Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 264

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Everyone looked at each other, and they all saw incredible from each other’s faces.

You know, Commander Yan Que, but a 4-star Middle-Stage Star Card master.

They thought that in the match between Yan Que and Luo Feng, the former must be able to end the game with a strong realm difference, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

However, who could have thought that after a wave of bells and whistles, it was actually Yan Que’s star card, who was the first to go out?



“Fuck, why?”

“I think emmm is either the cultivation technique of Luo Feng cultivation is better, or his Star Mansion level is higher than Yan Que, which allows him to compete with Yan Que over the ranks.”

“Indeed, and the abyss demon made too many mistakes, ate the angel’s skill hard, and voluntarily slammed into the frog’s skill. Who will die if it doesn’t die?”

“It’s embarrassing, but after all, Yan Que is a 4 Star Card master. Star qi has strengthened Luo Feng by a large amount, so even if Luo Feng has the upper hand now, I am afraid the persistence is not good?”

“Well, regardless of him, Luo Feng has won in my heart.”

“… “

Looking at this classic first city, Chu Man is slightly relaxed. She was still worried before. After all, Luo Feng never overstepped the enemy. Now, it seems that he is more worried about himself.

Xia Qiuming looked at him staring blankly, and suddenly felt a little uneasy in her heart. She lost to Luo Feng, but her face was not good looking that’s all.

But if Yan Que also loses, Luo Feng will replace him as the new leader of Fufeng County. When that happens, he may not have a good life.

“Yan Que, you can’t fall in the sewer by 10000000.” She murmured in her heart, somehow panicking in her heart.

Lu Xiaowan’s beautiful eyes were wide-eyed and exclaimed: “No wonder they dare to challenge Yan Que. This time, the Holy Land League champion, there is something.”

“The command level is indeed okay.” Han Xiang slightly nodded, said: “However, since Yan Que took out this lineup, simply not afraid to die a few star cards?”

Lv Xiaowan hearing this startled, re-examined Yan Que’s lineup, and then suddenly nodded.

“You guy, young age, this tactic is not dirty.” Yan Que’s eyes were cloudy, expression gloomy and uncertain, when 4-star hit 3-star, he was the first to die a star card, which is really a shame. .

Luo Feng raised his eyelids slightly and looked at him suspiciously, saying: “When Angel Yan attacked, did I make your star card undefensive?”

“When Uzumaki Renwa released the sword in the yellow gold hand, did I make you hit it on his face?”

“Obviously you are greedy and want to take advantage of the small one, but the result is that you haven’t found the wool, but it has caused annoyance, who complained?!”

“You!” Yan Que said suddenly, his face suddenly gloomy. These few words really poke his pain.

Luo Feng sneered. The reason why he just wanted to use the sword entrapment in the yellow gold hand is that he knows that Yan Que is a greedy and love-minded person.

When he first came, the guy hinted that he was giving a gift.

And just released [Golden Cicada shelling], also with the mentality of taking advantage.

Therefore, he is betting that if Yan Que has watched the Holy Land Finals and knows that the sword in the yellow gold hand can give back blood to the star card, with his character, he will inevitably think a little.

Sure enough, he was bet on.

“Make you proud for a while, the game is just beginning, and the winner is the winner!” Yan Que coldly snorted, looked towards the undead warrior, said: “Still dumbfounded, the star card on the opposite side has reached the slashing line , Quickly send him to the road!”

The undead warrior nodded, the left-handed hammer, suddenly raised, sounded angrily roared: “Thrill!”


A thunder dropping from the sky poured into the hammer, and the lightning flashed on the hammer, and the lightning snake swam away, filled with the power of palpitation.

The next moment, the bulky body of the undead warrior suddenly accelerated, just like a high-speed car, screaming out, moved towards Han Xin fiercely crashed.

[Undead Shock]: The Undead Warrior greatly increases his speed, moved towards the target, and is unstoppable along the way, not affected by any control effect.

Dudu du!

Hong long long !

As if the old driver drove the car, the undead warrior ran all the way, and in just a few interest, he arrived in front of Han Xin.

The hammer infused with thunder and lightning in his hand, at this moment, was also with fierce strength, moved towards Han Xin and smashed it in the head.

And at this moment, Angel Yan Long sword pointed to Han Xin and said, “Justice is not blasphemy!”


Suddenly, Han Xin star surging around him, an indestructible ring shield appeared in front of him.


A hammer hit, but did not break Han Xin’s shield.

Other shields can’t be used to attack.

However, Angel’s shield is relatively advanced, which can protect his teammates without affecting his attack.

Han Xin smiled, saying: “I really love this shield, thank you wife.”

Angel Yan: “?”

Fahai: “??? Han Xin I tm killed you!”

Uchiha Pikachu: “Han Xin I am also angry╭(╯^╰)╮!”

Uzumaki Renwa: “? Wake up, you are a mother, you should!”

Audience: “…”

As a result, Han Xin was wearing a shield and fighting intent rose in his eyes. He held the long spear in his hand and no longer evaded, but faced with the undead warrior.

A little cold glow comes first, and then the gun is shot like a dragon!

There is no bells and whistles, everything depends on general attack.

After all, Han Xin’s blood and attack power and attack speed have soared, so the damage caused by his ordinary attack is better than all skills.

[Back to the Water] This passive passive force is really too strong.

Not only does Han Xin like this passiveness… Luster Grass also likes it.

The undead warrior, whose skin is rough and flesh is thick, was thinner than paper at the moment, so it was difficult to resist Han Xin’s attack, and the bloodline hua hua went straight down.

At the same time, after the death of the Abyss Demon, Angel Yan was liberated and worked with Han Xin 2 with a common purpose to siege the undead warriors.

Under the attack of 2 platinum cards, the bloodline of the Undead Warrior gradually became urgent.

At the same time, Angel Yan uses [wormhole solution], and suddenly, the next action of the undead warrior appears in her eyes.

“It’s going to release a dead language skill next.”

Hearing this, the long spear in Han Xin’s hands was suddenly stagnation and became entangled.

Such things as dead language, understood, don’t want to kill the opposite.

After all, once some death words are triggered, it is even harder to deal with than this star card.

“Kill, kill quickly.” Yan Que eyes slightly narrowed, watching quietly, deep in the heart, passing a bit of playfulness.

Undead Warriors, as the name suggests, only become warriors after being killed.

Angel Yan Qiao frowned slightly, her lips opened slightly, and said, “So, is it killing, or not?”

“Look at my strength!” Han Xin smiled at her, and finally had a chance to show up in front of her sister, and suddenly felt Bloodline Ben Zhang.

[Surrounded by enemies]: Han Xin creates illusions, greatly weakens the designated star card’s desire to fight, and reduces morale. There is a certain probability that the enemy star card will directly change back to the card and leave the battlefield. The lower the opponent’s HP, the greater the probability.

And at this moment, the rays of light flashed in front of the undead warrior, and he was in an illusion.

At the same time, Yan Que was stunned, because he suddenly discovered that his connection with the undead warriors seemed to be cut at the moment.

The undead warriors eyes opened.

Right now, it’s still the stadium.

It’s just that there is a mess on the field.

The Shadow Hunter is dead.

The spider queen is dead.

The Whale Master is also dead.

“What about my teammates?” The undead warrior’s eyes froze, panicking inexplicably.

And at this moment, a wonderful melody suddenly sounded in his ear, that is… hometown’s children’s song.

Suddenly, 1000 homesicknesses of 10000 strands were suddenly rolled up.

I don’t know where to blow the reed pipe, and I levied people all over the country overnight.

Its eyes narrowed, it seemed to fall into a long memory, thinking of his wife, thinking of his brother.

My wife is keeping her room,

There is a brother whose surname is dead.

“Why, homesick?” Han Xin put down long spear, pats its shoulders, and said: “Your teammates are all dead, so what can you do even if you still have a dead language skills?”

“And, you are resurrected, will Star Card master really resurrect you in a short time?”

“Same as a star card, knowing how difficult it is for you to advance to platinum, I won’t kill you, keep your life, you go back.”

Han Xin’s voice, like a magic sound, enters the mind of the undead warrior,

The undead warrior’s eyes were stagnant, and after a moment of contemplation, sighed, and then actually directly launched the “change card” skill.

call out!

Ten seconds later, the undead warrior directly changed back to the card and returned to Yan Que’s hands.

Yan Que: “???

What the hell?

You are also expected to release a dead language skill after death, and you turned into a star card directly?

“Ah Ahhhh!!! What are you doing back? Your dead language skills are useless!”

He was flustered and exasperated, roaring angrily, his mind almost burst!

When the star card becomes a card, it is equivalent to leaving the field, but it cannot be returned again!

Previously, the Undead Warrior was abused, but he actually didn’t worry too much, because this guy was the only one who resisted pressure during his lifetime, and awakened and punched after his death.

As a result, instead of dying, this thing turned into a card directly under Luo Feng star card’s series of confusing actions?

“Great.” Luo Feng extended his thumb to Han Xin. This skill, I have to say, is really a magic skill.

Not only Tianke’s language skills,

If it is used on the core card that constitutes the routine, let this star card forcibly leave the field, I am afraid that the opposite party will immediately surrender.

“This is bad.” Yan Que’s expression stiffened, and his heart turned over, and the undead warrior turned into a star card, disrupting his entire rhythm. All the original plans were completely invalidated.

“It seems that I can only give it a go.” Yan Quemeng clenched the teeth, a fierce glance in his eyes, said: “Implement the plan of beheading!”

The whale swallowing beasts under the crotch of Pats the Whale Master said, “It’s our turn!”

[Whale Swallow]: Limited skill. Whale swallow beasts forcibly control the enemy star card for 5 or 1 minutes. The number of controls is 1+n, where n refers to the number of star card deaths.

He only killed one abyss demon, so he can control two. Since there are only two, he should naturally control the highest quality platinum card.

As a result, the huge mouth of the whale swallow beast opened, and two light beams burst out, shrouding Han Xin and Angel Yan.

Suddenly, the body of the two quickly petrified, and soon, they became two statues, entering a brief sealed state.

After doing all this, Yan Que looked towards the Spider Queen and the Shadow Hunter, saying: “Quickly merge and execute the beheading plan!”

[Fitness]: The Spider Queen is joined with the designated star card. After being joined, the skills are combined and upgraded, the realm is increased by 1-star, and the Star Card master can be directly attacked.

call out!

So, under the eyes of many eyes, the silhouette of the spider queen and the shadow hunter quickly overlapped.

A new type of monster was born.

It has a tall figure, a crossbow in his left hand, a blood blade in his right hand, wings on his back, entanglement of demonic energy, blood marks on the corners of his eyes, and a fixed hat on his head, like a demon queen.

This is, Shadow Queen!


A terrifying imposing manner soared into the sky, and after the fit, its realm, has arrived at 5-star!

At this moment, the Shadow Queen silhouette flashed like a gust of wind and went straight to Luo Feng!

Luo Feng’s pupils have shrunk, it seems that this is the killing of the king?

At the same time, everyone saw the intention of Shadow Queen, and suddenly there was a cry of covering the mountains and plains.

Although Luo Feng had previously connected to 2 cities, but now 2 star cards have been temporarily sealed. At present, he does not have the slightest advantage!

“Bold demon, what is the intention?”

At this moment, Fahai burst into rage and shot out, holding the tin stick with both hands and slamming it against it.

Shadow Queen sneered, left-handed crossbow arrows aimed at Fahai, and suddenly had arrows showing off one’s ability, just like a rain pear, whistling at Fahai.

Feeling the sharpness of this arrow, Fahai didn’t dare to carelessly, and immediately waved the Purple Gold tin rod to resist it desperately.

And at this moment, the whale beast controlled the whale beast and contained Fahai.

Shadow Queen is like a wind, continue moving towards Luo Feng.

“Fuck it!”

Uzumaki Renwa’s eyes were cold and blocked in front of Shadow Queen.

“Little frog, also want to block my way, really mantis trying to stop a chariot, act recklessly!”

Shadow Queen red lips slightly skimmed, light azure rays of light appeared on the blood blade of right hand, rays of light stretched indefinitely, extremely sharp.

“I heard that you are fast?”

The voice fell, her silhouette, like a light, with a blood blade, with an azure glow, facing Uzumaki Renwa in front, like the wind, flashed away.

That flash was so fast that the audience didn’t respond at all, what happened.

At the next moment, I saw the two standing against each other.

At this moment, all eyes around are converging on 2 people.

A shadow of ridicule emerged from Shadow Queen beautiful eyes, saying: “merely this.”

Uzumaki Renwa’s eyes were stagnant, and his pupils were filled with disbelief.

The blood dripped from the chest.

Known as the golden glitter, it didn’t even see the speed of Shadow Queen.

“Go down and lie down.”

Shadow Queen suddenly turned around, and in the mysterious eyes, there were 2 blood-colored beams exploded and landed on Uzumaki Renwa.


The blood column fell and burst instantly.


Everyone’s eyes turned to see Uzumaki Renwa’s figure, just like a meteorite falling, whistling down uncontrollably, fiercely falling to the ground!


The martial arts stage, which was already in disarray, was suddenly smashed into a deep pit, filled with smoke.

“Then Uzumaki Renwa, will you die without dying?” Many voices sounded, and then looked towards the smoky crater.

Among the huge pits.

The blood ran down the arm.

At the moment Uzumaki Renwa was covered with bruises all over his body, and it was extremely dismal.

“Don’t care about this frog anymore, kill Luo Feng quickly!” Yan Que ordered coldly. Indeed, he had already killed Luo Feng.

After all, even if he wins today, Luo Feng may still challenge in another three months, and by then, he is not sure whether he will be the opponent of the other side.

Rather than doing so, it is better to solve it directly here, death ends all one’s troubles.

Above the arena, the swords and guns are eyeless. Even more how Luo Feng initiated the surrender. Even if he accidentally died under his own hands, no one can say anything.

“Relax, he is dying.” Shadow Queen sneered, body moved, moved towards Luo Feng burst out!


The sudden change made everyone startled. Obviously Luo Feng first went to the second city, but under the operation of Yan Que, now it seems that he has the upper hand?

Today, Angel Yan and Han Xin are sealed, Fahai is restrained by the whale division, Uzumaki Renwa is seriously injured, but no one can protect Luo Feng!

Since Shadow Queen went straight to Luo Feng, it was obviously able to directly damage the Star Card master, so how should he resist it next? !

“This kid’s innate talent is good, but unfortunately he is still younger.” Han Xiang shook the head, said: “All who can dominate this position are experienced and experienced. When he first arrived, he wanted to replace it. Too much.”

“If he doesn’t vote again, maybe he will really die…” Lv Xiaowan said.

“Die, if you die directly, you can’t complain, and save a lot of troubles in the future!” Xia Qiuming’s eyes showed the poisonous snake’s general eyes.

In the huge pit, Uzumaki Renwa gently squeezed the lips of the frog and flicked over it.

It has red eyes and endless guilt in its heart. Looking at the Shadow Queen moved towards Luo Feng, his heart is full of guilt.

However, at this moment, a stone hanging on his neck was trembling violently.

The stone is as warm as jade, shining bright green light, mysterious and mysterious.

That is, Evolution Stone!

[Evolution Stone]: Limited skill, Uzumaki Renwa can be combined with Star Card master or designated star card, strengthen existing skills, synthesize new skills, and integrate the power of the sealed demon fox within the body, realm upgrade 1-star!

This is both an evolutionary stone and a seal that seals the demon fox within the body.

“It’s now.” Luo Feng looked towards Uzumaki Renwa in the giant pit, saying: “Uzumaki Renwa, fetter evolution!”

Uzumaki Renwa nodded, grasping the evolution stone with one hand, violently crushing it!


In the eyes of many eyes, Uzumaki Renwa and Luo Feng have two blue water columns grandiose, rising into the sky.

Somewhere, a strange bgm sounded.

Behind Uzumaki Renwa, a huge Nine-Tailed Monster Fox emerged, exposing white teeth and gazing into the world.

Uzumaki Renwa turned around and looked towards Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, saying: “From now on, you are not a demon fox, but my partner.”

The voice fell, its right hand stretched out, palms clenched fists, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox also reached out and touched the fist, the two began to touch the fist.

“Fuse you and my strength together!”

call out!

next moment, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, Uzumaki Renwa, Luo Feng, all three are turned into a stream of light, and then fuse together.


rays of light fade,

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw Uzumaki Renwa, which was very different than before.

Behind it, there is a pair of wings, the wings are like frozen ice, and it looks like showing off one’s ability, which makes people palpitate.

The previous Uzumaki Renwa, the whole body is water blue, but now, the whole body is shining with golden light!

Behind him, there are 9 golden light flashing tails!

This is Uzumaki Renwa with 9 tails gold body!

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