Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 271

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On the Martial Practice Stage, there was silence.

Everyone was staring at Lu Bu and Luo Feng, their hearts turned over, and they couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Those Star Warriors are unbelievable. They really don’t understand Star Card master. Now, they seem to understand some.

Although it is known that Luo Feng is the Holy Land League champion, it is not an ordinary Star Card master, but this is too ridiculous.

With a star card, two star fighters of the same rank could not beat their heads, which caused their pride to be fiercely hit.

They look down on Star Card master because they think it is just a toy, with limited potential and future, they cannot bring themselves great help, but will instead excessive attention to details prevent one from making progress.

If someone is addicted to the star card, they are losing weight.

In their perception, the paper man is like a tool man, just a puppet of the Star Card master, and will not have much fighting wisdom.

But now Luo Feng’s performance has had a huge impact on their cognition.

“Really strong star card.” Lv Xiaowan’s beautiful eyes widened, looking a little unbelievable. She asked herself, even if she was a 4 Star Card master, she wanted to use a star card to defeat two 2-star fighters. Nor is Luo Feng so neat!

Moreover, if she is on the court, she will also send a 4-star fighter on the opposite side. In that case, it will definitely not cause a visually striking effect like Luo Feng.

The other Star Card masters are looking at Luo Feng with awe at this moment. If they were not him, they Star Card masters would lose their faces today.

“Uncomfortable.” Han Xiang is very depressed. In his opinion, although there are three positions of command, he can pose a threat to his star source sacrifice quota. I am afraid that only Luo Feng.

But right now, he was lost, Luo Feng won praise, received Wuying’s Qingluan, and was awed by other soldiers…this is not a good signal.

“With these alone, you can’t convince Wu Lingtian yet?” Han Xiang’s eyes flickered. The performance here now can indeed have some impact, but it will never play a decisive role.

I want Martial King to promote the way of star card,

You have to work on City Lord Wu Lingtian.

Looking at Wu Ying who was staring at Luo Feng with beautiful eyes, Lu Bu brows slightly wrinkle, whispered secretly in his heart: “It is clearly the invincible explosion that I have shown. Shouldn’t she look at me now?”

“Why do you want him, what’s the matter with him?”


Luo Feng has no face, but secretly relaxed in his heart, secretly said in one’s heart: “Cub, don’t lose me, I worked hard to make you.”

If it is changed to Han Xin, I am afraid that it will not cause such an effect. After all, Han Xin will become stronger after being beaten.

He could feel that the starfighters around him had changed his gaze.

It is no longer a scrutiny and questioning, but instead is stunning and curious.

At this moment, the star-studded cat Mina suddenly got out of Luo Feng, rubbed her belly, and said pitifully: “I am hungry, do you have a meow?”

Hearing this, Wu Ying suddenly turned slowly and beautiful eyes blinked, with said with a smile: “The banquet has already been prepared. Since the Martial Practice Stage is over, let’s go to have a meal.”

The other Star Card masters also shined, and they walked all day, and they were indeed hungry.

As the sun sets, the bright moon hangs, and the moonlight covers the entire Martial King city.

In the huge campsite, there were bonfires, a large round table standing, and people sitting around the garden.

They sipped wine, ate meat, and clamor rose to the sky, with endless heroism.

In the most central position, Wu Ying, Luo Feng, Chu Man, Han Xiang and Lv Xiaowan are sitting.

“Before that, my eyes were awkward. I would like to pay a respect to you.” Wu Ying raised her glass, raised her face to Luo Feng, raised her pretty face, and sipped it out.

The posture is smart and unpretentious.

Luo Feng laughed, also took the wine glass and swallowed it.

“Come, after drinking this cup, there are 3 cups.” Wu Ying said.

Chu Man was sitting next to Luo Feng, his jade hand was holding his cheeks, and he whispered with concern: “Just your younger brother, do your best, don’t succeed.”

“Master is relieved.” Luo Feng smiled at her, and his alcohol had long been trained by Flame Sovereign.

“You guys got up this time, in fact, the real purpose is to promote the way of star card?” Jiuzhi 3rd tour, Wu Ying pretty face blush, casually authentic.

Luo Feng was startled, and then admitted frankly, “Frankly, I really mean that.”

Wu Ying nodded his head, beautiful eyes stared at Luo Feng, and pondered for a moment, saying: “Actually, I am also very interested in the role of Star Card master.”

She sighed and said, “It’s just my dad, he’s more stubborn and doesn’t think anything can replace Star Fighter.”

“On the one hand, he was stubborn, on the one hand, there was also a Star Card master who came here to implement the star card method, but they were too dishonest to convince the generals, let alone my father.”

Lu Xiaowan’s beautiful eyes blinked and said, “Luo Feng’s performance should be qualified?”

Wu Ying nodded and said, “Luo Feng’s performance is indeed amazing. I will take you to the Royal Father tomorrow.”

“It’s just a pity that you did not come at the right time.”

Everyone hearing this, all started, looked at her puzzled.

Wu Ying took a sip of wine, and Liu Mei picked slightly, saying: “My father has been in a bad mood recently, and he is so busy because of some foreign enemies. I want to persuade him to promote the way of star card at this juncture. I am afraid it is not so easy.”

“Alien enemies surround?” Luo Feng hearing this, also started, asked curiously: “What does the foreign enemy mean?”

Wu Ying slender jade hand lifted up, pointed to the dark and dark mountain range in the distance, and said, “Did you see that mountain range?”

Luo Feng looked away, and saw the distance, the ancient wood towering, the misty forest, like a fierce giant beast dormant.

“Not long ago, someone found a large piece of Xingyan rice deep in the mountain range.”

“Xingyan Rice is a special plant. If it is cultivated, the rice planted by the soldiers can be used for a long time, which can enhance the physique, enhance the sensitivity of Star qi, and speed up the cultivation speed.”

“We just want to take over this piece of Xingyan Dao. Who would have thought that there was a human race named Medusa dormant there. The strength of the Medusa family should not be underestimated, and they are good at hiding sneak attacks, which makes us feel quite It’s tricky, and many star fighters have died.”

Her voice was paused, her eyebrows frowned, and she said, “There are a large number of snake people in the Medusa family. If we fight with them, it will inevitably be a situation of both sides suffer in the end.”

“But if you let go of Xingyan Dao, Royal Father is not reconciled…”

“Because of this, Royal Father’s recent thoughts have been on how to deal with this Medusa family. As for other things, it is unintentional.”

Hearing this, Han Xiang held the hand of the wine glass, suddenly a little condensation, suspended in the sky.

He eyes slightly narrowed, it seems that the opportunity is coming…


After drinking enough, each person returned to their temporary accommodation to sleep.

After a long night, Luo Feng turned over and over and could not sleep, so he looked at his Material Storehouse.

It’s been a long time since I’ve brushed materials, and there are few golden materials in his hands.

However, one of the materials caught his attention.

The sealed jade box (contains an orange material).

The so-called orange material actually refers to platinum material.

This is the only platinum material in his hands.

“Where did this material come from?”

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, thinking for a long time, finally remembered.

When I first came to Holy Land, I went to a Secret Realm called Star Origin Fairyland.

Inside Secret Realm, there is a place called 10000 Buddha Temple.

At first, Elder Tang talked with the rabbit and Buddha. After some discussion, the rabbit and Buddha disappeared, and 49 Buddha statues burst, shocking the world.

Then, he obtained this platinum material.

However, because this jade box has been sealed, he couldn’t open it, so he didn’t care about it.

“Now that I am 3 Star Card master, should I be able to unlock this seal?”

Luo Feng stared at the jade box, took a deep breath, curled up Star qi, rising from his fingertips, continuously moving towards the jade box.


At the next moment, the jade box opened and a piece of fluorescent wood flashed in front of him.

That piece of wood looks rather strange, it looks like a little snake.

Snake wood (platinum) x1.

“Snake grain wood, can it be used to make snake attribute star card?”

Luo Feng is playing with great interest, but to be honest, he is not short of a snake attribute star card.

For a while, I don’t know what to make.

He put away the materials and tried to sleep, but the sound of thunderclap and bed collapsed upstairs made him toss and turn.

So, Luo Feng simply climbed up from the bed, walked to the small pavilion, stood in front of the railing, and looked up at the bright and bright moon.

“Not yet asleep?”

At this moment, Chu Man came over, his voice soft and gentle.

Luo Feng nodded, said with a smile: “Master, I can’t sleep, come out and think about something.”

Chu Manqiao frowned slightly and said, “Are you thinking about how to persuade Wu Lingtian?”

“Master, you said, if we solved the problem of the snake Human Race for Martial King City, wouldn’t Wu Lingtian agree to promote the way of star cards in the city?” Luo Feng said.

Chu Manming’s eyes flickered and thought for a while, said: “If it is really successful, it is indeed possible, but, how to deal with this snake Human Race, do you want to fight?”

Luo Feng shook the head, said: “Even Martial King has no way to get them. I think that it is not necessarily decisive for us alone.”

“By the way, Master, you told me before that there is a skill called instant death, that is, the star card can have a certain probability on the specified Star beast or star card, causing a mortal effect.”

“I want to know, are there any skills like control technology, for example, for a special star card or Star beast, to permanently control it?”

Chu Manliu frowned slightly, and said, “In theory, it is possible, but I have never seen a Star Card master succeed. If you want to make it, you may wish to give it a try.”

“Okay.” Luo Feng nodded, he stared at Chu Man, hesitated for a moment, and said: “Master, I think…”

“En?” Chu Man hearing this startled, beautiful eyes looked at him suspiciously, said: “What do you want?”

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully, and then brace oneself said: “I want to find 2 materials for Master, purple is enough.”

“Is it intended to be used as a secondary material for making star cards?” Chu Mandao said.

“Uh huh.” Luo Feng nodded.

“It’s just some materials, what’s sorry saying?” Chu Man smiled gently, his sleeve robe waved, and suddenly a flash of gold appeared before Luo Feng.

“Master, if it’s secondary material, purple material is enough.” Luo Feng has some sorry.

Chu Man smiled lightly and said: “Even if it is a secondary material, the quality is naturally higher. The better. The Master can’t get the platinum material, but there are still gold materials.”

“Thank you Master.” Luo Feng cast his gratitude, then looked towards the material in front of him, picked it for a while, and finally came up with two:

Broken Sword (gold) x1.

Flame (gold) of Phoenix Nirvana x1.

“Okay, it’s not too early, go to sleep.” It seems that Luo Feng picked the materials well, Chu Mandao said.

“Okay.” Luo Feng walked into the room and opened the system impatiently. With the materials, he wanted to make trouble.

Luo Feng feels that to deal with the Medusa snake Human Race, military force blasting is not necessary. In fact, to change the angle, if they can be controlled, then this problem will naturally be solved.

The easiest way to control the Medusa snake Human Race is to control their king.

That’s why he just asked Chu Man if he has any control skills. He wants to make a star card that can target snake creatures.

Although Chu Man not at all saw someone successfully making it, Luo Feng felt that in him, not at all was impossible.

As long as the story is told well, the star card system will spoil him.

“Star card system is starting, please draw the star card pattern…”

Luo Feng held the Star Origin pen in his hand, and a man slowly drew out between the nibs.

Black long hair, golden long pupils, purple eyeshadows that extend to the nose, pale skin, and blue and blue hook-shaped earrings give a very insidious feeling.

There was a sharp sword in his waist, and behind him was a snake.

“The star card image is drawn, the system is under review…”

“Approved, please fill in the star card background…”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, and after thinking for a while, he said:

“Bai Suzhen at the foot of Mount Qingcheng, repair this body in the cave for 1000 years…”

“It is said that under the Qingcheng Mountain, there is a snake demon. After cultivation for 1000 years, it can finally be transformed and named Bai Suzhen.”

“In order to prove the truth, Bai Suzhen went to human cultivation and met Xu Xian, a doctor named Linan City.”

“After a period of dog blood plot, they fell in love, and finally, after suffering, finally knotted together, then, frost leaf red in February…”

“Since then, 2 people have saved lives and helped the wounded, benefiting one party.”

“And at this time, Fahai, the West Lake spokesperson, appeared. He foresaw the scene of Water Inundating Golden Mountain because of Opening Heaven Eye. He was worried that Bai Suzhen was hypocrisy. Everything was just to confuse people, so he was worried.”

“There is a person named Jin Ruyi. She loves Xu Xian, but after seeing Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen together, she is discouraged, so she makes a murder case and blames Bai Suzhen.”

“So, Bai Suzhen was targeted by Fahai.”

“Later, Xu Xian was imprisoned by Fahai. In order to save people, Bai Suzhen fought against the Golden Mountain Temple and Water Inundating Golden Mountain. He was impulsive and made a big mistake. He was suppressed under the Leifeng Tower.”

“Xu Xian has been a medical doctor since 4 seas, hanging the pot to help the world, forgiving sins for his wife.”

“But… Xu Xian later discovered that Bai Suzhen could not be saved by studying medicine.”

“So, instead of studying medicine, he turned to science.”

“Because he was a doctor before and saw many lives die, he realized that human life is really too fragile. He believes that humans should not be so weak, there must be something like a genetic lock, which seals people. Strength.”

“Perhaps it was because he had become a wife with Bai Suzhen. He has an unimaginable affinity for snakes. Any snake who sees him will not be the least hostile and even willing to be controlled by him.”

“Later, he merged the cells of the ancient Divine Beast white snake. Soon, his appearance gradually changed. Previously, he was elegant and steady, gradually, with eyes like snakes, looks like snakes, and everywhere like snakes.”

“At the same time, various snake skills were developed, and various immortality skills were developed…”

“Jianghu said, Uncle Snake, also called, Orichimaru.”

“… “

I wrote this for almost a night. When the sky broke at first and pierced the lips at night, the star card background was finally filled.

Because he wants to generate and control technology, he has to work hard on the star card background.

Click to submit.

“The background is filled, the system is reviewing…”

“Approved, please add synthetic materials.”

Luo Feng feels that the background of Orichimaru, in a word, is first of all individuals, and then the cells of the snake are fused, the weapon is the sword, and he has the technique of immortality.

It’s human, hair.

Fused with snake cells, serpentine wood.

The weapon is a sword, and Broken Sword threw it in.

Possessing the technique of immortality, threw Phoenix’s Nirvana fire into it.

The reason why it was thrown into Nirvana fire is because Phoenix Nirvana, reborn from the ashes, Phoenix is ​​reborn from the ashes in Nirvana fire, and should be able to hook with the undead.

Therefore, Nirvana Fire of Hair + Snake Wood + Broken Sword + Phoenix = Orichimaru.

Click to submit.

“The materials are added, the system is under review…”

“Approved, star card is being generated…”


realm: 3-star.

Quality: Platinum.

Weapon: Kusanagi sword.


innate talent:

[Royal Snake]: Orichimaru can manipulate snakes to fight, and has a fatal attraction to snake creatures. The damage of the snake attribute target is reduced by 50%. When this skill is activated, there is a 20% chance of conquering snake attribute Star beast or star. card, permanent control, for your own use.


[Large Snake Hand]: Orichimaru extends the snake from the cuff, attacking the target, causing a lot of damage.

[Five Elements Seal]: Orichimaru seals the opponent’s Star qi for 5 minutes.

[8 Qi Zhishu]: Orichimaru incarnation body Eight-Branched Giant Snake, Fleshy body becomes extremely powerful, at the same time has a fierce attack power.

[3rd-layer Rashoumon]: Orichimaru summon has 3 ancient giant gates to resist the next attack.

[Standby Ninjutsu]: Orichimaru summon a star card from the card pool of the Star Card master, take damage and fight for Orichimaru for 5 minutes, the star card from summon cannot use limited skills.

When the avatar star card appeared, Orichimaru was in a state of disappearance. When 5 minutes later or when the avatar star card was killed, Orichimaru returned to the battlefield.

[Reincarnation]: limited skill, when Orichimaru is killed, it will lock the star card with the lowest HP on the field, occupy its body, get rebirth, and the star card of the occupied body will be killed immediately.

Every time an enemy star card is killed on the field, Orichimaru collects their remains, and every time a body is collected, a star card on the field can be resurrected.

Introduction: “Believe in Science.”

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