Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 268

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“I was forced to do it by my star card, they forced the palace, and I couldn’t do it…” Luo Feng looked at Flame Sovereign clearly and sighed with a long face, seriously said: “Look, my star card is almost all Robust man, a group of big men gathered around, this day is dry and easy to quarrel.”

“It’s been a long time, and even looking at the yellow furred mouse, it feels clear.”

“At this time, there is a Goddess, everyone is very happy, unnecessary conflicts will also be reduced, you say no?”

Zhuo Ying nodded, beautiful eyes looked at him playfully, teasing: “Also, you always said that the star card is fun, but the production is always a big man. The combination of these two sentences is indeed misleading. “

“Now seeing such a star card at least shows that you are normal in some respects.”

Luo Feng rubbed his lips.

“How do you feel at Wind Pavilion?” Zhuo Ying said.

Luo Feng thought about it for a while, brows slightly wrinkle, and said, “I just think that Qin Ze Vice Pavilion Lord’s attitude towards me is quite strange.”

“En?” Zhuo Ying was curious.

Luo Feng: “He should know that my goal is the total Pavilion Lord, right?”

“I want to compete with the general Pavilion Lord, and I will inevitably turn his face and kick him in the middle. Since that is the case, why is he so sincere to me today and wants to train me to be his own brother?”

Zhuo Ying shook the head, said: “Except for the core members of the King Jiang camp and me, ordinary people who know your ultimate goal is to run for the general Pavilion Lord?”

“In the eyes of most Star Card masters, you are just an excellent Star Card master. They don’t know the special relationship between you and me.”

“Many Star Card masters in the 4th Pavilion actually belong to the neutral camp. They are not loyal to me or King Jiang, but loyal to this dynasty.”

“Like Qin Zezhi, King Jiang will definitely not tell him, your goal is to run for the general Pavilion Lord.”

“After all, if Qin Ze knows that you are my person, then he will not target you. After all, targeting you, in a sense, is against me.”

“This kind of neutral Star Card master doesn’t want to mess with both sides.”

“So, in the eyes of most people in Wind Pavilion, you are an ordinary Star Card master, normally graduated from Holy Land, and then normally served in the 4th cabinet.”

“If they are targeting you, it may be because of your existence that they are involved in their current interests.”

“As Lin Xuan, as Yan Que, you threaten their position, they will secretly use unspeakable means.”

“And Qin Ze, his goal is the battle of Pavilion Lord in the middle of next year. In his view, before the battle of Pavilion Lord, you fundamentally shake his position as Vice Pavilion Lord. Impossible influenced him to fight for Pavilion Lord, so naturally Will not target you, but want to develop you into a right hand.”

Luo Feng is clear, no wonder Qin Ze wants to take himself as a younger brother. He didn’t know that his boss is Flame Sovereign.

Zhuo Ying continued: “It’s almost New Year soon. In the middle of next year, it will be Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord’s choice. Once Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord is determined, there will be no special circumstances that will not change.”

“Similarly, only the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord is eligible to run for the general Pavilion Lord.”

“It is about half a year before the middle of next year. Your first task is to become the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord.”

“Half a year?” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and felt pressure. This time was indeed very tight.

Zhuo Ying glanced at Luo Feng and said: “Although you are making rapid progress now, you still need to use other cultivation resources. Otherwise, if you follow the normal progress and want to compete for the Pavilion Lord in the middle of the year, it is difficult.”

“However, next, the Xingyuan Festival is about to open. This is a good opportunity for you.”

“Xingyuan Festival?” Luo Feng hearing this, said: “What is that?”

Zhuo Ying said: “In simple terms, this is a great cultivation benefit for the young Heaven’s Chosen in the Four Pavilions, once a year, only for the leader.”

Luo Feng’s eyes lit up, his face bright, and he said: “It’s really a coincidence to send pillows when you’re really drowsy.”

Zhuo Ying was silent for a while, and said: “generally speaking, not so early, I changed the time.”

Luo Feng suddenly, showing gratitude, said: “Thank you Flame Sovereign, you are so nice.”

If she wants to change the time, it will inevitably be opposed by King Jiang. For this reason, it takes a lot of thought to think about it?

Hearing this sentence, Zhuo Ying was slightly a little bit, and he was very happy and satisfied. In a flash, he felt that everything he paid for was worth it.

I am good to you, and you know how good I am to you.

If you don’t know… are you mentally retarded?

“Don’t be too happy. Although Xingyuan Ji will help you in advance, it depends on your ability,” Zhuo Ying reminded.

Luo Feng was stunned and said, “Is there any other condition?”

Zhuo Ying looked beautiful and looked at Luo Feng’s eyes shining brightly, saying: “Each Vice Pavilion Lord has only one leader to participate in the Xingyuan Festival.”

“As for whether you can win this quota, it depends on your performance.”

The next day.

Star Wind Hall.

In the great hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor, Qin Zeduan sat on the throne.

Not far away, there are three golden futons, where three leaders sit: Han Xiang, Luo Feng, and Lu Xiaowan.

Behind each commander, there are three silver futons, and three Vice Commanders are seated.

Behind Luo Feng, Xia Qiuming stared at Luo Feng’s silhouette, and if she lost her expression, her expression was dark, her eyebrows clenched, and she was in deep thought.

What do you mean by “Oh”?

In the great hall, there is sandalwood rising, and the smoke is wafting, lingering between the nostrils of everyone, and it is suddenly refreshed.

In a few moments, Qin Ze eyes slowly opened, his eyes swept from 4, and said, “Xingyuan Festival is about to begin.”

As soon as this statement came out, the eyes of everyone in the hall suddenly became fiery.

Everyone knows exactly what this Xingyuan sacrifice means.

The Xingyuan Festival is an extremely precious cultivation benefit. If you can participate, it will undoubtedly save the cultivation time of the ordinary Star Card master about a year.

However, soon, many Vice Commander expressions are bleak, because they know that this is a welfare prepared for the commander.

It has nothing to do with them.

Lv Xiaowan’s eyebrows frowned slightly, wondering secretly, how did this Xingyuan Festival advance?

Han Xiang’s eyes, which had been indifferent and slightly drooping, burst into a surprise at the moment, a little excited.

Now, he needs such resources too much.

If it can be held early, then he may be able to become the master of 5 Star Card master and Vice Pavilion Lord, which will undoubtedly be much larger.

Qin Ze: “According to the rules, every Vice Pavilion Lord can recommend the next leader to participate in the Xingyuan Festival.”

“As for who to choose…”

Before he finished speaking, Han Xiang interjected: “Naturally speaking by merit.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Qin Ze nodded and said, “Han Xiang and Lv Xiaowan are two leaders. During his tenure as leader, his achievements are obvious to all.”

“However, although Luo Feng first arrived, it was not long ago that he defeated Frost Wolf clan and solved Cold Wind City’s troubles for many years. It was also a great achievement.”

“Therefore, in terms of merit, there is no difference between the three of you.”

Han Xiang frowned, saying: “Since military merits are equal, what is the basis for evaluating this candidate for Xingyuan sacrifice?”

Luo Feng is also curious.

Qin Ze’s eyes flickered, and he pondered for a moment, slowly said: “You all know that my Royal Flame Dynasty star card, Flame Sovereign, was fully popularized only after he ascended the throne.”

“Before this, there were only a small number of people who cultivated star cards. Most people still focused on using Star qi to promote themselves. They are called martial artists, also known as star fighters.”

“Although after the popularization of star card, practice has proved that the role of Star Card master is much greater than that of Star Fighter.”

“However, we also encountered some obstacles in the popularization of star cards.”

“People in some areas have unreliable ideas, and they do not accept to give up the original path of cultivation and become a Star Card master.”

“They don’t believe in the formidable power and potential of star cards. In their eyes, especially in the eyes of the older generation, star cards are just toys that’s all used for fun in their spare time.”

“And Martial King City is such a place.”

His voice was paused, and his sharp eyes swept from three people, saying: “So, this time the assessment is also very simple.”

“Who can persuade the martial king star card to marry the star card technique of cultivation in the city of martial king, then who will choose the star source sacrifice?”

As soon as this statement came out, both Han Xiang and Lv Xiaowan’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and the expression grave came down.

“Star card is so fragrant, does not accept the promotion of star card?” Luo Feng hearing this, also started, is not very understanding.

However, when I think about it, every dynasty has reformists and diehards. Even the Royal Flame Dynasty is no exception.

These inherited 100-year-old clan forces hurriedly let them change to a cultivation method, easyer said than done?

Command the House.

“Martial King City?”

Hearing this, Chu Man Qiao frowned slightly, saying: “Martial King, Martial King, but stubborn, it is not easy to persuade him.”

“Try it.” Luo Feng said with a smile. He remembered that the Pill Pavilion Pavilion Lord of Holy Land had doubts about the star card. He did not believe that the star card could produce high-quality medicine pill.

Until Xiao Yan showed a hand in front of him.

Therefore, in Luo Feng’s view, if he can show the strength and potential of the star card, it may not be impossible to impress the Martial King.

Right now, the biggest problem is to let the star card cut in from which angle to convince Martial King.

With no thought, Luo Feng shook the head, walked into the room and wanted to sleep, but couldn’t sleep.

Then make a star card.

Gently rubbing the star ring, examining the material warehouse.

After entering the Card Master realm and seeing the formidable power of the platinum card, he felt that the star card in the gold segment was already not enough.

Today, there are only two platinum cards in his hand: Han Xin and Angel Yan.

Therefore, the most important task right now is to build an all-platinum team.

Luo Feng looked at the material warehouse, and soon, a platinum material came into view.

“A barren finger bone (platinum) x1.”

This was the old days when he entered the heavens. In the Floating Buddhist Temple, Fahai won the spoils of war after defeating a monster called the wild.

A barren finger bone?

What can finger bone do?

Luo Feng Brain zero opened wide, and suddenly thought of strange things such as Ancient Desolate Saint Physique and the Great Desolate Heavenly Finger.

If you use it to make a star card, the finger bone of platinum quality must be used as the main material.

Based on the experience of making card accumulated for so long, the nature of main material determines the main nature of star card.

Luo Feng thinks that finger bone is suitable for making a fleshy body strong warrior star card.

But who is it?

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, turning the Star Origin pen, sinking into contemplation.

Soon, an invincible silhouette gradually appeared in his mind.

Just him.

Click to make a star card.

“The star card system starts, please draw the star card pattern…”

Luo Feng held the Star Origin pen, and between the nibs, a macho slowly formed.

This person has a dignified appearance, majestic, with Dualbladed Halberd in hand, glaring.

He wears a gold crown on his head, wears a 100 flower tabard, and rides a rabbit under his hips.

This rabbit has 8 rabbit heads, this is 8 Qi rabbits.

confirm submission.

“The star card image is drawn, the system is reviewing…”

“Approved, please add star card background…”

“In the period of the Three Kingdoms, there was a person called Lu Bu, martial art matchless in the world, sexual greed, bravery and less conspiracy.”

“He is not only good at melee combat, he is also a must for archery. He once shot the halberd at the gate and solved Liu Bei’s danger.”

“Without that arrow, Imperial Uncle Liu will never have the opportunity to go to Jiangdong to jump on…”

It’s just a pity that he was killed by a surnamed Cao pit and eventually killed the White Gate Tower. “

“However, what everyone doesn’t know is that Lu Bu is not dead, he crossed, even with his body, right, and his red rabbit horse.”

“He traveled to a fantasy world. Here, there was a mighty fleshy body crossing the void, some people shone his fingers, some people Star Transformation Horse, some people were called Martial Ancestor, relying on various runes to suppress the party.”

“The setting of this World deeply stimulated Lu Bu. At this time, he found that his personal military force is stronger, it is just a mortal, ants-like existence, and others may die if they wave their hands.”

“However, after all, he used to be the uncontroversial World’s First, enjoying the admiration of all living beings, but now he has fallen into the world and become a trivial ant. How can he be reconciled?”

“So, Lu Bu started to work hard, but nobody guided him to cultivate until one day, he picked up a finger bone.”

“This is Paragon Bone.”

“After obtaining Paragon Bone, Lu Bu is like a mud pill remodeling, shedding body, exchanging bones, and has been soaring all the way since.”

“His body changed from ordinary body to become Saint body, this is Ancient Desolate Saint Physique.”

“Later, he went on an expedition to the ruins, and obtained the super-cultivation technique of the powerful inheritance: [God Prison Power] [The Great Desolation Prisoner].”

“It’s the so-called one person who got the Tao, the chickens and dogs ascended to heaven, Lu Bu did not at all forget to follow the red rabbit horse he had been fighting for many years after he got the Tao.”

“He beheaded the ancient Divine Beast -8 Qi Datu, and used his Bloodline to transform Chitu.”

“… “

Click to confirm.

“The star card background is filled, the system is under review…”

“Approved, please add synthetic materials…”

Luo Feng thought about it, finger bone represented Ancient Desolate Saint Physique, so he threw it in.

He scanned the Material Storehouse, there is a material named [3 long halberd of the demon ape], which was obtained on the remote island before, but it can represent Dualbladed Halberd.

So, threw it in.

Next, there is one more material representing 8 Qi Datu.

“Spirit, go, grab a rabbit and come back.” Luo Feng looked towards Uchiha Pikachu.

“I knew to ask me to do some boring work, hum [○・`Д´・○]” Uchiha Pikachu blew up the electric airbag and ran out foul-mouthed.

Soon, it drew a rabbit back.

Luo Feng took out the rabbit’s Star dan.

Considering that Lu Bu was still a shooter, he went to Xuanji Camp to find a longbow.

Therefore, the wild finger bone + demon ape long halberd + tutu Star dan + long bow = Lu Bu.

Throw it all in.

Click to confirm.

“The materials are added, the system is under review…”

“Approved, star card is being generated…”

Lu Bu

Quality: Platinum.

Weapon: Dualbladed Halberd, dragon tongue bow.

realm: 3 Star Card master.


[Greedy]: Lu Bu steals a defensive skill from the designated star card and uses it on himself.

[Yuanmen Shooting Halberd]: Lu Bu is a divine archer. He pulls a bow and takes a string, which is a fatal sword to the enemy star card, causing huge damage.

[Day of the Great Prisoner]: One finger to Heaven and Earth, 2 to the broken mountain river, 3 to destroy the soul, 4 to break the sky, 5 to designate the heaven and earth, Lu Bu can condense 3 fingers, when the Ancient Desolate Saint Physique is awakened, you can condense 5 means.

[8 Qi Datu]: Chitu Ma can greatly increase the movement speed of Lu Bu. When it is turned into a body, 8 Qi Datu has the skills [Ring]: throw out an aperture set to the enemy star card, if the set is successful , It will be transformed into a small paper man, and the combat capability will be lost for 5 minutes.

[Ancient Desolate Saint Physique]: When Lu Bu HP is lower than 20%, the Ancient Desolate Saint Physique is awakened, the realm is increased by 1-star, the effect of all its skills is doubled, and the skills can be assigned up to 3 star cards, ignoring all control Effect, and awakening skills [God Prison Power].

[God Prison Power]: Strengthen with the power of countless idols, and throw a punch that is enough to break the sea.

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