Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 267

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When his drink fell, he flicks with the finger, a spell-type star card flew out, and then turned into a golden giant hand, with a thunderous power, carrying the power of terror, hiding the sky and covering the earth’s faced Yan Que.

Yan Que’s face was pale for a moment, and there was unspeakable fear in his eyes. He wanted to force summon out of the star card, and that palm had fallen.


The sky oscillated, and the big hand fell, and then everyone saw the silhouette of Yan Que, which fell like a shell.

Everyone’s eyes cast, and under this palm, Yan Que’s eyes were empty and his breath disappeared.


Seeing this scene, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Who would have thought that Yan Que, who had been so beautiful in the past, is now tragically dying here?

“This… how could this be?” Xia Qiuming’s complexion suddenly became somber to the extreme.

When Luo Feng first came to Wind Pavilion a month ago, she might have thought of this scene, but in her view, even if this scene occurs, it will be at least half a year later.

At that time, she thought that it was already very difficult for Luo Feng, an airborne person, to gain a foothold in Fufeng County, but who would have thought that this guy not only had a firm foothold, but in the shortest time, quickly became the leader!

What will happen in the future?

Is it necessary to change a person to manage time together and become a qualified time management master?

“Congratulations to the new leader!”

When Qin Ze’s voice fell, countless silhouettes were also cup one fist in the other hand, the sound of congratulations resounded and deafening.

Everyone’s eyes were gathered on Luo Feng, which was full of praise and full of awe and envy.

A month ago, they had doubts about the newcomer who directly airborne Vice Commander, thinking that it was only someone behind him who was insured before he could ascend to the top.

However, who can think of this Star Card master who is not worthy of being a Vice Commander in their eyes, within a month, Yan Que was directly dismounted and replaced as the new leader?

In the history of the 4th Pavilion, there are only 2 people who can quickly advance from Vice Commander to Commander within a month.

Thunder Pavilion Pavilion Lord, Zhou Sheng.

Fire Pavilion Pavilion Lord, Jiang Yan.

You know, the position of the leader is within 4 cabinets, and the status is not low, it can be described as the mainstay.

The most important thing is that at a young age, it is the leader, and its future is unlimited.

Luo Feng did not panic, seemingly not surprised by today’s results, cup hand to hold fist to everyone around him.

Chu Man sighed in relief for a long time, patting his chest gently, the tone was quiet: “Just your hand just scared the Master.”

“Master is at ease.” Luo Feng smiled at her and said, “The recipe is always very stable, impossible for a while, and doing stupid things that fight for life.”

If he hadn’t swallowed the sky whale just now, he wouldn’t dare to bet on whether the Shadow Queen would be able to own himself before the fool just bet.

Qin Ze came over, pats Luo Feng’s shoulders, and then stared deeply at Luo Feng. He looked at it quietly, and the latter looked a little hairy.

“Luo Feng, actually, there is a saying, I wanted to tell you very early.”

“En?” Luo Feng suddenly had a chill in his back, saying: “Vice Pavilion Lord please say.”

“From the first time I saw you, I felt that you have a posture of domination.” Qin Ze was sighed, his eyes flashing, and said: “This person Yan Que, naturally greedy, unworthy of virtue, I have long wanted to be It is banned, but there is no proper reason.”

“Now you can replace it, that’s really great.”

“Your innate talent is superb, the future is unlimited, and cultivation is good. In the future, if you become a Pavilion Lord, you will certainly not treat you badly.”

“The Luo Feng thanked me first.” Luo Feng expression was faint, but his heart was sneer. I am afraid that in the eyes of this Vice Pavilion Lord, beating Yan Que in disguise is to please himself in disguise and extend an olive branch to himself?

That day you gave me off the road, I still remember it to this day.

After explaining the command, Qin Ze wanted to leave.

And at this moment, Han Xiang said: “Vice Pavilion Lord, please hold your steps.”

Qin Ze hearing this, brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Han Xiang, what are you doing?”

Han Xiang’s eyelids lifted slightly, looking at Qin Ze humbly, saying: “I want to start the fight for Vice Pavilion Lord.”


As soon as this remark came, the thunder suddenly fell flat and suddenly exploded.

As if cold water was poured into the oil pan, it caused a violent boiling.

All Star Card masters are shocked, and all Vice Commander are a bit stunned.

“Is there finally a fight for Vice Pavilion Lord?”

“The leader of Fuck, Han Xiang is really powerful. Normally so low-key, it turns out that I am trying to keep my head down.”

“What’s going on recently, Vice Commander wants to challenge the commander, and the commander wants to challenge the Vice Pavilion Lord. Since that’s the case, then I have a showdown and I’m going to fight for the Pavilion Lord.”

“You are thinking about Peaches, and Pavilion Lord, just like you, you can become a deacon.”

“… “

Everyone’s mind turned over and the eyes were a little fanatic. Generally speaking, if the strength is not enough, no one dares to challenge directly.

Because, to know, the challenge is undoubtedly to openly confront the current Pavilion Lord cast aside all considerations for face.

If the challenge is successful, it will be replaced by Luo Feng, that’s all.

If the challenge fails, then for a long time in the future, I am afraid that it is necessary to wear small shoes.

The fighting intent rises in Han Xiang’s eyes, and he knows the consequences he may face.

However, as the so-called danger lurks within the riches and honour, compared to the position of Vice Pavilion Lord, what does trifling command?

There are dozens of commanders in the entire 4 cabinets, all of which can only be regarded as the mainstay.

Only by becoming the Vice Pavilion Lord can he be regarded as one of the most powerful people in Wind Pavilion.

The most important thing is that if you become Vice Pavilion Lord, you will be eligible to compete for Pavilion Lord.

Vice Commander, Commander, Vice Pavilion Lord, take the challenge every month. If they fail, they will be replaced.

But the position of Pavilion Lord, once appointed, there are no special circumstances, within a few years, will not change.

Therefore, Pavilion Lord is the dream of everyone. After all, it is only at this level that it can be considered as a complete foothold in the 4th Pavilion.

Qin Zebrows slightly wrinkle, said: “I remember, you are still 4-star card master, right?”

“I didn’t really have this idea before I changed.” Han Xiang nodded and was silent for a moment, saying: “But today, when I saw Luo Feng higher rank challenge Yan Que, I suddenly felt…”

“I can too.”

The voice fell, and the atmosphere suddenly solidified, terrifying depressively.

Anyone can hear this sentence, full of a strong sense of provocation.


Qin Ze folded his hands together and clapped his hands, with said with a smile: “You have such courage, I am really pleased, but according to the rules, before that, you need to defeat all other leaders.”

Han Xiang nodded and said, “Luo Feng first assumed the position of commander. Today I cannot challenge him. If that is the case, then I will challenge Commander Lu first.”

So, under the eyes of many eyes, the two went to the martial arts stage.

After a battle of about 50 coins, the game ended and Han Xiang won.

In this regard, there is no surprise for everyone, Han Xiang’s strength is obvious to all, until now, the first of the Three Great Commanders.

Han Xiang looked towards Luo Feng, said: “Luo Feng, you know, in fact, Yan Que is the weakest of our three leaders…”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, Han Xiang’s unspoken implication, he naturally understood.

After all, although it is necessary to challenge all other leaders in accordance with the rules, generally speaking, as long as the strongest leader is challenged.

Just as Luo Feng launched the Pavilion Lord battle, Liu Teng Vice Commander said that as long as you beat the strongest Xia Qiuming, it will be defeated by me.

Therefore, he hopes Luo Feng can count a bit and take the initiative to concede defeat. After all, I even defeated Lu Xiaowan. Even more how are you still weak?

Under many eyes, Luo Feng pondered for a moment, and then stared at Han Xiang, saying: “Although he is not good at the next, but also want to learn about it, how powerful Han Xiang is!”

Han Xiang hearing this, also started, took a deep look at Luo Feng and said, “Since this is the case, then Luo Feng commander, after a month, offended.”

The corner of his mouth, with a slight taunt, you even need to rely on luck and the other party’s mistakes to defeat the weakest Yan Que in the commander, dare to accept my challenge?

“I’m waiting.” Luo Feng said with a smile, two people’s eyes met, like a pin against an awl, fire light 2 splashing.

“Interesting.” He sighed in his heart. He was still entangled in whether to directly initiate the Battle of Vice Pavilion Lord. Han Xiang did well and grabbed his words.

This is actually quite good.

Because if he loses, he won’t be embarrassed. After all, he didn’t take the initiative to challenge.

And if he wins, maybe he can directly attack the root of the problem and start the battle of Vice Pavilion Lord?

“Luo Feng, be sure to prepare well for the 1 month later game. I believe in your strength.” Qin Ze pats his shoulders, with deep appreciation in his eyes, and then turned away.

If Luo Feng can defeat Han Xiang, then he can wake up laughing in his dreams.

“It seems that we have to work hard to cultivate it next time.” Luo Feng shrugged and raised a lazy waist. Sure enough, the man is tired.

“Command… Command.”

And at this moment, a timid voice quietly sounded behind him.

Luo Feng heard the sound and started it. Suddenly turned around and looked away. Xia Qiuming was looking nervously at himself not far away.

“Xia Vice Commander, what’s the matter?”

Xia Qioming biting the lips, pondered for a moment, and said: “It used to be that Qiuming has no eyes, arrogant, and said some excessive words, and… also hope that Sir Commander will not forget it.”

“If Sir Commander is dissatisfied, Qiu Ming is willing to compensate, in various forms…”

Luo Feng hearing this, also started, didn’t expect she actually took the initiative.

“Oh.” He glanced at the latter coldly, without saying much, and turned away.

It’s too late to be hypocritical.

Just leave Xia Qiuming messy in the wind.

“Oh?” Xia Qiuming’s pretty face was upset, her heart turned over, and muttered: “Sir Commander, what exactly do you mean?”

Luo Feng slowly went back to the small building, opened the door, and then saw Empress lying on a couch like a sofa.

Slender neck like a swan, with the delicate collarbone and tall crisp chest underneath, a small waist with a sturdy grip, 2 long legs as smooth as jade wrapped together, the reclining posture is even more exquisite The curve is perfectly outlined.

At this moment, she seems to be in a deep sleep, like a devastatingly beautiful sleeping beauty.

And at this moment, Zhuo Ying’s slender eyelashes flickered slightly, the eyelids opened slightly lazily, and his eyes were sleepy.

“The game is over?”

Her jade hand is holding her head, beautiful eyes staring at Luo Feng playfully, red lips slightly open, faint smile: “Your character card, made well.”

“No wonder the star card is fun, huh…”

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