Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 262

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Bang bang bang!

Under the explosion that lasted for almost 24 hours, all Star Card masters were blown up. What did they hear?

This Luo Feng, after the challenge of Xia Qiuming, in a spurt of energy, to challenge Yan Que in public? !

This is…what powerful courage and confidence?

Yan Que eyes slightly narrowed, deep in his heart, with a trace of surprise, and anger that is difficult to conceal.

Although it has long been known that Luo Feng wants to initiate a leadership dispute, in his view, it will take at least a few months, didn’t expect, this guy, actually challenged him in public today?

He was not afraid, but felt that Luo Feng was so confident that he would be taken lightly.

“Fuck, is this guy so dragged, just challenged Xia Vice Commander and called Ban Yan Que directly?”

“Exciting, 3-star playing 4-star, I haven’t seen it in a long time.”

“No matter whether we can win the game today, but this boldness has made me love it.”

“I don’t think it’s wrong. 3-star beats 4-star. If you lose, you won’t lose. If you win, you’ll earn money. If you lose, you may lose some star cards.”

4 All surprised,

It’s awesome!

Although Luo Feng defeated Xia Qiuming in a step-by-step manner, you must know that Xia Qiuming is no more powerful than 3-star Peak!

3-star Peak is also 3-star!

And their leader Yan Que is a genuine 4 Star Card master!

Yan Que looked at him and faint smiled, “Luo Feng, are you serious? If the challenge fails, you will not be able to challenge me again within 3 months.”

4 There are rules in the cabinet. For a position, the challenge fails. Within three months, the challenge cannot be initiated again.

After all, in the star card game, the luck component is also very important. This rule is set to prevent someone from trying one one’s luck.

Luo Feng said with a smile: “Naturally take it seriously.”

According to the lessons learned from Cold Wind City, the next time, this is not enough, and Bao Qi used his own leading identity to arrange for himself some difficult tasks.

Therefore, in the position of Vice Commander, he could not stay for a day.

Hearing his affirmation, the smile on Yan Que’s face slightly solidified, and the contempt at the corner of his mouth widened gradually, and a slightly sarcastic voice sounded.

“Luo Feng, Luo Feng, you are so rampant that you have no idea. Since this is the case, then this Commander will teach you some rules today!”

The voice fell, and he coldly snorted, moved towards martial arts stage.

“Really, newborn calves do not fear tigers.” Xia Qiuming saw this scene, which was also startled, and immediately became unable to bear pu chi with a smile.

Although she failed just now, she was actually unwilling, because Luo Feng is stronger than she thought, but not at all has the advantage of crushing.

The reason why I will lose, but because of a judgment error that’s all.

If there are no mistakes, how can Luo Feng win the game so easily?

Having said that, Luo Feng won her by relying on her mistakes, even more how to deal with the stringency of 4 Star Card master?

“This guy is really inflated, is it the confidence that Xia Qiu Ming Vice Commander gave him?” Commander Han Xiang eyes slightly narrowed, teasing: “According to this trend, another one or two years will come, don’t you want to be me Wind Pavilion Vice Pavilion Lord?”

Lv Xiaowan looked at it with interest, Gu Pan Shenfei, said: “Maybe feel that the higher rank challenge, lose no shame, win the blood and earn it.”

“I think this Luo Feng is not like someone who has lost his mind.”

“Maybe, he didn’t plan to succeed this time, but just wanted to try the water, so as to explore Yan Que’s bottom and pave the way for the challenge of 3 months later.”

Hearing this, Han Xiang also took it for granted. Besides that, he couldn’t think of any other reason.

Luo Feng sat cross-legged and began to adjust interest rates, quickly recovering Star qi within the body.

Although he laid down his rhetoric, he did not dare to carelessly. After all, he had no real meaning, and Yuexing challenged his opponent.

However, according to his estimation, the colorless Star Mansion +Saint blood should be enough to support him to complete a crossover star, right?

Although Han Xin has just been able to kill holy light warriors, it is also due to luck, but you must know that Han Xin’s limited skills are not suitable for singles, so compared with holy light warriors, he is born with a big move.

If there is a big move suitable for heads-up, why do you need such a struggle?

On the martial arts stage, Yan Que took a deep breath. In addition to some of Feng Feng’s anger, his heart was a bit ecstatic.

This guy’s innate talent is super strong, progressing fast, and may really threaten himself in the future, but now…

Now the gap between the two people is the biggest, Luo Feng took the initiative to challenge, but he is a bit overwhelming.

“No matter where you will go in the future, at least for now, it is not your turn to run wild in front of me!”

严阙心中暗暗coldly snorted ,然后道:“1v1,还是3v3,抑或5v5?”

“That’s naturally 5v5.” Luo Feng said, opposite the realm higher than his 1-star. How hard can it be to choose 1v1 and 3v3?

Yan Que nodded his head, divine sense moved, 5 star cards appeared in his palm, said: “So, let’s start to light the card.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, flicks with the finger, 5 star cards burst out, and turned into 5 silhouettes under the eyes of many eyes.

War God, Han Xin.

King of angels, Yan.

West Lake Dialogue, Fahai.

Lord of Thunder, Uchiha Pikachu.

And, the title of unwilling to reveal, Uzumaki Renwa.


And when Luo Feng star card appeared, the whole front of the house was boiling.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by Angel Yan almost in an instant!

A silver red Battle Armor, wrapped in a delicate and lovable body, long blond hair, angel face, sassy yet charming, beautiful to make people unable to remove their eyes.

Of course, the most eye-catching thing is the pair of long, slender and straight legs, and the black boots, which show the thrilling length of the legs.

“My God, this star card is too realistic, her style is above my star card!”

“Really, realistically.”

“Ahhh, is this too good-looking? This Luo Feng is really… quite fun.”

“It’s too much, even if the Master is so beautiful, the star card is so particular, I am sour.”

“… “

After another loud cry, if the eye divine ability kills, then Luo Feng must now walk very peacefully.

Seeing this scene, Chu Man was also stunned. He had never seen it before. Luo Feng had such a good-looking character star card.

Xia Qiuming stared at Angel Yan, beautiful eyes trance, somehow sour in her heart, because she suddenly realized that she didn’t have a star card yet.

It’s embarrassing.

Luo Feng looked at the 5 star cards in front of him, and his eyes flashed. This lineup is actually a variable speed stream.

The so-called variable-speed flow means that it can play in the early, middle and late stages.

With good luck, the former Middle-Stage can end the game and adjust the rhythm of the game according to the specific conditions of the game.

In the past, his lineup was in the late stage. In the early stage, the head was sullen and the big tricks, the routines behind were formed, and the opposite was complete.

However, in the Holy Land Finals, he has actually begun to transform, using variable speed flow.

Because of that game, he started playing the game, simply did not think about it, and finally will hold out the 4 Dragon King.

Bring the star card Meng Wang, just for adaptability.

Luo Feng is tired of the post-stream, and it has no meaning to play like this all the time, so now I start to play variable-speed streaming, short and fierce, so that the game can end faster.

At the same time, in front of Yan Que, there are also 5 star cards emerging:

The first one is called the Undead Warrior.

This is a tall and mighty warrior, like a giant beast walking upright.

The undead warrior is holding a giant hammer in his left hand. In his right hand, it is a golden light shining Xuanhua plate axe, with delicate patterns carved on the axe handle, and fluorescent light flashing on the axe blade.

The undead warrior picked up the giant hammer and slammed it fiercely, moving towards the earth.

Bang bang bang!

When the hammer fell, the whole earth shook slightly, and the feeling of dizziness filled everyone’s mind.

The second one, named Whale Master, was a little girl, but under his crotch, he was riding a huge swallowing whale.

This whale is very strange, obviously on the ground, but able to swim around, and even fly.

The third one is a demon, with a horn on the head, wings on the back, and pitch-black as ink eyes. Around its body, it is haunted by various ancient and complicated lines, which makes people feel heart-throbbing.

This is the abyss demon.

The fourth one is named Spider Queen.

The fifth, named Shadow Hunter, wears black cloak and is surrounded by a layer of black mist, making it difficult to see its specific face, only to see a pair of bright green eyes.

Its left hand is sharp claw, while its right hand is holding a crossbow.

“That demon, let me punish.”

Angel Yan’s eyes suddenly turned to the abyss demon, angel and demon, natural enemies, always able to attract each other.

“Then I will deal with that giant beast.” Fahai looked towards the tall undead warrior.

“Pika pika, I’ll call the little spider!” Uchiha Pikachu looked at the queen of spiders.

Han Xin and Uzumaki Renwa are very Buddhist, saying: “We make up for it.”

The so-called make-up, that is, when no one fights, they fight.

Yan Que eyes slightly narrowed, for Luo Feng, he only watched one game, that is the finals.

Fortunately, Uchiha Pikachu, Uzumaki Renwa and Fahai all appeared in the finals.

And Han Xin, who showed his face twice in Wind Pavilion, the skill mechanism, he has guessed the ground is not bad.

The only one who didn’t understand at all was Angel Angel.

This made him secretly relieved.

“Then, let’s get started.” Yan Que said.

Luo Feng nodded.

Angel Yan went straight to the abyss demon, and the latter’s eyes also locked her.

An imperial city pk is about to open.

As a result, the eyes of the Star Card master outside the field were all cast on Angel Yan.

They don’t know if this is the c-position of Luo Feng’s lineup, but the face value alone is enough to make her focal point of ten thousands.

Moreover, this heads-up solo is the most attractive.

star card singled out, pay attention to personal operation techniques, called heroes.

Star card cooperates with the battle, is called alliance.

Therefore, the star card game is also called League of Legends.

Angel Yan stood in the sky, behind the rays of light flashing, a pair of holy wings, slowly opened.

The eye of the abyss demon slightly lifted, and the whole body was surrounded by demonic energy, and the expression stared at Angel Yan, saying: “who is the newcomer?”

Angel Yan phoenix eyes slightly raised, said: “Thunder War God, Yan!

“Wings are good.” The eyes of the abyss demon were fierce and said, “However, I like to transform angels the most.”

“For example, tear off your holy wings, and then you become a winged angel.”

Angel Yan Yan’s heart was cold, a long sword waved, and the blade pointed at the abyss demon, saying: “Asshole, take your life!”

“Huh, the chick has a rather tough temper.” The abyss demon sneered, gently grasping the palm of his hand, and a dark magic stick slowly appeared in his palm.

Yan Que’s eyes slightly condensed and said, “Although their realm is lower than ours, but don’t care about it, the guy opposite, is a commodity who likes playing the pig to eat the tiger.”

call out!

“Hehe, the pig has been playing for a long time, I am afraid not to become a real pig.” The abyss demon jié jié smiled, its silhouette burst out, the fierce Star qi oppressed, shrouded.

Angel Yan stared at the abyss demon, feeling the Star qi oppression emitted by the latter within the body, and the expression was gradually dignified and entered the fighting state.

call out!

Its speed is so fast that it is almost between the number of interest, and it has appeared in front of Angel Yan, the magic stick in his hand, bombarding it fiercely.

This stick, the usual 4-star star card, has to avoid the edge.

Obviously, as soon as it is shot, it has to play its 4-star advantage vividly and thoroughly.


A stick fell, but it hit the empty place, and Angel Yan’s figure, I don’t know when, it flew not far away.

“Although the speed is fast, it’s a pity that the action has been predicted by me.” Angel Yan indifferently said.

“I see how many times you can predict!” The abyss demon was furious, and the speed of the whole body was pushed to the extreme, but it turned into a residual image of the Dao Dao, a stick figure in the sky, carrying solemn killing aura, facing the angel Yan swept across.

Angel Yan stepped back half a step, the flaming sword danced quickly in his hand, and took up all the shadows of the sky stick.

铛dang dang!

2 The lightning contact, the sudden spark sputtering, and the amazing Star qi fluctuations filled.

The 2 people did not take any defense. They were completely attack-to-offense.

Many 3 Star Card masters looked at the fierce battle on the stage, and they were all moving. They felt that if they changed to their star card, they might be less than ten rounds, and they would be swept by the abyss demon’s rainstorm-like offensive and chaos. dead.

However, while playing, the abyssal demon felt something was wrong. The angel opposite was only 3-star Early-Stage, but when he played against it, it did not fall at all, which was very outrageous.

Moreover, it seems that some of his own positions and directions of sticking out have been predicted by the other party, so he has repeatedly failed, which makes him feel very depressed.

So, after a fierce battle, the abyss demon quickly opened the distance and shouted: “Zhu Xianwen!”


With a deep drink, I saw above the magic stick in his hand, there was an ancient light pattern emerging, intertwined in the meeting room, like a crack on the surface of the stick, making it look as if it was about to break crack.


The next moment, carrying a magic wand in a fierce imposing manner, swept the angel Yan heavily, the air exploded directly in the sky, and finally in a very shocking gesture, with the oncoming flame sword, collided heavily .


2 The two collided, and the dull sound of dull and tingling ears sounded.

Angel Yan complexion slightly changed, some can not hold back, a few steps back.

Admittedly, the magic wand blessed by buff is a bit terrifying.

Upon seeing this, the abyss demon taunted: “I thought it was so much capable, and I can’t carry it with a real ability?”

“Under my stick, tremble!”

The sound fell and there was an indescribable baleful qi that swept out of the magic wand. The body of the stick quickly expanded and became thicker and longer, making it very terrifying like the Demon God about to wake up.

The abyssal demon’s wrist slammed with force, and the magic wand burst out at once. With this blow, Angel Angel was locked, and he could not hide.

Angel Yan looked at the roaring wand and pondered the countermeasures.

“Hmph, this skill is also stupid, don’t be afraid, I’ll help you!” Fahai sneered, killing a single seal, a “卍” symbol text quickly formed, burst out, and then blessed in the flames of Angel Yan On the sword.

[卍]: Fahai condensed Star qi and played a “卍” symbol text, which can not only strike the target directly, but also attach to the weapon and bless the formidable power of the weapon.


On the sword of flames, the flames are boiling, and Buddha’s radiance is shining.

Upon seeing this, Angel Yan smiled, “Thank you.”

She could feel that with the support of the “卍” symbol text, the power contained in the sword of flames was much stronger than before, and a faintly discernable coercion was exuded and the power was palpitated.

Upon seeing this, the abyss demon’s voice froze, saying, “I don’t believe it, I’m a stick, I’m smashing your broken sword!”


I saw black light suddenly burst out of the magic wand, with the emergence of demons and monsters faintly, an amazing tyrannical aura broke out.

Angel Yanyu refers to the light twist, within the body Star qi surging, pouring into the sword body as much as possible.

The body of the sword trembled and hummed ying ying ying.


call out!

The next moment, the sword of flames roared out, and wherever it was, the sharp sword energy was continuously emitted from its within the body, as if to split the heavens and earth.

That formidable power makes many Star Card masters suddenly change color. Is this really an attack from 3 Star Card master?

So, under the gaze of many eyes, the stick and sword blessed by the buff went straight to each other.

And at the moment when the two are about to collide, Buddha’s radiance ten thousand zhang on the sword of flames, under the golden light, the black light on the wand fades away, demons and monsters, and time disappears.


The 2 collided together.

Jin Tiesheng resounded.

The wand burst into a whine, and the imposing manner dimmed for a short time. I saw that the wand was like a bully, and shot backwards. One after another crack appeared on the wand.

That is a real rift.

“Pu chi! ”

His mortal wand was hit hard, and the face of the abyss demon was also white, suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted.

Seeing this scene, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Who would have thought that 3-star hit 4-star, which was actually Yan Que’s star card, which was the first to suffer…

Angel Yan teased: “Demon, your stick is not good.”

Pang Tieqing, the abyss demon face, said: “It’s just relying on teammates to help that’s all.”

“Then let you see, the king of angels is amazing.” Angel Yan’s red lips lifted slightly, his wings fluttered, the lovable body quickly lifted off, moved towards the sun, and finally, stayed in the clouds.

At this moment, she is like a god of aloof and remote, overlooking all beings.

“Demon, your time is up.”

Her eyes were cold, and the flaming sword of the right hand slowly lifted up, pointing to the sky.

“Start Sky Blade Trial!”

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