Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 261

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Looking at Han Xin, who is so entrusted, the Star Card masters around the martial arts stage are all disabled to bear shook the head. I am afraid that if this fist goes down, Han Xin will be defeated.

Under the gaze of many eyes, Han Xin suddenly extended the hand palm and grabbed it with his fierce punch style assaults the senses.

“Courting death!” holy light warrior saw it, suddenly angered and smiled, said: “Dare to touch the fist with palm, do you want this hand, don’t you want it?”

In the eyes of many eyes, Han Xin’s palm tightly wrapped the screaming punch.

At the same time, the smile on the corners of holy light’s mouth suddenly solidified.

Because of the fists of the palms, Han Xin seemed not at all feeling unsuitable. Instead, he was himself. This long-fashioned punch seemed to be slapped on cotton, making it harder.

“This?” Holy light soldier’s complexion changed suddenly. Is Han Xin in front of him really just 2 Star Card master? !


At the same time, Han Xin’s palm was slowly exerted with strong force, so that the fists of holy light soldiers were almost crushed.

And just as it tried to break free of the shackles, Han Xin’s eyes slightly condensed, and his right foot lifted violently, as if thundering, kicking toward the holy light soldier’s chest.


A low voice sounded, and the holy light warrior felt a terrifying force coming.

So, in the next moment, its body flew out in a state of embarrassment and fell heavily to the ground.

The Star Card masters around me were silent at this moment, staring at this scene with stunned eyes.

2 The battle between the two was really too fast. They hadn’t reacted yet. The fireworks were horrified, and the holy light warrior fell to the ground?

Although the bloodline of holy light soldiers is still healthy, it does not mean that the game wins or loses, but in the case of a strong great realm difference, Xia Qiuming’s star card is so embarrassed in the first round, and it always hurts morale.

“This foot…” Yan Que’s pupils shrunk and his eyes stared at Luo Feng, saying, “Are you already a 3 Star Card master?”

Luo Feng nodded, said: “I have been blessed with my soul recently, and I am lucky to break through.”

“How can it be?!”

Xia Qiuming and Yan Que face, full of astonished expression, just one month, soared directly to 3-star? !

“I don’t believe it, did you incorporate the power of the star cat?” Xia Qiuming asked aloud.

Luo Feng shook the head, lifted up the two arms, and said, “Look, are there lines on it?”

Xia Qiuming’s red lips pursed lightly and said, “Maybe it merged into other parts!”

“Oh?” Luo Feng smiled at her and waved to her, saying: “Then come over, I will show you a baby.”

Xia Qiuming suddenly blushed with blush.

“Luo Feng’s Star qi is no problem.” Yan Que said, “If it is promoted by foreign object, then Star qi will appear to be vain and unstable, and his Star qi is stable and thick, obviously his realm has been reached.”

Xia Qiuming expression gloomy and uncertain, pretty face barely squeezed out a smile, said: “I was agitated for a while, some abrupt, I hope to forgive me.”

“It’s okay.” Luo Feng shook the head, said: “I see more people like you.”

“You!” Xia Qiu’s teasing was rough.

“January 1-star, can’t you take drugs so fast?” Lu Xiaowan’s beautiful eyes stared round.

Other Star Card masters also looked at each other in blank dismay.

For Luo Feng from 1-star breakthrough to 2-star, they actually not at all the concept of how big it is, it is not clear how much time he has spent, but I heard that soon.

However, they watched, Luo Feng from 2-star Early-Stage breakthrough to 3-star!

Yan Que eyes slightly narrowed and said, “It turns out that this is a product that plays the pig to eat the tiger.”

On the side of it, Han Xiang expression, the leader, said lightly, “It is indeed the case. The holy light warriors suffered a complete unprepared loss before they lost so fast.”

“If I knew his breakthrough 3-star and was prepared, it wouldn’t be so embarrassing.”

Hearing his analysis, the other Star Card masters are all secretly nodded. This Luo Feng clearly has super strength but is very dark. He deliberately hides the strength and makes his opponent completely unprepared.

But Lu Xiaowan is pretty frowning and slightly puzzled: “Even if he hides the realm, it’s only 3-star Early-Stage, and Xia Qiuming’s 3-star Peak, the former’s hind feet are so powerful Isn’t it strange that the kick kicked off?”

Han Xiang shook the head, said: “Xiao Wan, who knows that his foot is just a simple one? Maybe it’s a skill?”

“This foot doesn’t explain any problems, you have to watch the follow-up.”

Lu Xiaowan suddenly felt very reasonable.

On the martial arts stage.

“It’s really a scheming.” Xia Qiuming was sneaked, calming his mind, and said: “This method can only be used once. Next time, I think how can you resist it?”

“Guess, don’t carelessly, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to crush it.”

“Okay.” Holy light warrior climbed up from the ground, and was also a little angry. When he said: “Sacred sword, did you see that enemy?”

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

As its words fell, the eyes were rippling in the air, and then, a large golden light flashing sword, suspended in the palm of his hand.

call out!

In the next moment, the holy light warrior held the sacred sword in his hand like a angry python, carrying a fierce imposing manner, and went straight to Han Xin.

Upon seeing this, Han Xin’s eyes narrowed slightly and his long spear lifted up sharply.

A little cold glow comes first!

Han Xin burst into shape, with the body Star qi continuously pouring into the star gun, hitting the head at the holy light soldier.

The speed at which he fired his gun was too fast, as if several arms were simultaneously wielding guns, forming a sky-long gun shadow.

The holy light warrior also dances the sacred sword, defending against Han Xin’s star gun.

ding ding ding ~!

Sparks sputtered, crisp collision sound resounded, and then, there was a raging Star qi raging open.

After so many rounds, the two were evenly matched.

Many Star Card master looked at each other in blank dismay. If the holy light warrior was kicked and flew, it is just for the sake of sake, what about now?

Han Xin of 3-star Early-Stage, even beats the Holy light warrior of 3-star Peak?

This is ridiculous!

Xia Qiuming and Liu Mei also slightly picked up and said, “Gaisser, let’s do something big.”

“Good.” Holy light warrior’s eyes narrowed and said, “Holy Light Shield!”

As its voice fell, the holy light warrior’s body Star qi diffused, and a dazzling holy light surfaced. Then, in a lot of shocking eyes, its body suddenly rose 2 feet high, and his muscles quickly expanded.

After about ten seconds,

Everyone’s eyes are on,

I saw the holy light warrior at this moment, the whole body is filled with holy light, its eyes have no emotional waves, with amazing oppression, diffuse and open.

The blood stains on the body are now completely disappeared.

The golden Battle Armor shines brightly in the sun.

That scene was extremely visually stunning.

Han Xin brows slightly wrinkle, the whole body Star qi is diffused, and burst out again, the gun shadow is fierce, like cold glow, and once again points to the Holy Light Warrior many points.


The stars were stabbed on the Battle Armor of the Holy Light Warrior, but they only left a shallow scratch on it, and then it was as if it was stuck, which was difficult to penetrate.

“This hurt, but also want to break my defense?” Holy light soldier sneered.

“Breaking the formation Overlord Spear!”

Han Xinmeng clenched the teeth, with long spear flashing golden light in his hand, and stabbed at the holy light warrior.

The tip of the gun is condensed with a very sharp breath, and wherever it is, even the air is cut through entirely differently.

Next to the martial arts stage, Lin Xuan looked at expression grave. He still has a fresh memory of this spear. A month ago, it was this spear, which defeated its mad lion.

Ka-cha !

Under many eyes, the fierce and unmatched shot fell on the holy light warrior.


Suddenly there was a cracking sound, but it was nothing more than that!

This fierce and unmatched shot just caused a crack in its armor!

“That’s it?”

The holy light warrior sneered, and the sacred sword swept violently out of his hand. The sword slapped heavily on Han Xin. The terrifying force suddenly gave Han Xin’s figure, shot backwards, and then fiercely fell to the ground .

For a time, the level 2 is reversed.

The holy light warrior didn’t give him the slightest breathing opportunity, holding a sacred sword in his hand, leapt forward, and went straight to Han Xin again.

Han Xinqiang endured the severe pain and climbed up from the ground, unable to break the defense, only to defend the siege.

As a result, holy light soldiers approached layer by layer, and Han Xin retreated.

Hanxin’s HP is also rapidly reduced at the speed of naked eye, from 2/3 to one of 20%, to one third…

In the end, his bloodline was already in jeopardy!

On the field, Han Xin held long spear, one-knee kneels, blood, and ran down his body.

His condition is bleak to the extreme.

“You really surprised me, it wouldn’t kill me like this.” Looking at Han Xin who stood up again, the holy light soldier felt slightly astonished. Somehow, it felt that Han Xin’s HP became less and hardened.

Han Xin rubbed his chest. Fortunately, he had the effect of “Back Water Fight”. Otherwise, I’m afraid I couldn’t hold it long ago.

“However, next time, it won’t be so lucky.”

call out!

The voice fell, and the silhouette of the holy light warrior burst out, and the epee in his hand wiped the ground, drawing a spark along the way.

In its eyes, the killing intent skyrocketed, and wherever the Epee was, the countertops were marked with deep marks.

Under the martial arts stage, the sights looking towards here are slightly changed at this moment. Obviously, I also noticed the power of this sword.

Obviously, holy light fighters intend to end the game.

“Sure enough, it’s still too young. Luo Feng lost.” Some people said that the bloodline of the holy light warrior is still half, and the defense is extremely powerful, but Han Xin’s HP is less than 20%. How can I resist it?

“it is good!”

The Star Card master of Vanguard Battalion has already begun to applaud vigorously, and wish Xia Qiuming victory in advance.

“Is that right?” Xia Qiuming’s red lips flicked and laughed disdainfully.

Han Xin raised his head tremblingly, looking at the holy light warrior who was dragging his sword, and immediately clenched the teeth, but he did not retreat but advanced, holding a star gun, and went straight to the latter!

“Are you looking for the dead end?” Holy light warrior mocked contemptuously. “HP is not strong enough, what are you fighting me for?!”

Xia Qiuming’s eyebrows fell a little, feeling that things were not simple.

Because, at this moment, it seems a bit familiar.

In the golden pupil, Han Xin’s figure gradually enlarged, and the Holy Light Warrior with the body was Star qi, continuously moving towards the sacred sword.

In the eyes of many eyes, the silhouettes of the two are about to collide.

“Holy light trial!”

And at the moment when Han Xin’s shot was about to stab, at the crucial moment, holy light warriors turned around suddenly with a thunder, and suddenly turned around, holding a sword of fierce power in his hand, facing behind him. The sword split.

“Do you still want to use the same routine to deal with me?” Xia Qiuming’s lips twitched, and in the past Luo Feng first came to Wind Pavilion to play against Lin Xuan’s 1v1. That battle, until now, she still has fresh memories.

This Han Xin likes to attack the enemy from the east and attack the enemy on the surface. In fact, it is just a doppelganger, and its body has already been quietly around, giving the other party a backstab!

Now, in a bleak state, he dare to go straight to the holy light warrior, apparently wanting to do another hand to repair the plank road, dark Chencang!


holy light warrior without the slightest hesitation, stabbed with a sword behind the battle, and next moment, he was shocked to find that his sword was actually punctured!

The imaginary Han Xin body turned around, not at all appeared!

“Oops!” Seeing this scene, Xia Qiuming’s eyes were stagnant, and she was cheated!

“Sorry, I predicted your prediction.” Luo Feng’s mouth slightly raised, said: “Han Xin, take away!”

[Backwater Battle]: Han Xin converted the lost health value into a full attribute. The lower the health value, the higher the attack, defense, speed and other full attributes. When the health value is less than 30%, the attack has a blood-sucking effect.

Han Xin just seemed to be inferior, but Luo Feng let him deliberately sell blood. The lower the blood line, the higher the attack. Now, Han Xin blood line is in danger and the attack is also terrifying!

The opponent thought he used the skill, [Darkness Chen Cang], the body is around, in fact, Han Xin not at all, that assaults the senses, really is only the body!

[Darkness Chen Cang]: Han Xin summon an imposing manner and other avatars that are extremely similar to the body in all aspects, rushing to the target, and the body appears ghost-like behind a designated star card. When he attacks the enemy’s back, the attack power is increased by 50% .

The holy light warrior presumed that he turned and attacked behind him, leaving Han Xin with his back, which increased the attack power by 50% again.

Therefore, under the superposition of such terrifying, Han Xin’s attack power has reached a terrifying point that cannot be added.

“Breaking the formation Overlord Spear!”

call out!

A fierce shot stabbed again and fell on the back of the holy light warrior, and the holy light warrior failed to predict. There was no time to turn around and go to the next defense!

“What’s wrong? You can still kill me in seconds!” holy light soldier sneered in his heart.

So, under the eyes of many eyes, the fierce and breaking breaking the formation Overlord Spear pierced the back of the holy light warrior.


It’s just a face-to-face, and its proud Battle Armor burst instantly.

holy light The pupil of the warrior shrank suddenly at this moment, and there was a deep fear climbing in his eyes.


On the martial arts stage, there was a violent shock wave explosion, the ground was torn out one after another deep traces, and the blood strip of the holy light warrior seemed to disappear, and it bottomed out instantly.


Its shape suddenly burst, and the ashes sky!


Seeing this scene, Luo Feng felt relieved in his heart. The reason why he wanted to adopt 1v1 was to borrow Han Xin’s unique mechanism and unexpectedly stop the opponent.

Although his limited skills are not suitable for heads-up, the big moves are actually secondary, and the core is personal operation technology.

In a 5v5 competitive game, is it normal for people with big moves to be abused by blood without big moves?

Han Xin’s [Darkness Chen Cang] was just confusing, and in the end, he didn’t know if he would turn around.

“Xia Vice Commander, you let me win.” Luo Feng expression calmly cup one fist in the other hand, not surprised at this ending, like a how it should be, how powerful it is.

Xia Qiuming looked blue and white alternately, which was ugly to the extreme. She also did not expect this ending.

“Why did you make a mistake…” She murmured in her mouth, and she was so smart that she sent the holy light soldier to the dead end…

What’s more, Han Xin’s sudden attack power is too afraid right?

Holy light warrior who lost half of his blood in just one shot?

Obviously, even the defense could not be broken!

Even if she loses, there is no loss to her identity and status. She is still Vice Commander.

However, know that Luo Feng is Chu Man’s discipline!

She and Chuman are rivals. They tried hard to squeeze them away, but now they are defeating themselves by the discipline.

This is more difficult for her than Chu Man defeated her.

“Disciple, thank you.” Looking at this scene, Chu Man was also a little excited, his eyes slightly moist.

The early cheers around the martial arts stage came to an abrupt halt, as if being pinched to the neck, and fell into a deadly silence.

The Star Card master in Vanguard Battalion, the expression on the face suddenly solidified, and it looked extremely funny under the sunlight.

Obviously, such a result is beyond everyone’s expectations.

Who would have thought that Luo Feng, who had just come to Wind Pavilion for a month, could defeat Xia Qiuming, who has dominated Vice Commander for a long time?

“it is good!”

The silence lasted for a moment, next moment, deafening cheers, sounded from the mouth of Star Card master Xuanjiying.

Yan Que’s pupils shrunk, and a strong uneasiness rushed from his heart. This guy’s strength was too fast.

Following this progress, I am afraid that it will take less than a few months, and my position of the leader is on the verge of collapse.

“It seems that I have to work hard.” He murmured.

“Yan Que leads…” And at this moment, Luo Feng on the martial arts stage looked at him.

“Why?” Yan Que hearing this, also started.

With a lot of eyes, Luo Feng raised his eyelids slightly and looked at Yan Que with humility, saying: “Since I have defeated Xia Qiuming, and Liu Teng Vice Commander has stated that as long as I defeat Xia Qiuming, I will be considered to be better than him .”

“That being the case, now I have defeated all other Vice Commander, are you eligible to initiate the battle for leadership?”

Yan Que hehe smiled, forcibly suppressing his mind to turn the river over the river, pretending to be calm, said: “According to the regulations, it should be so.”

“When do you want? Next month, or next month?”

“No.” Luo Feng shook the head, taking a deep breath, slowly said: “Just today.”


As soon as this remark came, the thunder suddenly fell flat and suddenly exploded.

And this bombing took 24 hours!

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