armor, start!”


The next moment, 5 star cards turned into streamers, pouring into his within the body.

Luo Feng holds the Aurora Sword, wears the Emperor Battle Armor, and steps on the Emperor War Dragon. He roars down from the city wall, sparks and lightning along the way, and goes straight to the Wolf King in the herd.

“Although his star cat is very strong, but even so, it is only promoted to 4-star Early-Stage, can it really fight against the Wolf King?” Fan Xing brows slightly wrinkle.

The dream on the side is also pretty face uneasy.

Chu Man said: “City Lord rest assured that my discipline is not an ordinary person. If I am really worried, then quickly solve our respective opponents, and then go to help him.”

“Okay.” Fan Xing ordered nodded and summon out the star card, began to fit, and then went to the battlefield.

During the game, everyone likes to direct the star card, through the cooperation and operation of the star card, to complete the victory.

While fighting in the wild, most Star Card masters like to be combined with star cards. After all, 5 cards in one can only improve their battle strength to the extreme.

So, under the eyes of many eyes, Luo Feng went straight to Wolf King, Fan Xing looked towards Wolf King, and Chu Man, beautiful eyes locked Silver Wolf King.

In the shade of a tree in the distance, there are two figures, just like Demon prostrating on the ground, watching quietly at the moment.

It was Yan Que and Xia Qiuming.

“Look at you, that Luo Feng’s star card came with other star cards to take the initiative to attack!” Xia Qiuming looked from a distance, exquisite ecstasy on the exquisite pretty face.

“The enchantment will be broken, even if they don’t want to come out, there is no way.” Yan Que’s eyes turned, and then his eyes widened, cry out in surprise: “That Luo Feng, actually went straight to Wolf King and went?!”

This scene puzzled him. I thought Luo Feng would shrink into the city. Unexpectedly, this guy actually killed him directly, and also killed Wolf King, the strongest sky?

“In this way, we are even more worried.” Xia Qiuming nodded with satisfaction, glancing at a poisonous snake-like glance in her beautiful eyes, and said, “Who can blame for the dead end?”

“Wolf King was 4-star Peak’s super Star beast that day, and that Luo Feng is not 2-star Early-Stage’s strength. It is undoubtedly striking a stone with an egg.

“Great, great.” Yan Que suddenly felt comfortable, unable to bear wanted to laugh facing the sky, and said: “So if he really dies, then even if he sue to Flame Sovereign, then it is not us The pot.”

call out!

And under the eyes of many eyes with different thoughts, Luo Feng whistled away, and the Aurora Sword in his hand was headed towards the Wolf King.

“Little baby, smell of mother’s milk not yet dried, and dare to come to challenge this Wolf King?” Heaven Wolf King coldly snorted, the steel-like sharp claw suddenly stretched out, and collided with Aurora Sword, fiercely in Luo Feng’s hands Together.

The claws collided, exuding the sound of gold and iron, and stalemate together.


Suddenly a fierce force came along the wolf claws, making Wolf King’s arm slightly numb.

“Really strong power!” Tian Wolf King’s heart trembles. According to the imposing manner, it is clearly the 4-Star Early-Stage Card Master. Why is it so powerful?

Xiu xiu xiu!

The violent Star qi wave broke out, and the speed of the two figures was urged to the extreme.

In just a few minutes, a man and a beast have been fighting for dozens of rounds. The terrifying frequency makes people feel secretly stunned and feel a little breathless.

And Luo Feng, not only did not fall into the slightest decline, but perhaps because of the combination with the star card-too many skills, it was actually the upper hand!

“How can it be?!”

Yan Que and Xia Qiuming, who didn’t know the situation from afar, suddenly opened their eyes at the moment, looked at all of them with horror, and turned their hearts over.

This Luo Feng is actually comparable to the Wolf King?

Yan Que’s eyes are blind, he asks himself, even if he is the 4 Star Card master, he is afraid that he can’t do better than Luo Feng?

“Is it something that enhances the realm?” Xia Qiuming beautiful eyes asked slightly, unable to bear.

“What medicine efficacy is so good?” Yan Que’s face was dull and his mood fluctuated.

Xia Qiuming stared at the battlefield with a dead eye, saying: “Lord you to see, the City Lord, Fan Xing and Chu Man, I remember that they are all 3 Star Card masters, how do they press the 3-star super Star beast, Wolf King and Silver Wolf? King fight?”

“No, look again. It seems that the Star Card master of the whole Xuanji Battalion on the field is now the same as the medicine…what’s going on?”

Silence, silence.

2 people looked at each other in blank dismay, their faces were horrified, if a few people, they would understand.

But all the star cards in the audience are so fierce… How come there are so many medicines for them?

Bang bang bang!

In the eyes of many eyes, the battlefield fell into a one-sided slaughter, and a large number of Star beast fell.

Because of the fit with the star cat, today Fan Xing and Chu Man are both equivalent to 4 Star Card masters, so they can easily defeat their opponents.


And at this moment, Luo Feng had a backstab, and the sharp Aurora Sword penetrated the back of the sky Wolf King.

God Wolf King suffocated with blood, vomiting blood violently, and fell heavily to the ground, hitting a huge pit.

It endured severe pain and looked at a messy battlefield, falling star beast, his heart was bleeding.

God Wolf King shuddered for a moment, and finally lowered his proud head, said with a bitter smile: “Can you let us go?”

“Release you?” Luo Feng sneered, said: “You Star Beast, as far as we are concerned, are all good materials, just let it go, are you stupid?”

Tian Wolf King’s eyes flickered and said: “Although I have a high realm, the Bloodline is average, so even if you kill me, you won’t get good materials.”

“Not to mention other frost wolves with low realm.”

Its voice was paused, the beast pupil flickered, and said, “Can a deal be made?”

Luo Feng frowned and said, “What deal?”

God Wolf King thought for a while, and immediately clenched the teeth. He said: “I take the same treasure and I will change it with you. I only hope you can leave me a little Bloodline for Frost Wolf clan.”

Luo Feng eyes slightly narrowed, thinking for a moment, said: “Yes.”

“Then you are waiting for me here, and I will go back to change.” Wolf King said.

Luo Feng nodded his head, his voice indifferent, and said, “If I don’t see you after an hour, then your clan wolves will all have to die.”

“Okay.” Let’s just say, the rays of light flashed around the body of Wolf King, and the original form was revealed. It turned into a Silver Wolf, struck four limbs, moved towards the distant trees and flew away.

Luo Feng looked at the battlefield, and the right hand lifted up, saying: “Stop fighting, then, without siege.”

As his words fell, the battle on the field came to an abrupt end, and the star cards circled around the remaining Star beast and surrounded them.

The sun is bloody and messy.

That scene was extremely shocking.

Fan Xing was sighed in relief like he was relieved. He never thought that Frost Wolf clan, which is quite fearful in Cold Wind City, would have such a day.

He looked towards Luo Feng and admired prostrate oneself in admiration in his heart. He thought that Cold Wind City was going to be blood-washed today, but who would have thought that he actually recruited a cat…as a reinforcement?

“It’s no wonder that at a young age, he served as Vice Commander, and the above arrangement is not unreasonable.”

He praised Luo Feng in his heart.

Now that Frost Wolf clan’s main force has been eliminated, even if all of the following are released, I am afraid that it will be in vain and it is difficult to pose a threat to Cold Wind City.

In the distance, the shade.

“What should I do now?” Xia Qiuming’s red lips pursed and flicked past.

Yan Que’s eyes flashed and said, “Let’s exercise first.”

Xia Qiuming: “?”

Yan Que squeezed his nose and said, “First make a sweat, then go to see him, so that we can show a look like we are rushing.”

Xia Qiuming: “Oh.”

After about one hour, the day Wolf King whistled, holding a stone in his hand.

“This is the Frostwolf Stone, which is cultivated in the Frostwolf Pond in the Ancestral Land, and it has become a piece in 3 years. It can be absorbed and refining, which is of great benefit to its own cultivation.”

“It should be able to give you a lot of help.”

Luo Feng glanced at it, only to realize that there was a vigorous Star qi winding on it. Such a thing, in terms of value, was as good as platinum material.

“En.” Luo Feng put away quietly, then looked at him indifferently, and said, “Why invade?”

God Wolf King looked at it suspiciously and said, “Aren’t you invading us first?”

Luo Feng: “?”

“You really don’t know?” Luo Feng looked confused, and Wolf King was also confused, saying: “Someone sneaked into our Frost Wolf clan and stole a lot of wolves, and the direction of escape was Cold. Wind City, that made us angry and gathered Star beast to come.”

“Otherwise, do we want to be against you?”

“Impossible, our Cold Wind City city gate has been closed, I know a fly flies in, how could anyone run into Frost Wolf clan blatantly, fight the wolf cub’s idea?” Fan Xing said the head.

“This move brought trouble to others, I played 6.” Luo Feng sneered. He was still thinking that the quiet Frost Wolf clan, impossible, would suddenly riot, and now it seems that someone is actually secretly guiding.

In his eyes, cold glow appeared, saying: “This is to let me die.”

“You mean?” Smart as Chuman, also understood something at the moment.

Luo Feng nodded and said, “Who dares to run to steal Frost Wolf clan’s cubs instead of being ordinary people?”

“And who in Cold Wind City has the ability to sneak into Frost Wolf clan in the front of one’s eyes of Frost Wolf clan and steal the wolf cub?”

“It’s indeed impossible.” Fan Xing nodded quite agreeably, said: “If there is such an expert, you don’t need your Xuanji Battalion to come to guard.”

“This matter, I will examine it after going back.” Luo Feng pondered for a moment, looked towards Heaven Wolf King, and said: “Since you gave me Frostwolf Stone, then according to the agreement, you can lead the remaining Star beast back.”

“Everyone is not easy, everyone minds their own business, and I hope you will think 3 times in the future, so you don’t want to be used by others. If there is another time, the one who greets the Frostwolf is genocide.”

“Okay.” Tian Wolf King gave a grateful glance, did not say much, with the residual Star beast, withdrew the same way, and finally dissipated in the eyes of everyone.

“No wonder Flame Sovereign said that this child out of the ordinary, maybe I don’t need my shot at all, but now, at first glance, it really is, hehe.”

At the corner of the city wall, there is a silhouette of a dark shadow, a slightly admiring sound sounds, and then, it completely disappears.

“Next, what should I do?” Chu Man wondered.

“It doesn’t make sense to go tangled.” Luo Feng shook the head, his eyes narrowed, said: “Improving my strength is the most important.”

Chu Manchao slightly said, “After two months, you will become the leader and replace it. Even if Yan Que wants to make a trip, I’m afraid there is no way.”

“Two months, I thought that way?” Luo Feng looked down, playing with the frost wolf stone in his hand, and said: “Now, maybe it will only take a month.”

Chu Man hearing this, also started, did he think that in the 1 month later challenge, Xia Qiuming and Yan Que were directly in the pot?

“Master, you will need to look after it for a while.”

“Next I will secluded cultivation and strive for breakthrough 3 Star Card master.”

The voice fell, he looked towards the arm and said, “Mina, what about the good platinum material?”


Rays of light, Mina jumped out of her arm, said pitifully: “I don’t have platinum material, can I give you to you?”

Luo Feng: “No, you can’t become a cat ears anyway.”

Don’t think I don’t know, you greedy my dried fish.

Mina: “Oh, man.”


It panting with rage pulled out a crown.

“Mysterious golden crown x1 (platinum)”

Luo Feng stared at the crown and peng peng in his heart, because he suddenly remembered that he seemed to have 2 more materials.

Sacred Sword of Burning Flames x1 (gold).

Angel’s Broken Wing x1 (golden).

Crown + angel’s broken wings + Sacred Sword of Burning Flames =? ? ?

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