Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 266

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So, on the huge martial arts stage, it was empty.

Outside the martial arts stage, there was a lot of sighing, and everyone watched in disbelief. This game ended much faster than they thought. Is this the end?

I thought I could see all kinds of reversals and all kinds of cards, but now Yan Que has no star cards, how can I turn it over?

Rays of light, the body of Angel Yan and Han Xin petrified, gradually recovered.

Angel Yanliu raised her eyebrows slightly, looking at the empty stadium and saying, “It’s over?”

In addition to the whale master who is helping Fahai cultivation, what other silhouette of the enemy star card?

Yan Que looked at the field with gloomy and uncertain eyes. Although his intentions were hard to draw, he simply didn’t have any room to operate.

Own star card,

3 were beheaded,

One was dismissed,

One was subdued.

No way to play.

Since the undead warriors were dismissed, he knew that his routine system had completely collapsed, so he simply accelerated the rhythm and let go, letting the shadow hunter and the queen of spiders fit directly.

Generally speaking, such a direct fit is blood-deficient, after all, after the fit, the state is full and the skills are refreshed.

Therefore, if you want to fit, you have to wait for 2 star cards to consume about the same skill.

But he had no choice. After the undead warriors persuaded him, he had no other choice but to let go.

And Shadow Queen did find a chance in 1000 threads and 10000 threads. He even determined and affirmed that the wave hit, Luo Feng will definitely die.

This operation is already very limited.

But, who could have imagined that when the backyard caught fire, the Whale Master was rebelled and ate a big trick for Luo Feng forcibly?

This feeling of success and failure is really uncomfortable.

Is Luo Feng good luck?

Is it his own strength?

Thinking about it, he feels that the root of the problem lies in Luo Feng’s lineup, which is really disgusting.

He has a lot of backhands and a lot of hole cards, but he must have a star card to show these backhands.

Today, Luo Feng directly draws a salary and dismisses a star card, which is fine.

Too much, turning another star card into an ally, which made him take the lead?

Yan Que expression gloomy and uncertain, in the past he lost the game, will be lost, will be sad, but, after this loss, he is just a word!

Lv Xiaowan marveled and said: “In a month’s time, he became the commander from Vice Commander, the champion of the Holy Land League, and the name is not in vain.”

“There is one saying, as a pure passerby, I say a fair word.” Han Xiang’s eyes flashed and he pondered for a moment, saying: “Today’s victory in this game does not mean that Luo Feng is stronger than Yan Que, saying In fact, Luo Feng can win today thanks to luck.”

“Yan Que’s rhythm collapsed when the undead warriors were persuaded to retreat, and this rooted in the abyssal demon being killed.”

“If the abyss demon did not eat the yellow golden sword hard, and instead of using [Golden Cicada shelling], but using other defensive skills, it would not be terminated so quickly.”

“So, judging from this game alone, it does not explain how strong Luo Feng is, but Yan Que gives too many opportunities.”

“If there is another game and Yan Que’s play is more stable, he may not lose.”

Lv Xiaowan quite agrees that the location is nodded, but in his heart he disdains curl one’s lip. Really, Luo Feng is hard and lucky?

“Your deck is too dirty.” Yan Que said angrily, unable to bear, expression gloomy and uncertain.

“Hehe, you let me win.” Luo Feng laughed. It was quite easy to win today. Angel Yan and Han Xin haven’t even shined. The core skills of the two haven’t appeared before, and it’s over.

This is the advantage of the variable-speed flow. The former Middle-Stage can end the game, and it does not have to be dragged to the late stage.

Of course, the most important thing is still due to his colorless Star Mansion and Saint blood. Otherwise, in the case of a higher rank challenge, how can Angel Yan take the lead in dropping the abyss demons?

Hear the harsh words of Vice Commander, Yan Que’s face, hot pain.

At this time, he suddenly realized that he lost not only a game, but also his own status.

From now on, times have changed.

In the 4th cabinet, demotion has always been a shameful thing, especially to lead such a position, normally in aloof and remote, overlooking all living beings.

But this time he fell to the altar and became a dog, and he was a dog for someone like Luo Feng. Who would be willing? !

In addition, how can Lin Xuan and his future give him gifts to please?

He knew very well that others gave gifts to themselves, not to respect him, but the power that’s all in his own hands.

“Make you proud for a while.” Yan Que coldly snorted, secretly said in one’s heart: “Wait 1 month later, I will start a battle for dominance and take this position back again!”

And at this moment, a sound of breaking wind sounded, and someone controlling the sword came, and everyone looked at it, and it was Vice Pavilion Lord-Qin Ze.

With a lot of eyes, Qin Ze stepped down from Flying Sword, he nodded at Luo Feng, said with a slight smile: “Luo Feng, you are very good.”

Luo Feng smiled back and bowed according to the ceremony.

Qin Ze looked away from other Star Card masters and said, “Today’s battle for leadership has ended…”

“From now on, Fufeng County is led by Luo Feng, and Yan Que, logically speaking, should have assumed the post of Vice Commander of Xuanjiying.”

“But I received a report that during Yan Que’s tenure as leader, he used his position and greeded a lot of materials and resources, and after deliberation at the top, deprived him of the position of Vice Commander.


As soon as this remark came, the thunder suddenly rang like a flat ground and exploded next to Yan Que’s ear.

Yan Que stared at Qin Ze with a dreadful look, and his face was horrified. Part of the reason why he dared to be greedy for ink was because there was Qin Ze behind him to protect him.

Now… Is this going to give him up?

I was still thinking that after a month, I was ashamed to take back this position of command.

But now he is directly deprived of his position as Vice Commander. After that, let alone dominate, he can’t even do the deacon, it is an ordinary Star Card master!

“Commander Yan Que, it turns out that you are okay. It seems that when I first came to Wind Pavilion, I didn’t give you a gift, but it was a little sensible.” Luo Feng smiled at him.

Yan Que heard this, and then felt the mocking eyes around him, and suddenly his heart burst, a mouthful of blood unable to bear spouted out, and then the eyes were black, and he fainted directly.

He knows that I am afraid that from tomorrow on, he will become a fresh joke for the entire Wind Pavilion.

“Yan Que, don’t be anxious. According to my investigation, the last beast tide seems to be related to you, too?” Qin Ze said indifferently.

Yan Que hearing this, trembling in his heart, said: “This is not…”

“Bold!” Qin Ze interrupted his words, his eyes suddenly became sharp, and said: “As a leader, I dare to trigger a beast tide because of my own personal hatred, and trap Luo Feng in the fire, you cannot wipe out the crimes. !”

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