Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 263

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Almost at the same time as her voice fell, the Star qi within the body moved continuously towards the flaming sword.

And the sunlight above his head seemed to be drawn at the moment, whistling at it.

Under the infusion of such powerful energy, the flaming sword in her hand trembles uncontrollably at the moment, as if it cannot bear such energy.

“Fuck, what is this doing, and the big move is released so quickly?”

“What awesome skills and special effects, I don’t know, I thought that Card King-level Star beast is zooming in.”

“… “

The sounds of one another’s exclamations sounded, and everyone’s eyes were attracted by Angel Yan. At this moment, she is like Goddess descending, standing in the clouds and overlooking the world.

Luo Feng looked up and watched quietly. After seeing this, he finally understood the difference between the gold card and the platinum card.

Fahai of the Gold Card, because he likes to call Mai when fighting, so every time he releases his skills, it seems like he is zooming in.

The platinum card, each common skill, energy-saving special effects and specific formidable power effect, is really similar to the big move of the gold card.

Hong long long …

Under the attention of the terrifying Star qi, the quiet sky above the head suddenly thundered at this moment, the lightning snake wandered away, and the dark clouds moved towards 2 side to spread out.

Winds and Clouds Exchange get together, and the rain is coming.

That scene was like the end of the world.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

At this moment, there was a black dot on the sky above Angel Yan’s head. Once the black dot appeared, it continued to rotate, the faster and faster, and soon, a black hole was formed.

Among the black holes, unfathomable, it seems that there is a coming from the god of 9 days, and it is about to come.

Yan Que stared deadly, if he didn’t know that Luo Feng was actually a 3-star Early-Stage Card Master, he might really be scared to death.

“However, this should be the release of limited skills?” He muttered, judging from the special effects of the skills, it really seemed like limited skills.

Generally speaking, the simplest way to judge whether a skill is a limited skill is to look at the Star qi value consumed by the star card.

However, Angel Yan stands in the cloud and is too far away. Therefore, even if his eyes are wide and he is blind, he cannot see the blue bar symbolizing the value of Star qi behind Angel Yan!

At this moment, Angel Yan’s phoenix eyes drooped, and his long sword, suddenly changed direction, pointing across the sky to the abyss demon below.

“The wormhole is being solved and the next step of the analysis is analyzed.”

Angel Yan’s eyes rays of light flickered, and the information in front of him appeared:

[Golden Cicada shelling]: The abyss demon cut off a part of the body, the part will become the body to continue to exist, and the original body is used to bear skills and other damage.

“Abyssal Demon will snip off a finger bone to trigger the skill [Golden Cicada Shelling].”

“It’s somewhat similar to SpongeBob’s skill.” Luo Feng was a little surprised, but this seems to be more advanced than SpongeBob’s.

This is a good skill for cheating skills. Fortunately, Angel Yan has [wormhole solution], which can be used to predict, otherwise her sky blade trial may be really empty.

At the same time, Angel Yan long sword pointed at the abyss demon across the air, cold words, no trace of affection, slowly sounded.

“The trial is coming!”

call out!

The voice fell. In the unfathomable black hole above Angel Yan’s head, there was a red light column suddenly whizzing out, bursting down at the abyss demon.

That red light column, as if compressed by the hottest flame, contains extremely terrifying power.

“You motherfucker, who is afraid of who!”

The abyss demon clenched the teeth, his hands were close together, and he rubbed his fingers, seemingly rubbing his palms. However, what everyone did not find out was that while he rubbed his fingers, he directly endured the pain, not moving, and breaking up. Take a finger bone.

The finger bone fell silently from it and fell to the ground aside.

If you do not look closely, it is indeed difficult to find.

“It’s a fierce person.” Luo Feng exclaimed. After hitting Angel Angel to predict, his eyes locked the abyss demon, naturally knowing the latter’s small movements.


At the same time, a red pillar of fire swept across the sky like a rainbow, whistling down at the abyss demon.

Wherever possible, the air seemed to burn, and the surrounding temperature also increased instantly.

“Abyss guardian!” At this moment, the abyss demon is still pretending, Star qi surging all around, pretending to open a very difficult to deal with defense skills.

Everyone’s eyes are now here, can the abyss demon this move really resist the attack of Angel Yan?


At the next moment, the red pillar of fire roared down, and it was about to collide with the abyss demon.

Yan Que’s mouth twitched a bit of mockery, your skills are very strong, but unfortunately you will be short.

With [Golden Cicada shelling] a common skill, cheating Angel Yan a big move, it seems quite profitable?

However, at the moment when the red fire column was about to strikes to the abyss demon, it suddenly came to a sudden stop, the direction suddenly changed, and shot into the open space beside!

Everyone: “???”

Out of control?

Everyone is stunned. This seemingly aggressive skill, at a critical moment, is actually missed?

Only Yan Que, at this moment, his eyes showed a deep shock.


At the next moment, a screaming scream that made the scalp numb and suddenly sounded.

Everyone looked up and saw that at the sound of the explosion, a finger bone flew out. Then, it turned into the abyssal demon body.

Its body was burnt and its flesh and blood were blurred.

“How is it? Little devil.” Angel Yan slowly fell from the cloud, looking at the embarrassed abyss demon, lips slightly raised, faint smile: “Gift from the angel king, do you like it?”

The abyss demon has bloody eyes, and wanted to use this to hide a skill, because this is actually a gamble.

If you use defensive skills to evade, the defense may be broken and you may be injured.

But if [Golden Cicada Shelling] is successful and the damage is borne by the original body, it will be unscathed, but it’s a pity…

“How do you know what I’m going to do next?!” Abyss Demon puzzled.

“Because…” Angel Yanju looked at it condescendingly, and her lips twitched a joke, saying: “I have a pair of breathtaking eyes.”

“Protect us, the abyss demon!” Yan Que said.


At this moment, the whale master pats swallowed the whale under the hips, and then pointed to the abyss evil path: “open your mouth.”


The huge mouth of the swallowing whale opened, and a huge suction burst out, looming at the abyss demon, attracting it to within the body.

“Abyss Demon, you are pitted. It’s been just a dozen minutes before it was beaten like this?” Queen of Spiders disdain curl one’s lip.

Demon God is gloomy and uncertain, unwilling to say: “The teammates help him, add a buff to it, otherwise, this angel has already become a wingswing angel.”

“So, what are my teammates doing?”

Angel Yan looked towards Fahai and said, “Children, thanks.”

Fahai smiled sorrowfully and said, “What’s so welcome with your husband?”

Angel Yan: “?”

Han Xin: “?”

At this moment, on the field.

Han Xin aimed at the undead warriors,

Uchiha Pikachu vs Spider Queen.

Fahai vs Shadow Hunter.

Uzumaki Renwa vs Whale Division.

Uchiha Pikachu looked at the whale under the whale curiously and said, “After hearing that the whale died, the body will sink into the sea. This process is called whale falling.”

Han Xin: “Do you know what the shark is called after it withers?”

Uchiha Pikachu: “Shark fell?”

“No.” Han Xin shook the head and said, “Call the shark wither.”

Uchiha Pikachu: “…”

As the battlefield of Angel Yan came to an end, another platinum battlefield: Han Xin and the Undead Warriors, undoubtedly became the focus of the next.

“Try my axe, insert!”

The axe of the right hand of the undead warrior suddenly and suddenly shook the earth suddenly.

In Han Xin’s mind, there were suddenly layers of dizziness.

The undead warrior waved his left hand sledgehammer and moved towards him.

The undead warriors are tall, skin is rough, flesh is thick, and blood defense is quite high.

While Han Xin focused on agile body shape, he used his position to circumvent his back and gave him a blow.

It’s just that the Undead Warrior is really too meaty, so even if Han Xin backstabs, the damage is not much.

On the contrary, Han Xin was often hit by a hammer and axe, HP was consumed a lot.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered. The defense of the undead warrior was too high. If he wanted to break Han Xin’s defense, he had to lower his HP to stack up all the attributes of attack and speed.

Therefore, Han Xin is actually selling blood.

Of course, even if Han Xin had little blood, he should not worry too much.

On the one hand, the less Hanxin HP, the higher the defense.

On the other hand, Angel Yan has a shield called [Justice Glory].

Shields are different from returning blood.

The shield does not directly add blood, but forms a shield on the surface of the body that can withstand a lot of damage.

This does not conflict with Han Xin’s passive [one battle against the water].

After all, Han Xin’s setting is that the less HP, the higher the full attribute.

If he was given blood back when he was low on HP, then the blood rose, and the superimposed attribute was returned.

Therefore, Angel Yan’s [Justice Glory], adding a shield to Han Xin can not only ensure his safety, but also keep all the attributes he superimposed.

Bang bang bang!

Therefore, under the eyes of many eyes, the undead warriors attacked all the way, but Han Xin’s bloodline was crazy.

Soon, the bloodline fell to an extremely dangerous point, commonly known as the beheading line.

“Angel Yan, add a shield to him.” Luo Feng said, but to his mouth, his mind suddenly divine light flashed and quickly changed his mouth, said: “Uzumaki Renwa, use the yellow gold hand sword.”

Uzumaki Renwa’s Star qi surging around him, a super-invincible spiral explosive yellow gold hand sword, quickly condensing and forming, with an amazing Star qi pressure spread out.

Han Xin: “Is this going to give me blood back? If it comes back, then the combined attack power will go back!”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered and said, “Don’t panic, I will see if I can catch a fish.”

[Yellow gold hand sword]: Uzumaki Renwa urges Star qi,condense Yellow gold hand sword, if you hit an enemy star card, you can cause a lot of damage, if you hit your own star card, you can restore 30% Star qi value.

Han Xin was a little unconscious.

call out!

In the eyes of many eyes, the sword in Huang gold hand quickly condensed, then screamed out, moved towards Han Xin and smashed it away.

Then, just as it was about to fly to Han Xin, a black silhouette suddenly appeared.

“That’s an abyss demon!” someone exclaimed.

“Your skill is great, but it’s mine right away.” Yan Que’s mouth turned slightly. He saw the Holy Land League Finals. He clearly remembered that this yellow gold hand sword looks like an attacking skill, but it actually Let the star card return to blood!

Right now, Luo Feng obviously wants to take this back to Han Xin.

Now, if the sword in this yellow gold hand hits his own star card, then the other party can’t return blood, and his abyss demon can quickly return blood, killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it beautiful?

This sudden scene made everyone startled, most of them were dumb, and I didn’t understand why Yan Que was so stupid, so that the abyss demon in poor condition would hit the muzzle of the sword in the yellow gold hand .

However, some Star Card masters who understand the situation, at this moment, have a compliment and marvel at the wonderfulness of this move.


So, under countless line of sight, the sword in Huang’s gold hand hit the abyss demon heavily.

However, just at the next moment, Yan Que’s smile, which had just appeared, froze again.

“Ao! It hurts me!”

The familiar screams sounded again.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw that after eating a sword in a fierce yellow gold hand, the bloodline of the abyss demon, not only did not recover in the slightest, but fell sharply, already in jeopardy!

“What’s the situation?” Yan Que’s eyes were horrified, and unable to bear said angrily: “Isn’t it able to bring back the star card?”

Luo Feng’s eyes showed a bit of playfulness, which is why he never studied the enemy’s star card, because it was not necessary, but it would be like Yan Que, a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity.

“Pikachu, make a thousand thousand volts and send him to the road!”



At this moment, Uchiha Pikachu, who was facing the Spider Queen, used [Form Displacement Shadow] directly, and immediately came to the abyss of the abyss, the 2 side airbags bulged, and the flash of electricity, a thousand thousand volts whistled out , Pasted on the face of the abyss demon.


In the eyes of the abyss demon, there was a thick panic climbing out, and then it was wrapped in lightning.


The next moment, its body burst suddenly!

A blood, the devil into the earth!


Looking at the abyss demon that burst suddenly, around the huge stadium, it suddenly calmed down.

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