Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 259

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The sun sets.

The Star Card master on the Cold Wind City city wall looked staring towards the distance. There, Wolf King, who had been aggressively killed, was now carrying the residual clansman, returned in low spirits after failing, moved towards the forest in the distance. Leave quickly.

Fan Xing looked at it from afar. For a while, he was a little ignorant, and he would never think that one day, this Frost Wolf clan, which made him endlessly afraid, this cowardly affliction called a sorrowful wind, will one day be beaten to the ground 7 8 1 fell , Fled in embarrassment.

He looked towards Luo Feng in awe, but did not expect that all of this was actually due to the trifling 2-star Early-Stage youth in front of him.

“It’s really worthwhile.” Luo Feng looked at the frost wolf stone in his hand, and his heart showed a happy look, and indeed everything was foreshadowing.

Those who work hard are lucky, so all this is actually the result of his efforts.

If he doesn’t work hard, he won’t get Saint blood, so he won’t drop so deep in the Star Pond of the refining house, and will not encounter Mina.

Of course, even without Mina, Flame Sovereign may have his own backhand, but if he really gets to that step, it would be too embarrassing and not conducive to his prestige.

“Next, I have to work hard.”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered. After today’s events, he became more innocent. Only when his strength became stronger and he rose up, would he not be subject to others.

Although there was a star-shaped cat to make a siege this time, forcing him to forcibly increase 2 stars, Luo Feng knew that he was only a 2-star Early-Stage Star Card master.

Although Mina is fragrant, it can’t be brought on the field, and it is only when you are exploring in the wild, bringing it as a surprise card.

Originally, he actually likes free and unconstrained, likes freedom, like paper drunk gold fans, and likes Ji Xianlin’s words in his diary…

But now, life is forced, he has to work hard.

Luo Feng looked towards the outside of the city, where there are densely packed Star beast corpses, while the Star Card master of Xuanji Camp is looking towards there with burning eyes.

The bodies of these Star beasts are all good materials. Although the quality can’t be considered too high, for ordinary Star Card masters, they are all treasures.

However, without Luo Feng’s order, they dared not go out to pick up the materials.

Even the two Vice Commanders, Zhao Gang and Qiu Yin, are filled with intense fanaticism at the moment.

Luo Feng didn’t know their exquisite thoughts, but when they got a wink, they said, “Why are they all stunned, but are you still hot?”

“Thank you Vice Commander!” Zhao Gang and Qiu***.

Xiu xiu xiu!

So, the next moment, the densely packed Star Card master screamed out and went straight to those Star beasts.

In their hearts, they admire Luo Feng prostrate oneself in admiration, didn’t expect, this time the Howling Fortress and his party, not only unscathed, but also eat meat.

At this moment, under the arrangement of Fan Xing, countless servants walked out, each holding two barrels of dried fish in their hands.


Suddenly, the star-shaped cats’ eyes glowed with green light, rushed into the bucket, buried their heads in bitter eating, and enjoyed themselves.

“Mina, thank you.” Luo Feng looked towards Xingwen Elvis, with gratitude.

Mina eats a dozen dried fish angrily, eating and eating, her eyes suddenly become wet, saying: “wu wu wu …”

Luo Feng saw this scene, and her heart suddenly warmed up. She should have been trapped at the bottom of Star Pond in Lianfu. She hasn’t tasted the smell of dried fish for a long time, so will she be so moved?

At this moment, Mina spit out her tongue and shed tears while eating, saying: “It’s too salty, so salty that my tears fell down wu wu wu …”

Luo Feng: “.”

“Are you going to leave after eating?”

Mina heard this, and immediately panicked, saying: “Frost Wolf clan backed away, you drove us away chanting, think we are useless chanting, do not want to give us a small fish to dry chanting…”

Luo Feng shook the corner of his mouth and quickly took the head and said, “I actually hope you will stay. If you are willing to stay, I guarantee you will not be harmed. At the same time, the small fish will do enough.”

Mina pretended to be hesitant, thinking for a moment, then wagging her tail, reluctantly said: “For your sincerity, I reluctantly agreed.”

Luo Feng relaxed, you can have more cards in the future.

Mina relaxed, there will be one more servant in the future.

At this moment, there were several sounds of wind breaking, densely packed Star Card master, roaring.

The head of the person is precisely Yan Que and Xia Qiuming.

“Luo Feng, the beast tide has invaded, are you okay?” Yan Que looked towards Luo Feng, his voice concerned.

Perhaps it was because of the rush of running, he was full of big men, gasping for breath authentically: “It stands to reason that I should have rushed when I heard the news, but who can think of it, the other 2 cities have also been subjected to beast tide, forced Helpless, he can only level the beast tide in the land as soon as possible, and then come to support…”

Luo Feng laughed, said: “Frost Wolf clan has not been invaded for several years. I came across them today and attacked, and the other two cities also happened to be invaded. Yan Que commanded, do you think it is too coincidental?”

“I am also thinking about this problem.” Yan Que brows slightly wrinkle, pretending to be thinking, saying: “Along the way, I am also thinking about this problem, I suspect that other forces are intentionally provoking, trying to attack me Royal Flame Dynasty.”

“Even, conspiracy theory, the reason for driving the beast tide is to use this to provoke the relationship between us, Luo Feng, you and me 10000000 can not win the bill, let the secret person succeed.”

His expression was quite sincere, especially those eyes, which made people clearly doubtless.

Luo Feng didn’t say anything. After enjoying the movie emperor’s performance, he then walked into the attic, gently rubbed the star ring, and took out the three materials.

mysterious crown,

Angel’s broken wings,

Sacred Sword of Burning Flames.

Looking at these materials, Luo Feng has already thought about what to make, and that is the king of angels-Yan.

“Star card system is starting, please draw the star card pattern…”

Luo Feng held the star pen, sketched slowly on the drawing board, and the tip of the pen moved, a peerless beauty that could only be encountered for 7000 years, slowly forming.

Blond hair, angel face, wearing Battle Armor, far-sighted and not playful.

In her hand, she held a Sacred Sword of Burning Flames, wearing a crown and wearing a cloak. Behind it, she had a pair of silver wings.

“The star card pattern is drawn, the system is under review…”

“The star card pattern is reviewed, please draw the star card background.”

Luo Feng thought for a while and thought that the angel king was already very strong, and no magical change was needed, so she decided to restore her original:

“It is said that in the depths of the vast universe, there is a planet with a family of angels who move the universe. The mission of the angels is to defeat evil and protect the universe.”

“Hyan grew up on this planet, and then became an angel, following Keisha, the king of angels, to judge demons in the universe and establish order.”

“3 major wars have shaped her strong will and grew into the left wing guard of the angel king Keisha.”

“Until later, the king of angels, Caesar, fell in a war. With her superb prestige and outstanding achievements, Yan fell behind Kesa and was ordered to become a new angel king.”

“… “

Angel Yan’s background is well-formed, mainly beautiful.

Click to confirm.

“The star card background is filled, the system is under review…”

“Approved, please add star card materials.”

Five familiar synthetic columns are displayed in front of Luo Feng.

Yan is an angel,

Throw the angel’s broken wings into it.

She became king,

So the crown was added.

Her weapon is a sword,

Sacred Sword of Burning Flames, thrown in.

“Should it be enough?”

Luo Feng stared at the synthesis bar and fell into contemplation. Then, he walked out of the building and went to the Master to ask for hair…

If he uses his own hair, he will feel weird.

Click to confirm.

“The materials are added, the system is under review…”

“After review, the star card is being generated…”

Angel Yan

realm: 2-star.

Quality: Platinum.

Weapon: Sword of Flame.

Race: Angel.


[Justice Glory]: The word justice, first proposed by 10000 4000 years ago when Queen Keisha was in power in Tian City, justice should not be blasphemy, give yourself a star card with a justice shield, the shield is equivalent to the star card’s maximum life 40% of the value.

[Wormhole solution]: Angel Yan predicts the next action or skill of the designated star card.

[Flame Judgment]: Angel Yan spread her wings and flew into the clouds, a blade of flame bombing dropping from the sky, causing a group attack.

[Holy Yan]: When one of your own star cards is killed, Angel Yan evolves into God Saintess Wang Yan, awakens Divine Physique, reduces all damage taken by 50%, and strengthens all existing skills, awakening skills Thunder 10000 Jun, Kai Sha Yinyi.

[Thunder 10000 Jun]: Yan inserts the sword of the king into the earth, the sky is suddenly covered with clouds, lightning flashes, one after another lightning dropping from the sky, causing destruction to the target.

【Kesha Silver Wings】: Yan inherits the will of Queen Caesar and obtains the queen’s top weapon-Silver Wing. Silver Wing has a powerful defensive effect and can easily tear various defenses.

[Guardian Angel]: Limited skill, when the angel is about to die in the day, launch an angel oath, sacrifice himself, become the guardian angel of the Star Card master, increase the Realm of the Star Card master by 1-star, or increase the designated star card by 2 stars ,Remove all control effects of the specified target (star card, Star Card master, summon things, etc.), and let it ignore any damage and skill effects within one minute.

Introduction: “North of the Galaxy, Wu Yan is the most beautiful!”

Luo Feng examines the star card in his hand.

Since the background of Angel’s star card is relatively positive, there is no magic change, so accordingly, its specific skills are also relatively positive.

[Justice Glory], assistive skills, set a shield for teammates.

[Wormhole solution], in simple terms, it is a prejudgement.

For example, predict the enemy’s position, or skills, and from the skill description, it can predict the specific description of the enemy’s skills.

[Flame Trial], attack skills, it sounds fierce.

Angel Yan is an evolutionary star card, and its evolution method is the same as that of the original Pikachu and Kai Kaixi, which requires teammates to sacrifice heaven.

Admittedly, this skill that requires restrictions, when the restrictions are lifted, the formidable power is also fierce.

First of all, Divine Physique is awakened. The specific manifestation of Divine Physique is that the damage received is reduced by 50%. If this skill is equipped with the shield of [Justice Glory], no one can break Angel Yan’s defense.

The new awakening skill [Kesa Silver Wing], from the skill description, no stronghold one cannot overcome.

The indestructible Divine Physique, with the silver wings of no stronghold one cannot overcome, from which it can be imagined how terrifying Divine Yan.

[Thunder 10000 Strike] is still an attack skill.

As for the final limited technique, it is suddenly impossible.

Guardian angel.

I will become an angel to guard you.

The realm of the Star Card master is increased by 1-star, which means that the entire star card is increased by 1-star.

Or increase the designated star card by 2 stars.

Of course, the most important thing is that it provides an 8s invincible effect, allowing the specified target to be within one minute, ignoring any damage and skill effects.

After making so many star cards, Luo Feng found that, under normal circumstances, Heavenly Dao system does not use absolute descriptions such as “any” or “everything”.

Today, the Heavenly Dao system is used. Since it says it ignores any damage, it naturally includes limited skills.

“Since everything is said, does it mean that even if the other party’s realm is much stronger than me, such as Card King realm powerhouse attacking me, I can avoid all harm within 8s?” Luo Feng said to himself.

Divine sense moved, Angel Yan appeared in front of him.

Angel face, long blond hair.

Her figure is extremely tall, a Battle Armor, wrapped in curvaceous body, showing a sexy lithe and graceful curve, full of power.

Of course, the most important thing is the slim long straight legs.

She has long blond hair, but she looks neat and clean, her face is cold and gorgeous, her eyes are picturesque, smooth, soft and glossy skin, Gu Panshenghui.

“Are you my master?” Angel Yan looked at Luo Feng with interest.

Luo Feng blushed old. The word master came out of her mouth. It sounded a little bit above.

Xiu xiu xiu!

And at this moment, Luo Feng’s star card, densely packed, roared out.

It can be said that 10000 cards are empty.

All star cards are wide-eyed, looking at the blonde angel in curiosity, because the star card in Luo Feng’s hand, except Luster Grass and Uchiha Pikachu, seems to have no mother…

The first to bear the brunt is Wolong Zhuge.

“My God, am I right?” Wolong Zhuge widened his eyes, pinched his arms, and stared at Angel Yan, after a moment, he looked towards Luo Feng and said, “You…you are finally sensible.” .”

“Finally, it’s not just a scumbag!”

“How?” Angel Yanliu raised her eyebrows slightly and looked towards Wolong Zhuge puzzledly.

Wolong Zhuge’s voice was a little nervous, and he smiled nervously, and his voice shivered nervously: “I, I watched Celestial Phenomenon last night and pinched a finger, and today we hit the nobleman, and now you and I see it as before, and it is the nobleman who wants to come.”

“I don’t know if this girl can have a marriage, if not, can you give me the next chance…”

Angel Yan Ming’s eyes flashed slightly and said: “Want to be my male god, it is not impossible, but first of all, a condition must be met.”

“What conditions?” Wolong Zhuge unable to bear asked, shortness of breath, heart peng peng.

“Let me observe for 1000 years first.” Angel Yan indifferently said.

Wolong Zhuge: “…”

How many 7-star lights must be put on it to last so long?

I can see the little lost look of Wolong Zhuge, Luo Feng laughed, and then went into the depths of the small building and began to retreat.

He gently rubbed the frost wolf stone in his hand. After a month, whether salted fish can be transformed or not depends on here.

Star Wind Hall.

Three Great Commanders sit in the temple.

“Find the Star Cat clan and slaughter Frost Wolf clan, this Vice Commander, really not simple.”

Lv Xiaowan was nodded in amazement, this Vice Commander called Luo Feng, it was really capable of doing things, not only broke the record in the Star Pond of the refining house, but now I still don’t know where to invite the star pattern cat family, and put Cold Wind City Frost Wolf clan, who has been endlessly afraid all these years, has beaten his head. “

On the side of it, Han Xiang, who has always been sharp and sharp as a sword, is also slightly nodded at the moment, saying: “This guy does have some ability.”

“That’s no, not a terrible person, can just start Wind Pavilion and initiate a dispute over leadership, and challenge Xia Qiu Ming’s Vice Commander next month?” Yan Que said sullenly.

“Challenge this month?” Lu Xiaowan hearing this startled, said: “Xia Qiu Ming Vice Commander is still a 3-star later, with his trifling 2-star Early-Stage strength, so eager to challenge, I am afraid Are you too anxious?”

In the Star Pond of Refining House, his unprecedented depth can indeed illustrate his potential, but it is only that. It takes a certain amount of time to realize the potential as a specific strength?

Han Xiang indifferently said: “Wouldn’t he think that in the real game, you can also use the star cat.”

“Really.” The other Star Card master heard this and nodded, saying in agreement: “Xia Qiu Ming Vice Commander has been in this position, I don’t know how many challenges he has encountered, and he hasn’t failed yet. Luo Feng first arrived and wanted to kill her. Stepping under my head, I really thought a bit too much.”

“Youngster is aggressive, but it is indeed a good thing, but if you can’t recognize yourself, it will be too much.” On the throne, Qin Ze looked towards Xia Qiuming, his voice was indifferent, saying: “Qiuming, be sure to prepare well, at 1 In the month later challenge, use color.”

“Pavilion Lord, don’t worry.” Xia Qiuming’s red lips twitched slightly, and her beautiful eyes showed poisonous snake-like eyes, saying: “This person is innate talent out of the ordinary. I won’t dare to say that in the future, but next month, with his I can’t help but can’t help me.”

Time flies, and the days that can’t be compared are passing by quickly.

In a quiet little building.

Luo Feng at the moment, sitting cross-legged, surrounded by Star qi, shining brightly.

During this time, he didn’t go anywhere, and he was hiding in his small building with peace of mind, engulfing the power in the Frostwolf Stone, secluded cultivation.


At this moment, his imposing manner climbed up.

At the same time, within the body cyclone appeared and quickly rotated, Block 3 Star Mansion was about to be developed.

Feeling the changes within the body, Luo Feng absorbs Star qi faster and faster, preparing for the final sprint.

His face was pale, and he was sweating. True, cultivation is like a cow plowing a field, and it is hard work.


And with his unremitting efforts, the third Star Mansion within the body finally got through!

“3 Star Card master.”

The dark eyes slowly opened, passing a clear color.

“This frost wolfstone deserves only one piece in 3 years, the effect is good.”

Luo Feng nodded and shrugged with satisfaction, accompanied by a sound of skeleton thunder oh la la, very comfortable.

He walked out of the room, and then saw Wolong Zhuge standing at the window, feeling depressed.

Upon seeing this, Luo Feng understood quite well, this guy has been restless ever since Angel Angel came, but unfortunately repeatedly hit the wall.

At the moment, Wolong Zhuge grieved with a grievance on his face. “I will never lick a dog anymore. I really want to cry. I think I can cry now.”

“You are stupid, really.” Sima Yi said in a placating voice: “What’s wrong with licking a dog, after all, it’s all a bad woman’s fault.”

“No.” Wolong Zhuge shook the head said, “She is right.”

Sima Yi: “?”

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