Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 265

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On the huge martial arts stage, Luo Feng’s figure disappeared, and it was replaced by the 9-tailed gold body Uzumaki Renwa.

The dazzling golden light was quite gorgeous, even overwhelming the sun in the sky.

Its silhouette is still thin, but at this time no one is doing anything, the terror power contained in that body.

Through Uzumaki Renwa’s figure, you can see vaguely, the Luo Feng illusory shadow inside.

“That is!”

“Star Card master is integrated with star card!”

“It seems that this game has been played to the last round!”

“Yeah, Yan Que sees that the general trend is gone, and is ready to kill Jun, and Luo Feng is to join forces with the star card for self-preservation. Right now, it is up to the game, who wins and loses!”

Thus, Uzumaki Renwa, which flashed the golden light, stood across from the Shadow Queen, far away.

“I have prepared this hand, you are really stable.” Yan Que eyes slightly narrowed, who would do this kind of thing?

Luo Feng said: “I have created this junior stream, and I want to use this to end me. You may not think too much.”

“Interesting.” Shadow Queen raised her evil eye and stared at Uzumaki Renwa, her left hand crossbow pointed at towards it, saying, “However, this kind of competition is more interesting.”


Grandiose’s Star qi torrent rises from the top of the head, and there is a huge spider illusory shadow in the blur.

On the opposite side, the expression of the 9-tailed ninja frog is plain, and the golden Star qi surges around its body. Behind it, a huge demon illusory shadow is faintly visible.

There is an unspeakable shocking power that rises slowly.

At this moment, the eyes of the demon fox and the spider met, causing an overflowing heaven murderous aura.

Everyone’s heart is full of curiosity. Who is this battle for domination, who can laugh to the end?

“Pickup?” Uchiha Pikachu leaned his head, and suddenly discovered that he seemed to have nothing to do with himself now.

So, it opened its short legs, ran all the way, and then joined Fahai against the whale master.

“If you want to use me as a stepping stone to temper yourself, it depends on whether you have this qualification.” Yan Que eyes cold, said: “Start, Queen.”

“Relax.” Shadow Queen smiled evilly, and a pair of demon eyes glowed with cold glow, making people chill.


The vast sea like Star qi suddenly erupted from Shadow Queen within the body, and the endless magic light flashed as if Demon God came.

“Magic Wheel!”

Along with its low roar, the dark Star qi surged into a huge magic wheel, moved towards 9 and the tail-end ninja frog rolled over.

The magic wheel rolled across the sky, leaving a black mark, exuding the terrifying Star qi fluctuations.

At this moment, the hands of the 9-tailed ninja frog suddenly became larger and became the hands of the demon fox, spreading more than 100 feet, and grasped the magic wheel that was about to crush, and grabbed it.


The big hand fiercely put the magic wheel to life.

Shadow Queen’s pupils shrunk, saying: “Really strong power.”

“Bash it!” The 9-tailed Ninja Frog took out his weapon, and suffered.

call out!

In the next moment, the 9-tailed Ninja Frog held the bitterness, kicked the ground with his feet, and went straight to Shadow Queen.

Shadow Queen’s left hand crossbow is extended, aiming at 9 tail frogs, Star qi surging above, a silver arrow showing off one’s ability, quickly condensing and forming.

“9 tail frogs, turn on Shadow Clone!” Luo Feng ordered.

“Fuck it!”

Suddenly, there were 20 9-tail ninja frogs reappearing on the field. The evolved 9-tail ninja frog not only increased the number of avatars, but the attribute of each avatar also increased suddenly.

So, 20 fierce silhouettes in imposing manner went straight to Shadow Queen.

Shadow Queen expression is slightly condensed. The imposing manner of these avatars is similar to that of the ontology. For a time, it can’t see which one is the real ontology.

Xiu xiu xiu!

The silver arrows continued to shoot and fell on the Ninja Frog. Next moment, the Ninja Frog’s body burst suddenly, obviously none of them were the body.

call out!

And at this moment, there is a 9-foot Ninja frog with two feet Star qi surging, the speed has been increased to the extreme, rushing towards the Shadow Queen!

That speed is getting faster and faster, faster and faster, dazzling, dazzling, like a golden flash, it is difficult to capture its silhouette for a while!

“So fast!”

Shadow Queen’s pupils have shrunk. Because of the speed, the crossbow in his hand can’t lock the target.

call out!

At the next moment, I saw a golden light flash, and saw a golden fist slamming into its chest.


With one punch, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, and the mountains turned into hills.

Shadow Queen’s complexion changed suddenly, and the powerful impact force made it retreat a few steps before barely holding her body.

call out!

In his eyes, the body of the 9-tailed ninja frog magnified again sharply, waving the bitterness in his hand, and mercilessly slashed at it.

Shadow Queen quickly waved the blood blade of right hand to block the sword.


Kuwu collided with the blood blade, the sound of gold and iron filled, and the shock wave of naked eye was swept from the void.

2 No one left behind at all, every offensive was aggressive, and countless bystanders watched with fear and palpitations. That kind of intensity made people scalp numb.

Chu Man stared at him without blinking his eyes, and his expression was extremely tense, because the nine-tailed ninja frog is now the combination of Uzumaki Renwa and Luo Feng, if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers.

If 9 tails could not be defeated by Shadow Queen and died, it would mean that Uzumaki Renwa and Luo Feng both died.

Shadow Queen’s blood blade is offensive, and the suffering of the 9-tailed ninja frog is not one drop of water can leak out. It is difficult to penetrate the defense of the blood blade no matter how ruthless it is.

Bang bang bang!

The fierce battle at high altitude continued and became more intense.

“About ten minutes, the two star cards will be unsealed. Do you understand what I mean?” Yan Que said solemnly.

Shadow Queen nodded, knowing that the stalemate continued to be detrimental to her, she must win or lose within ten minutes.


The two afterimages went straight to the other party again, and the sharp blood blade and the bitter air did not slam together again.

The powerful anti-shock force, accompanied by the terrifying shock wave, gave 2 body shapes, all of which were retreating at the moment.

9 The eye of the Ninja frog is slightly condensed, Star qi surging around the body, a huge yellow gold hand sword, quickly condensing and forming.

Admittedly, after the evolution of Ninja Frog, the formidable power of the sword in Huang’s gold hand also skyrocketed.

In the past this move was called the yellow gold hand sword. As for now, it should be called…large yellow gold hand sword.

Uzumaki Renwa’s wrist slammed with force, and suddenly the sword in the yellow gold hand blew out, pierced the void, and went straight to Shadow Queen.

Shadow Queen looked at the fierce offensive, biting her silver teeth, and then, the dark Star qi flowed out from within the body, and a crystal ball was formed between the gatherings.

The crystal ball enveloped it without dead ends, and it looked indestructible and hard to shake.

call out!

The sword in the yellow gold hand roared and fell on the crystal ball. However, in the next moment, there was a monstrous sword energy, which diffused from the crystal ball.

The crystal ball trembled violently, with cracks spreading on it quickly, and then, burst instantly.

The sword in the yellow gold hand, with the rest of the offensive, penetrated like lightning and came towards Shadow Queen.

Shadow Queen complexion greatly changed, it didn’t expect this sword light is so strong, even its crystal barrier is not blocked.

So the body retreated, and at the same time both hands forming seals formed a defense again. However, the defense had not yet formed, and the sword in the yellow gold hand screamed and slashed firmly on it.


A mournful scream sounded.

Shadow Queen’s eyes were stagnant, her body exploded like a cannonball, and finally fell heavily into the huge pit that Uzumaki Renwa had previously smashed. The smoke filled the silhouette and buried its silhouette.

Everyone looked at this scene in shock, and all swallowed saliva. It is indeed a star card that fits with the Star Card master. Is this too fierce?

They are all clear and Yan Que knows that he is invincible, so he temporarily trapped the Luo Feng 2 big platinum card, and at the same time directly let the star card fit, open the strongest mode, kill the decapitated king, directly attack the root of the problem.

But who can think that even with the strongest mode turned on, this Shadow Queen is still not a rival to the 9-tailed Ninja Frog?

If this continues, wait for Angel Yan and Han Xin to get rid of the sealed state, then Yan Que has no chance of winning.

At this time, Shadow Queen, from the chest to the abdomen, appeared a fierce scar. The scar almost cut her body diagonally, with the body organs vaguely visible.

Everyone looked at the sword mark, and they all felt cold behind them, as if they were on the ground, and felt the pain of cutting the skin.

“Huh, the frog will bite when he’s in a hurry.”

Strongly enduring the pain, Shadow Queen’s eyes burst out with a thick killing intent, icily said: “No matter how bells and whistles, you are just a frog that’s all.”

Suddenly there was dark-green venom flowing down the corners of his eyes, Shadow Queen’s eyes closed slowly, and a dangerous wave of terrifying was slowly released from his whole body.

The martial arts stage below, when it hits the venom, is eroded and turned into nothingness, which shows its toxicity.

Luo Feng looked away, and saw the venom that shed, gradually swelled, and between the flashes of rays of light, gradually turned into a giant spider.

The spider pitch-black as ink, as hard as iron, shining cold glow under the sunlight.

Soon, the spider turned into a dark Battle Armor, covering the body surface of Shadow Queen. On the Battle Armor, many ancient lines were portrayed, which appeared extremely mysterious.

Shadow Queen’s sensuous green spider pupil, shimmering with brutality and glare, staring strangely at the 9-tailed ninja frog, unable to bear licked his lips.

“Is it enough to play, kid? Next, it’s up to this King to play with you!”


When the sound fell, Shadow Queen jumped forward and suddenly the ground collapsed, and its silhouette was turned into a black light and went straight to the 9-tailed frog.

call out!

In just a few breathing hours, Shadow Queen appeared in front of the 9-tailed Ninja Frog, with her mouth open, and immediately blew out like poison qi’s green spider silk, inescapable net-like. frog.

9 The tail-bearing frog can’t avoid it, is bound by the spider web, can’t move away in an instant, and quickly cut the spider web with no pain.


At this moment, Shadow Queen roared like a ghost, and her left hand turned into a sharp claw, grabbing her chest.

Nine-tailed ninja frog complexion slightly changed, quickly raised his arm to block, suddenly sharp claw on the ninja frog’s arm, grabbed 9 deep bloodstains.

The other arm was bitter and quickly stabbed at the Shadow Queen. However, the Queen’s Battle Armor was too hard. It stabbed for a long time without even stabbing.

“Cough, kid, such a thin bayonet, it can’t deal with me.”

Shadow Queen pu chi smiled, and sharp claw caught it again.

9 The body of the Ninja frog was shocked and shot backwards, with blood marks on his arm horrible to see, drenched with blood.

Shadow Queen did not give the 9-tailed ninja frog any breathing opportunity, the offensive was like howling wind and torrential rain.

As a result, the situation was reversed, the 9-tailed Ninja Frog retreated, and the bloodline went wild.

The Queen’s offensive is very ruthless.


After a fierce wave of rivalry, the 9-tailed Ninja Frog borrowed Flying Thunder God to quickly pull away a lot of distance.

It gasped heavily. Bleeding marks appeared in the corners of the mouth, and there was severe pain everywhere in the body.

I originally wanted to keep Flying Thunder God to transfer damage, but if I don’t use it anymore, I will be beaten by Shadow Queen, I am afraid that I will be beaten to death.

Everyone was trembling, Luo Feng seemed to be in a bad situation. If Ninja Frog died, it would be cold even to bring Luo Feng.

Xuanjiying’s Star Card master secretly squeezed a sweat at the moment.

Han Xiang looked at the martial arts stage and said, “Right now, Luo Feng can only look forward to the 2 star cards and quickly release the sealed state.”

Yan Que estimated the time, and the two platinum card seals were about to be lifted, immediately shouted: “Resolve it quickly, otherwise there will be no chance for later!”

“rest assured.”

Shadow Queen’s 2 evil monster eyes now show cold glow, staring at 9 tailed frogs like poisonous snakes.

“Your skill that can transfer damage, I am afraid that it has already entered the cooldown? Then next, I see how you block it!”

It laughed loudly, the expression was extremely grim, both hands forming seals, and then, I saw its head, black light flowing, turned into a giant spider head!

Shadow Queen’s hands slowly closed, suddenly taking a deep breath, the violent Star qi poured along his nose, his chest bulging, almost to burst the Battle Armor, an amazing wave of Star qi converged.

At the next moment, the mouth that was as dark as the abyss opened, and a green poison qi spewed out like a dragon’s breath, and went straight to the nine tailed frogs.

Wherever he went, the martial arts stage, which was already in disarray, was corroded and melted again!

9 The face of the Ninja Frog is also unable to bear. At this moment, when this offensive falls, I am afraid that I will be killed in seconds!

“It’s over, Luo Feng is dead!” Outside of the martial arts stage, everyone looked at this scene, all regretfully sighed, not only lost the game, but also took a life, it is really worthless.

“Disciple, if you’re not sure, surrender quickly, at worst 3 months later and challenge again.” Chu Man’s pretty face was white and his palms were sweating.


Under the countless line of sight, the green poison qi hiding the sky and covering the earth swept out, leaving a long trace of erosion on the martial arts stage, and then, not knowing what to do 9 Ninja frog, completely submerged…


The explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, sounded.

On the martial arts stage, a mushroom cloud of jade green rises, and the smelly poison qi comes out and blends into the air.

In this scene, countless people heart trembled, running Star qi quickly, shutting off the air.

Everyone looked towards that mushroom cloud, such a terrifying Yu Wei, even a 5-star star card, I am afraid it will be hit hard.

The 9-tailed ninja frog is at the center of the mushroom cloud, and I am afraid that it is difficult to live.

Many Star Card masters stared at this scene, and suddenly quieted down, and then, a lot of regrets broke out.

“This Luo Feng is really on top, what can I do if I lose a game, why should I be so desperate?”

“Yeah, I ended up putting my life in it, but unfortunately such a good innate talent.”

“not worth it.”

“… “

Everyone shook their heads, unless he wore a resurrection armor, or hung up, otherwise, the 9-tailed ninja frog, which had poor HP, would eat a big trick, there is no reason to die!

“Wait, there seems to be movement in it!” And at this moment, the sharp-eyed man stared at the mushroom cloud, screaming silently.

Shadow Queen’s double pupils opened, looking towards the monstrous poison qi in amazement, and then, with a touch of blue light, he shot out from that thick poison qi.

Where the blue light is, the tumbling poison qi is moving towards 2 at the moment.

“Isn’t this dead ?!”

The laughter on Shadow Queen’s face suddenly froze, making a horrible noise.

And under its horrendous gaze, a blue light burst out from the dense poison qi, just a few whistling times, it was through the green mushroom cloud.

That’s not Uzumaki Renwa,

Swallow the whale!

At this moment, the giant mouth of the swallowing whale is open, revealing the 9 unscathed frogs inside it!

“Master Whale, you, you just helped it with a big move?!” Shadow Queen stared at Little Luoli on the back of the whale with horror.

Little Luoli chicks are nodded like rice.

“Nmd, why?!” Shadow Queen’s eyes were red, and his mentality almost burst.

“Because…” The whale master looked towards Fahai with a sly look, his face flushed red, and he was timid and sincere: “I am now, it’s his own QAQ…”

It turned out that while Shadow Queen was fighting Uzumaki Renwa, Fahai and Uchiha Pikachu were encircling and suppressing the whale master!

The Whale Master is an assistant, even more how to fight with 4 hands, so you can’t beat them!

And Fahai’s big move is called Supernatural Descent Golden Bowl!

[Supernatural Descent Golden Bowl]: Limited skill, Fahai’s golden bowl can protect teammates, control the enemy, and have a certain probability of conquering the enemy star card for their own use. high.

It was with this skill that he subdued the Whale Master and turned the Whale Master into an ally. Then at the crucial moment, the Whale Master used space skills to make the Swallow Whale appear in the 9-tailed frog in an instant. Beside.

Then, the giant mouth of the swallowing whale opened, swallowing the 9 tailed frog into the belly, and forcibly resisted the blow for it!

Fahai looked towards Whale Master, said: “Loli, I want you to help me cultivate!”

Little Luoli: “Okay, master.”

Fahai brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Master?”

Little Luoli: “Good father QAQ…”

Audience: “…”

“How could this be?!” Yan Que’s mentality collapsed, his angry face twisted. He had just stared at Shadow Queen, watching the Whale Master not dying, so he didn’t care about it.

After all, the role of the Whale Master is actually to contain Fahai and Uchiha Pikachu.

However, he absolutely did not expect that this whale master, unconsciously, had betrayed him and joined the enemy camp!

And at this moment, the nine-tailed ninja frog jumped out of the whale’s mouth. In its hands, Star qi surged and quickly rubbed into a blue Rasengan.

“Sage Art, Meltaway, Super Rasengan!”

Hong long long !

I saw the ground beneath my feet, suddenly split, and the endless lava rose from the ground into the Rasengan in his hand.

A raging lava flooded in, and under the eyes of many eyes, Rasengan in the hands of the 9-tailed ninja frog gradually grew larger, larger and larger.

In the end, it seemed to hold a small sun.

One after another gorgeous flame turned into fire dragons, surrounding super Rasengan.

“Go to hell, miscellaneous!”

In the eyes of many eyes, the nine-tailed frogs roared, and the sun-like super Rasengan in his hand was also fiercely shot into the chest of Shadow Queen.

At the next moment, the 9-tailed Ninja Frog and Shadow Queen’s silhouette crossed, with their backs facing each other.

A line of blood emerged from the queen’s neck.

“Why, why am I losing in your hands?” Shadow Queen growled angrily, his voice filled with endless anger and unwillingness.

“Because, you are a…” The 9-tailed ninja frog thought for a while and said, “Fuck it!”

“I, don’t believe it.” Shadow Queen’s eyes froze, the expression on her face gradually solidified, and then it solidified, and its breath.


In the next moment, the body of Shadow Queen suddenly burst into nothingness!

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