Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 270

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Everyone’s eyes turned to see that silhouette, the whole body was filled with blood light, a pair of silver eyes, as dazzling as the sun, no waves.

A Dualbladed Halberd in his hand, resting on the ground, the halberd blade rubs against the ground, with a lightning flash, and a lightning snake swims away.

As soon as black cloak hits, there is no wind and it hunts loudly.

The most eye-catching thing is that there is a bloody mark deep in his eyebrows, which is extremely strange.

With his appearance, an indescribable oppression, like a storm approaching, suddenly opened.

Some starfighters with a little strength, even a little breathless, have a deep fear in their eyes.

Wu Ying was also startled, this star card is really so realistic.

“Just shoot, what difficulty is there?”

Lu Bu sneered, rode on the red rabbit horse, took out the dragon tongue bow behind him, and said: “This target is still forbidden, the difficulty is too low.”

“Change the target!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was started. This star card is too crazy? !

It is very difficult for a person to ride a horse while moving and shooting a stationary target.

Now, he actually directly asked the target to move?

How difficult it is for a moving person to shoot a moving target!

“You don’t have to be afraid of flashing your tongue when you talk big, you can shoot with a shot, and you want to change the moving target?” Dong Shi disdainfully said with a smile, riding to shoot the moving target, even his divine archer can’t guarantee it Can you hit the bullseye, even more how trifling a star card?

“Do what he said.” Wu Yingliu raised his eyebrows slightly, instructed.


So, soon, three people stepped forward, raised the arrow target, and then Star qi surged around him, running fast around the Martial Practice Stage.

Thus, the arrow target became a moving target.

Lu Bu rode a red rabbit horse and ran quickly on the field. A pair of silver pupils stared at three moving targets. After observing for a moment, he suddenly reached out from the arrow pot and took out three arrows at once!

In the eyes of many eyes, he actually put 3 arrows on the bow string together.

“Fuck, what is he doing?”

“Have you ever heard of the 3 arrows volley?”

“Could it be a legendary shot?”

“If you shoot multiple arrows in a row, the probability of hitting is higher. Is this trying one’s luck?”

And as everyone was discussing, Lu Bu’s fingers squeezing the bowstring tightly, suddenly loosened.

call out!

He shot 3 arrows quickly, as if 3 arrows were shot simultaneously!

Suddenly, 3 arrows showing off one’s ability shot with different trajectories, moved towards 3 moving arrows.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The arrows are all there!

Everyone looked at them and saw 3 arrows, which actually hit 3 different moving arrows targets!

Silent, dead silence!

Everyone looked at the three arrows in the middle of the bull’s-eye, unable to bear swallowed a spit.

Silly, dumbfounded, shocked.

Dong Shi’s eyes were stagnant and muttered: “How is this possible?”

Riding a horse to shoot a moving target, it is good to be able to hit once, but this Lu Bu, 3 arrows volley, the most outrageous, actually 3 arrows hit different target bullseye?

What is the arrow technique brought to the point of perfection? !

Wu Yingliu raised her eyebrows, and the pretty face was slightly dignified. She thought that the star card was just a tool, and the upper limit must not be as high as the one created.

However, what a real star fighter can’t do, a star card of Luo Feng, did it? !

Everyone looks incredibly towards Luo Feng.

Even Han Xiang’s face was a little ugly at the moment. He looked at Lu Bu puzzledly. Doesn’t this guy look like a warrior? How can he shoot more fiercely than his shooter? !

“it is good!”

The wave-like shouts were sounded again, and all Star Card masters were a little excited. Lu Bu’s hand made them raise their eyebrows and exhale the haze in their hearts.

Under the sunlight, Dong Shi’s expression was a little stiff. He glanced at Lu Bu and whispered: “Archery is a bit of innate talent, but this is how, once the star card is approached by the star warrior, it is a matter of a knife.”

Han Xiang smiled the head and said: “Your words are bad, archery is just one of our star card’s innate talents. In close combat, star cards are also very strong.”

“Oh? Really?” Dong Shi’s fighting intent rose and said, “That’s why I want to ask for advice.”

Han Xiang pointed at Luo Feng with a smile, and said, “This is our champion of the Holy Land star card league this year. Since you are interested, why not have a move with him?”

He looked towards Luo Feng and said, “Luo Commander, show up 2 hands, let them see how powerful our Star Card master is.”

As soon as this remark came out, there were countless lights around him, staring at Luo Feng curiously, and they also wanted to know how powerful Star Card master really is when fighting.

“Huh, this is a good move.”

Luo Feng expression remains the same, but it is a sneer in his heart. Han Xiang pushes himself out. It seems to be a small thing, and his practicality is not sinister.

If he is ugly in front of the army of Martial King and makes a joke, then he should not persuade the City Lord Wu Lingtian, he may not even be qualified to see Wu Lingtian.

If you refuse, you will not be able to step down today.

Chu Manliu raised her eyebrows slightly, she saw clearly, Han Xiang was afraid that Luo Feng would be ugly, and then played on his own, pulling strongly against a crazy tide. Favor.

Countless lines of sight are all looking towards Luo Feng at this time, waiting for his answer.

Luo Feng raised his head, slightly smiled, and said: “Since everyone’s interest is so high, then I naturally can’t chill the atmosphere.”

“I have long wanted to learn about the power of the Star Warrior.”

“Oh?” Seeing him agree so readily, Wu Ying was also interested. She looked at Luo Feng curiously and said, “I don’t know what realm you are now?”

“3 Star Card master.” Luo Feng said.

“3 Star Card master, in terms of realm, is equivalent to the 3-star fighter.” Dong Shi looked at Luo Feng and said with a smile: “I am a 3-star fighter, fighting with you, it is not bullying you.”

“So, please summon all 5 star cards.”

He knows that in the case of same realm, the Star Card master is equivalent to the strength of the star fighter. This refers to the comprehensive strength of manipulating 5 star cards, which is equivalent to the star fighter of same realm.

Lu Bu shook the head, said: “Why summon other star card? I am enough.”

Dong Shi hearing this, also started, said: “Does this really matter?”

Luo Feng nodded.

Dong Shi grinned at Luo Feng, exposing his white teeth, and said, “On the ring, the knife and the gun are blind. Later, if you accidentally killed your star card, Luo Feng’s commander should not blame me.”

“Really, it’s because my star card is not as good as others. How can I blame you?” Luo Feng contains said with a smile.

“Send a star card, which is too big?” Han Xiang brows slightly wrinkle, only take out a star card, which is equal to Star Card master only take out 20% of the power, how can this be beat the same realm Star fighter?

“It makes you ugly.”

His eyes flickered. If Luo Feng was ugly in public, he might have one competitor missing.


In the eyes of many eyes,

Lu Bu held Dualbladed Halberd and walked to the martial arts stage.


The halberd moved towards the ground, and he looked towards Dong Shi with a staring look, saying: “If you can take a trick in my hand, you will win!”

As soon as this remark came out, it caused a lot of noise, and the surrounding atmosphere instantly mobilized.

“Oh, I’m going, a star card, a big breath, have you eaten garlic?”

“Quickly, hammer him, let him pretend!”

“That’s, in the end, it’s a piece of paper man. Where’s the confidence to install here?”

The sounds of discussion continued one after another, and the starfighters of Martial King seemed to have been provoked and discussed.

“Hehe, so full of words, when the time comes, don’t take it back.” Dong Shi sneered, jumped and jumped to the martial arts stage, icily said: “a trifling paper man, what are you doing? horizontal?!”

The voice fell, holding a long knife, and went straight to Lu Bu.

The long knife dragged the ground, wiping out sparks, all the way with fire and lightning.

Lu Bu looked quietly and looked quietly.

“Guiyuan kills everything!”

And at this moment, Dong Shi held the long knife in his hands, raised his head, loudly shouted, and Star qi within the body, continuously rushing to the long knife.

Above the blade, there is a blazing flame, exuding a fierce atmosphere, showing the strength of this blade.

However, in the face of such a fierce cut, Lu Bu was still completely motionless, raising his left hand and pointing his middle finger at Dong Shi.

“Dare you dare to point your middle finger at me?!” Dong Shi was furious and jumped forward. The long blaze of flames in his hand was suddenly cut against Lu Bu.

Lu Bu still looked at him in a calm wave and said, “The Great Desolate Prisoner…”

“One finger shakes Heaven and Earth.”

As his words fell, suddenly within the body Star qi burst out.

Hong long long …

A loud rumbling sound came along, followed everyone’s eyes, and then saw Lu Bu in front of him, a black giant finger, slowly forming.

On the giant finger, there are countless ancient complex lines intertwined and converged, filled with the atmosphere that seems to be derived from ancient times.

His eyes were sharp, looking at Dong Shi, and then, a finger pointed.

call out!

At the next moment, the dark giant fingers came out of the sky, like rainbow piercing the sun, whistling away at Dong Shi.

Wherever the giant finger reached, the air was squeezed, and there was a burst of sonic booms, and then under the eyes of many eyes, it collided with Dong Shi’s long flame knife.


The sound of gold iron sounded and sparks 4 splashed.

Then, everyone saw that Dong Shi’s face changed suddenly, his figure flew out, and fell to the ground.


spit a mouthful of blood, Dong Shi’s face is horrified, star card’s blow, why is it so strong?

Star Warrior is a living person, no HP said, but know that in the case of same realm, Star Warrior’s attack and defense are far more than star card!

Because of this, the Star Card master must win 5 star cards from summon to win the same game as the star warrior of the same realm.

Now, Luo Feng has a star card. In one move, he actually spit him blood? !


After another cry of exclamation sounded, who would have thought that Dong Shi of 3-star Fighter was actually in Lu Bu’s hands and did not hold a round? !

Dong Shi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, expression gloomy and uncertain, a little embarrassed, as a starfighter, he could not even beat a piece of paper?!


“Dare to challenge me? Who do you despise!” Lu Bu glared, and Dualbladed Halberd suddenly shouted, “Come again!”

Wu Yingliu raised her eyebrows slightly, looked towards another 3-star fighter, and said, “Cao Bao, you go up too, and deal with him together.”

Cao Bao was nodded, holding a long spear, and jumped on the martial arts stage.

At the same time, Dong Shi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and picked up the long knife again.

As a result, the two men each held swords and guns, and Lu Bu was shaken together.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

However, even if the two of them attacked together, they couldn’t shake Lu Bu. Instead, they were numb by the latter’s hands, and the weapons in their hands were almost released.

“This guy, great strength!”

“Come again!” Lu Bu snorted, imposing manner like a rainbow, holding Dualbladed Halberd in his hand, and rushed again.

Dong Shi and Cao Bao were inwardly grumbled. With the previous lesson in mind, they had paid attention and stopped fighting brute force with Lu Bu.

“He has great strength, let’s not touch him hard, we take advantage of speed and play guerrilla with him!”

“Yes, we sneak attack from time to time, and for a long time, he must not be our opponent!”

As a result, Star qi surging on the soles of two people, like a ghost, moved quickly.

“More speed?”

Seeing this scene, Lu Bu sneered and said, “Chitu, rush!”

“Hu Lahra Chitu!”

The red rabbit screamed, and then, the speed suddenly soared and went straight to Dong Shi.

In just a few minutes of interest, he ran to Dong Shi.

“Lying trough, how can this horse run so fast?!”

Dong Shi’s pupil shrank, and he wanted to avoid it. However, it was too late. The red rabbit horse ran too fast, and he had to stick it on his face.

He quickly raised his sword, as a defense.

2 The strength of the two is the disparity, plus the sprint of the red rabbit horse, so that Lu Bu this halberd, the strength reached the extreme.


The knife halberd collided, making a clear sound.

Suddenly, a powerful force surged along the long knife, shaking his arm numb.

Dong Shi’s body was trembling, and his 2 legs were soft, and he was about to be unable to bear on his knees!

And at this moment, everyone saw that Cao Bao was roaring and wanted to attack him from behind Lu Bu.

Lu Bu sneered, although noticing the chill behind him, but not at all turned back.

His painted halberd barbed backward from his armpit.


A crisp voice sounded, and the tail section of the painted halberd, which just happened to be seamlessly connected with the long spear from the thorn, collided heavily!

A strong shock came, Cao Bao’s face also changed slightly, and the pace of sprinting forward stopped abruptly, his figure was a little flustered.

And at this moment, Lu Bu suddenly turned around, the head of the painted halberd with his arm jerked, and hurled at Cao Bao.

Super fast speed,

The power of terror,

Cao Bao has not even reacted!

“What are you still doing? Hurry away!” someone exclaimed.

Cao Bao’s pupils shrank, and he wanted to avoid it, but it was a pity that it was too late.

However, just when the halberd was about to stab him on the shoulder, he suddenly deliberately shifted his shoulders, rubbed his shoulders, and hit the ground heavily.


The halberd fell, and the solid ground suddenly hit a crack that naked eye could reach.

One after another aired sound resounded. Everyone was looking at the ground. I dare not imagine how bloody it would be if the halberd had just hit Cao Bao’s shoulder!

“Many thanks, my Cao Lei has served!” Cao Lei put down his long spear, facing Lu Bu cup hand to hold fist, he was very clear in his heart, just Lu Bu was clearly able to hit, deliberately let him that’s all.

And at this moment, with the chill rising behind him, in the Kung Fu turn around Lu Bu, Dong Shi took a knife and cut him from behind him!

Lu Bu Yu Guang glanced, coldly snorted.


Star qi swept away and suddenly Dong Shi shook his hand slightly.

At the same time, Lu Bu’s left hand stretched out like lightning, holding it directly at his throat, as if catching a chick, slowly lifting his body.

Dong Shi’s face turned purple, almost breathless, but at this time, Star qi within the body seemed to freeze.

No matter how difficult it is to run.

Lu Bu’s cold silver pupil stared at Dong Shi, who was extremely frightened, and said, “Stubborn!”

The voice fell, and his wrist slammed hard, throwing Dong Shi mercilessly down the stage.

Silence, silence.

Looking at this scene, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, same realm, 2 star fighters, but they can’t beat a star card?

They know that a Star Card master can manipulate 5 star cards at the same time, so does it mean that a Star Card master can challenge ten star fighters of the same level?

Is Star Card master so strong? !

“it is good!”

Beside the ring, after a short silence, there was a sudden violent cheering resounded.

Everyone applauded because Lu Bu had a show 2 and it was so beautiful.

Wu Ying on the side was also shocked. Obviously, I did not expect that Luo Feng’s star card could do this step.

“It seems that the profession of Star Card master is not as unbearable as Royal Father said.”

Her beautiful eyes looked towards the tall, handsome young man, unable to bear, with a splendid appearance.

In the countless applause, Han Xiang’s face was gloomy and uncertain. Luo Feng was originally launched to make him ugly, but now it seems that he has completed him?

Really, trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off.

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