Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 269

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Luo Feng examines the star card in his hand.

This time he did not add hair, because this version of Lu Bu is not necessarily a human. In his opinion, it is more like Demon God.

I have to say that there is a big difference between the platinum card and the gold card. From the skill description alone, it will be obvious that there is a texture improvement.

[Greedy] This is a magic skill.

Your shield is great, but it will be mine soon.

Steal an enemy’s defensive skill, and then use it on himself, this one comes and goes, it is 2 skills.

A very dirty skill.

In this way, it makes up for the lack of Lu Bu’s defensive skills.

However, what Luo Feng does not understand is whether the theft here refers to directly taking over other people’s skills, or that when the others are exhibiting their skills, if a shield is formed, put the shield over and put it in Yourself?

However, the problem is not big, just try it.

Every time the star card is made, there will be unclear descriptions in the skill, as well as the specific cooling time of the star card, and the approximate damage, which requires him to explore and try.

[Yuanmen Shoots Halberd] This is a long-range attack.

On the whole, Lu Bu is a warrior, but if he accidentally puts a cold arrow in the battle, it will definitely make the opponent completely unprepared.

Do you think I am a warrior?

didn’t expect, I am still a shooter!

[The Great Deserted Prisoner’s Finger], just listening to this name, there is a strong assaults the senses.

From the skill description, the more condensed the index, the greater the formable power.

However, before awakening [Ancient Desolate Saint Physique], you can only condense the first 3 fingers.

[8 Qi Datu], this skill is first of all a displacement technique. After all, the skill says that the red rabbit horse can greatly increase the movement speed of the star card.

Then, Chituma can not only increase the speed of movement, it can also help Lu Bu fight.

When it transforms into 8 Qi Rabbit, it has attack power. Of course, the core is the skill [loop].

[Loop] is a transformation technique that turns the enemy into a small paper man. The small paper man cannot attack naturally, and can only be shaken by the wind like a seaweed.

[Ancient Desolate Saint Physique], hard core limited skills, this skill is relatively fierce.

realm improves 1-star,

Doubled the effect of skills,

Show your skills to at most 3 star cards,

Ignore all control effects,

This means that Lu Bu after the Ancient Desolate Saint Physique is turned on is unstoppable and unstoppable, if Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas.

Single headed invincible, and not afraid of group attacks, can completely achieve a thump 3, the true gods descend.

In addition, he also awakened a new skill, [God Prison Power].

This skill, it sounds like a sense, a giant, very in line with the characteristics of melee soldiers.

If you are fancy, there are 1000 doors and 10000 methods.

This should be the strongest warrior star card in his hand.

Although Han Xin is also a warrior, it is too comprehensive and suitable for building routines.

Angel Yan wants to play the strongest strength, you need teammates to sacrifice heaven, and the big move is still an assistive skill.

Lu Bu, a pure warrior, is best suited for heads-up, and it’s over.

Especially in the wild, such a star card is undoubtedly the best escort for the Star Card master.

divine sense moved, the majestic Lu Bu appeared in front of him.

Lu Bu looked towards Luo Feng, suddenly one-knee kneels, said: “pay respects to Adoptive Father!”

Luo Feng: “.”

“Don’t be so polite, change your name.”

Luo Feng in ones heart trembled, this name, he can’t bear it. After all, as everyone knows, Lu Bu is called Adoptive Father, which is a curse.

“Oh, where is my Diao Chan?” Lu Bu unable to bear asked.

“What, where is your sling?”

At this moment, Cao Pi who smashed walnuts with jade seal in the yard suddenly ran out, and when he saw the silhouette in front of him, the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

At the same time, Lu Bu was aware of it and turned his head slowly.

The eyes of 2 people met at this moment.

Time, space, as if frozen in this brief moment.


As if there was a dull thunder, the blood of 2 people suddenly boiled at the moment.

Because at this moment, they recognized each other’s identity at the same time!


An indescribable fierce Star qi wave suddenly erupted from Lu Bu within the body, gathering like mountains and mountains, hiding the sky and covering the earth towards Cao Pi.

“Lying trough, how did this thing appear?”

Under the powerful pressure of the platinum card, Cao Pi’s face changed suddenly, his legs were shiver coldly, and he almost knelt down.

He looked bitter, brace oneself said: “Big…big brother, are you still alive?”

“Ahhhh Ahhhh !!!!”

Lu Bu’s eyes were red, bloodshot eyes, and Dualbladed Halberd slammed suddenly in his hand. A fierce shock wave spread open, and the whole building was shaking.

“Cao Pi child, a debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

Lu Bu’s eyes were cold, and Dualbladed Halberd lifted it in his hand, bringing up a force of 1000 Jun, and moved towards Cao Pi and smashed it in the head!

Cao Pi was so scared that his soul was trembling, and his voice trembling: “Lu Bu, I… I tell you, if you hacked me, you will be filial to me!”

“Flying halberd, take your life!”

On Lu Bu’s Dualbladed Halberd, the golden light is in full swing, the killing intent is rising, and it is about to fall on Cao Pi.

“If you don’t want to see Diao Chan, just cut it.”

Luo Feng leaned back on the chair with his hands crossed on his chest, his eyes drooping, and he slowly opened his mouth.

As soon as this remark came out, Lu Bu’s eyes suddenly stagnated, Dualbladed Halberd stopped in the sky, and the whole body killing intent disappeared instantly, saying: “Big, big brother, I’m wrong!”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with me?”

Luo Feng glanced at him and said, “Thank you Cao Pi for speaking.”

“Thank him? Why?” Lu Bu asked in a puzzled way, this son of an enemy, he wanted to kill him later.

Luo Feng: “If not his father, how could you die?”

“If you don’t die, how can you cross, if you don’t cross, you will have today?”

Lu Bu suddenly realized, “It makes sense.”

If he didn’t die, he wouldn’t cross, won’t get Paragon Bone, and won’t be a Paragon.

“Don’t thank him yet?” Luo Feng said.

Lu Bu chicks nodded like rice and looked at Cao Pi gratefully, saying, “Cao Pi, I tm thank you!”

Cao Pi: “.”

This happiness came too suddenly.

And at this moment, an ordinary angel Yan passed by.

Lu Bu’s eyes suddenly widened, and his breathing became rapid, saying: “In this world, there is a woman comparable to Diao Chan?!”

“Diao Chan, who is that?” Angel Yan sat down from the chair, her beautiful legs entwined, and the jade hand, holding her cheeks, asked with great interest.

Luo Feng laughed, walked into the room, and the biggest task right now is how to persuade the crowd in Martial King city to promote the way of star card, so as to get the places to participate in the star source festival.

The next day.

The sky broke.

The three masters wore some elite Star Card masters, and moved towards Martial King.

Martial King City.

Located southeast of Royal Flame Dynasty.

Here, it is far away from imperial city and belongs to partial state.

The closer to the imperial city, the easier it is to accept the method of star card training, otherwise, it is difficult.

Although the star card has been popularized 3 years ago, the Royal Flame Dynasty is very large, and it occupies most of Eastern Wilderness, so not at all is completely popularized.

In some places, like Heavenly-Abyss City where the previous owner of Luo Feng is located, it is not even clear what the star card is.

Even more how, some forces that have inherited for a long time are not optimistic about this new thing, don’t think it has great potential, and don’t think it can replace Star Fighter.

In this regard, Flame Sovereign not at all compulsory requirements, but hope that they can recognize the advantages of star card, so as to take the initiative to embark on the road of star card.

Mandatory implementation will only backfire.

When Luo Feng and the others arrived in Martial King, it was already 3 days later.

Luo Feng lifts the head, looking at this vast city, majestic and magnificent.

Among the passers-by, there is a slight blood-reeking qi breath, and there are strong or weak Star qi fluctuations around the body.

These are not Star Card masters, but Starfighters who mainly cultivate themselves.

Admittedly, both the Star Card master and the Star Warrior are different routes to the same destination, and they are all based on cultivation Star qi.

“who is the newcomer?”

Such an army approached, and soon attracted the attention of Martial King’s city defenders.

The city gate was wide open, and the entire group came out. The person headed was a woman wearing Battle Armor. She was holding a long spear. She was exquisite in shape. Under her helmet was a cold pretty face, with her eyebrows slightly raised, variant and formidable looking.

Han Xiang faced his cup hand to hold fist and said, “We are the 3 commanders of Wind Pavilion Qin Ze Vice Pavilion Lord and ordered to come to Martial King City.”

“It turned out to be the Wind Pavilion leader.” red armored woman pretty face calmly stared at everyone, red lips slightly opened, said: “I am City Lord Wu Lingtian’s daughter-Wu Ying, as the Martial King city guard city leader, I don’t know who you are Come, why?”

“If you are persuading me to implement the star card, please come back, so as not to waste time here.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s face was a little ugly, but before it started, it was blocked by a sentence.

Han Xiang didn’t know how to answer the call for a while.

Luo Feng thought for a while, and then stepped out, including said with a smile: “Lord Wu Ying misunderstood, I waited for this time to come, and I didn’t mean it.”

“Oh?” Wu Ying Liu Mu picked up and said, “Then what are you going to do?”

Luo Feng looked at her with clear eyes and said, “Although we are Star Card masters, we are very envious of the Star Warrior. Although it is fun to control the star card, as a boy, I still like the thrill of being in a personal battle.

“In the imperial city, there are few star fighters who have heard of Martial King’s elegant and graceful, outstanding people, martial artist, and everyone is a rare pure land. Therefore, come here, there is no other intention, just to see the martial artist style. “

Hearing this, Wu Ying’s expression was a little slow, and he looked at Luo Feng with great interest, feeling slightly astonished.

In the past, there were Star Card masters who came here, but most of the people showed a predominant posture and expression of arrogance, as if they had become the first class of Star Card master, so they were extremely rejected.

And Luo Feng, if nothing else, at least a humble attitude, it is easy to win people’s favor.

“In this case, then you will follow me, I will help you arrange accommodation.” Wu Yingdao.

“Let’s go.” Luo Feng waved his hand, and immediately a large team of Star Card masters followed to enter the Martial King city.

Han Xiang coldly snorted, whispered: “Lick, hard lick.”

“If Luo Feng doesn’t say that, we don’t even have a chance to enter the city.” Lu Xiaowan gave him a glance, curling one’s lip disdainfully.

“Just your younger brother, great.” Chu Man gave Thumbs up to Luo Feng. With these words, Wu Ying was so embarrassed not to let them into the city?

“It’s all taught by the Master.” Luo Feng said with a smile.

Such a batch of Star Card masters passed by and attracted many eyes along the way. Their eyes were not only full of curiosity, but also, a lot of provocation.

Star Warrior is a veteran overlord, Star Card master is a rising star, so when Star Warrior encounters Star Card master, naturally it is more of a look and review.

A star warrior looks down on a Star Card master, just like a warrior looks down on a mage.

After arranging the accommodation for Luo Feng entire group, Wu Ying took them to visit for 4 times, watching and watching, and came to Martial Practice Stage.

On the Martial Practice Stage, there are spacious stands standing on top of which are star-fighters fighting against each other.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw that two star fighters walked on the martial arts stage, cup one fist in the other hand with each other, they were fierce shots, flying sand running stone, blade light and sword shadows, metal collision on the stage, it seemed quite For the fierce.

Luo Feng watched with interest, the star fighters are martial artists. These warriors, after a lot of blood and fire, each battle is melee, crawling out of the sea of ​​corpses, natural killing and decisive, compared with Star Card master, more A bit fierce.

Soon, the entire group went to the bow and arrow field.

Bow and arrow field.

Luo Feng looked away, and saw a lot of people bowing and stringing, aiming at the target in the distance and shooting.

call out!

Someone stood in the demarcated circle and shot an arrow, accompanied by sky-splitting sound, and finally, accurately hit the red heart of the arrow target.

“it is good.”

Within the Martial Practice Stage, there was a loud cry.

Wu Ying looked towards Luo Feng and the others, and asked with great interest: “I heard that your Star Card master will make a card called a shooter. I don’t know how accurate these shooters are?”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone else was also curious.

“Since Wu Ying leads the curiosity, he can’t spoil the interest.” Han Xiang said with a smile, gently rubbing a star card, only to see the rays of light flash, a wizard holding a long bow emerged.

That was a shooter, named Frost Shooter.

The Frost Archer takes the arrow from the arrow pot, pulls the bow and takes the string, and points it at the distant target.

call out!

With a lot of eyes watching, the arrow flew out, crossed a distance of 100 meters, and finally fiercely plunged into the center of the target.

After the arrow was shot, it did not stop at all. It continued to draw the bow and string, and shot the second arrow.

3 arrows,

4 Arrows.

Ten arrows!

Ten arrows burst, ten arrows burst.

It can be said that 100 steps to wear Yang!

Seeing this scene,

In the Martial Practice Stage, it fell into a strange quiet.

All of them are wide-eyed, counting arrows in the middle of the bullseye, and there are indeed many Archers that can do it.

However, there are very few people who do not pause and shoot all the time and still hit.

And Han Xiang’s star card, ten consecutive archery, almost no rest time, actually hit all, which is very ridiculous.

“Hehe, it’s nothing like wearing Yang in 100 steps.” At this moment, behind Wu Ying, a silhouette came out. It was one of Martial King’s Vice Commander, a 3-star combatant named Dong Shi .

Star fighters also have realm points, from bottom to top: fighters, fighters, fighters, fighters, corresponding to Card Apprentice, Card Master, Card King, Card Emperor.

3-star fighter, in terms of strength, is equivalent to 3 Star Card master.


Dong Shi blew a whistle, and suddenly a white horse flew. He turned his horse, raised his whip, and suddenly the white horse hissed, running around the Martial Practice Stage.

The white horse runs quickly, and Dong Shi on the horse begins to pull the bow and string, aim at the arrow target, and shoot out with one arrow.

call out!

The arrow swept across the sky like a rainbow, and then under the eyes of many eyes, it was the center bullseye!

“it is good!”

There was a sudden burst of applause from all around.

After all, the difficulty of riding and shooting is too great,

On horseback archery, because the horse is moving all the time, it is very difficult to hit the bullseye.

“Such insignificant ability, ugly.” Dong Shi has a faint complacency on his face, and then looked towards Han Xiang, said: “This is riding shot, I don’t know if your star card will ride shooting?”

“I’ll try it.” Frost Archer turned his horse, bend bow and place arrow, and wanted to shoot.

However, perhaps because of the lack of stability, the white horse suddenly accelerated, and its hand shook suddenly, and the arrow that came out of the fly missed the target!

Frost shooter is not reconciled, once again bow and string, shooting ten times in a row, did not hit the bullseye once!

Pu chi!

For a time, in the Martial Practice Stage, a laugh sounded, filled with deep mocking.

Han Xiang’s expression was a bit rigid.

“A qualified shooter must be proficient in bow and horse riding.” Dong Shi looked towards Han Xiang, with a deep contempt in his eyes, teasing: “It seems that the upper limit of the star card is still somewhat low. what.”

The other star fighters are nodding, curling one’s lip in disdain, cards are cards, and there is no future.

As soon as this statement came out, the faces of all Star Card masters in Wind Pavilion were a little ugly.

Dong Shi hit all of them with this sentence.

Everyone wanted to beat this face back.

However, even Han Xiang’s star card can’t hit the bullseye when riding. Isn’t their star card even more impossible?

For a while, the atmosphere suddenly became suppressed. If this could not be overcome, then they would never be able to raise their heads in front of the starfighters of Martial King.

Seeing this scene, Luo Feng expression didn’t have the slightest waves. He looked down, gently rubbed the star ring, took out a star card, and said, “Will the Diao Chan appear in the future? It depends on your performance today.”

“It was you, Lu Xiaobu!”


At the next moment, the sky exploded, and Lu Bu appeared!

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